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7:08 PM
Dear job sites, you don't need to email me telling me I applied to a job. I know I did. I just did it.
@AshleyNunn i think it's more of a confirmation that they received it.
@Rapitor Oh, I know, it just means my phone makes the Zelda "you found a thing" noise a lot :P
@AshleyNunn btw i got an email from se about the late swag, thanks for whatever you did earlier :D
and (in my case of job searching) promptly sent to the pile of "never look at"
@AshleyNunn that is an excellent ringtone
7:11 PM
@AshleyNunn hehe, mine is tatl's "ding ding DING"
@MattGiltaji Texts are the mario pipe, tweets are yoshi's tongue noise, SE is pacman dying, facebook is mario growing
There are a few others I am forgetting
Q: Where can I find a gun as quickly as possible?

LessPop_MoreFizzI was told this game has guns. But I've been playing for hours and seen absolutely no sign of one. Where can I acquire a gun for what I had hoped to make into my badass new Wizard With A Shotgun?

7:12 PM
and in true Canadian style, if you call me, it's the Hockey Night in Canada song
The good one.
Is that canadian law or something?
It's the only way I get to hear it anymore! grumbles
I should do another shadow run probably
That game was fun as hell
7:14 PM
You should not do that and play Pillars of Eternity instead
I should not play Pillars of Eternity instead
@Unionhawk For once, a dutchman has proposed an optimal solution. You should heed his advice.
> SE is pacman dying
I'm gonna cry, @AshleyNunn hates us.
@Yuuki No! I just like the noise!
7:18 PM
@AshleyNunn (bawls)
pats, offers fancy chocolate
Q: Is the Disappointer good for anything?

LessPop_MoreFizzThe Disappointer is a Very Bad Gun: I mean, it even has a special property of Terrible; -8 accuracy and damage reduced by a third is, in fact, very very bad. Is the gun actually useful for anything other than being a gun that you can get right away?

Q: Games like Europa Universalis IV (with decent grapchis please)

Captain_ShepardSo anyways I love this games so much it offers everything. So I'm looking for a similar game but ** not from Paradox Interactive** because I've played most of their games already. I like the fact that there is war+country management, so pure management/city-building is not the genre I'm looking f...

yay, slack got owned
@Lazers I wonder how many people will click through to The Wizards Shotgun
Holy shit this run is super fun to watch
Shadow of Mordor for SGDQ
7:22 PM
@badp ?
@LessPop_MoreFizz i sorta feel like you are farming xp with those two disappointer self answers :p
@MattGiltaji The "How Do I Find The Disappointer" one is because I've seen it asked like 15 times in the SA thread so far.
And then the "What the hell is this thing good for" is a perfectly natural extension thereof.
@LessPop_MoreFizz yeah i wish i knew i could sell all the crap beginning loot to that merchant before everyone died
@MattGiltaji All the good stuff you can sell doesn't show up until he becomes unavailiable.
7:25 PM
@badp Oh shit :P
Realistically, you're selling him maybe one weapon or piece of armor, and a wolf pelt.
And the Disappointer.
ya i always hoard stuff in rpgs
i had like 20 sets of leather armor before i started selling it
Q: How to make Crestfallen Saulden not hostile towards me?

NikkoSo i attacked him, and now he won't let me join his conventant, because hes attacking me every time any way to make him stop. he even attacked me while i was near the majula bonfire.

@AshleyNunn why the :P?
@badp It was supposed to be a :( but my fingers wandered
7:30 PM
meanwhile I just attempted to buy a game I had already purchased
What's the name of that one game where you play as the dead detective who is trying to figure out who murdered him?
luckily it happened on the very same site where I did originally buy it
@badp Good job btw
@Powerlord More than a week passed from when I bought it on offer and when I could get back to punch in the steam code.
That's my defense
My not so great defense in a time when Inbox exists.
@Powerlord Murdered: Soul Suspect?
Murdered: Soul Suspect is an adventure stealth video game developed by Airtight Games and published in 2014 by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. == Gameplay == Murdered: Soul Suspect takes place in a fictionalized version of the American town Salem. The game is played in a third-person view. The player navigates the protagonist, Ronan, around Salem. There are multiple areas in Salem to explore such as a church, an apartment and a graveyard. The player completes levels to progress further into the game. There are over 400 collectables in the...
7:33 PM
@Yuuki Yeah, I remembered the name of it before you replied. Whoops, should have said something.
Q: Can I change my Palico's name?

