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12:02 PM
Q: Using up ideas for a sequel/spin-off in current book

Mike.C.FordI have built a world in which to write my fantasy book, and I'm currently writing my first book about it. I have it all planned out and am in the process of writing it. I have plans for a further book that develops naturally from this one, and will end with most things wrapped up quite nicely. I...

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2:37 PM
Q: Tips for part-time writing

Mike.C.FordI'm currently writing a book, and would eventually hope to be a writer as a career. However, at the moment I'm struggling to find the time and the discipline to actually sit down and write consistently. I know that writing (and most other professions where one is working alone) is all about the ...

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3:43 PM
Anyone here!
Hello! Can Meta be used to provide specific feedback about the site?
yes, in some ways
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Can I ask you whether my question would be appropriate or not?
Sure, I'm no expert but I can help
3:56 PM
I asked a question over here and it got many answers. I got 3 votes on my question but sadly, the net total votes on all the answers was just 1. Is voting over here less as compared to other beta site?
Each site has a unique pattern of traffic and voting.
I don't know how this site compares to other sites
You can see some stats for the site here
Writers doesn't have a lot of traffic.
Well, plenty of traffic, but not the kind of traffic that asks questions.
I see. A quick check on the voters of the site, tells me only 4 users are above 1vote/day. Maybe that is because of the number of questions.
Thank you @Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 @KitZ.Fox
Oracle. shakes fist
Q: Not Much Voting Going On

JFWWhile I was browsing around the site, there appears to be a lack of voting going on in the site. Personally, whenever I go to a StackExchange website, I usually vote up the good questions and comments that are asked/answered. Is there any incentive for users to vote here in Writers-StackExchang...

It looks like this was a problem in the private beta too.
Is it worth bumping this up again? @KitZ.Fox @Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 @MattE.Эллен
4:11 PM
Sure. Bump it.
Drupal. shakes fist
Hey, it's chat day!
It's Tuesday?
yeah. I don't htink I'll have time
feels weird she can't remember what day of the week it is
damn it. I think my friend got a job offer.
Stupid curse!
also. high five
@KitZ.Fox your friend where you work?
4:24 PM
Yes, the one I've been staying with sometimes.
Q: Why such a low vote turnout? :(

user80772I guess during the private beta, this was asked: Not Much Voting Going On And I feel its still the same thing right now. A crude estimate from here tells me that only 4 users are above 1vote/day. And the year's vote score tells me that again only 4 users are above 1vote/day. I am new here and ...

@KitZ.Fox awww. that's a shame. maybe they'll just use it as an excuse to get a raise?
Doubt it.
She's kind of aggressive.
She's not getting what she wants. I don't disagree with her decision to move on, but it's disappointing.
Well, I don't know anything yet either. Maybe I'm reading into stuff.
yeah. maybe she'll get shotdown and have to stay where she is
Q: Why such a low vote turnout? :(

user80772I guess during the private beta, this was asked: Not Much Voting Going On And I feel its still the same thing right now. A crude estimate from here tells me that only 4 users are above 1vote/day. And the year's vote score tells me that again only 4 users are above 1vote/day. I am new here and ...

