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9:30 AM
@Dom Thos are by Duane Bibby -> ctan.org/lion/?lang=en
@Dom cool
10:19 AM
@Scott I'd be curious about the Devil's arguments you'd use to do that, Scott. Even though in jest, they'd still be valuable to know about in case a real troll pops up.
Then again, you're close enough to being a 'real troll' anyway :P
11:03 AM
morning @Vincent
@DevelopersPedia thanks, just to make it easier for others to develop community ads/assets
@Johannes_B interesting, it's definitely possible to use it, but I think Duane Bibby still needs to be contacted for permission to use it without including “CTAN lion draw­ing by Duane Bibby”, I'm 99% sure they'd allow it, all you need to do is email them.
@Dom I am not sure. After all, the Stack network is a commercial enterprise. On the other hand, though i like the lion, i like your proposal in its current form even better :-)
@Dom May i ask, how much time you have spent on the logo yet?
@Johannes_B I think "for public uses" covers both commercial and non-commercial, they just ask for acknowledgement, they say it's used on conference merchandise which I think is also commercial.
@Dom Good point. Stackexchange is also CC.
@Johannes_B Maybe 20 - 30 mins getting and placing the assets, and around 30+ mins talking about it with you guys
I spent 5 mins remembering how to get the assets out of the console lol
@Dom I was writing up a short facebook note a few days ago, took me almost an hour and the help of a proofreader. :-)
11:18 AM
@Johannes_B That's a serious note! lol
@Johannes_B Nicely written, and promoting a free resource :)
@Dom Thanks :-)
Atleast there's one kind of Latex in the world that I might enjoy using :)
hey all
11:41 AM
hey JohnB
a new user just made a bunch of tag wiki/excerpt suggestions that were all copied verbatim from other sites without citations, be on the lookout for that
you getting psyched yet? Nine more hours
ah, ok
only halfway through did I realize the writing style was inconsistent
reject them?
11:42 AM
yeah, there's a specific reject reason for that
ok, thanks for the heads-up!
> This edit copies a significant amount of content from an external source. Generic descriptions such as encyclopedia articles and ad copy do not provide useful guidance; try creating something useful to this community specifically, and be sure to attribute the original author. See: How to reference material written by others.
@Vincent here, does this help? itsalmo.st/#inaugurationtime_bit35 ;)
hehe, lol
@Dom looks great!
@JohnB I'm glad :)
I finally had a look at the Trello board a few days ago, Yisela invited me ages ago but I forgot to check at that time
It does look useful
11:55 AM
so..... What font does GD.SE use for its logo?
Open Sans I believe, for text
I was wondering about the logo myself, and found it funny that we closed that question
Q: Graphic Design Stack Exchange font

SimonDoes anyone know what fonts were used to design the Graphic Design Stack Exchange logo?

haha yeah.
My bad I didn't know it was you, I was thinking it was obviously just a question for questions sake at the time myself
Is the answer right?
believe me, I found humor in it as I closed it
rules are rules!
Maybe we could community edit it at some point to make it fit, because I think someone will ask again eventually
Actually it'll probably be correctly identified by all services so..
12:01 PM
there is a deleted answer that did use the WTF
few more hours, best of luck @Dom and @Vincent
> Quick WhatTheFont search gave me this results:


Most of them seem totally random to me - but given the original image quality there's no wonder. Also I don't find this font so exceptional so the results didn't surprise me. It should be noted that due to some shitty protection the site logo is no-go. While I could overcome this it's easier to pick a screenshot. Hack it yourself for better results.
(I'm definitely still on East Coast time internally)
ah, you're already there. How was the flight @Ryan?
long as always. it'll be worse going home. It's an hour longer on the way back and you lose hours from time change too
12:03 PM
ah right
hotel room however is ridiculous!
in a good way?
It's probably about 200 sq ft bigger than my apartment
with a view of the strip
@Ryan thanks you to :)
wow, that's awesome.
12:05 PM
yeah I'll show some photos at some point
Off for some lunch chaps, back soon
ok yep that's nicer than my place
really nice! Thanks for sharing
12:17 PM
I've got a television in the bathroom!
haha wow
I feel like a king in here... then I leave and see all the people that can actually afford a place like this and feel poor again hahahaha
I was in jeans and a tshirt looking for food last night, everyone else in the hotel seems to be in designer clothing looking like models - the men and women alike
12:31 PM
@Ryan you too!
zomg @ that room!
@JohnB user you were referring to (the wiki tag edits) is Developer Pedia?
yyyyyyyyes I think so
ah, I just saw they posted in here earlier today
ah, as in: pingable :)
Q: Do we have a custom "launched ad"?

