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12:06 AM
Q: What was the name of the song played at the end of Tangerines (2013)?

GlobalJimIn the Georgian-Estonian film Tangerines (2013) at the end of the film as it rolls into the credits what is the song that is being played? It sounds like a rock/alternative song.

Q: When does Daredevil take place?

JoeWatching the new Netflix series Daredevil, there are scattered references to some kind of terrorist attack having happened in New York City just before the show began. I suspected they might mean the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers, but too many little details make the show look like it's set in ...

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2:05 AM
Q: Why did Melisandre ask Jon Snow if he's a virgin?

galacticninjaIn Game of Thrones S05E01 "The Wars to Come", Melisandre and Jon Snow had this conversation as they were on their way to the top of the Wall: Melisandre: Are you a virgin? Jon Snow: No. Melisandre: Good. What's with Melisandre inquiring about Jon Snow's virginity?

3:05 AM
Q: What is the origin of the Black Tablet thing surrounded by apes?

Memor-XIn the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film and one of the episodes of The Simpsons both show a scene were a bunch of apes in what seems to be a canyon region are looking at a long black tablet....thing. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory it turns into the Wonka Bar that Wonka beam...

3:40 AM
Q: Does Jon Snow have king's blood in his veins as his brother Robb was king of the north

PantherMelisandre needs the king's blood for her magic. Can that be the reason for her interest in Jon Snow. As may be bastard but Jon Snow (despite of famous theory R + L =J) is son of Eddard Stark as per current plot. So Jon shares blood with Robb stark, who was king of North. Does that mean she can h...

Q: Why the Fast & Furious franchise has a chronological order different than the release order?

athosbr99I was browsing on Wikipedia and I noticed that the Fast & Furious has a different chronology that doesn't match the release order. The Tokyo Drift movie, besides being totally different comparing with the orders, happens way after in the movie timeline. But why Fast & Furious has this chronology...

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6:07 AM
Q: I am trying to remember a Movie where a young girl introduces her dad to one boy then goes out with another boy

MdogI do not know anything else about the movie but I know that a younger girl uses a nice young looking man to introduce to her father but then gets in the car with another man.

6:30 AM
Q: Anyone know this movie?

shakeeMy friend wants to know this movie. It's about a game I don't know if it's online or not. When you're about to sign out like you're giving up, it will show a camera of the person who signed out about to die. I asked my friend if it's Stay Alive but it isn't. the cast where teens. thank you.

6:45 AM
Q: At what point did Lou Bloom decide to 'sack' his assistant?

Andrew ThompsonLou Bloom is a sociopath who is trying to establish a video news company. He hires Rick, a kid from the streets, as his assistant and 2nd cameraman. At first Lou intends to pay Rick nothing, instead offering an 'internship'. But after Rick argues that he needs the money even to make it to work,...

7:29 AM
Q: Why Coraline's real parents can't remember about the trap?

AtanuCSECoraline Spoilers Ahead: So I learnt many things about the movie from "The Hidden Meaning of the Movie “Coraline” Basically it's look like a normal fantasy animation movie, but it actually has a deep meaning. It interprets the procedure of mind control for leaving pain. An alternate reality th...

8:12 AM
Q: I'm searching the name of one movie

GekoIt is released maybe 15 years ago or more. Genre was comedy-horror, probably low-budget movie. I remember the main character was an alien in human shape who had an ability to swap it's head with other humans heads (after it kills them) and that get him disguise to walk amoung the society. I can't...

sets fire to everything
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9:37 AM
Q: Are all Pixar movies set in the same universe?

Area 51 Detective FictionI heard someone say that all the Pixar movies are set in the same universe. Is this true? A casual web search led me to this, but I'm not sure if it's canon or not. Does anyone know any details about this?

10:06 AM
@MovieReel i think we had this question before
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12:11 PM
@Flyk For you info, I think those should all be anyway:
Q: Why are there so many different writers to TV series?

wonderingWhenever I search for episodes of various TV series, I am wondering why there are different writers and/or directors. See the list of Almost Human Episodes for an example. It doesn't make sense to me that a story started by one person is continued by another person, because it reminds me of the "...

