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6:00 PM
Q: Why was this question closed, "Apple Gaming Console"

blundersWhy was this question closed? For ease of reference, I'm going to duplicate the question within the question, but here's a link to the question Apple Gaming Console. Question title: Apple Gaming Console Question body: In the current market, what are the pros and cons of Apple releasin...

:2136371 ±_±
@ThomasMcDonald ????
Why, exactly, did you post a message with the content "(removed)"
@ThomasMcDonald Oh. I dunno.
ohoho, Anarchy in the UK
6:08 PM
Oh yeah, I forgot to unpin the Killing Floor post.
@Powerlord Meh.
How can the bacon be busy?
> “We think it’s benign. But we just don’t know.”
@ThomasMcDonald DAMN! This remix of 'louder' is grrrrreat.
@Powerlord Lol.
> ...this seems to reinforce the hypothesis that the United States is entering a “Code War”.
6:17 PM
just drawing the revision to peoples attention:
Q: Apple Gaming Console

blundersIs it possible to use the Apple TV as a console, and if so: What are the pros and cons of using it as a console? How do I discover if a game is available for it on the Apple TV, or another source? It's possible that the Apple TV already does this, but I'm unable to find controllers that sup...

> What are the pros and cons of using it as a console?
Still bad question until that is removed.
@ArdaXi Yeah, I'm iffy on that myself, but I think it's fine to re-open in its current form.
> Is it possible to use the Apple TV as a console
No. Done!
@Wipqozn I don't.
6:20 PM
Pros and cons are the very definition of what we don't want on our site.
@badp You're a HTML5 game.
And I was a HTML 5 game.
This is supposedly a direct quote from Steve Jobs in 2010 about Apple TV:
> It doesn't have an app store, it doesn't have games, and it doesn't have a web browser. It's slick but not complex. It's all about trying to ease people into the idea of using an Internet device in their living room. It's not a computer.
6:24 PM
@ArdaXi We seem to have a large number of pro/con questions in other contexts that haven't gotten a single close vote. They seem valid to me.
I simply removed that question expecting that the answer is "no you can't" anyway
so there's no need to discuss pros and conses
@sjohnston They're a discussion question.
Pros and cons are typically objective
@badp They only reason to list them is to discuss something.
Should I or shouldn't I?
Q: SpaceChem: Can I quickly reset a reactor?

fbreretoI'd like to start anew with a reactor, scrapping all the current waldo programming. Can it be done? (I'm on a level with no top-level map, just a reactor. Not sure if that matters.)

6:27 PM
There are instances where it can be a good question. This is not one of them.
"Should I register a domain for my spreadsheet?" "Pros: you can do so much more than just a spreadsheet with a domain! you can get a domain easily from Google if you put up with their AppEngine! you can put ads on a page! Cons: you're registering a fucking domain for one single spreadsheet you'll stop using in a month anyway."
There's nothing subjective there
context for the hypothetical question: gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/18357/…
You're not necessarily restricted to domains, though, are you? You could start an app engine site on a subdomain.
I hear that MarcoCeppi owns stackgaming.com ! :P
> you can get a domain easily from Google if you put up with their AppEngine
but that's retarded if all I want is feed one number into one spreadsheet
Oh right
Bleah, it looks like I'm going to have to resurrect one of the objects I got rid of while writing this.
might as well scrape http://tf2b.com/?id=badp li#434044620 span
6:33 PM
I feel silly having an object with two properties, one of which doesn't apply to how things currently work.
Hmm, I could just introduce a second function...
@Mana I have to say, those SC2 games were fairly intense.
any idea when the next major SC2 tournament is?
@Wipqozn MLG is next weekend apparently
@Mana Really now? I dare say good sir, I will need to tune in.
There are also the GSL finals on the 21st but those air at really weird hours for us because they take place in Korea
Is the humble Frozenbyte bundle still on sale?
6:41 PM
2+ days remaining.
@Wipqozn If you want to see a really awesome Starcraft game right now, I would definitely recommend Stephano vs. Kiwikaki Game 2. It starts at 32:07 here.
I wonder if Paypal will decide to let me verify my account before then.
Also for the love of god please skip the first few minutes of that stream.
@Mana Zv?
6:42 PM
Zombies vs Plants?
@Mana Awesome. I need to do some h/w, but I'll probably watch it later tonight.
@GnomeSlice I wish I didn't click on that.
@Wipqozn =[ Whyyyy.
-10 respect points @GnomeSlice
6:44 PM
@Wipqozn ...Just because we like different music?
I'm not sure I want your respect points.
@GnomeSlice Yes.
@GnomeSlice You do.
@Wipqozn Not if they're based on something as silly as that.
Everyone must like and dislike exactly the same things I like and dislike.
@Wipqozn I dislike you.
@Wipqozn I like the things you dislike. From what you just said, what's the -oh you edited it.
6:45 PM
As such, you dislike you.
@ArdaXi pffft, you wish.
No, you wish.
@Wipqozn Fine.
Q: Good way to obtain all the 'Cooperative' achievements (Patch 1.4.1)

missionI'm looking for a guide to obtain all the cooperative achievements in SC2. The whole process is extremely time-consuming and it would be nice to do that in an optimized and quick way. There are many achievements making it very troublesome, for example: Win 250 Cooperative games against Insane A...