JohnBI don't know if there's an official term for these, but I'm referring to the dynamically generated Stack Exchange site ads: I don't do a whole lot of browsing outside of our site, but I don't think I've ever seen one for Graphic Design. The URL pattern doesn't seem all that difficult to crack...

12:38 PM
Hey and welcome @DevelopersPedia. We appreciate your efforts to help with the tag wikis, but we can't just use copy and pasted stuff from Wikipedia or wherever, especially not without a citation of where it's from
currently looking for the MSE post on how to format tag excerpts..
ah, useful guidance
This question is way too broad. Every design principle ever is applicable. As such, I'm voting to close this question — Zach Saucier 2 mins ago
what do you guys think?
@Zach agree
the answer is pretty bad as well
lots of subjective words in there
12:52 PM
I think if the question was a lot better, it might get some decent answers, but it's leaving far too much to interpretation
1:06 PM
meh. Had a course student show up yesterday, who was still installing his Photoshop, he said. When I peeked at his screen, turned out he had paid for and was installing... Elements. X|
@JohnB sure , i will do it better ;)
reading is still an underestimated skill
hi @DevelopersPedia, welcome
1:18 PM
good morning
hey Matt
what's with your breath?
having a little fun.. todays task will be going back and making sure all my questions are accepted or edited to encourage more answers, plus making sure all my answers have been rep'd by me to show thanks
he is a kind sith lord
Sith lords always come in 2s.. dun dun duuun
it needs more humor: I am an evil overlord that is sometimes mis-judged. I love walks in the park under a lightning storm and driving around my Death Star through the Galaxy. People have been known to find me writing code for sites, designing in Illustrator, using the force and marketing for my campaign on why the Rebels need to be demolished.
1:30 PM
and... you are my father? :P
no I will be the father of whoever is elected ;)
oh, I have something for you
ok... is it sushi?
welcome :)
when I search for how to do something with GD software on Google, it gives me an answer in the search results, I don't even have to go on to the page
1:35 PM
thanks man!!! I am now a 10k mod....
are you guys excited... elections ends in 6 hours
kinda :)
no comment lol
always wondered.. maybe scott will know but if you max out in rep for a day will it be added the next day?
1:40 PM
nope you won't get it (ever!) :(
well that stinks
that's why crazy high rep users make two accounts or more
Some things are still added, even though you are already at max
don't exactle recall what they were
@Vincent tnx 😉😇😍
I think bounties is one
1:42 PM
that fer sure :)
@Darth_Vader As I said, more 10k+ users! :P
delivering early on those promises, I like it :D
yes people.. Vincent made me into vader
the site has to have a good guy
ah, so I am your Palpatine. Good to know
isn't my kitty pic sweet enough for me to be the good guy?
no.. should have a halo
nah, I'm not religious ;)
1:52 PM
he's obviously referring to the awesome game on classic xbox :)
Halo fan till I die.. hoo-rah! :P
never had an xbox.. ive debated getting one
I find myself yearning for a gamecube
best group game evarrr:
I think gamecube was what we could burn games to and play.. no that was dreamcast
closely followed by worms on my fave list
lol, I only ever played one GC game: Baten Kaitos
1:58 PM
I never actually owned a gamecube I just played it at my friends a lot, that's why I want one lol
Greetings @DA.
bf has one, and it's gathering dust in our 'retro' corner atm
should fire it up again one day. have some PS2 games to complete, as well
apparently they've shot up in value, at least in Ireland
can imagine. the thing was top notch for its time, especially graphicswise
they tried to make minidiscs a thing aswell, kinda a piece of history lol
PSP tried that as well, a bit later
2:07 PM
oh yhh, I forgot about that, what does the new one use? My friend has it but I've never bothered to check
vita? Download, I believe.
never got one -- not enough interesting games. got me a 3DS instead
I'm not a fan of handheld games console for many games, they're just harder to play things like Fifa and first person shooters etc
I prefer them for advanced mobile like games
ah I just play (J)RPGs and TBS
and silly stuff like Luigi's Mansion
I'm such a noob on proper game terminology, what's the (J), and what's TBS, please?
Japanese, and Turn-Based Strategy
as opposed to RTS: Real-Time Strategy (Command & Conquer comes to mind)
2:11 PM
Okay, Worms is my current regular favourite TBS
it's good because it doesn't take too much concentration when there's a big group of us, and the competition gets hilarious
"Don't go for me, I'm last on life! Go for blah-blah, he's top!"
ah, it's multiplayer
yeah, I did get into Magic for a very short while aswell
It's good but the games are sooo long
@Darth_Vader Magic is a card game both real and virtual
I play the cardboard version. Tried digital for a year, gave up on it after too many ragequits and otherwise rude opponents
2:17 PM
It is better to play the physical version I think, but even the virtual game was decent. Just such a long time to play, and sometimes if the deck is bad it's just boring for quite a while.
@Dom good morning! (depending on your time zone...)
Hey DA
Hello, JohnB
@DA. 3:20pm here so you're either late by 3 hours and 21 mins, or early by 8 hours 41 mins. The optimist in me says early and good morning! :)
2:26 PM
@DA. have you had a gander at our design volleyball room yet?
I peaked in once but wasn't sure what was going on. :)
It is a fun game with potential
I'm finding it hard to think of something to volley back for the current ones
ideas welcome.. just putting it out there :)
2:59 PM
hmm, some of our buttons appear to be inheriting their font-family from the UA stylesheet. @Zach you might be more adept and checking if this is intentional or not
ex. the "Post Your Answer" button uses "Arial" as a font instead of Open Sans
but the "Take the 2-minute tour" on the front page (logged out) indeed uses Open Sans
I'll give it a look
@JohnB they're different because they use different tags
the 2 minute tour is an a, the others are inputs
whether or not this difference in font is intentional or not, I can't say
@ZachSaucier do inputs not inherit font styles from the body style?
they do, but the shadow DOM UA is overriding it
weird setup, curious why they do it that way
I guess the UA always overrides that? jsfiddle.net/La65q9bq
have you heard of the shadow DOM?
3:12 PM
jsfiddle.net/La65q9bq/1 you have to have something more specific than body to override it
that's because browsers try to standardize input elements (understandably so)
interesting, I wouldn't have guessed that
but yeah it makes sense thinking about it
worth bringing up in meta, I'd say
cool, thanks for your input
3:19 PM
What is the best open source animation software you can think of?
hey @Vlad welcome
what kind of animation?
I need just to make simple animations, something like gif animations.
gif animations of what?
^^ not quite OS
hi @vlad, welcome
3:21 PM
(never actually used it, but I believe it works...)
well yes, illustrations, to be specific I have clock that is like a time travel device and should turn the
this question is old and dusty but might help you: graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/q/76/8708
clock arrows and glow, something like lightning
@Vincent Oh good point, D'oh
@Vlad You could probably do that in Blender ;D
3:22 PM
Its 3D, but you just ignore the third demension
@ZachSaucier I'm not kidding
I know
like elctrical tongues go aroung the room from the clock :)
could also use webgl
I've done web designs as such
@ZachSaucier XD
it doesnt have to be HD or i dont know what special
3:22 PM
that would be a little bit of work
@Vlad I still say blender
@GiantCowFilms I'm more comfortable with it - just depends on who you're talking to
You can import you vectors
@ZachSaucier No kidding
I'm sure learning blender is easier then programming
I'd hate for a GUI to be harder to use than the code behind it
And I would like also to make a magic wand, when you swipe with the want it should make pufff and something happens :D
will try blender
@ZachSaucier Well at least the GUI has readable docs, unlike the code...
3:31 PM
@Vlad graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/q/20156/23061 more animators (particularly my answer as it's more recent)
1 hour later…
4:46 PM
anyone of you guys use an emulator for web design?
@Darth_Vader I only use the one built into Chrome
nah Im aware of that one but looking for a way to make one for a site so a client can see it
oh, so like an iframe?
5:17 PM
@Dom around?
and to anyone else poking around... here's what I came up with for a community ad for chat i.sstatic.net/UXhal.png
Based off this ad for the newsletter for consistency
@ZachSaucier ya I guess so
@JohnB thats a win
any suggestions before I post it?
I was going to add in something about cat gifs but I thought that might scare people away..
show us your best cat meme
ya, don't
5:26 PM
the ink spot needs to be bolder
or pink
ya plus I would re-adjust the bubbles
make it pink
5:28 PM
much better IMO
@JohnB winner...
Make it pop
I would also bring in the list some
more "zing"
ya know, something that makes it stands out but not too much ;)
align the clients with the hi!
5:29 PM
thought you wanted a critique, lol
the pop and zing caused the facedesk :P
how do the bullets look in pink?
@JohnB was just kidding, lol
can i get it yesterday delivered?
5:30 PM
Right! It needs to say "We're a classy bunch" but humorously
list brought in looks good, I think I like the black bullets better though
Here's a typeface I think could work well for that:

I'm for black bullets
I think the list needs to brought down and its a winner
Agree with Zach
5:31 PM
spacing from button and main line would look good
"Come CHAT with us"
Also they're not black, they're dark grey. </snob>
@Ilan I hate it when people do that, lol
@JohnB off black I call black because no one uses black
5:32 PM
hehe, only being pedantic :)
make the bullets a lighter grey but if you step black and the bullets are black you lose the message points which make the bullets useless
now you can see why I noticed that the button font was different :P
Dance the night away is such a great song youtu.be/xPOzsCmpIA0
it has a perfect mood for dates and such
sorry zach Im married
Zach, you stud, you
5:36 PM
morning everyone
@cockypup o/
hey cockypup
question about approving edits protocol. If a user as part of their edit adds a full paragraph to an answer, is that OK or is that too much tampering?
hm, depends
if the paragraph wasn't worthy of posting an entire new answer, then maybe
5:40 PM
for example, this edit (I don't know if you can see it) graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/27059
usually I'd say so, not original intention, should be a comment
I think in this case it is a bit too much
well, since it's DA01's answer... still around @DA.?
Left the .ai file in a comment so that I can defer and future critiques or nitpicks... ;)
OK thanks! I think I will reject it. BBS
weird. There's this mini album art on Pandora. When it's partially off screen it toggles between a low quality and high quality version every ~.5 seconds. I don't understand what would cause that...
only happens when it's partially off screen
does it for all album art so far
5:55 PM
hi @ZachSaucier
hi @cockypup
i need to edit an answare
but you reject it
17 mins ago, by cockypup
question about approving edits protocol. If a user as part of their edit adds a full paragraph to an answer, is that OK or is that too much tampering?
read the comments after that
what answer to you need to edit?
and what is the edit.. there are some factors that come into play when making edits.
A: Should graphic artists be scared at all about anyone stealing their artworks?