Q: Why use commentator in TV broadcasts of sports?

Shiz Z.Obviously a radio broadcast of a sporting event requires an commentator or two to tell the listening audience what is going on. But why do TV broadcasts of sports almost always use commentators? What is the point of having someone describing the event when viewers can see for themselves? Persona...

Q: A TV series which was totally written before filming began

levitopherI need to settle an argument! I want to know if there is a TV series which 1) was completely written before filming started, and 2) was "short" - 1-2 seasons or something. Note that I am interested in things which were written solely for television; so adaptations of Shakespeare or Dickens would...

Q: How does the budget breakdown for a US TV season compare to a UK TV Season?

A Pale ShadowFirstly, regardless of the total amount how is the budget for a US TV Season of twenty odd episodes typically broken down? What percentage goes on writing, sets, equipment, actors, etc? Secondly, how does that compare to the average UK season of maybe six episodes, and in particular how does the...

well, if you want to edit the small number that are left then you can merge without me forgetting and/or just working through them
there can't be that many left now
@Flyk I just wanted you to know, since if I now started to edit the rest, there would have been a big chance of you chiming in and possibly editing things that don't need to be touched anyway. So I told you beforehand what things we don't need to touch in order to achieve a perfect merge.
yeah and I'm saying that's taking into consideration more stuff than I want to, so since there are so few edits left to do, you do them since you've got it all worked out, and then there's no miscommunication
@Flyk Sure, I understood that, I guess.
I agree though, production seems like a reasonable enough tag for those
12:21 PM
Problem is, some of the already tagged stuff even might deserve a little cleanup now. ;-(
and that will be the case with every tag
and was the case before the cleanup started
I knew this and included it in my statement when I said it would be a big job
You are free though, to provide your tags of choice for this (admittedly questionable) question:
Q: Why do contestants play quiz shows by speaking?

ThePiercingPrinceWhy on most radio/television quiz shows the contestant interact with the game (answering questions, activating lifelines) by speaking instead of pressing buttons?

deletion sounds like a good solution
failing that, we'd need a quiz-shows or something
I would argue that quiz show questions are awfully close to breaching "TV news, sports and current affairs"
Or ? I know it's not perfect, but I don't want to create a tag for that question.
well the question is about why that format is adopted for quiz shows
12:25 PM
@Flyk But then again, it's not about a current event, but the nature of TV-broadcasted quiz shows. Similar to that (admittedly also borderline off-topic) sports commentary question.
no not analysis
I see analysis as about something in the show
whereas this question is about why shows work in a particular way
Or just an easy-out then?
production will have to do, I guess
certainly closer than the others
Well, then at least the existing ones without can all get merged away. But I'll take a look at the ones that already have it.
chances are once we're done we'll probably have to create a couple of tags for edge cases anyway
"once we're done" being "when we get to the part where we're just cleaning up what things are tagged with"
12:29 PM
Q: In the Big Bang Theory what activities are reserved for specific weekdays?

AntonWe know that Thursday night is pizza night and Saturday is a laundry day. What others activities (done by individuals or the whole group) occur on specific days?

