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12:31 AM
@GiantCowFilms worst comes to worst we can use one of my PC's as a server with blender, but I don't know anything about that stuff, so you be working on it from wherever your at essentially cause I can't
@RadishoftheOpera I doubt you computer is open to the internet in that way
there is a reason why I pay for web hosting
Also note that my server could in theory run blender, but I doubt it has enough power... its just a linux vm, owned by someone else
@GiantCowFilms Server can't run blender?
@gandalf3 To little ram
half a gig
and I need it to be reasonably performent
12:46 AM
Thats true
@GiantCowFilms Try that ^^ ;)
@gandalf3 Did <jk>
my computer is currently on fire
@gandalf3 Do you have a fire dousing spell?
I mean how did you kill that balrog
12:50 AM
I'm the third gandalf
I left all that bother to the first one
So you just answer noob questions on an online forum and gain unbelievable amounts of rep...
12:51 AM
@gandalf3 I see you've caught @NoviceInDisguise's bug
@gandalf3 Thats what smart people do (since I do it)
Bug? Delishius Radishius Scaliaosis?
No... that one has worse side effects?
(removed the context)
that was a pun
if you look at the post
hang on, you have room owner power, rats!
Quite lost
never mind
Just a fit of radish greens
12:54 AM
I see..
another side effect is signing operas musicals
looks suspiciously at GCF over top of a half-eaten radish
You actually eat radishes?
@RadishoftheOpera I'm not the only one who should be scared around here
That's the only way to cure Delicious Radishious Problemosis
Oh eat the radish
I was wondering where he went
1:16 AM
@David @gandalf3 @cegaton @Chebhou @NoviceInDisguise @RadishoftheOpera @X-27 @someonewithpc Here are my thoughts on the video embeding... kinda late (need to keep an eye on meta) and very against the crowd, but I still had to share my thoughts
A: Should we enable video embedding?

GiantCowFilmsYes! We should have video embeding Cutting features because they may cause abuse isn't a very good idea... We have down votes to stop abuse. Down vote video only questions/answers. Down vote audio reliant posts. That is why that button is there*. Stack exchange can handle abuse. Lets look at a...

