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4:07 PM
@TheBestOne I know. I'm very used to that.
4:22 PM
so.. should I post a meta post somewhere about the case of my missing bronze badge ?
can data.se give me a day-wise list of my bronze badges ?
pretty sure i had 85 last week.
@MartinBüttner When will you do your Conquer the Solar System challenge?
I asked a Code Review mod how they determine what best practice is.
in The 2nd Monitor, 6 mins ago, by rolfl
@Rainbolt By applying what is already understood to be best practice, by applying common conventions that are used... and, @Rainbolt - by doing the opposite of Code Golf ;-)
It would appear that by signing up for six new sites (StackEgg mania) I have surpassed 10k rep.
@Rainbolt @MartinBüttner @Doorknob
That means you should now have the pleasure of seeing chat flags. Have fun with that.
Mods vs Mods - fight
4:30 PM
Speaking of badges, when did @MartinBüttner get gold number 11?
march 30 ?
Damn that populist...
Oh well, I'm 2 questions away from socratic
wow nice!
lets just ping (poke) him a lot today
@MartinBüttner woo congrats !
in The 2nd Monitor, Mar 24 '14 at 1:49, by Doorknob
See you mortal enemies later. :-)
We always win ;p
4:36 PM
@rolfl keep dreaming !
wow, pretty sure this is not the right path -
A: The race has started. Are you running?

syb0rgThis is just a friendly reminder to vote. You have 40 votes to use every day, and I don't see many reasons to not use them all. Your voting on answers is what makes the reviewing process fun. In case you don't think I practice what I preach.

Q: Code Review Graduation

rolflI am pleased to announce that effective from September 22, Code Review has graduated! It has taken a bit of time for this announcement to filter through the red tape, so, today was the day we found out. Let's use this as a place to discuss, celebrate, and otherwise commiserate. Notes: Code Rev...

Ours was somewhat effective ;-)
Meh, still not enough downvotes happening :P
Using the current indicators for a healthy beta site, if we all upvoted 40 posts per day and never downvoted, we would probably be the healthiest beta site in existence. Quality... well... who needs that?
@Rainbolt We should also each post a few junk questions, too. We need our Q/day stat up ;)
4:43 PM
fun fact
That wasn't fun or a fact
I once wrote code where it was faster to not check for integer overflow, producing incorrect results
but because it was a monte carlo method, the incorrect results didn't matter
so the code is 'bugged', but is faster and correct :)
I think PPCG being a bit different from normal SE sites, (where people post a lot about their problems) can never have a very high Q/day
and because of that difference only, we have a very high answer ratio
@Geobits What does this comment remind you of?
@diego "This data does not exist." is a valid answer. "If it exists, I cannot find it." would be another valid answer. — Rainbolt 12 secs ago
@Optimizer That's what I've always said. We should get Martin to talk to the graduators about that.
4:47 PM
its more about competition here which warrants quality and well thought through questions with complete information
@Calvin'sHobbies totally
but then again
what do we get from graduation :D
he wont bother much, as always he hadn't
Nifty icons?
fun ?
a beta can be shutdown at any moment
'sorry, fuck you'
@orlp not healthy one like ours
4:48 PM
a main site is harder to just shut down like that
and if a main site is not performing, it can too
@Optimizer then why are we beta?
@orlp who knows
the whole point of a beta is to see if it works
@Rainbolt It reminds me of the babe... The babe with the power...
4:48 PM
Beta sites get shut down after exactly four days of neglecting any particular aspect of the site.
if it clearly works, there's no point of being beta
if getting stats is the only factor, then why is CR not a beta ?
@Geobits I was hoping it would remind you of our religious debate lol
@Optimizer Getting stats isn't the only factor.
@Rainbolt maybe we should ask more questions to attract more traffic
and downvote for quality
4:49 PM
@Geobits dude.
@Rainbolt It was familiar, just couldn't place.
do we still have a moderator flag left, now buetnerr is moderator?
@Geobits I said the exact same thing . blindo :P
@Optimizer Blindo? I'm still not seeing exactly that. I see an ambiguous line that could maybe be taken that way, or completely the opposite.
But okay.
@Geobits see the line above it
4:51 PM
> if it clearly works, there's no point of being beta
if getting stats was the only factor. Which I think, clearly implies that I am referring that getting stats isn't
needs more that
Robert Cartaino on October 20, 2010

At 90 days into beta, we’re supposed to evaluate each Area 51 beta site and either “pass” or “fail” them as full Stack Exchange sites. Some sites feel they’re not going to make it.

