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1:00 PM
The actual worst part is the part where there are actual plans to increase income tax, but in such a way the super high incomes aren't really hurt all that much.
So yea, our government is working on a tax that will aim on the average and the poor.
Raising taxes on the middle-class is where all the real money is
Just move in with @KevinvanderVelden
There are protests and stuff though.
They've got less than 40%
@Unionhawk I have to stay in this house I bought last year for at least four more years or I have to pay a shitton of extra taxes I didn't have to pay because it is my first house and all that (5% on the buying price + some other things I can't remember)
1:03 PM
I evade taxes annually by making no money
Q: How to clear fire on my people?

SempieI got an explosion in one of my batterybunker and when my people arrived to clear the fire, 7 out of 9 catched fire and burned to death (aweful). How can I clear the fire on my people when it is not raining?

@Unionhawk Lifehack!
You could try that
@Unionhawk Are you going to pay my loan + costs of living?
1:05 PM
@Arperum No. You have to do it like @Unionhawk does and simultaneously make no money while borrowing lots of money.
Totally works
Just become a full time student forever
You don't have to pay student loans as long as you don't stop being a student
It's totally a thing
For... Federal loans
I forgot
It was a solid plan until I remembered it wasn't at all a good plan
You should be used to that by now.
I am
Goddammit I need things to do ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
1:17 PM
Or, if you don't want to spend $15, you could just make demonsheep gifs
No, I don't have a computer at work because reasons
You work but don't make money?
I'm pretty sure that's slavery.
Less than the threshold for paying taxes
Which is not a lot of money at all.
Is this one of those stupid work study things that colleges offer?
Those are the worst
"Here, grade this professor's papers for $3/hour!"
I'm in the summer you idiot
Interning for experience and whatnot
1:20 PM
College is out by May 5th?
@Unionhawk are you in the future?! It's only spring here
@Unionhawk You should work on levelling your job
Summer is defined by when I am not in school
I'm fairly sure it's not
1:21 PM
What is it you do, exactly?
As in: Is it also summer during christmas?
@KevinvanderVelden Don't forget every weekend ever.
@Sterno well currently read about stuff but eventually it's a development related internship
Male exotic dancing pays pretty well
Or so I hear.
I'm sure it doesn't
1:26 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Yes.
That's why they call it "Christmas in July".
@Arperum Yeah, because there's no meaningful difference between a fiction that people at some historical point actually regarded as factual, and a fiction that exists within another fiction. This is a bad pedantry hill to die on, tbqh.
@Yuuki well, I'm talking about the northern hemisphere because that's where @Uni lives
This is highly annoying
@LessPop_MoreFizz The discussion has evolved towards "do we allow scientology stuff or not?" And seems to end in a averything from before timepoint is fine, newerstuff must go. (I was also just ridiculing the wording "fictional" mythology.
@Unionhawk So are you.
1:30 PM
@Arperum Right, and I'm pointing out that there's nothing inconsistent about the phrase 'fictional mythology' and your pedantry is misplaced.
You got inb4'd by me. That's pretty bad.
the thing that's fictional isn't the content of the myth. It's the myth itself that's fictional.
Greek mythology is fiction, but it isn't fictional - it represents actual stories told by actual people about their actual beliefs at an actual time and place in history.
1:32 PM
Anyone here play Nethack?
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's a pretty good way of splitting it. As far as I know neither of the people involved in the argument has though about it that way.
@Arperum Well I'm too lazy to register for a private beta, but feel free to use that to go shut them up.
because any other position is a dumb and pedantic hill to die on.
@LessPop_MoreFizz But that may or may not apply to Scientology, which is what was the crux of the argument, I think.
Scientology is fact, yo
@Yuuki Scientology entered the argument pretty late.
1:33 PM
@Sterno Scientology is fuct, yo - FTFY
Maybe someone there actually believes the whole Xenu thingie, making it an actual story told by an actual person about their actual belief in an actual time and place in history.
Someone believes game of thrones is a reenactment
I am certain of that
See also: sherlock holmes?
@LessPop_MoreFizz mod abuse pin
1:37 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Tumblr users are human beings too!
@Unionhawk It is somewhat based on the War of Roses.
So I don't thing "someone believes that" should be the threshold of what is real
Well, marginally anyway
@GodEmperorDune I didn't pin it.
@Unionhawk Someone != an entire people.
1:37 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ding ding ding. "Actual time and place in history"
Q: Age should be the defining cutoff for when something is mythology

durron597There has been a lot of controversy in Meta and chat about what is and what is not on topic as far as fictional sources, religions, and whatnot. Should we allow tags for external media? Are fictional mythologies on topic? Is Cthulhu on or off topic? Is scientology on topic here? Are discussion ...