What do you think of the comments against this: movies.stackexchange.com/a/1255/5603
I know you haven't rejected any of my flags today but those all appear obsolete to me but containing a few useful points
@Flyk Well, most of it seems reasonable. Maybe the later "Spielberg can also do shit" discussion could go, but the first few comments are IMHO insightful to some degree.
so like delete comment #6 and #7 but keep the rest?
Don't know, needs further assessment and closer consideration, I guess. But something along those lines maybe.
So, done!
that was much closer consideration :p
12:39 PM
How do we get stuff blacklisted, though? By a ? But I guess we could first wait if it will become a problem at all, at least completely new users can't create it anymore now (but ok, 300 rep is by far not enough to understand how the tagging system works).
I'm sure mods can do it
as a not a mod myself, I can't tell you exactly where
@Flyk Fixed!
@Flyk No, they need SE for this. Pretty sure about that.
@NapoleonWilson nice
At the moment we only have and anyway (and the special rule for , which should at some point be activated for , too).
I never understood the untagged hate
I'd rather have things tagged with than tagged incorrectly with another tag
12:49 PM
@Flyk _(._.)_
I seem to have reached a group of questions in which there are many "why isn't this happening" type questions
"why isn't this person in this movie? Did somebody fall out?"
we've got like 3 of those so far that I've seen
3 hours later…
3:57 PM
Drgh, I might even go as far as saying that answer's actually stupid and wrong, since I don't think holding your friggin finger on the gun hammer would actually stop it from moving when the trigger's pulled. It's not as if the hammer hadn't quite a bit of force. That HNQ voting is just awful, it's the frigging Joker you idiots, that's the answer!
4:36 PM
turns out everybody else disagrees with you and I should have just left my pointless answer that doesn't really add anything deleted :p
Q: Why all the eggs in TURN?

blankipSo watching the first episode of season 2 of TURN. Why does the spy, Culpepper, need to write on eggs? He has a little hidden notebook and various other hiding spots but wants to use eggs? The whole egg thing makes no sense.

5:17 PM
@Flyk Of course they disagree with me, wouldn't be the first time the whole world's just wrong! (>_<)
I know, just look at the way the site used to use tags!
Q: Is the time on the 100$ bill actually fixed?

ghosts_in_the_codeIn National Treasure Ben asks for a 100$ bill from a shopkeeper to get the timing at which he must follow the shadow (at Independence Hall). As far as I remember the timing was 2 or 3 or something. I have 2 100$ dollars bills, with 2 different times on the clock faces. Further, I don't think (bu...

@Flyk "used to" - Ah, we've convinced you of our weird ways then?
No, I just argued until enough of them were changed
Hmm, seems we still have a whole lot of those awfully evil "meta tags" and nothing in our policy and use really changed significantly at all. But well, I'm glad you're satisfied. (^_~)
5:27 PM
well, I'm not finished yet
but, you seem to think that me going in hard was because I wanted complete destruction
whereas really I just wanted you guys to pay attention
and by threatening to remove tags you liked, you agreed to remove tags I didn't like
I still don't think we need some of the ones that will be left at the end
but in lieu of better ideas there isn't really a point in arguing about it
@Flyk Oh, we did actually.
@Flyk Well, nobody doubts that you somehow achieved pretty often to get what you want just by annoying people into it. But well, not that this would be entirely your fault. On the bottom line it was still worth it. Anyway, \(#_#)/
well, as long as it was worth it
anyway if you wikipedia nielsen
they're an "audience measurement" company
I know, I've seen that article. Still "ratings" has pretty much established itself as the term for such things. But you're right in that we'll always have synonyms.
well we chose cinematography over camera because it was the right word to use (and sounds nice)
but as I said, all I care about is that they're changed, largely don't care about what to
6:13 PM
Q: Searching for "diva" scenes

OddDevI'm a little bit desperate. I need a pretty common scene but can't think of a movie which contains one. Okay, I'll try to describe what I need: Two ladies which are stereotypical "divas" and they kind of mock someone. Don't know, the other person may spilled a coffee on one of them or something....

3 hours later…
9:29 PM
Q: Was this episode of Community sponsored by Honda

EdChumIn Season 6 Episode 7 of Community (Advanced Safety Features), the plot involves Britta agreeing to a guerilla marketing campaign and they manage to suggest to the Dean to purchase a Honda car, as you can see in the attached screenshot, it gets a little out of hand. So was this episode sponsored...

10:17 PM
Q: In what film is a girl in a garden maze swallowed by a snake?

DannyKansasFor years I've hoped to find someone who can remember this film. Here's what I remember: A young girl is running (possibly disoriented) through what I believe was a garden maze. The girl is consumed by the snake. I believe the setting is somewhat misty / overcast. I remember a possible Englis...

11:10 PM
A bird appears,
another one disappears
with the man in the box.

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