6:48 PM
Happy now?
@GnomeSlice No, but the Frozen Synapse bundle is, and if you beat the average, you get the FrozenByte Bundle too.
@Powerlord s'what I meant.
Except paypal isn't going to let me very my account.
They said I should see their deposits in 2-3 days.
@GnomeSlice Yes. You've regained respect points.
It's been 4.
@Wipqozn Fuck your respect points. =]
6:51 PM
There, I added another method to access the field I need. Unfortunately, that means a change on the client side, which expects both.
@GnomeSlice How outspoken of you! +2 respect points.
Waaaait, no it doesn't.
@GnomeSlice +1 respect point
Just because I change it internally doesn't mean the external command has to see them that way. :D
6:52 PM
@Wipqozn que?
@GnomeSlice -20 respect points.
Also, any points deducted from @GnomeSlice are given to @ArdaXi
Oh, hell no.
6:54 PM
No hell?
@ArdaXi Correct.
That sounds good.
@badp Oh yeah, steam API key isn't domain bound
Sorry to break it to you @ArdaXi, but you just rot in the ground. Sorry :(
6:55 PM
Sorry? That's awesome.
> ...Hell is a real place where you will be sent at the first sign of defiance.
All I want when I die is to have been right.
@ArdaXi Same here!
@ThomasMcDonald That is?
although I wouldn't mine scaring a few people for life with my death.
6:56 PM
@Powerlord :/
I can just make up a domain name and then make calls from any IP ever?
@Wipqozn y u no reply steam?
I have localhost down as mine
moments away from death
"Son.... I never loved you" dies
6:56 PM
@ThomasMcDonald then feel free to answer my gamedev question
Will have to sign up for a new SE site...
You don't really have to, you know.
@GnomeSlice + 30 respect points
6:57 PM
@Time: @#$! I swear you are going by abnormally slow today.
Is what I was actually trying to find.
I'm sorry you did find it then
I bet in 15 minutes I get some excuse from our receptionist to leave early. As in "can you come up 15 minutes early..."
@badp Yeah, me too.
@Powerlord Tell her she's cute and maybe you can make it 20.
@badp Oh wow. It's not what I was trying to find.
Hotlink image.
@badp... can you get rid of that?
@GnomeSlice fixed
7:05 PM
@badp My bad.
Also, new gravatar get.
This one is harder to see at a small size.
@GnomeSlice Next time use Upload, then click From the web and paste the URL there
@badp Good idea.
it's basically the only use case where it makes sense to use that feature
@badp To get around hotlink blocking images?
@ThomasMcDonald Y U NO ANSWER
@GnomeSlice yeah, and proxies blocking certain domains
7:07 PM
@badp Oh.
sorry wrong term
@GnomeSlice they can still block stack.imgur.com
Oh... so people like @Powerlord can see them at work.
(is probably wrong)
Final Gravatar get.
Which one do you guys think I should use for now?
@GnomeSlice First one was my favourite.
@Wipqozn That's the one I ended up getting printed, too.
Everyone else told me to use THIS one.
Speaking of gravatars, I see @GraceNote switched her chat account again.
7:11 PM
Ah, there we go.
the second from the right is my favourite
I just had that one. I find it harder to see at a small size, because there's no outline on the glasses.
=importxml("http://api.steampowered.com/IEconItems_440/GetPlayerItems/v0001/?SteamID=76561197988192258&key=ಠ_ಠ&format=xml", "//item[id=434044620]//attribute[defindex=214]/value")
<image-macro id="everything-went-better-than-expected"/>
Also, just for kicks, see how many of these games you can name:
Facebook, y u shrink uploaded images.
Man, I did that back in highschool.
I forgot to blur the left border of Burnout: Revenge though.
I wish you could have gravatar automatically cycle images.
turns on news
Hey! Religion caused a war!
7:22 PM
@RonanForman ..? Do you want a pat on the back?
Does anyone know what's involved in getting a full physical?
Many unpleasant things, I presume. =[
Hey that how I met your mother with the goat is on!
@RonanForman Where did this happen now?
@Wipqozn I think he was making a satirical social statement.
7:30 PM
@GnomeSlice He may have been, but I thought he may have been serious that a war was recently started over religion.
@Wipqozn He might have read our little discussion earlier.
@GnomeSlice If wishes were horses.
@Wipqozn ?
@GnomeSlice Always slice your bread before you bake it.
I don't understand what that is referring to, and even if I did, I still don't understand it.
7:32 PM
@GnomeSlice Never stop turning.
@wipqozn I need a break from HW. Care to try out TankBall 2?
@GnomeSlice Never return to the never ending void.