a year late
wow I really missed that
Whoa @iKlsR is fast
iK ls R
I know lsr
@gandalf3 like so right?
I wonder if there would be any possibility of gifycat embedding
1:19 AM
I know like so right!
finally we cracked it!
@gandalf3 Oo
Mar 22 '14 at 17:27, by iKlsR
iKlsR = i am Kewl Luser
@GiantCowFilms IMO that would kinda be the best of both worlds
I like mine better
@gandalf3 Maybe
1:20 AM
Hello guys . . .
Video embedding would tend to encourage more tutorials, which would encourage more tutorial requests, etc. etc.
@NoviceInDisguise sup!
@gandalf3 We just down vote that content
The gif is nice as a quick visual demonstration, but it has annoying limitations
thats my answer
Not much
1:22 AM
@GiantCowFilms It would be nice if we didn't send such a conflicting message
@gandalf3 Video can sometimes be nice for hard to follow steps. I kept on failing to correctly follow your black hole answer
Then we wouldn't have to DV
@gandalf3 Comments are helpful
@GiantCowFilms Yes.. But that's a little bit of tutorial :P
I also don't think people are just going to keep throwing out videos left right and center
@gandalf3 And I think in that case it is appropriate
1:23 AM
I wish we could "upvote" without starring messages . . . i.e. to show agreement
a video tutorial can be an addition, not a substitute for text.
@NoviceInDisguise You reply with +1
@GiantCowFilms It takes work, so probably not going to be an issue
@GiantCowFilms +1
Ideally, but you can bet there will be video only answers :P
@NoviceInDisguise ;D
With gfycat you get all the benefits of a video format, without losing the gif feel
1:24 AM
@gandalf3 And they get DV'd and the author gets told
@gandalf3 But no audio
I hate adding text to gifs
and arrows
What would you use audio for?
It can be useful for explaining where stuff is
@RadishoftheOpera Hair driven by an image texture, the feathers are fine enough I could get away with it
and just to raise the bar on posts
1:25 AM
No, audio can be replaced with text, at leas dialogue
I think we need to decide how tutorialish or not we really are going to go
Although things like rendering sound issues might be able to use it
I think its choice... as long as the text post is still there I don't have a problem with full blown tutorails
Who is BFC calling out as internet ragers now
@iKlsR Done the compiling tutorial yet?
1:28 AM
@GiantCowFilms Work has been hectic, damn
I might just walk you through it
I think I'm not the only one who'd benefit from the tutorial
If you can just get it there I could always flesh it out a bit... most the .mds on github and people can contribute
I'd help, but I think I if I were to try to make a tutorial for windows the first step would be "install linux"
1:30 AM
@NoviceInDisguise, @gandalf3 has a bad case of you
1:31 AM
there we go
a new unique way to XD
don't you see the X?
1:33 AM
\/ | \
/\ |_/
@gandalf3 NIce
I'm using taht from now on
not quite
O |D
O |
X  _ |
X    |
HEY! It broke it!!
O  O
1:34 AM
Select all in edit mode (Ctrl A) and press Ctrl K
I did it!
Anyway, @iKlsR, when are we getting video embedding?
@X-27 will be glad to have it :D
@NoviceInDisguise eh oh
Or we should just add blend4web embedding :P
1:36 AM
\/ | \
/\ |_/
@gandalf3 Yes :D
(or not)
Yes! then we won't need blend-exchange
Instead we'll need 4web-exchange
@gandalf3 XD
1:37 AM
Am I the only one who thinks that =) faces are creepy?
@NoviceInDisguise =)
____   |
____   |
1:38 AM
Does anyone ever get that odd feeling you're wasting your life?
( )          |\
    ===      | |
( )          |/
@GiantCowFilms we are not
Sorry :p
@GiantCowFilms Not normally
Just once, and it hasn't worn off yet :P
I need to watch some Top Gear . . .
funny thing is that question was inactive for nearly a year, I find and add an answer, now stir up (another) controversy with @GiantCowFilms
1:41 AM
@David I saw it in the active tab and though oooh cool!
@David Its not a fight, FYI
@David :/
I did not say "fight" just a "controversy"
and I'm not going to start one because we wont get embeds :)
@David You sounded peeved...
so no reason to argue.
1:43 AM
@David D:
@GiantCowFilms did you DV my answer?
Did you mine?
@David yes... I disagree
I asked you first (and yes I did)
@David A disagreement and a controversy are different...
This is sounding tense
@David Its okay to not agree
@scales define "controversy" and "disagreement"
wait he is dead
1:46 AM
@David I'm just saying that meta is for discussing and voicing opinions, not "it seems funny remarks" that seem to imply things
Scales is sleeping boys
@GiantCowFilms the definition for "controversy"has disagree in it. Also the definition for "disagreement" uses conflict
but that is besides the point
@GiantCowFilms I dont follow, who used a "it seems funny remarks"?
@iKlsR can you shed any more light on the mystery surrounding the graduation date?
@David anyways, we disagree... everyone's had there two cents
Now we can party
freudian slip about parties XD
1:51 AM
@GiantCowFilms I only meant that you would never even of found it (and all this transpire) if I did not answer it.
got the keys in the wrong order
that is the funny part
@GiantCowFilms so what else is new? :)
@David Yes... true (I'm still getting that negative feeling with your word choice: "transpire", you make it sound like a bad incident )
@David XD
yet we still get along well, and (I think) we are friends.
I wonder why we disagree so much
@David Yes...
I hold few grudges against anyone
and I like you a lot
1:53 AM
@David I wasn't given an ETA so can't say exactly when
@David I think you were being more literally about "funny" then I realized
@iKlsR 6-8 weeks
Within 2 - 3 months I'd prob estimate
@GiantCowFilms you are a cow, and I eat cows. maybe that has something to do with it. Or it is that you just like picking the wrong side of the issue :)
6 - 8 weeks
1:53 AM
Big Fat @Cow pls
@David Ahem
@iKlsR pls? is that a government agency? I'm confused
I want to ban @gandalf3
@iKlsR sounds good, 6-8 weeks is too long though.
Ban the mighty Gandalf?!
@iKlsR lol
thats kina cute...
1:55 AM
A one year ban should slow him down
Put his account in read-only
...@iKlsR thinks he can touch @gandalf3
Can't write any delicious answers
1:56 AM
It makes a new account
We'll just make gandalf3-exchange where you can download @gandalf3 posts
Gandalf the Grey
and goes back to #1
@GiantCowFilms lol
I'll even let him dark theme it
1:56 AM
and run userscripts
and post gfycat gifs
all them features!
@iKlsR I'm going to save that message and use it against you in the election :)
with large arrows
it didn't take us long to chase the new guy away
2 mins ago, by iKlsR
I want to ban @gandalf3
1:57 AM
@GiantCowFilms LOL
He was like wtf, this isn't Blender
@David get the one where he says hes a troll
@GiantCowFilms Who was the new guy?
Probably thought we were working on the next open movie
1:58 AM
All these plots against me. Y tho
:( sad face
1:59 AM
dont worry there will probably be 4 slots
You sort of set yourself up for it . . .
Even @Denis left, he's tired
look who is here, we were just talking about you.
It knows
It sees all
2:04 AM
there were more questions on the meta I want to answer, but now I dont know if I should... @GiantCowFilms :)
night all
@David When you step up it will be your job. Night.
@iKlsR great, so my job will be to disagree with GiantCowFilms :) I'll get to the meta whether he likes it or not.
@David Oh.... because my opinions are a problem, I'm hurt
@David Pro-Tip: Making jokes about noob questions gets you lost of stars in chat
I've been meaning to do that one for a while
@NoviceInDisguise @David @David @gandalf3 @someonewithpc @cegaton @Chebhou @Jerryno All should run for moderator. That way the odds are against @iKlsR eps if we dig up all the dirt. There is plenty
2:15 AM
I'll get to work on his family tree and highschool sweethearts
You said my name twice..
gave me an idea
@David's evil clone in india must run too
I see what you did there
@GiantCowFilms XD
2:17 AM
And some random creep with 50 rep
there is always one of those
and I'm quitting if he doesn't win!
@iKlsR I didn't leave anywhere, just came back home
That call to action needs some stars
We've got to indite him!
Papers, only 25 cents rep
Learn about the new kewl-losergate scandel
Suddenly @GiantCowFilm's realizes that nobody is laughing at his jokes, he is all alone
@iKlsR Can you sort this out?
Q: 3d Compositing in Blender