The Geographic Information Systems SE site has one more day of beta. We are Excellent in Qs answered and answer ratio, Okay in visits/day and Worrying in number of questions and number of avid users.

Are the admins planning to shut us down?

Please don’t! We may be small, but we’re good and growing. I’ve been working in the GIS field for almost 15 years and been acti …

We are way past the 90 day mark...
@Optimizer Or you're legitimately asking why CR is graduating. That's what I thought.
@orlp Of course we'll still have moderator flags. Why wouldn't we?
@Geobits haha, I was giving an example proving my point that stats generally dont matter strictly
4:53 PM
You get an extra flag once you graduate, too.
@Geobits but raiders try to keep using them
will raiders restart PPCG?
they are trying even now
5:04 PM
people misspelling my name as orip
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ASCIIThenANSIWrite code with the character count being the answer count You know, code-golfing is really cool. People take all sorts of code, and compact it into teeny-tiny byte-sized code! But I want to take it to the extreme, one- and two-characters long! So, here is my challenge: Write any code, with the ...

pretty sure its o reversed h and opposite b
@Optimizer I think you might have some keming issues
I love Urban Dictionary's take on this. "What the font were you thinking?"
Most [answer-chaining] challenges make answers harder or more interesting as the chain gets bigger, right? I feel this proposal does the opposite, but I've already killed (or helped kill) two of his proposals today. Anyone else have an opinion?
5:21 PM
I commented once, I don't feel like commenting again :/
But basically as it stands the longer it gets the more padding there'll be
idea: going back from 100-length codes, and print every answers first char
So answer 98 prints the first character from answer 99?
Or the first chars from 99 and 100?
99 and 100, in answer order
Hmm. So what does 100 output, nothing?
100 chars to output nothing. Sounds like a job for Java!
maybe decrease length by 5, as there won't be that much answer, around the 50's is the interesting part
5:26 PM
Go ahead and make the suggestion on the sandbox post, it sounds better to me.
@Geobits nothing seems fine
can you do, if you have time
I can't type much nowdays :(
I've been actively trying to not comment on it lol.
@Calvin'sHobbies the other day. ;)
@orlp I am amazed how you consistently get the umlaut transliteration right but the consonants wrong ;)
Gotta get used to Martin Bluer
@Geobits I'm actually visiting my family this week(end) ... hence only sporadic activity. ;)
@TheBestOne some day ;)
@Sp3000 I still say M suffices
Were no languages made in 2011?
I guess I'm just G then.
I'm still waiting :( there are 2011 ones, just nobody posting
Dart's probably the main one
@MartinBüttner Want the honor of [status-completed]'ing this? :P
Q: Replacement moderator proposal

Chris Jester-YoungAs some of you know, I've joined Stack Exchange today as a core developer. As such, I'll be stepping down as a moderator. It's been a fun four years, and I'll miss this community a lot. In exiting my moderation role, I've been thinking about whom I'd like to see join on as a moderator in my plac...