The essence of the argument is how to quantify "true belief". Because there will always be someone who believes that one crazy thing is real, the true question is how much is critical mass for true belief.
@LessPop_MoreFizz ya
@Yuuki I truly and unshakeably believe that, in all cases and at all times, @Wipqozn is to blame
@durron597 So, this SE will work like the US copyright system?
After X amount years, a belief is on-topic?
Barring pending legislation to push back the "qualifying time"?
1:39 PM
@KevinvanderVelden I figured anyone not in the private beta wouldn't care about the discussion
Well then why discuss it in a public place? =p. This way anyone reading the discussion here can read the discussion there as well
@Yuuki It's a better system than arguments about whether Cthulhu and Scientology are allowed, and people having hurt feelings when the community goes against them.
@KevinvanderVelden Oh, I agree with you, I was just saying why I didn't do something similar. Thanks
@durron597 Yes, but does that mean after X years, Cthulhu and Scientology will be on-topic?
@Yuuki No, because 1000 AD will be 1000 AD even 1000 years from now
(barring new legislation that can garner enough votes for a veto override)
Title of your question says age should be defining cutoff, not "birth date".
1:42 PM
@Yuuki Valid point. I will edit.
Speaking of, I'd like to see Hinduism's long-form birth certificate.
Seriously though someone check the history on the @LessPop_MorePins
Because apparently I can't on mobile without maybe some url magic that I don't remember
No that can't be
@Unionhawk pin doesn't show in history for me, but it might be that i don't have enough reps
Uh... Let's see... You hit the arrow on the left and there should be a revision history?
The Pebble Cloud SDK is really impressive
1:46 PM
Take care all
Or is pin gone and it was probably @fredley trolling @LessPop_MoreFizz
@Unionhawk the pin does not show up when i view the history on that post
The current pin was pinned by @fredley.
Boom. @LessPop_MoreFizz ruled not guilty completely guilty, but he didn't pin that one message this time
@Arperum Look who's snooping Websocket messages
1:48 PM
@fredley are you doing magic?
@fredley Not even.
@fredley There's no snooping required. It says in the history who pinned
@5pike Oh
Pins show up in history and I assume @GodEmperorDune was doing it wrong
Only stars need websocket snooping then
I should build that into PorkChat
1:49 PM
Actually, that's a terrible idea
@Unionhawk if i wasn't so lazy i would screenshot as proof
or porkchat is concealing @fredley's actions
@GodEmperorDune You know those sci-fi films where everyone gets a robot/implant/bionic attachment/surveillance device, and how they're all controlled by this one company that totally isn't evil?
Also, I watched Kingsman the other day, and that is one amazeballs film
My Fair Lady meets James Bond meets Gangnam Style
1:53 PM
@fredley ... I disagree with the last bit.
Certain countries overseas screened Kingsman without the contents of the church scene.
@fredley NO. NO. NO NO NO
@Sterno YES
As for the film, maybe. Never saw it. Want to
@Sterno Can recommend
Church scene is totally outrageous
@MadMAxJr What do you mean?
@RPiAwesomeness I sometimes play Nethack
1:55 PM
It's a nonstandard secret agent film with Samuel L Jackson playing a character that is not generally a role you would expect him to play.
@fredley I disagree with it being a Gangnam-ish thing. Even if you're referring to the fireworks. :P
@MadMAxJr It was totally over the top and ridiculous
Nothing was realistic, but nothing was trying to be
Q: GTA Online / GTA 5 Third Person Car Dashboard Appeared

BlitzKraigI've been playing a lot of GTAO, and a couple of weeks ago I somehow managed to get the dials for my cars dashboard (Speedometer, fuel gauge etc.) to display in the top left of the screen in third person mode. I know the dials are visible and working in first person mode, but they appeared in th...

