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7:35 AM
@naltipar It's all based on translation. No source needed. — Young Guilo May 4 at 12:02
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8:37 AM
in Complaints, yesterday, by fredsbend
You know, I just want to say that I'm upset. I'm upset that I can't answer all the questions I want before someone else does. I'm upset that so many of the questions and answers make me feel dumb because I've never even heard of their topics. I'm upset that so many of the site's users are smarter than me.
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9:58 AM
@Yannis if it makes you feel any better, I just upvoted the other answer that has actual sources
10:27 AM
Well, I won't deny it's good to see the sourced answer outrank the unsourced one. Thanks @Ixrec.
I just went through the question again
My answer doesn't actually answer the question
> Odin chooses for Valhalla, while Freya chooses for Folkvang
@EroSɘnnin That's an answer, isn't it?
> How was it decided, which one would go to which place? And why did the need to have many "paradises" (whatever you many call it) exist?
I didn't answer the whole thing
Its incomplete X(
Oh, sure, it's incomplete. However, I'd take a partial answer that points to the actual tales over an unsourced attempt at a complete answer any day.
Lol. So I have another task on my things-to-do list
10:39 AM
Answering questions is good. Helping people discover the amazing tales behind their questions is better.
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11:53 AM
Q: Why Overlord Xenu killed billions of people 75 million years ago?

kenorbOn Wikipedia page we can read that Galactic Overlord Xenu brought billions of his people (Teegeeack) to Earth in a DC-8-like spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes, and killed them with hydrogen bombs. Why he decided to kill billions of his people? And secondly, if he wanted them dead, why bo...

Thus, the tag was created.
@EroSɘnnin your answer is better since it is cited, but still incomplete as you have said. So, I can't accept it. I am more interested in the second part of the question.
12:25 PM
@naltipar I'm working on the second part :D
1:25 PM
1:49 PM
Thanks a lot, @EroSɘnnin
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4:46 PM
> Do we know of any stories associated with it? Is it mentioned in Hittite mythology?
a specific myth from Hittite mytho?
A simple mention of the beast in passing in a Hittite tale would be good enough for me. I'm not necessarily looking for a myth focused on the chimera. From the little research I did, it's possible that no such myth survived long enough for us to find out about it.
Of course, if you found a Hittite myth about the chimera, that's an instant green checkmark.
I did find something
have to double check though
The theory about the Hittite carving being just a depiction of the Greek myth?
That could be true, I guess, but the Hittite carving is old, possibly older than Homer (and the Greek myth). Also, it's not exactly the same beast. It has a human head in the front, instead of a goat head in the middle.
Oh :/
Well, back to research then
5:01 PM
The theory is plausible, though, and a valid answer. Especially if you can show us that it's not only Robert Graves that thinks that's what happened.
Okay .. hang on
Got to run now, cu later.
Sure :)
I'll ping you more details later
5:48 PM
@HDE226868 You've changed a tag in one of my question from volkvang to volkvangr
while I had done the opposite some hours ago
@naltipar My bad; I should have seen that in the history. Why did you originally make the change?
quoting @EroSɘnnin answer: "and Folkvang (Old Norse Fólkvangr"
I actually didn't know which one to use
and I'm the only one who has used those tags
I should have left the tags along.
I did see that you used "Folkvangr" in the title and body, so I thought that might be preferable.
Yeah, you're right, that's how I had written the question (and the tag) at first, then I changed the question according to @EroSɘnnin's answer
I'll leave it as it is for now, we'll need a tag synonym for that
That's a good solution (synonymizing).
6:04 PM
@EroSɘnnin since you have answered my question about Valhalla and Volkvangr, you might be able to answer this one without spending much time searching for sources
Q: How do the valkyries choose among the warriors in a battle?

DeionThe valkyries are female demigod warriors from the Norse mythology. They served Odin by choosing, among the warriors in a battle, who dies and who lives and from the ones who die which ones go to Valhalla, to become Odin's einherjar and wait in the Valhalla's hall for Ragnarok. Is it explained h...

Congrats to @Yannis on passing 2k!
6:24 PM
Can we stop allowing scientology questions now?
@durron I believe it shouldn't be allowed, but most users seem to disagree
@naltipar The voting on these new questions doesn't seem to bear that out
Q: Is scientology on topic here?

PiperI'm asking this in response to this question - are questions relating to scientology on topic here at mythology.SE?