@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Tips ten-gallon hat
How's it going?
Can't complain. And you?
5:06 PM
Doing okay, thanks. The warm weather here is amazing!
@KitZ.Fox How's it going?
@NeilFein Fuuuuuck.
In a nutshell.
The above work sitch?
I can't even right now. I really just can't even.
Maybe a 10 min write would help? I'll be ready in 5 mins
I can't. You guys go ahead.
5:12 PM
Hi guys!
Hi @arrowfar.
Hey @KitZ.Fox!
I heard from Jasper recently. Let's all say Hi to him.
Hi Jasper!
Hi Jasper!
We're thinking of you and sending you good wishes.
5:13 PM
Yes we are.
Wow! Looks like a small ELU chat here. Good.
5:15 PM
Like a rock.
The Rock™
Hi @cornbreadninja麵包忍者 and @Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Shiny and @NeilFein
Ten minute free association about the name "Jasper".
@Arrowfar Hi --------------------------->
Wow! I just made a whole line of pings :-)
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Nice arrow!
5:16 PM
@Arrowfar that's all for you.
Much appreciated!
So all aspiring writers here.
And chatters.
I don't know what I'll have to do to reach 10k on ELU.
5:24 PM
@Arrowfar answer questions
I mean being a non-native and all. But my English doesn't suck, that's for sure. I do my best to give good answers but still not popular. Meh.
Especially, answer popular questions
I see. You mean Hot Network questions.
that's one way, yeah
more question views means more answer views
Yeah good suggestion.
5:25 PM
I got a bazillion reps for fixing a typo in someone's understanding
I got another bazillion reps for answering a question about handeggs during hat dash
And a bazillion reps for putting a picture of sardines in my answer
Yeah I saw that answer. Many votes you got :-)
Answers with a lot of pictures do well, too.
Hmm pictures, I see, thanks. I'll write these suggestions.
5:28 PM
All the rest of my answers are just old, and thus accumulate points.
It's easier to incorporate pictures on sites like Scifi and bicycles and so on. Harder on Writers.
I give answer but they remain at 0 votes sometimes. Yeah, not much viewing etc. I guess.
But only chatting is fun too.
5:45 PM
I did my Jasper writing, but then got pulled into a birthday-churros meeting.
I have an unreasonable amount of distaste for the work of Jasper Johns, but I'd never associated any of that with the only other Jasper that comes to mind, Jasper Loy from ELU.

At the moment, I can't remember what a 'jasper' is, exactly. The (other) OED says that 'jasper' is a precious stone, and 'Jasper' as a masculine proper name is an English form of Casper or Gaspar, some Persian king or something.

'Gaspar' makes me think of 'gasper', a word David Foster Wallace uses for 'cigarette', at least in Infinite Jest. I was already thinking about that because 'jasper' rhymes. DFW dealt with n
Infinite Jest was the best book I never finished.
How far did you get?
Can you give me a rough page number?
I'm not sure anymore, because of the footnotes.
I had that book... I tried reading it like five times
Maybe two-thirds?
5:47 PM
I didn't get more than 30 pages in
I loved it. LOVED IT.
I concluded the jest was on me.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I can dig that. Weirdness there.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I think that's the punchline.
5:49 PM
I gave it away or threw it away years ago. I sometimes think of it, and wonder if I should try reading it again, but I'm not paying money for it TWICE
There's a scene I remember that describes how I feel sometimes, where this kid is waiting for the dealer to get back to him and he's not sure if he'll call or show up. He's really wound up and anxious and finally the phone rings and there's a knock at the door at the exact same time and he freezes.
Also, it took me probably 300 pages before I got the Onan joke.
There were so many brilliant little things in there.
I will have to go back and read it sometime.
I was just thinking of the Year of the Maytag Whisper Quiet Dishwasher last week.
Trying to remember if I remembered it right.
Also, wanting a dishwasher.
5:52 PM
@Mr. I found mine at Half Price Books.
I read The Broom of the System first.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I got mine for free as part of a book club membership and I felt ripped-off ;p
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 :(
You don't actually throw away books, do you, @Mr.Shiny?
We had to throw away scores of moldy books from mom's basement ._.
5:54 PM
@KitZ.Fox Are you thinking of Julie's essay too?
@KitZ.Fox Well....
Not normally
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Wow. We must just have radically different tastes.
I guess I'm surprised by that because we like each other's writing.
But when I moved to Toronto my family was downsizing and we got rid of tons of books... we put them into a box and dropped them off at a used book store
5:55 PM
Well. I like your writing.
That might have been when I got rid of that book
Or else I kept it, but got rid of it at some other point when I was downsizing the collection.
I'd tried several times to read it and failed each time, so I probably figured it was hopeless
I think the problem was that I was quite a few pages in and still had no idea why I should keep reading.
I must lunch.
I would say that I hope you try it again someday, but do you whatever you want.
The only thing I remember, besides the funny names of the years, is a scene where a guy breaks into a house and gags a guy who has a cold and so he suffocates, and that guy was a friend of the judge's or something.
That's about as far as I got into the book.
I liked that the characters all had distinct voices.
And vague pieces overlapped, sometimes many pages apart.
It is a very complex puzzle of a story, which is something that I really enjoy reading.
Hey, could people please maybe upvote this on ELU meta? Just realized we never posted an ad there for our chat. meta.english.stackexchange.com/a/6848/161
6:11 PM
ugh, I can't log in on meta... https-everywhere, combined with Stack Exchange's weird setup, makes it so that I can't log in
Then, even if I disable https everywhere, I still can't log in
oh, got it
I have to turn off https everywhere, then visit the http main site, then I get logged in, then visit meta, then get logged in, then I can switch back to https
and the weird thing is, meta isn't https even with Https Everywhere on
the weird thing is, why are you so paranoid?
Why is this all screwed up?
I'm waking up
I feel it in my bones.
Enough to make my systems blow.
looks up new earworm
@KitZ.Fox It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you
6:26 PM
Q: What do you think of this pen name?