Q: Link and New Account in COC

AycaI just have some queries and I am really hoping for a positive feedback. I had a COC Account on my Ipad mini it was on level 40 with TH 7. It was connected to one Game Center email address (for IOS Device) On my hubby's android phone he decided to create a new Account of COC attached to one GMA...

@fredley Well there was an important message in there that was serious. You let a man finish his bloody pint in peace when he asks for it.
Q: What do I need in order to complete hard difficulty dungeons?

EllesedilIn FFRK, I'm finding normal difficulty dungeons to be tedious and boring, but I'm not really capable of completing those same dungeons on hard difficulty. What is the minimum team level/composition/gearing in order to complete hard difficulty dungeons? And as a follow-up, what is required in ord...

@MadMAxJr Also, shoot puppies when asked.
2:15 PM
Q: How to turn cobblestone and sand into dirt in FTB Mindcrack

CoderGuyI have a compressed plantball machine that makes compressed plantbals from dirt but i don't have a lot of dirt left and i was wondering if i could make dirt from either couble and sand or both to get me more dirt. I would prefer using buildcraft and industrialcraft items/blocks only but if that ...

@Sterno No updates since last night. I made him call his mother in front of me, and he's supposed to get it from her today. I'm going to touch base with the landlord toniight to make sure she gets the money. Also, he cried on the phone and everything. It was super awkward. I ended up going into my room once I listened long enough to confirm he told her the problem.
Yeah, that's awkward alright.
continue the staredown, establish dominance.
Woo I have at least something
(a lab computer at least)
(eventually the setup will evolve to a laptop to remote into the lab computer, and eventually a laptop to remote into a desktop)
2:28 PM
@Sterno The prequels are lies. (Especially that scene - NOTHING that Ben says bears any relation to the prequels.)
You have to assume he's lying through his teeth the entire time.
@JasonBerkan from a certain point of view
@JasonBerkan ur a lie
@JasonBerkan I was really upset when Disney didn't remove the prequels from canon when they removed all the books
Hahahahaha this company has been straight IE forever. Now chrome is the big recommendation.
2:37 PM
I think everyone would be happier in a world without Jar Jar Binks. Except @GnomeSlice, but he doesn't count.
@Wipqozn they make too much money from the intra-movie canon
@Wipqozn That would have been glorious!
@Wipqozn just pretend jar jar is @GnomeSlice (not the other way around for dang's sake man) and everything will be good
@Wipqozn Did you ever read that essay some person wrote about how you can completely skip Episode 1 without affecting the story at all.
@Unionhawk all of the @gnomephone "typos" make sense now
2:40 PM
I said not the other way around for fuck's sake
Just mentally insert the gnomeface all over episode 1 and everything will be okay
Except... Most things.
@JasonBerkan No, but it's something I agree with.
Episode 1 doesn't matter at all.
@Wipqozn but darth maul
@GodEmperorDune Is dumb
@Wipqozn but looks cool
The only thing that was somewhat important was that they found Anakin...
2:44 PM
@5pike But it's not
When you see him again, it's, what? 10 years later?
He's a whole new character at that point
Yeah, true.
@Wipqozn The basic conclusion was that you could watch IV, V, II, III, VI and get a somewhat decent story sans Jar-Jar.
(Putting II and III after V, so that the reveal of Darth Vader as Luke's father retains its significance.)
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Handicapped parking spaces are meant for handicapped people, and not people who "just need to run into the store real quick".
@Sterno PSA: Even if you can park in a handicapped space, please park like a normal person and don't take up twenty spots.
@JasonBerkan Oh yeah, the whatever that is called orer
I remember that essay now.
2 and 3 have a lot of problems, though. Still not that great.
1 is the worst thoug.
well, 2 and 3 are terrible
2:47 PM
The prequels showed me that George Lucas was only good when other people told him no.
It's really all Lucas's fault. People should stop blaming Hayden Christensen.
@JasonBerkan truth
And that kid who played Young Anakin, can't remember his name. Something Lloyd?
@Yuuki lucas signed off on him
Yeah, I don't blame Hayden. Even Natalie Portman's performance in II was wooden.
2:48 PM
@GodEmperorDune Christensen isn't a bad actor though. Have you seen Shattered Glass?
@Yuuki but the chemistry between him and natalie portman
@GodEmperorDune Some actors just don't click and Lucas should've seen that.
@Yuuki my point exactly
I mean, even Portman and MacGregor looked bad in II and III and they don't nearly get as much blame as Christensen.
they do screen tests between likely pairs for this sort of thing
2:50 PM
@GodEmperorDune I thought you were disagreeing with me about blaming Lucas entirely and not making Christensen a scapegoat.
@Yuuki i dunno, i liked MacGregor, he jost got some really shitty lines
@Yuuki ultimately it all falls on lucas
I Just Say No to incrementals
2:52 PM
@StrixVaria ooh, i played this long ago
@GodEmperorDune Lucas wrote a lot of terrible lines. It's pretty telling when the acting actually doesn't look half-bad if you mute the entire thing.
@Yuuki this too is true. all of the great lines in the original trilogy were NOT by lucas
cf. Harrison Ford's comment during Star Wars - "you can write this shit, but you can't say it."
Q: In adventure capitalist how do you unlock the great adventure achievement

