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4:03 PM
This profile pic looks really cool.
I think so!
Just look at that.
It reminds me of some chemistry problem I can't remember in a test!
4:17 PM
Q: "Girls wearing glasses" vs. "Girls who wear glasses"

Bebop B.I'm having slight difficulties with a particular kind of sentences. I'd like you to check on my interpretation of differences occuring in the following sentences: 1a. They're just a bunch of guys having too much free time 2a. They're just a bunch of guys who are having too much free time...

Hmm... it seems to me that the OP approaches the problem from maybe the wrong angle.
Hmm, so I take the new room thing is negative, huh?
As far as I can tell, I think the OP treats all verbs the same way (i.e. in their mind, they can substitute a verb with any verb. The habituality is derived from its constructions.
@MARamezani I still think it has a good use.
The main site can shunt all those resource request questions and stuff like, "How can I improve my reading skill?" "How can I improve my accent?" and such, to this new room.
"What book should I read?" "Come here, we'll tell you!"
Oh hmm.
But there should must be a meta post about it.
Could be.
Basically, it should be about more advanced learners (and native speakers or teachers who want to help these learners) who are on their own quest of mastering their English.
So, I expect it to be pretty much like this room, but focused more on the process, rather than instant answers.
@DamkerngT. I see. No jibber jabbers.
But it'd be hard.
Unless there were always a room owner present (of course, or a mod)
4:25 PM
Hmm... I didn't say that we should have no fun there. :D
@DamkerngT. Teaching slash Learning is fun.
If I created that room, I think I'd assume the role of the mod there (if I understand how chat rooms work correctly).
Okay, let's see...
@DamkerngT. Yes. You would be a room owner.
I suppose!
But will you always be present?
4:28 PM
Perhaps not.
But I think I'd be in there as often as I'm in here.
@DamkerngT. That's not often. XD
If all hell breaks loose, I suppose we'll have no other ways but ask the mods for help again. :-)
(Like moving messages to the trash, or something like that.)
@DamkerngT. I will not let heel break loose.
My planet needs me.
4:31 PM
I'm sure our planet needs and will need you.
Ah, I see. I think sub-rooms are different from the main rooms.
I can do even fewer things than I remember I could with this room.
@DamkerngT. What do you mean?
I think I can't add/edit the room owners list.
Check it out. It's here: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/22937/…
Yes, I can't add you to the room owners list.
Maybe it's a mod privilege.
Oh, I was wrong. I actually can!
But hey @Dam we do need the meta post!
4:36 PM
Yes. It's still a tentative room for now.
You don't need to add owners yet.
I think.
I just wanted to check what I can do with the access control.
Yeah, yeah. Maybe tomorrow.
I'm doing it now.
4:37 PM
You could even help me write it. :-)
Ah, thanks!
@DamkerngT. BTW why don't you write a description for it?
I'm still thinking... :-)
Oh, I'll write a tentative description for it.
How 'bout that?
I fixed where to for.
I'm off to do some chores. BBL
Ba bye!
5:32 PM
@Dam are you here?
6:08 PM
@Dam are you here and there?
I have a problem writing the meta post.
What is the list of the things this chatroom does?
How is it better than having only one room for ELL?
The two questions above are the things I struggle with.
Just making sure you get pinged enough
I'm back!
@MARamezani I don't know if it will really be better. Only time will tell. However, it think it's often enough that people come here to get a short-term answer. (Basically, how can I write this? Is this correct? Please correct me. Please help me, what is the word or phrase for such and such.) But we've also seen that some users on ELL are trying to striving on their own toward more longer goals. (Basically, how can I improve my skill? What should I read? What should I listen to?)
So I think it's basically about short-term vs. long-term things.
Put it another way, it's about "usage" vs. "learning".
The majority of questions on ELL are basically about "usage" (i.e. specific point in a specific usage of English).
But we have questions about "learning" (also those transcriptions and video clip questions) every once in a while.
Maybe my chat here turned to be more about "usage" than it once was, but when I first joined ELL, my main focus was always about "learning".
So I think, the other room is a place to continue my quest on "learning". It's for me and for everyone like me.
It could still be related to "usage", more or less, because that's part of "learning".
6:29 PM
Okay, so, the questions people have are gonna be answered there?
But I think many users (perhaps not our regulars) think of this room as a quick place to get a quick answer, and perhaps from native speakers.
@MARamezani I'd say I think it'll be more like helping.
My old motto: I believe in learners helping learners.
Ah, so if someone comes here and says please correct my sentence would we direct them there?
I mean, we can share how we learn, why it works, why it doesn't, etc., objectively, I mean.
If someone goes there and says Please correct my sentence, I think I will point them to the main room.
But if someone comes here and says I want to improve my English, I think I will point them to the other room.
But if someone comes and asks in the main site: How do I improve whatever? we direct them there?
@DamkerngT. Ahh.
@MARamezani That's what I think possible!
And it could benefit everyone here and on the main site.
Maybe a room title like English Learning for Non-Native Speakers is probably a bit more to the point.
6:37 PM
So, I think I'll stick to the point in the meta post.
Yay! (and thanks!)
Gotta make some more tea. ;-)
7:14 PM
@Dam you there?
Finished it.
Oh, yay!
Haven't click "post question" yet.
7:15 PM
Can you do some reviewing?
Click it away!
Sure, if you'd like.
What? StackExchange didn't post feed? O>O
Whatever. Here @Dam:
Q: Behold! A new chatroom approaches

