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5:00 PM
It's like a 6 cheese thing or something like that.
I never want go lay blood boner again now
To play
For tuck bake
i nominate @gnomephone for bridge member of the year
I bagel you
5:02 PM
@GnomePhone for mod
@GodEmperorDune I nominate @GnomeSlices phone for bridge member of the year.
Hi @GnomeSlice. I still like Shawna.
@Wipqozn yes, this is what i said
Lol hi?
5:03 PM
@GodEmperorDune oh, so he did
Don't talk about that in here or we'll get banana
@GnomeSlice Okay, now I know not to google Shawna.
@GnomeSlice As long as we don't mention certain keywords, nobody knows what we are talking.
I want banana
Shawna Lenee, specifically
5:04 PM
@Dorian chatbanned
I take it she's a librarian?
Good point, somebody abuse that for me
Yeah, lets not.
@Yuuki I realized this. I still want banana.
5:04 PM
@GnomeSlice How many times have you been banned?
I got blood all over my onion rings
@JasperLoy We do, and let's not.
@GnomeSlice :(
I don't know, a lot
Not in quite a while though
@GnomeSlice Onion Rings rock
More like Blood Rings.
This food talk reminds me I should eat today
5:05 PM
@AshleyNunn Ooh, you are a naughty boy then, lol. OK noted.
@JasperLoy Something something rhetorical question that comically overstates the number of times @GnomeSlice has been banned.
I love Urbandictionary lmao
@JasperLoy I am a lady, thank you very much, and that was unwelcome and unappreciated.
I didnt know I could get rings with the chicken fingers at worj
5:06 PM
@AshleyNunn I apologise Ms Ashley.
@GnomeSlice Onion rings are way better than fries/wedges.
Why does it not fix that but it 'corrects' totally underlies shot
@GnomeSlice i'm going to run out of stars
Yeah and they're faster to eat too so I have time to enjoy my break and do stuff on my phone
5:07 PM
The Urbandictionary definition for Shawna is funny. If anyone actually used that meaning around me I'd have to slap them lmao
I've not run out of stars in forever. I blame @Flyk
@GnomeSlice I am a little bored today so I came to talk with you. How are you doing in life?
Pretty good I guess. Working a lot.
Also sorry to disappoint, but my break is over in like three minutes
OK, I am pretty bad, still with severe OCD and PTSD, still not working.
@Dorian oh god I looked up Ashley in there and it cracked me up
5:08 PM
Sorry to hear that
@Dorian No more Shawna, you hear me?
@JasperLoy Hey this one had nothing to do with the one you were talking about :P
I shoulder back yow ok
@Dorian I was talking about my girlfriend actually.
5:10 PM
Okay peace
@JasperLoy Even more reason I wasn't talking about the one you were talking about
I'll be back again in a couple hours
Do many people get banned here?
I just like to look up random names on urbandictionary because generally people will put someone's name on there describing a single person and apparently believe it's used to describe every person of a certain type.
checks inbox Well, whomever bet that the coworker I mentioned earlier would fail to send me that documentation again... You win!
5:11 PM
@JasperLoy Most people get sufficient warning to stop whatever bannable behavior they're doing
Dude, are you a Jasper? @JasperLoy
@Dorian I am not. I am generally unwanted.
@JasperLoy Sorry to hear it broski. But at least you do have a girlfriend. I'm in the same boat but I'm single.
@Dorian Sorry I don't have a gf. The Shawna thing was a joke.
5:13 PM
@Dorian Actually, I never had a gf in my entire life.
@Dorian Hey is Dorian a boy or girl name?
Dorian sounds like a girl name to me.
Dorian is generally a boy name. Though it can also be a surname. In this case, I'm male.
@Dorian OK. You are still young, you will find someone. I am an old man.
I also prefer it to my real name, so I use it on almost every website I sign up for in place of my real name when asked.
5:15 PM
@Dorian I use my real name here, but pretty much nowhere else.
I am Unionhawk across the Internet. Except on LinkedIn I guess
Well, I'm not young. I'm not old either though I guess. Also, I drink my misery away when I can afford to, and hide from everything else when I can't afford to. Autism says I can't people usually, so I don't people.
my real name cannot be spoken by human tongue
... probably it could
Hey @AshleyNunn I just saw your blog and your pic.
@Dorian People-ing is hard. :(
5:16 PM
I have a name or two that can't be spoken by human tongues buut those names I don't share
The origin of my username is a stupid one.
I use murgatroid99 on every site I can, but sometimes it's associated with my real name
@JasperLoy Yep, those are things I have.
@AshleyNunn Yeah, especially when you're constantly wishing you had someone to cuddle with.
@Unionhawk is it a hawk that wants to be part of the union