KarfischI have successfully tracked and applied 3D data to my short scene in Blender along with a small model that is tracking into the scene. When I render my scene out, the video footage is blown out and overly bright; almost white. (I followed directions from this video on youtube to track and composi...

Q: Rendering a 3D Tracked Scene

KarstenI have successfully tracked and applied 3D data to my short scene in Blender along with a small model that is tracking into the scene. When I render my scene out, the video footage is blown out and overly bright; almost white. How can I prevent that?

User lost their account and re-posted their question
2:39 AM
Good drivers tutorials if someone is interested exploreblender.com
3:05 AM
The whole concept of parenting is upside down: in reality the children are who control the parents... And never do what the parents want...
10 hours later…
12:44 PM
@GiantCowFilms there not a problem, just different. no need to be hurt.
@cegaton that sounds more like an analogy for the constraint system.
2 hours later…
3:02 PM
@GiantCowFilms I was laughing in my sleep.
I'm just that funny!
@GiantCowFilms so you don't think my computer will work as a server?
@RadishoftheOpera No
@NoviceInDisguise was the texture specific toi just your bird or could I borrow it?
@GiantCowFilms hhmmmm,, why?
@GiantCowFilms btw I eat radishes too.
@RadishoftheOpera Its probably blocked
3:11 PM
@GiantCowFilms froOoOOmmm????
@RadishoftheOpera Are you willing to give me your IP for starters
@GiantCowFilms sure
@RadishoftheOpera That type of incoming messages
"if I can find it"
@GiantCowFilms why?
go to google, if you're using no proxies, you can just type my ip
@RadishoftheOpera Security, mine is too
3:12 PM
I'm gonna say "why" until I get a solid answer
Im not quite sure to be honest
I'll have to ask...
@RadishoftheOpera Okay, got my answer
Basically, if you have an open port, which is required for a server, you're computer is vulnerable to attack. So in order to avoid remote hacking, people block certain protocals on certain port etc in the router
3:38 PM
@GiantCowFilms what if I use a dud machine?
@RadishoftheOpera Depends on your router
security settings
wireless router
No the settings, duh
you'll need to setup a webserver to test
I have no idea what you mean
i have plenty of spare machines if we need one
No no no!
its internet security settings
3:42 PM
yes yes yes!
I'm saying that I doubt your settings will allow you to use your computer as a webserver. I also have no idea how to check
@GiantCowFilms why do i need internet security on a machine that doesn't have anything in it?
@GiantCowFilms what if i make a server from scratch?
And setup your router from scratch?
well yeah, i'll mail it to you for that
at this point it would be easier just to use a client as the server
3:44 PM
@RadishoftheOpera like I'm giving you my address, nice try!
@RadishoftheOpera but not you
what have i been saying this entire tiems?
any client in the game
@GiantCowFilms i have your address.
however someone could rig the client to cheat
3:44 PM
remember that book?
@RadishoftheOpera you do???
how to find anybody anywhere?
@RadishoftheOpera what book?
33 secs ago, by Radish of the Opera
how to find anybody anywhere?
@GiantCowFilms you can hide
but not run...
@GiantCowFilms actually i don't, so you can come out now.
sorry if i scared you.
I'm here
just trying to get work done
3:51 PM
i thought you died.
I did that too
then you undied
I'm still dead
I'll undie soon enough
it takes a while for the paper work to get through
4:32 PM
Made a fairly nice clay render material to test my tractor with. Looking good :D
4:46 PM
@NoviceInDisguise can I see?
4:59 PM
Sure, just a sec . . .
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