Okay, is there any scenario where aliens are on topic?
The Nazca Lines /ˈnæzkə/ are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. They were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The high, arid plateau stretches more than 80 km (50 mi) between the towns of Nazca and Palpa on the Pampas de Jumana about 400 km south of Lima. Although some local geoglyphs resemble Paracas motifs, scholars believe the Nazca Lines were created by the Nazca culture between 400 and 650 AD. The hundreds of individual figures range in complexity from simple lines to stylized hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks, orcas, and...
if you mean the one about why did Xenu do whatever, iirc that had more to do with the question being lazy than anything else
we've had lazy questions about "regular" mythology too
Q: Was Cadmus the only mortal whose wedding was attended by Olympians?

JodyCadmus married Harmonia. Their wedding was the first between mortals that was ever attended by Olympians, whose favor ensured Cadmus a long and successful reign.

I see positive score
I was thinking of the one about how many people did Zeus sleep with
6:31 PM
That question has had positive score even though I've grumped about it in chat at least twice.
@durron597 I downvoted
I didn't vote either way
I don't think people are downvoting the scientology question because it's lazy, I think they're doing it because it's about aliens.
And that's why I'm asking if questions about something like the Nazca lines are on topic.
The stuff about the Annunaki has also not been well received.
@durron597 I downvoted because it's lazy
@durron597 I downvoted for laziness, because all the info is within arm's reach, so to speak. I still don't like the E.T.-angle, but that goes with Scientology, I guess.
6:33 PM
@HDE226868 Did you downvote the Cadmus question?
I don't see why aliens would have anything to do with it, if Zeus' origin story involved him moving from some other planet to Earth we'd still consider him on-topic
I think the problem with this question (mythology.stackexchange.com/questions/612/…) is it's asking for a scientific explanation, which should be off-topic. I don't think it has anything to do with scientology
and of course there is the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter
@durron597 I actually upvoted before I did some thinking. Then it was too late to withdraw my vote. If it's edited, I'll change that.
Q: Who were the Anunnaki according to Sumerians' tales?

kenorbWho were the Anunnaki? Were they gods, demigods or different race? And what was their role? How do we tell who they were?