MrMoglinWhat I mean is do you need just the money upgrades or money upgrades + angels

@Lazers2.0 wat
mobile version is lagging again
(mobile version of adventure capitalist)
I wonder if it's possible to redub the prequels and make them not suck
@Sterno If by "redub", you mean "remove the dialogue track", then yes.
@Yuuki I mean "replace with other words"
Well yeah, almost all of my problems with the prequels are with the dialogue. I'm pretty sure new dialogue would improve it massively.
@Sterno i'm sure that someone has attempted that
3:01 PM
Isn't there a fan-cut version of the prequels?
@fredley Yeah, but I don't think it's been released. Or something.
I remember reading about it.
But I couldn't find the cut anywhere.
Q: Guild War 2 is currently pay to win?

IsabellaI am about to buy a new computer with good graphics card, because my notebook is weak and desire to play Guild Wars, but hate P2W games,a nd how I will spend a good amount of money (computer and the game in Brazil is very expensive) I would like to make sure I'm doing a good decision. But in som...

It's literally on YouTube
Is it Topher Grace's cut though?
3:03 PM
> Following the format description of Topher Grace's edit, here is a 2 hour re-cut of the prequel trilogy.
Seems like Topher Grace never actually released his
I didn't think he would.
So... Would I be incorrect if I classified C# as the offspring of C++ and Java?
Because that's what it looks like
It's more like Microsoft's response to Java
So, yes?
Depends if anything Java has is as nice as the .NET Framework.
3:11 PM
@fredley Hmm... cutting all of Phantom Menace except for the final battle with Maul makes the Anakin/Padme romance a lot less creepy.
Makes it seem like they're more similar in age.
Just, on a broad level, this looks like Java, and, therefore, somewhat familiar to me
Java Binks
@Yuuki One of many, many, many advantages of cutting that entire movie.
@Unionhawk Yeah I'd say C# and Java are largely similar. If you're really familiar with one, the tiny details of the other are annoying, though.
True, well good thing I'm only vaguely familiar with Java
Everything should use the Inception music
I like that the trailer for Topher Grace's Star Wars cut uses the Inception music
3:15 PM
As in, I could write it if I had to
Hooray for messages appearing out of order because my network sucks!
Holy shit I need to like spend all my time learning c#
@Unionhawk Multidimensional arrays are annoying, since the inner arrays aren't all necessarily the same length, so treating it as a matrix can get you in trouble.
Let's close that tab and try to understand the actual task at hand.
@Unionhawk MS is pushing c# towards unix. Might make me try it
3:23 PM
@fredley I'll be working with it here so yeah
@Unionhawk aka Stuff that was hard to program before frameworks arrived.
This page make me so happy. The colour names are wonderful, and the favicon changing is just amazeballs. cc @Sterno.
@StrixVaria mobile or else I'd link that as a reply
@fredley Allow me to respond thusly:
3:27 PM
It feels good, even if it's futile.
In fact, it feels amazeballs
I still don't know what exactly I'll be doing so... Fun?
@Unionhawk List<List<int>> would be my starting point.
3:34 PM
@JasonBerkan I think I use Lists more than I do any other type.
@Yuuki I honestly don't even know what other collections are available in .NET.
IList and IEnumerable are all that I use.
@fredley @Sterno @Wipqozn FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
@JasonBerkan no in general
Note to self: Validate that you don't have a project already open in Visual Studio before trying to open it again
3:41 PM
man ps+ games this month are super good
@JasonBerkan IDictionary, obviously
Though really, I rarely bother to stick an interface on IList or IDictionary
@PrivatePansy Too lazy
@Sterno Yes, I think I have used a Dictionary in the past. So I did know about that.
Then, when you go ultra pro, you start using Hashtable (probably incorrectly)
@Sterno that's just a Dictionary, basically
3:45 PM
Maybe in the same sense a dictionary is just a list, sure
@Sterno no, in the sense that a dictionary is just a map
Oh, I see my problem. I meant to say HashSet.
A set is just a map with unary values
Now you're just talking about crazy things that nobody uses.
Your face is just a map with unary values.
3:51 PM
... WHY U DO THIS? Jquery(document).ready is firing before all of the document is ready, placing the code later on the page fixes it...
It do this because it hate you
    // do the thing
  },5000); // probably enough™
You know, as much flak as Microsoft takes for only having monthly updates, I'm getting a bit tired of Ubuntu's "multiple kernel updates every week" bit.
Especially since I have a relatively low limit on /boot
@fredley In the current state that would be enough, last week it would still failed.
Gotta love how the kernel from 3 days ago is marked with the date stamp "Tue, 14 Apr 2015 21:38:57 +0100"
3:57 PM
@Arperum Poll the DOM for the things you need to be there
(The one from this morning is marked with the date stamp "Fri, 24 Apr 2015 17:26:50 +0100")
I thought most people wished Windows updated less often.
@3ventic It should be weekly updates.
4:14 PM
It was update Tuesdays forever
Bethany Marzewski on May 05, 2015