5:48 PM
done, thanks ;)
@Sp3000 I was wanting to post for Go (2009), so I can't do 2011 or I'll have to sit it out :(
Man, 2009's where all the cool stuff happens
like ?
I won't post again until we get to 2005
5:54 PM
Coffeescript, ><> and Velato
@Optimizer I moved to Japan in 2009, that was pretty damned cool ;)
@MartinBüttner Prelude? :D
@Sp3000 I checked, whether you can post ><> :)
@Sp3000 :)
(although GCD will be horrible)
@randomra Were you thinking of doing ><> too?
5:55 PM
@Geobits that is cool
@Sp3000 not that much
writing the p1- ><> now
Ah k
I'd like to get 1985 (QuickBasic) too, but that might take a while. Good ol' QBasic... I spent way too much time with that as a kid :)
By the time we get to, say, Common Lisp, Retina will be on +50 or something :P
Plankalkül (German pronunciation: [ˈplaːnkalkyːl], "Plan Calculus") is a programming language designed for engineering purposes by Konrad Zuse between 1943 and 1945. It was the first high-level non-von Neumann programming language to be designed for a computer. Also, notes survive with scribblings about such a plan calculation dating back to 1941. Plankalkül was not published at that time owing to a combination of factors such as conditions in wartime and postwar Germany and his efforts to commercialise the Z3 computer and its successors. In 1944 Zuse met with the German logician and philosopher...
6:05 PM
@Sp3000 I'm honestly quite baffled how many upvotes it got without any explanation
"Retina is a regex-based programming language" then proceed to solve task 2 and 3 is enough for most people, I think :P
well, gotta head out again... when I get back tonight, I'll finish that explanation and then start finding my way around this moderation thing ;)
:) once again, congrats
6:24 PM
Ignore Question Marks.
in Red vs. Blue - Pixel Team Battlebots, yesterday, by Sp3000
Tiny hint: It's better to be below than above ;D
@MartinBüttner I'm sorry Mr. Buettnerr
6:41 PM
@orlp I hereby dub thee örrlep.
7:03 PM
Hooray, Dart is in
This could be a guessing game - I reckon Rust is next :P
7:21 PM
Finally finished Element. I had to reacquaint myself, rather painfully, with all the quirks in the language.
Nice :)
this was updated:
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ASCIIThenANSIShortening code (No title, some help please?) I'd like to give credit to randomra, who helped me with my old idea and gave me this new one. You know, code-golfing is really cool. People take a challenge, and it slowly gets smaller! But let's speed this up extremely. So, here is my challenge...

If I was a Blue, I'd just post my bot and tag along with you two.
Not sure if intentional rhyme, but that can be considered a crime.
What Red needs to do is get a killer combination set up, and not post it until the last second.
@Compass Huh?
7:24 PM
Blue and two rhyme with each other.
Yeah, what is criminal about it?
It makes me read things in iambic pentameter when I shouldn't.
Then don't.
Are you going to write a Red bot?
I have no idea what bots we are writing.
@Sp3000 Why do you think of Element?
7:26 PM
I just like reading code golf.