6:34 PM
@Christofian you're right, the scientific explanation thing is also a big part of it
@durron597 that's another good example of a "lazy" question
I'm trying to think of some mythical character other than Princess Kaguya who is clearly an "alien" yet ancient enough to be "safely" on-topic
@HDE226868 It's edited.
@durron597 It's downvoted.
I should probably have downvoted more of these lazy questions though
it's private beta so I shouldn't feel bad about "ganging up" on askers yet
Do we want to have a "too lazy" custom close reason? Or should we just rely on downvotes?
the long and complex history of "general reference" probably covers that
6:38 PM
@Ixrec Downvoting bad questions is the essence of Stack Exchange.
I don't see how Scientology could be on-topic by the way
@naltipar Because it's questions about the stories of a particular cultural group.
imo scientology is an overlap between us and SciFi.SE, but it would probably be more on-topic and get better answers at SciFi.SE
Every time I tried to come up with an on-topic criteria that would kill Scientology, it got heavily downvoted in meta.
And what I don't want to do is say "scientology is banned just because"
@durron597 I just realized the Xenu Q is one of the few I did downvote already
it was that lazy
6:40 PM
Did you downvote the cadmus question?
I did just now
I don't know why that question really bothers me, but it does
it was at 0 when I did that but somehow it's back at 1?
@durron597 if we ban Scientology we'll either have to say it's not a real religion, or we'll have to say modern religions are off-topic. I'm not sure if the community wants to pursue either one of these options
we might need a meta discussion there
6:41 PM
probably because it had a score of like 4 at one point.
Did someone reverse a downvote and then upvote on the Cadmus Q? I'm looking at the rep history.
@Christofian Well, recall my first idea was to ban stories by age
I still don't get what's so inherently bad about scientology
Then I tried semaphore's idea of "stories that predate modernity in the host culture"
insisting that we need to find a way to make it off-topic almost feels disrespectful
6:42 PM
@Ixrec Because it is stories that were made up by a greedy science fiction writer
I actually would be okay with Scientology if questions about Tolkien were okay too
Or Cthulhu
it's the double standard
@durron597 I think there's merit to that idea, but I don't think the community wants to close off questions about christianity/hinduism
(I personally agree with you)
@Christofian How are stories about christianity/hinduism banned if you ban by age?
Tolkein's stories don't have a religious following afaik, do they?
@durron597 because they're modern religions? I thought that's what you meant by age
No, the age of the story
6:44 PM
What's the current position on the vs. issue?
like, the exodus was 3000 years ago
ancient-greek should be a synonym
@HDE226868 Unsettled. It's going to be and OR and
@durron597 Should both be on the Cadmus question, then?
There is greek mythology that isn't hellenistic.
6:45 PM
is the proposal that would cover modern stuff?
@HDE226868 That tag issue isn't settled yet
of those two I would favor the former solely for clarity
This is one of @Yannis big issues
everyone knows what "ancient greek" means
though neither of them make it clear what the "just greek" tag means
@durron597 do we have any "greek-folklore" questions yet? I don't think the issue can be resolved until we do
6:46 PM
if we're going to do that opens up a big can of worms about not allowing but only and so forth
and the compromise of
@Christofian No because right now we're doing vs except many questions are tagged incorrectly.
Personally, I haven't done a big retagging yet because the issue isn't settled.
@durron597 do we have any "modern-greek-folklore" questions, not are there questions tagged [greek-folklore]?
Either way, is much more important than
@durron597 I would support that
6:49 PM
@Christofian I don't think so, but I want to include @Yannis before we do anything on this issue. His feelings are stronger than mine
@durron597 I think we need a question about modern greek folklore before we can make a tagging decision: otherwise we're debating tagging for questions that don't exist yet
10/15 questions on the front page are unanswered, including the newest 6.
@HDE226868 Well I can't answer questions as I've never even read a summary of it.
Two of them are terrible scientology questions
for me it's more like 5/15, and the top 5 are all answered; which tab are you looking at?
@durron597 Well, those are out of the question.
6:53 PM
I'm actually trying to research the valkyrie question in the background
@Ixrec "Newest." Sorry, I should have specified.
@durron597 I've resigned myself to those () being unanswered for a while.
I'm still waiting for my questions to be answered.
@durron597 I was tempted by both, but I think there are those who know the subject much better than I.
@durron597 I know, I've done the same thing many times, but still. . .
7:01 PM
I'd really love an answer to the linguistics one
@HDE226868 I don't think I'll be able to answer any of those other than the bishop one, but I can take a look.
The other scientology question is now down to -5
(these myths were written a while ago, and we don't know everything the authors intended)
quick question: is there a reason why my answer here hasn't gotten any attention: mythology.stackexchange.com/questions/499/…
@Christofian Personally, because I know even less about african myths than other myths and I haven't been reading them. Upvoted now
in my case I simply never saw the answer; I upvoted the question ages ago and haven't seen it since
7:24 PM
i dont think we really need to worry about retagging until there's more content around
@Semaphore Agree
7:59 PM
I can't believe it, I actually got upvotes for a flying spaghetti monster Q&A
@Ixrec I want to downvote your question and upvote your answer
Thinking about it.
I promise my next question will be normal
I don't want to downvote you for a question to test site scope
feel free to suggest an edit to make it non downvote-worthy
@Ixrec I just think it's off topic.
8:08 PM
fair enough
But, I might be wrong about that
I'm not sure which if any meta thread is the right place to add a link to this
I guess I'll let someone else do that
It's an excellent example of something to test site scope. Just like this
ah, so you did do that on purpose, lol
@Ixrec Well, that was day 1, I wasn't thinking about that yet. But I didn't delete it for that reason.
8:22 PM
@durron597 How's this?
8:36 PM
@HDE226868 Upvoted but I'll probably wait to accept until Public
@durron597 I wouldn't blame you for doing so.
9:04 PM
@naltipar I guess I can answer that using details from the other answer :D
Yes, exactly
But I'm afraid that will have to wait for a bit
I have something to attend to
See ya guys later :)
see you later
9:33 PM
oof. I don't want to pay $10 for an ebook "The Prose Edda"
just for a stackexchange answer, lol
@durron597 Hm... Are sources for the various Scientology myths available to people outside the church? From what I gather, most of the material is only available to people who reached a certain level. Almost all we know about the Xenu crap are either from leaked documents that the church denies are true, or from disgruntled past members.
Could we exploit this to declare Scientology off topic? Isn't it fair to say that there's absolutely no chance we'll ever get an actual expert to answer Xenu questions?
I think that argument would also apply to the aboriginal australian myths
if I'm remembering correctly that they still keep most of the stories to themselves
From what I understand, the church has declared all leaked information false anyway. Even if most past members agree that the Xenu myth is at the core of their teachings.
@Yannis You might be on to something.
ah, good point
9:43 PM
@Ixrec Sure, but do they actively declare them false (sometimes even with lawsuits) when the myths make it to the outside?
"Scientology is off topic because the Church of Scientology doesn't want non members to discuss the subject matter."
cue meta complaints about censorship
Not only they don't want non members to discuss the subject matter, but they've also told us repeatedly that what we non operating thetans think we know about the subject matter is false.
So, this is interesting. Googling for "The Prose Edda" didn't work, but going to my library's website and searching for it in their catalog led me to a free copy.
Your library's website fails at SEO.
9:48 PM
@Yannis I don't know about "fails" but I think the paid version are just really good at it.
10:05 PM
Both questions are about how it's decided who goes to Valhalla.
There is little that I would say that is not in the answer to the first question.
hm, the proposed duplicate's answer doesn't appear to say how or why certain people are chosen for Valhalla
> You say that all men who since the beginning of the world have fallen in battle have come to Odin in Valhal. What does he have to give them to eat? It seems to me there must be a great throng of people. Har answered: It is true, as you remark, that there is a great throng; many more are yet to come there, and still they will be thought too few when the wolf52 comes.
I dunno
I don't feel confident posting that
Especially since it seems to contradict @EroSɘnnin 's answer. What do you think @naltipar ?
new question maybe?
Hmm perhaps.
10:20 PM
Q: How do I quote poetry, with newlines intact?