5:17 PM
@AshleyNunn You won't find me on the internet, even though this is my name.
But nowadays it boils down to "fuck it I'm too lazy to reestablish my identity"
@JasperLoy okay.
Hey is it bannable if you say fuck in this room?
Not generally
@Dorian Or when said people are 1000 km away (looks at @WorldEngineer)
5:18 PM
OK, fuck you all then.
@JasperLoy if its not used insultingly
@JasperLoy that's not very nice, though
@JoshPetrie offers the hug gun
you gon get beaned
5:18 PM
Where'd The Bridge go? I seem to have ended up in some other chat room.
@JoshPetrie :O FORGIVE ME
@Sterno I dunno
@Sterno We moved to lifehacks
@Dorian I like cuddles, I do not get enough of those.
@Unionhawk I know someone from an old RP forum that used to use the name Green in every account name. Most people still call him Green (even though he started changing his account name frequently it still usually involves something Green or some other word for Green lol)
I have a question. Do American professors say fuck in lectures?
5:19 PM
@AshleyNunn the entire world does not get enough cuddles
@JasperLoy most of mine did
@AshleyNunn Ditto. So I cope with stuffed animals and fuzzy blankets.
@Dorian I am a big fan of turning myself into a blanket burrito, it helps
@JasperLoy There isn't going to be some consistent rule across all professors in America
I see. In my country, if you say fuck in a classroom, you are fucked.
5:19 PM
This is where we are
@JasperLoy depends on the prof, but it's happened to me
@JasperLoy Some do, some don't. But professors tend to be varied.
@Rapitor trufax
@Rapitor The Junk Drawer new Escape Pod?
I think some of mine did, but not frequently
5:20 PM
@AshleyNunn Did you ever try to find a bf to cuddle with?
this morning i saw @Sterno playing pillars and was sad i had to go to work
@Unionhawk the toothpick bridge
@GodEmperorDune I'm on day 5 of the plague of doom. I just got done trying to nap and will probably play some more POE. Or try to nap again
I never cuddled with anyone in my life, except my pillow.
@JoshPetrie Sorry, cat on keyboard. Relink me please.
5:24 PM
So many people have cats and dogs. I have none.
then go to a shelter and get one
its worth.
@Sterno Boo for plague, but naps are good?
@JasperLoy FYI just because it is not immediately-bannable to swear in here doesn't mean you should consequently embark on a line of conversation that overuses swearing.
Hey if I say anything bad warn me OK? I have said many bad things in chat before.
Please keep your conversations (reasonably) family-friendly.
5:25 PM
@JoshPetrie Yeah, we tend to try to keep this room mostly work-safe.
It works most of the time....
I had over 40k rep but I deleted my accounts.
@Rapitor Eh, relatively speaking. Most long-time SE regulars have well in excess of my combined reputation.
@JoshPetrie Noted. I apologise.
i want more rep.... @AshleyNunn go ask more SoS questions!
5:27 PM
Almost all of mine comes from the gamedev site.
I got 20k on Eng and 20k on math and then I deleted accounts a couple years ago.
So only the regulars recognise me. The rest think I am a newbie.
Seems that Grace Note doesn't come here anymore?
@Rapitor I haven't played much today, but rest assured, more questions will come :)
Oh she does still come here.
I think I have been banned about 5 times from chat altogether.
@Rapitor When do I get a horse?
@AshleyNunn around mid-spring.
5:32 PM
@Rapitor yay!
@AshleyNunn What is a horse?
@Rapitor Are you giving her a real horse?
@Rapitor One question incoming!
no, what? its for story of seasons
@Rapitor Speak for yourself.
@JasperLoy yes, we have all pitched in to buy @AshleyNunn a horse
5:36 PM
@Ktash and I are chipping in to make @AshleyNunn a pony princess.
@GodEmperorDune I keep it in my bathroom, like any smart city girl would ;)
@Yuuki I wish that were true that would be amazing
Would i get a tiara?
@AshleyNunn I can neither confirm nor deny that it is indeed very sparkly.
@Yuuki I like sparkly things!
@AshleyNunn a tiara made from the souls of those vanquished by the hug gun
@GodEmperorDune Oh that would be a very heavy and large tiara.
5:38 PM
Anyway, I think I should leave this room now, I came in mostly to see @GnomeSlice. Bye everyone.
@AshleyNunn nah, they compress really well
so it would be heavy but not large
@GodEmperorDune Like carbon into diamonds
@AshleyNunn precisely
little diamonds of internet anguish
@GodEmperorDune This is my new favourite thing
Well, Jets made the playoffs for the first time in 19 years, city's going nuts... Begin countdown to didisappointment!
5:39 PM
@TrentHawkins Is this counting the years when they weren't a thing?
And at least you are GOING to playoffs!
@AshleyNunn probably. Hard to say.
Q: When do other areas of town open up?