 Red Team Chat for Pixel Team Battlebots

Chat for the Red Team to Discuss Strategies for Calvin's Pixel...
You are a Red.
I admit some of it is rather awkward.
The string thing looks pretty awkward in particular
I'm surprised that nobody has actually started recruiting reds or blues.
7:27 PM
@orlp If my bot continues improving at the current rate, it will be KILLER.
@Rainbolt If you were a Red, I'd recruit you, but you can just stay out of it :)
I mean, given the tendency of PPCG to try to win by raiding other sites, recruiting users to suit your cause aught to be a no brainer.
@Rainbolt Trouble is, we don't know if our recruit will end up being Red or Blue.
I don't feel like I'd make a very good battlebot warrior
I thought it was based on user number
I'd probably mow down my own teammates
7:29 PM
@Rainbolt Yes but I'd call that unsportsmanlike and take action faster than SE.
I need to reread the challenge apparently.
Oh no, what if people start hiring mercenaries to sabotage their team? The horror! [/sarcasm]
@Rainbolt It is, but our recruit might not have an account.
@PhiNotPi I will definitely not do the metaOEIS challenge so if you (or anyone else) want to use any part of my idea, just do so.
@PhiNotPi "that control stack starts empty, we it so that the while loop starts" - we it?
7:30 PM
if i were to make a bot it'd probably just be a chaotic bot.
I found two people who have accounts on PPCG, but they are Blue's, so I'm not going to recruit them.
I didn't mean recruit people to repeatedly create accounts until they roll your team. I meant "Rainbolt. You're a blue. Join our cause?"
My algorithm would basically look to see if it can crush an enemy and try to do so. If I break even that's good enough, right?
A third Blue.
5 Blues.
Also, are we sure this will fit into a StackSnippet?
isn't the cap on the website 25K chars?
7:35 PM
I think it just pulls the data from the answers, it isn't all posted in the snippet.
@Compass The post limit is 30k chars (and I think RvB is very close even with the minified JS). But yeah, it loads the answers dynamically, no length limit
Hmmm, maybe a follow-the-leader bot would work.
Well, besides that answers can't be more than 30k chars
Mine is currently a follow-Minos bot.
7:36 PM
@Sp3000 fixed now, I think
But, TheBestOne and I are going to sync ours and make a Red team.
GCD at least looks somewhat normal :P
The ASCII N? Not so much probably.
I think if you manage the way I did it it might be shorter
Optimizer's probably not trying, but the CJam one can be golfed similarly
@Doorknob Come help Red!
7:41 PM
I was think of doing it that way, but I just haven't tried yet.
@Sp3000 its not code-golf :P
I know, hence why I said you probably weren't treating it as such :P
Both the mods are RED and still we are losing like shit
My bot tagging along with Minos helps somewhat, but Blue still wins the majority.
7:44 PM
How does [:-1] work in Pyth/Python?
I think TheBestOne and I are going to try to protect Minos and sacrifice ourselves to split the Sphi--bots up.
Then, Minos can clean up.
All but last char
a[:-1] becomes a[0:len(a)-1]
^^ that. I'm assuming that would be like Element's )? If you remove the uncons'd char afterwards.
7:57 PM
My next koth (all-vs-all, no teams): Ant Colony Dominion
controller ready in a few days hopefully
@Calvin'sHobbies Bring it on.
Red vs. Blue, Dominion...its hard to write a catchy title that doesn't reference something else
Woop it's dawn and it's still not 2010. Better go sleep.
@Calvin'sHobbies I have a catchy title
"Ants vs Ants"
8:05 PM
We need a KOTH Wumpus hunt.
Snipes are more fun to hunt. Elusive little bastards.
Snipe hunts are buckets of fun.
Never done it.
Well, you've been missing out.
You guys just sent me on a productive snipe hunt to find what it is.
8:10 PM
Geobits agrees.
A snipe hunt or fool's errand is a type of practical joke that involves experienced people making fun of credulous newcomers by giving them an impossible or imaginary task. The snipe hunt may be assigned to a target as part of a process of hazing. A snipe hunt is a specific type of "wild-goose chase", where a person embarks on an impossible search. Where a wild-goose chase may be accidental, a snipe hunt is always initiated by a second person, as a prank. == Etymology == The origin of the term is a practical joke where inexperienced campers are told about an imaginary bird or animal called the...
Compute the last digit of pi.
@Sp3000 posted the fish solution: codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/48504/7311
@Hosch250 Watching people trying to find (and wipe up) voltage leaks is also good fun :D
Don't worry, I'll never do it.
8:13 PM
Hunt snipes? What, are you some kind of environmentalist? ;)
No, wipe up voltage leaks.
But then the electrons get everywhere!
Let them.
The more the better.
@Geobits they are already everywhere...
You still can't have them just leaking all over the place. It's bad housekeeping. Geez...
8:18 PM
I just mop them up every week with some positrons.
8:21 PM
And if we want to get meta, there is always the Metatron
These are all episode names for the upcoming Tron series?
A snipe is an actual bird. They're legal to hunt in Idaho and Montana. I don't know about elsewhere.
Here's a picture of one:
My family saw some Wilson's Snipes yesterday.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ASCIIThenANSIAnother ASCII Restriction Challenge? (answer-chaining) So recently, I was clicking around, and found this beautiful gem of a challenge. I wanted to participate, but sadly, only 8 characters remained, and being me, a lazy person faithful coder, could not answer because I'm too lazy to write an an...

I've never seen them.
8:22 PM
@TheBestOne what a qt3.14
I've had them in my front yard before.
@TheBestOne Any success with your bot?
I've been doing school all day. It might be a few hours before I can work on it.
One time I saw a multiple-foot-tall bird in my yard. I have no earthly idea where it came from.
8:25 PM
Probably Australia.
@PhiNotPi Where do you live?
Or the ocean.
Was it an Egret? Sandhill Crane?
Was it white?
@PhiNotPi Maybe you thought your tv was a window
@Hosch250 He lives in Kentucky i think.
8:27 PM
A Wild Turkey, maybe?
Are there places where multiple foot tall birds are uncommon? We've got them everywhere in Texas.
Nearly every lake has a heron that acts like he owns the place.
@Rainbolt South pole.
Texas is uncommon by definition, isn't it?
Are penguins not multiple feet tall? (Or does the south pole not have penguins?)
We have Great Egrets, Sandhill Crane, and Great Blue Egrets around here.
43–51 in. tall.
8:29 PM
Ok, then my question stands
I also have to wonder: whose back yard is near the south pole?
@Optimizer lenguage wouldn't work as row/column/diagonal would be the same
@randomra spaces ?
lenguage only uses the length of the code AFAIK
Whoops, Great Blue Herons.
@Rainbolt My house is about .05 ls from there.
8:38 PM
@TheBestOne .05 whats?
A light-second is a unit of length useful in astronomy, telecommunications and relativistic physics. It is defined as the distance that light travels in free space in one second, and is equal to exactly 299,792,458 metres or just over 186,282 miles. Just as the second forms the basis for other units of time, the light-second can form the basis for other units of length, ranging from the light-nanosecond (just under one U.S. or imperial foot) to the light-minute, light-hour and light-day, which are sometimes used in popular science publications. The more commonly used light-year is also presently...
Interesting fact: Lewiston, Idaho is the most inland port on the west coast of North America.
Also could mean "Light Speed", "Living Sacrifice", or "Light Saber", but I'm using context clues.
fun fact
8:41 PM
The bottom of the page gives the correct abbreviation.
the speed of light is constant in every reference frame
List the files in the current working directory?
except your mom, it seems to be unable to escape from her
Ahem: in every inertial reference frame
You live 0.05 Lynyrd Skynyrds away from the South Pole
8:43 PM
No I don't.
Wasn't talking to you.
for (j = 0; j < 7; j++) {
j wasn't declared with var.
Unless I'm missing something, that is.
A: Red vs. Blue - Pixel Team Battlebots