MARamezaniIt's been decided to create another chatroom for ELL. A place for advanced learners, non-native speakers (along with native speakers and teachers who want to help these people) who are on their own quest of mastering their English. What does that mean? We want to help users who ...

lol (seeing the title!)
Can you fix this for me: However, it I think it's often enough that people come here to get a short-term answer.
@DamkerngT. Which part?
are trying to striving strive on their own toward more longer goals.
My quote. (last one)
Thank you very much!
7:22 PM
Done like a charm.
7:52 PM
thinking... perhaps 'u' is more correct...
Hullo is always more correct!
A learning robot is, well, learning!
@Iplodman 'Cause you write it?
I'm just writing my two/seven cents on the meta post.
7:55 PM
@Iplodman Another case of Because I said so
@MARamezani Of the He started it! & I'm ending it! category?
(Sorry, triple ping :C)
@Iplodman Is that an unhappy face with a round chin?
It's an unhappy face before a bracket!
8:07 PM
I just posted on that Meta-mebobbly, for those following the thread.
@Iplodman I saw it. It. Was. Gibberish!
My first ever meta post though, so it might be a bit unclear c:
It's good enough.
@Dam I hate to be "that guy", but @Iplod is right.
that guy?
Take a look at his answer.
To our meta Q.
8:13 PM
Oh, yes. We were talking about this a bit. Where is that new name?
2 hours ago, by Damkerng T.
Maybe a room title like English Learning for Non-Native Speakers is probably a bit more to the point.
How about The process of learning for non-native speakers?
(I think the main room's name should match the main site, by the way. I don't even know if we can change it.)
Or simply Learning English for non-native speakers?
I hate to put my opinion, but I really think that only one rooms should have 'learners' in the title, if only one is to be for learning.
@DamkerngT. It doesn't necessarily need to have ELL's name on it.
8:15 PM
Ah, @DamkerngT., okay c:
@Iplodman I hate to put my opinion, but I think you're right.
Ah, I meant push in my message ;)
I was like walking back and forth between the two words: learners, and non-native speakers
@MARamezani Just to mention: I purposely avoided using a numbered list to avoid any susicion of one given point being more important that the others.
@Iplodman We're gonna solve your issues.
That needs saying which point we have in mind.
8:17 PM
Maybe non-native speakers is good enough. It can avoid the problem "What does 'advanced learners' mean?".
It doesn't necessarily mean lesser importance.
They're nested equally.
Hey, we can have something like How to Learn English or just English Learning, even!
@DamkerngT. How about learning English and non-native speakers?
A: What's the point of "but" in some sentences?