Ashley NunnWhen I am out wandering, I noticed there are a bunch of places I can't access because they are under construction. Do I just have to wait, and over time they will open, or do I have to do certain things to get access to certain areas?

Splatoon's new Amiibo.
I like the squid one most
@Yuuki I'll amii your bo.
5:43 PM
@Batophobia unless they work in smash idc... but... they do look really good.
@Rapitor I doubt they will, but pretty much a guarantee that Splatoon with have some type of amiibo functionality
unless [internet] votes for splatoon character in the smash poll
@Rapitor then vote for them as smash fighters
yeah they already said that. the splatoon amiibos give special missions and unique in-game equipment
So they're a one-time use sort of deal?
5:51 PM
While not original, I would've appreciated the same learning AI thing they did with Smash.
yeah, i like that. but also hate it. because now i can't beat my amiibo at all and its no longer fun to fight it or with it on a team
@Rapitor interest falling
Q: I can't log into my account even though I already reset my password

EmilyI wanted to play, but the game said it needed authentication. Then, I tried to log in with my email, and put in my Monang account password, but it said I had entered the wrong password or username. I reset the password, and I tried to log in again with that password, but it still said the same th...

Q: Is there any way I can get a map that detects where other players are on a LAN world?

AnonymousI'm making like a holograph-type thing, and I need a way to locate other players in Vanilla Minecraft.. Is it possible?

6:07 PM
Granted this isn't how beaming worked in Star Trek, but...
user image
6:30 PM
Well, I'm not heading out to BC in 2 weeks anymore...
Gfd Ted Cruz. You're an idiot.
You're lucky you're in Texas where they vote for that, because dear God what the fuck
@Unionhawk I resent you for not-at-all-suggesting that I'm lucky for having Ted Cruz.
I mean Cruz is lucky
Also, did you see how much money he's raised so far?
We are so f--ked.
> Where's the icon for 'just throw it in the washing machine and do whatever. Then move it to the dryer after like 18 hours of sitting in the washing machine, and then just use the dryer as your new wardrobe for the next week.'?
> Don't use the dryer like that because you can't use extra loads. Put the clothes in the closet. By closet I mean "throw them on the couch".
> What should I use the treadmill for?
> Sit on it and watch TV. The couch is covered with clothes.
@Yuuki what is this from?
@Lazers O.o
@Brian the bot has become self aware, ignore it and it will go away in due time
@KevinvanderVelden So... just like the other hallucinations?
@Brian No no, those are real and you should definitely do what we, uuh they say
6:47 PM
@Wipqozn Are you at work right now?
So some guy in Russia is getting a body transplant. Or a head transplant if that what you want to call it.
Either/or, i have no clue.
Face transplant right? Guy with the bloodvessel problem?
@KevinvanderVelden No, this guy has ALS.
They're putting his head on another body.
That's awesome
@Yuuki ooh, I thought you were talking about this guy: gizmodo.com/…
6:49 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Nope, this guy: sciencealert.com/…
Q: What's so special about Elbereth?

userThe wiki says Elbereth is the name of a divine being worshipped by elves, but there are a few other divine beings in the game, and not many elves. Why would other creatures care about this particular engraving? I'm not even sure if they can read it. Is the word glowing or something so that it'...

@Yuuki so much nope
@AshleyNunn The head going on another body?
It freaks me right out
This guy has deteriorating ALS, I'm pretty sure he thinks it's a win-win.
6:52 PM
Oh, I am not denying that, but it just unnerves me
Man, if this works, we'll have all new urban legends about body thieves who leave the heads behind
Some peoples avatars show up weird on this tablet
@AshleyNunn Yeah, I'm gonna have shudders going down my spine all day.
@GnomeSlice It's all your fault that every time I have to stare at the loading screen after I die, I see it as "Bloodboner" rather than "Bloodborne"
@Yuuki ... at least it'll be your spine
6:53 PM
@Unionhawk on my phone, a lot of avatars show up line green
@AshleyNunn Same
My own included
@KevinvanderVelden klhflahfklaheilhaiefhalksjdcbvlkasjehr
@Yuuki making it worse: Success!
Okay, not alone
@Yuuki That's really cool
6:54 PM
I just can't get past the "what if it doesn't work? Worse, what if it does? What does that mean?"
Requesting desktop site makes it normal. Odd
@AshleyNunn If it doesn't work, he dies, like he would have anyway. If it does, we have an unprecedented operation in medical history, which is cool
@murgatroid99 Well, yes, but there is so much unknown in it even if he doesnt outright die
@Lazers <3 10k
i don't know how it works fully. is someone donating a body?
6:57 PM
@Rapitor probably someone who's dead and agreed to donate organs
Like lots of organ donations
@Rapitor It seems so. There are plenty of ways to die where the body would still be fine.
We may have a fairly conclusive answer to the Ship of Theseus question as it applies to humans.
If it works, that is.
@AshleyNunn Yeah, I get that it could be terrible for this guy, but he seems to understand the risks as much as possible. And besides, this is the best way to find out what will happen, even if it is terrible
So, we're going to have GlaDOS perform the operation, right?
@murgatroid99 Yeah, someone has to be first.
6:59 PM
@murgatroid99 Something something Nazi experimentation. Granted, those were done on unwilling subjects, but you can't deny that knee-jerkers will throw out this comparison.
@Brian She's too busy testing.
Even if it's patently wrong.
@Yuuki I.....oh boy. I am not touching this.
@Powerlord But it's for science!
@Yuuki people compare to Nazis all the time. Because they're dumb

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