femtoRgonA number of mythological sources are written in verse, and maintaining lines is usually ideal. You can get a new line by adding an extra line between each line of the quote, but this produces an awful lot of extra white space. Taking a random example from the Poetic Edda: > Counsel me, Frigg, ...

10:35 PM
Q: Are we becoming too Greek?

HDE 226868This is the resurrection of an earlier (now deleted) answer of mine, which, as per the recommendation of durron597, has become a new question. I took a look the other day at our tags. Here are our most popular ones: greek - 67 questions norse - 22 questions mythical-creatures - 16 questions su...

@durron597 ^
@HDE226868 answered
11:03 PM
Interesting question.
Q: Where should I ask a question about mythology?

PiccoloI was going to ask a mythology question (about the ancient Romans) on history.stackexhange, but then I looked at their FAQ: It is not [for questions] about: ... Mythology Where would be the proper place to ask that? Is there an appropriate SE site?

Relatively free publicity, though I don't know how many people will see my answer.
@Santiago Hi.
how are we all?
I'm fine. It's the weekend, which is nice. How about you?
pretty good
I have an idea for a question, but do not know if it would go well
11:07 PM
What is it?
personality cult myths (e.g. North Korea)
wow, that's a tough one to pick a site for
wikipedia categorizes "personality cult" as a "political phenomenon", and on Politics.SE I do see politics.stackexchange.com/questions/4671/…
might be worth asking on their meta if questions like that are on-topic
I don't see any existing meta Qs about it
Sociology.SE is only a proposal so I can't think of anywhere else it'd belong
I was thinking along th lines of "where did the myth behind personality cults originate?" and use NK as one of the examples
11:12 PM
I'm not sure what that question means; is there a single myth that cults of personality originate from?
that's the question (worded better)
hm, if I'm interpreting that right, my gut feeling is it'd probably get closed as too broad
even if we deemed it on-topic
that's why I thought I would ask here before progressing
I think it would have to be about a specific personality cult to be answerably narrow (on any site)
then it would come down to whether you're asking about why the cult did X which happens to be related to a myth, or you're asking about some aspect of a myth that the cult happened to use
eg mythology.stackexchange.com/questions/477/… is on-topic here because I was asking about an aspect of a myth that Marvel happened to use, rather than the other way around
how about -
i have a question in mind, but can't word it
11:24 PM
asking good questions is hard
tis true
lol, as an aside "The myth of Jon Skeet's superpowers"
hmmm i'll come back to it later
hey @Ixrec, I think I may have it
what does it look like now?
"Is there a mythological precedence for North Korea's Juche ideology?"
I'm still not sure but the fact that I know nothing about Juche is preventing me from helping further
hmm, do you have any particular reason to think that there is a precedent? or this is mere speculation?
after skimming the wiki article on Juche for a bit, it and its known inspirations seem to be 100% political
11:44 PM
I do have an article that claims Confucian roots, but you're probably right
thank you for the time!

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