RapitorRecently after collecting some more palicoes I decided to give them some unique names instead of just hiring "as-is", but to my dismay the name I had for it (Dr. Whiskers) was truncated to just Dr. Whiske. Is there any way I can rename them to something more... better?

7:51 PM
@Lazers Palico Domingo?
@Powerlord wat
cc @Jin
@Frank Do I look like an arsonist?
@Powerlord Yes.
@Frank changes disguises How about now?
7:53 PM
@Powerlord Nope. But I don't need an arsonist anymore.
Actually, in TF2, Pyro is quickly becoming my second most-played class.
Once I get enough points, I'm tempted to get the Arsonist skin/pack in Town of Salem.
@Frank Hug-gunned.
@AshleyNunn Woo!
Really need to get you an actual hug gun.
Or maybe package up the model and send it your way.
@Frank wonders what that would entail
@AshleyNunn Sorry, I don't have access to an actual rocket launcher.
7:56 PM
@Frank i didn't know canadian mail allowed you to send fire arms
But I could probably mail you a replica!
maybe they're ok if you include an apology?
Oh lovely, SVNBook is no longer being updated.
er... Version Control with Subversion that is.
@MattGiltaji "Sorry for sending milspec hardware. Please deliver promptly?"
@Frank needs more "eh"
7:57 PM
@Frank aww boo there goes that plan
@Powerlord all the cool kids are on git or mercurial now
@MattGiltaji Well yeah.
Still, SVN itself is still being updated.
It's just that the latest "nightly" version of the SVN Book is older than 1.8's final release... in June 2013.
@Powerlord :/
Woo! Three of my five questions on Scale Modelling are at 10 votes!
@Frank if you are trying to plug your proposal, please include a link :D
8:06 PM
@MattGiltaji You already joined it!
@Frank but others haven't
@MattGiltaji I've plugged it here in the Bridge quite a bit already.
All the people that would join, have already.
(Because I guarantee that's a Kickstarter "Design an Item!" Reward because... lol.)
Because why not, indeed =p
Okay, Bridge, you're not allowed to let me become stressed this weekend. This is a stress free weekend! Nobody is allowed to be stressed this weekend, especially me.
8:18 PM
@MBraedley sounds like beer is in order
@Rapitor Actually rum, and already on it.
@MBraedley buy pillars of eternity. Start playing. When you stop it will be Monday and stress will be over.
even better
Can second @LessPop_MoreFizz
Yeah, 50 hour weeks suck, but it could have easily been a 60 hour week.
8:19 PM
PoE ftw
@MBraedley rum is always a good call
Bah, an item that was removed from the Steam Workshop is our number one choice for game night.
@Frank I've seen that bug reported on the main meta
8:29 PM
@fredley pillars time best time
so pillars, very time
A: Flag dialogs for grayed-out posts are also grayed-out

Jason CIn its current state it is very hard to use. In addition to the screenshot I gave in a comment earlier, I ran into this just now (Chrome on Ubuntu): Earlier example was (Chrome on Windows): Workaround is to move the flag dialog to somewhere that makes it visible.

@murgatroid99 Yeah, I reported it to @Jin last time he was here, too.
The 'minor style update' is a hot mess
A: Minor design updates

MBraedleyFlag box seems to inherit transparency from parent post, and has bad z-order when that post is greyed out: This doesn't seem to effect regular posts, just those that have hit the downvote/negative score threshold.

8:37 PM
@fredley GOOD CALL. I need to find a Really Good Blunderbuss already, goddamnit.
Ugh, Maerwald is giving me difficulty
@Lazers ... facepalm
@fredley it's tricky, I had one of my peoples die and ragequit the first time
@fredley worse than bear?
The second time was "Oh, he's dead already?"
8:43 PM
i seem to keep getting my ass kicked and would like to ask a question about party tactics on the main site, but feel it would be too broad
@MattGiltaji Yeah
Partly because you have to trek through a load of dialog to trigger the fight
@fredley ugh, that always sucks
Played Pillars of Eternity for an hour. Tried to save my game and it crashed. :(
some crash workarounds
8:48 PM
@MattGiltaji Get as many party members as you can in the beginning, it gets a lot easier if you have more people in your party
@MadScientist hmm, i need more cp then
By far the biggest difference for me was using my AoE spells better, that 1st level Flame spell is extremely strong. Just getting my fighter to occupy the enemies and targeting it with the yellow area over friendlies usually hits all or almost all enemies at once and it deals more damage than anything else I have
@fredley is such a party pooper. I think he needs to play Bad Rats.
@MattGiltaji cp?
8:51 PM
@MadScientist Neat, I have the spell
@MadScientist copper pennies or whatever the money is
its abbreviated cp in game
@MattGiltaji There are at least four companions to find in the early areas
Q: Is being maimed a bad thing?