...I'll take that as a no.
Nevermind then.
Okay not quite a war, but goverment repression.
@Wipqozn so... yes/no?
7:39 PM
@GnomeSlice No. Trying to do h/w myself.
Not going that well. Can't focus on it.
@Wipqozn Maybe you need a break...
@GnomeSlice I don't.
@Wipqozn Sounds like it, if you're not focusing.
Put some music on.
@GnomeSlice When I take a break, I plan to play Dark Souls anyways.
Haven't heard anything about that, other than the name.
7:41 PM
I'm asking people directly now, as broad questions seem to get no answers.
@Wip Wanna play adventure minecraft?
3 mins ago, by Wipqozn
@GnomeSlice No. Trying to do h/w myself.
@RonanForman Yeah sure. Which one?
@Wipqozn ಠ_ಠ
The one from game on question.
@GnomeSlice :P just messing with you @GnomeSlice
7:43 PM
@Wipqozn By the way, what's scheduled for next weeks 'Game on!'? Galcon or Tankball?
And not now, why would I ask you if I meant now.
@GnomeSlice NExt week is frozen synapse.
THis week is Galcon, if that is what you meant.
@Wipqozn Right, that's what I meant.
Not really sure how Frozen Synapse will work. You can only do 1v1 games.
I haven't played it in weeks, either.
@GnomeSlice I was thinking we would do a tournament
REcord the games, upload them to youtube.
@Wipqozn Has the bracket been made?
@Wipqozn That doesn't work for me.
7:46 PM
@GnomeSlice I'm going to put up a meta this week
@GnomeSlice Hopefully it will work for the other person
@Wipqozn Best of 3? I know there's a better way to do tournaments, but I can't remember what it was.
I was going to do my MC server's second spleef tournament this mysterious way that I came up with.
And it's completely gone now.
@GnomeSlice Best of 3 would probably work. you're welcome to take care of managing it if you want.
@Wipqozn What about double elimination?
@GnomeSlice That would also work
@Wipqozn Much more complicated though.
7:48 PM
@GnomeSlice Yeah, it would be. best of 3 would be better I think.
@GnomeSlice There were saying they'd add 2v2 and 3v3.
@Wipqozn The problem with doing that, is that if you have say three different game types, some people don't even play the final one.
So next free game on there's 4/5 of us for the map.
It would probably be best to do half the games on Saturday, the other half on sunday.
@ArdaXi That would be awesome! But it doesn't help us for this week.
7:49 PM
No, it does not.
@ArdaXi we could always just push it back.
put up a different game instead. Like TankBall or @RonanForman adventure map
@Wipqozn I wonder how long it's going to be though.
Sick Beard downloaded every season but season 1. Disappoint. :(
If you can get 3 more people and convice badp, or just 4 people
Arda minecraft?
Lets say we had... 7 people playing FS.
Double elimination would mean that losers would get to play more games.
7:53 PM
Also @Wip have you got a MC skin?
@RonanForman Yes, the one you made me.
Oh yeah.
We might run into a problem with doing tournaments for Game On! though. If one person can't make it, or has to leave, the tournament can't progress any further.
@GnomeSlice True.
In the words of cryton: Smug mode.
7:54 PM
It might be better to remove FS from game on all together, and just set-up a separate tournament for it.
I do like the idea of doing a FS tournament.
@Wipqozn Yeah, I've been considering deleting my post of it.
@Wipqozn Me too. That could be done over any length of time though.
We could have a chat room for it, where people could see the bracket and progression.
@GnomeSlice Which is part of the benefit. People don't need to worry about h/w, et cetera.
@Wipqozn Exactly.
I think I'm going to go delete my post of FS in the Game On! thread.
@GnomeSlice We should do this then.
7:56 PM
@GnomeSlice Don't delete it, edit it to say that we've decided to set-up a tournament instead. Details pending.
A: Reviving Game On

GnomeSliceFuture Game Suggestion: Frozen Synapse EDIT: We (Wipqozn and I) have decided that this would work better as a tournament separate from Game On!. As such, we will not be scheduling this into Game On! sessions, but details are pending on future tournaments.

Cause you didn't answer last time.
We should totally do a Frozen Synapse tournament.
No need to plan thoroughly, just decide who plays against who and roughly in what time frame.
@ArdaXi I was thinking set up a bracket, stick it in its own chat room, and tell people to play games on their own time.
7:59 PM
All matches are recorded on the server, so cheating is impossible.

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