PhiNotPiBlue Team - SphiNotPi3000 // Char 0: top or bottom ("T" or "B") // Char 1, 2: x/y coords // Char 3, move polarity // Char 4: offset (as codepoint - 128) var twin = 21487; var myself = 2867; var formpos = "T"; var tochar = String.fromCharCode; var movestat = (move % 2).toString(); var inbox = ...

Same here:
A: Red vs. Blue - Pixel Team Battlebots

Sp3000Blue Team - SphiNotPi3000 // Char 0: top or bottom ("T" or "B") // Char 1, 2: x/y coords // Char 3, move polarity // Char 4: offset (as codepoint - 128) var myself = 21487; var twin = 2867; var formpos = "B"; var tochar = String.fromCharCode; var movestat = (move % 2).toString(); var inbox = ...

Oh well, I guess. It doesn't seem to have any bizarre effects.
9:24 PM
Lol, this made me laugh.
Q: My Multiplayer of Minecraft CRASHES!

JariTheFamous12Im Going In Mineplex That Is a Server in Minecraft And it CRASHES!!

Don't even bother clicking on it. The onebox covers it.
9:55 PM
I got Julia in @Calvin'sHobbies's history challenge. Luckily the next language I want to do is exactly 5 years older than Julia so it's legit. 2007 shall be the year of the lol. LOLCODE, that is.
@TheBestOne: I live close to what is probably the least inland port on the west coast of the US.
10:12 PM
Don't know where the Sandbox Bot is, but here's a new sandbox post: meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/5021/2867
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PhiNotPiA Continuously Running KOTH, or "An MMO with all AIs" This was an idea discussed in chat, I'm throwing a sandbox post together because I thought it would be really fun to do. The main idea is that the KOTH is hosted an an external website, where the competitions is continuously running. When a...

Normally it doesn't take that long.
10:29 PM
Q: Write an URL compressor

orlpToday your goal is to invent URL compression. You must write two programs: a compressor and a decompressor. The compressor will be called with one URL on stdin and its output will be read on stdout. The decompressor will be called with the output of the compressor on stdin, and must produce the...

My auto-visit PPCG script isn't working.
I need to fix that.
someone is a 'fanatic'
@PhiNotPi Are you trying to get the 100-day streak? I've found that using the mobile app is a great way to keep your streak.
Whenever I create a new task, it executes, but I haven't witnessed it executing on the second day after creation, even when I click the "Run" button in Task Scheduler.
@Hosch250 In idiomatic JS, vars are supposed to be declared at the top of the function, rather than where it's first used.
10:42 PM
@ChrisJester-Young Yes, I'm on day 66 right now and am leaving on "vacation" in two days.
@PhiNotPi Well then, it still sounds like the mobile app is the best idea.
Just remember to use the app to visit Code Golf every day.
@orlp Compresser: url.replaceAll("http(s?)://", "$1");
@TheBestOne how will you decode that?
you have no way of differentiating between http and https at the decoder
I have a "dumb phone" and cg.se isn't loading at all.
Decompresser: url.replaceAll("^(s?)","http$1://");
10:49 PM
@TheBestOne nevermind, misread your regex
either way, that's a start
you still have ~950 chars left to increase compression!

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