DA01 Are you guys scared at all about anyone stealing your art? No. Not scared. It's of no immediate risk to me if someone downloads an image I created. What would you guys do about it if it happens? If there is clear intent to profit off my work, I may then decide to fight it through lega...

5:57 PM
that edit will not work because that is considered vandalizing someones answer
i want to add comment and other practice to answer and accept it
i want to add this
so please some one add this to answer
it's not appropriate to add it to the answer
no one will add it to the answer.. you are not listening to me
if you feel like the answer is lacking, feel free to add your own
1 message moved to Trash
6:00 PM
@ZachSaucier @Darth_Vader thanks guys
if you wanted it added add it as an answer
but I assume you have to wait dont you because you're a low rep user?
For the best result , answers and comments should be combine .
um.. no.. for the best result if a comment in fact answers the question it should be an answer and the comment removed
I'll wait
thanks again @Darth_Vader ;)
@ZachSaucier thank you too for Your Help ;)
hey guys
i wanna make this artwork look better
What colors scheme do you recommend?
IMO it's not the colors that make it look unattractive
6:15 PM
Whats ur suggestions
no time to make them and it's subjective anyway
is this something you created or stumbled upon?
its my artwork
and i wanna use it for a poster design
i think the color scheme is not so cool
I think it looks good as it is personally
I'm not sure anyone could objectively suggest a color scheme for you. A better idea is for you to identify what you don't like about the color scheme and what direction you want to take with it
6:20 PM
this artwork is so cool
The Color Are alive
I think part of what makes the colors work well in last piece you linked is that the colors in her face contrast well with everything around. They are much stronger. That helps them feel "alive".
yeees, that's the point
Right, so you should try and recreate that then
There's no contrast in your artwork
Everything's very muted color-wise
absolutely true
Anyway, as both John and Zach said, this is all very subjective. These are just some ideas.
Gotta go. Hope I could help a bit. :)
6:29 PM
I would like to learn from the basic
hey @DevelopersPedia. Sorry about rejecting your edit. I know your intention was to improve the answer but copying comments and adding them to an answer starts making them choppy and disconnected. It is a better idea to ask the user that posted the answer to edit it, if you feel it can be improved.
that way the user will add to his own answer with his own language and style (if they chose to do so) and it does not seem like a collection of snippets. makes sense?
its ok ;)
cool, BBS : )
@Vincent .... ermm .... ouch .... I get it, okay......*sniff, sniff....
Election ends in 1 hour!
6:44 PM
I'm back. I agree with rejecting the edits to that answer of mine. I think it probably should have just been a separate answer.
that's true i got it guys.
believe me
@Scott you inspired me to post a community promo. Not that I'd ever ask for upvotes or incite a voting ring..but...feel free to evaluate it...
@DevelopersPedia haha. We are not hammering you down. the reason why we keep talking about the same thing is because I came here and asked for advice before rejecting your edit (since I wanted to make sure I was following protocol) so @JohnB asked for @DA.'s opinion. It took a while for everybody to get back to the chat room and answer, so you keep hearing the same thing again and again : )
@ZachSaucier got the popcorn ready!!
sup @cockypup
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