MARamezani But: adv formal only; just - Cambridge Dictionary Examples: I was considered but a nuisance to the team. What was I but a glimpse of time?

8:19 PM
@MARamezani Help me choose: which one is better between Learning English and English Learning?
Phuunny how I earned 40 rep for this.
@DamkerngT. Hmm, I like the latter better.
Whaddya think @Iplod?
@MARamezani Oh, a but question comes up every once in a while on ELL!
English Learning is better, in my opinion c:
Or we can (try to) be creative (like The Overlook Hotel or the Tavern) and come up with something completely different.
How about The Overlook Tavern?
8:21 PM
Is that creative? o_O
@DamkerngT. Although I wasn't aware of what The Tavern was until yesterday! ;P
@DamkerngT. Could we use something like The Learning Cabin.
I'd heard it only a few times before yesterday too!
The process of not directly acknowledging something or someone Motel?
Hey, I like that!
8:23 PM
Me too. Cuz I just said it.
Maybe The English Learning Cabin, or something with ELL in? ;P
But I like it!
@Iplodman Nah. That isn't tasty.
Of course we aren't learning Cooking there.
"tasty" ;d
I think The English Learning Cabin is good, too!
8:23 PM
It's an ELL room.
Wait, do we do cooking now?!?
Chops onion
@DamkerngT. If you say so.
8:24 PM
patting Iplodman's back...
Chops onions' head
Now I sound like Jim
@MARamezani Divorced, beheaded, died...
@Iplodman Is this a sequel?
Let's wait for a day or two. See if Jim or anyone else will come up with some other suggestions.
It a little poem about Henry the Eight's habit of murdering his wives.
8:26 PM
@Iplodman Argh!
Whatever. We need to avoid ambiguity.
How many wives did he murder?
I find Jimbie more deathfully creative.
@MARamezani nods
8:27 PM
Okay guys. I'm off to sleep. TTYL.
Have a good time fingernails biting ceremony!
Good night! And thanks!
8:48 PM
I'm guessing maybe it's more like BrE's revise, which means "to review for a test". To go over, to review, and to revise are overlapping in meaning, in my opinion. — Damkerng T. 1 min ago
I think I'm gonna delete that. It sorta repeats the other comments!
9:30 PM
In Japanese, you can study something afterwards (review or revise), but there's also the study you do ahead of time, like before class
It might translate to preview or previse if we had a single word for it in English :-)
Of course, we have prepare
@Man_From_India The biggest problem, I think, is that "can often" is pulled out of both predicates
Humph, it's hard to comment on stuff from ten "load older messages"es ago on my phone :-)
I can't even see the sentence anymore
9:36 PM
@DamkerngT. SE's software has no concept of a main room
If people don't talk in the old room for 14 days but they do talk in the new room, the old room will be automatically deleted
Only one room is preserved forever per site, and that's whichever was used most recently
So to support two rooms on an ongoing basis you have to have people talking in both rooms
10:05 PM
@snailboat previse is new for me!
@DamkerngT. It's not an established English word, and neither is preview in the sense I just used it. I'm trying to calque Japanese 予習 yoshū
@snailboat Ah, but this is the room when we click "chat" from ELL main page, I think.
Hello @snailboat!
@DamkerngT. Whichever one someone has spoken in most recently appears on the left
I believe
Oh, by the way, have you checked the other room out yet? :-)
10:10 PM
I haven't! I'm not very good at the phone chat interface :-) I'll head over there, though!
Yay! Here is the link: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/22937/the-english-learning-cabin (Just in case it's a bit difficult to find it on your phone.)

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