LookingForANameI'd like to use a pen name, and for now the only one I found is "Cerise St Hilaire" (name of my first pet + place where I grew up). How does it sound? What sort of stories would you except to be written by someone called like that? All comments and advises are welcome.

6:43 PM
@MonicaCellio How's this for an ad for Academia? meta.academia.stackexchange.com/a/1735/3928
I remember when
I remember
I remember when I lost my mind.
Maybe link to the business-writing tag from a community ad in The Workplace?
@NeilFein nice! For others who may be wondering, Neil and I started to talk about using community ads to promote this site on other sites. We can only target graduated sites, but we have natural affinities with a few. Neil, could you link your other ads in here (ELU and there was one other)?
A community ad, for those who haven't seen them, is an ad that might be shown on a graduated site (if its users vote it up enough). They're used to advertise things of interest to that community, such as resources. Advertising other SE sites is quite kosher. The ad can link to the site (main page), to specific tags, to specific questions -- any URL we like.
So, where should we be advertising our site? Which other SE sites are our natural audience?
Should these just say "writers" or "writers site" or what? There isn't enough room for the entire URL, and "Writers.SE" looks clunky and inelegant for an ad.
I've got one for the Workplace site too.
Is it kosher to refer to the stackexchange sites as something.se in formal situations like ads?
6:58 PM
Yes, as long as you don't mention bacon or use SO in the same ad.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 do you ever get that 'no referrer present' message?
@NeilFein "Writers" seems fine to me. "Writers.SE" also doesn't bother me, probably because I'm used to seeing Stuff.SE on the network.
I have https everywhere so I can imgur at work. It's otherwise completely blocked.
I wish there was a stuff.SE for hoarders.
@MonicaCellio That's true, people will figure it out.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 No
Stackexchange should register all the sites in the .se TLD
oh, hm, writers.se is taken
I can't fault Swedes for getting to sites in .se too much. :-)
english.se redirects to a page about England.
Folks, these all need upvotes to be activated. So if y'all could do that it'd be awesome!
8:11 PM
@NeilFein could you post that on this meta question I just asked? (Apparently I can't get an "edit" link to harvest your markdown without getting an account there first.)
Q: Let's advertise Writers on other SE sites!

Monica CellioStack Exchange sites that have graduated can add community ads to the rotation of ads shown on the front page (that place where you sometimes see ads for random other SE sites). These ads are voted on by members of their communities, and if enough voters agree that the ad would be welcome on the...

2 hours later…
10:10 PM
@MonicaCellio Which one? Looks like you got the markdown okay in your meta question.
10:54 PM
Q: Can A Male Writer Write From A Female Perspective

June FranklinsThe question is pretty straightforward. Can a male writter write a first person story of a female protogainst. What limitations he might face in writing about the other gender or should he just stick to male protogainsts. Is there a book written like this scenario mentioned. If so please advice


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