Today, we’re excited to announce that online registration is now open for Beyond Coding, a free new summer program designed to equip emerging computer programmers in New York City with professional skills needed to help them succeed in their first job working with code. The program, slated to launch June 11, is part of our collaboration with New York City’s Tech Talent Pipeline initiative to support the growth of the city’s tech ecosystem. And we’re thrilled to be taking part, along with some other top-notch New York startups: Crest CC, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Tumblr, and Trello. …

@StackExchange This wouldn't have happened if I were mod of Lifehacks
Maybe I'll just go be mod here:

Proposed Q&A site for proposed Q&A site for frank and clinical information on human sexuality.

Currently in commitment.

Avid Enthusiast, or Prosumer
Just Curious
Professional or Expert
I can't decide which of these is funniest
@Sterno for @Frank?
4:28 PM
Q: Which is a better piece of armor - +2 Scale Mail or +0 Banded Mail in NetHack?

RPi AwesomenessI recently started playing NetHack (warning to those who haven't, it's addicting) and I am at a point where I'm trying to decide between two pieces of armor. I have a +2 Scale Mail and a +0 Banded Mail and I can't figure out which is better. According the NetHack Wiki page on Armor, the Banded M...

@Rapitor Pretending I didn't read that. Purging from my head cannon.
@Sterno Purging failed
That's actually not a horrible topic but I think most shit would end up being subjective
@Sterno Proposed Q&A site for proposed Q&A site for @Frank and clinical information on human sexuality.
wait, what
> Proposed Q&A site for proposed Q&A site for
So, today is the day I get to vote on whether or not to raise taxes.
4:43 PM
@GnomeSlice Good subjective is okay
Today is the day I regret not being a SQL guru.
@fredley If only I wasn't a one man show at the moment, then I could join in a guru.
@JasonBerkan What's troubling you?
4:51 PM
@fredley I had to copy three master rows (and associated child rows) from one database to another RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!
Knowing that was uploaded by somebody who can't spell 'feel' ruins the whole thing for me
Best show though
> No Copyright Infringement Intended.
@fredley lololololol
4:54 PM
£example = nouveau Empire();
section.about h3 background-position-horizontal: centre !unimportant;
section.about h3 background-position-vertical: centre !unimportant;
section.about h3 colour: grey !unimportant;
We've been round this way before
I know
I just like that comic strip
4:59 PM
cc @badp

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