fredleyI got in a fight, and ended up a tad maimed. What effect does this actually have? I seem to be up and about as normal, but I'm assuming there's got to be something bad...

@MattGiltaji copper pieces
Most likely
Oh shit slider queen
8:54 PM
@fredley I hope the answer to this is, "Nah, you can walk it off."
Q: Do you earn less XP per character with a larger party?

Mad ScientistI noticed that the game got significantly easier after I found a few more people to join my party. I'm at five party members now, and just using as many as possible seems like the best option right now. I'm wondering though if there is a drawback to using the maximum number of characters in your...

Q: Is being maimed a bad thing?

fredleyI got in a fight, and ended up a tad maimed. What effect does this actually have? I seem to be up and about as normal, but I'm assuming there's got to be something bad...

Q: Skyrim: Is it possible to play with new DLC in an old world?

PlanetAlexanderTo be precise, what I mean is, is it possible to buy the game with no DLC, create a world (and play a fair bit), but then to buy the DLC, install it and play on the same world with the DLC? I don't think you could, but it would be good to have. Also, I am playing on the XBox 360.

It's an abandoned ruin, what do you mean "Camping is not allowed in this area"
Got him
Now to get that slider
9:22 PM
cc: @LessPop_MoreFizz
choices choices
@fredley i feel that this was already posted and cced to you this morning
@MattGiltaji The ringtone version was
I've only just found this guy
@fredley Huh, that happens in one of the first areas
@MadScientist I missed him first time through
Myabe why the next part was so hard
He's directly in front of the Inn
9:26 PM
20 hours ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
user image
wasn't linked to you, my apologies
The game was extremely hard at that point until I got Edér
@MadScientist I think I managed to go in via the back entrance
@MadScientist Eder helps
where is eder?
@MattGiltaji At the tree, but you can't get him to join immediately. You'll need to do the part with the animancer at the tree first
@MadScientist yeah i missed him entirely then
i picked up the chanter at the other castly thing, then started getting my ass kicked and ran back to the entrance
9:29 PM
Having a fighter and then being able to just blast AoE spells into enemies fighting with him is a huge improvement
yeah my main is a monk so i'm not good at holding aggro
plus those shades teleport to alroth and wreck him
I'm a wizard, and my first companion was a wizard. That didn't work all that well
I've added a Level 2 Dwarf Fighter: Grumpy
@MadScientist Did that in Baldur's Gate. Rolled a Necro, so you start with Necro + Thief. Your first ally options are a Necro + Thief. Not a very robust party.
@JasonBerkan hehe
9:31 PM
the priest i made has turned out well so far
I'm now two wizards, two fighters, a cipher and a chanter
everyone on the forums seems to agree that the attributes on the built in companions make them suck in combat
You can get a lot of companions early in this game, it just took me a bit to find them while avoiding most enemies
except the chanter has decent stats "by accident"
9:34 PM
@MadScientist i've also been trying to find info about the party xp, only thing i've seen is an interview with the designer from last april about what they were planning to do, not sure how relevant that info is... and xp is too small for a search term
@Blem so much wat
@Blem lot of gravity in those magnets
and with that, nn people
9:45 PM
@Blem +1 for jewel staite
Hmm... should I use a self-generated dictionary or some sort of fuzzy algorithm?
I agree
What are we talking about?
yesterday, by Yuuki
@Wipqozn I have a sudden urge to write an autocorrect mangler script.
9:47 PM
Can you blame us for not having a context?
Ugh, Imoen died
Either I use a Markov implementation where some word A can be changed to random word B, C, or D or I use some sort of algorithm that looks for fuzzy matches to A.
Is what I'm thinking.
@Yuuki fuzzy matching would be fun
but what seems to be on the funniest ones is when autocorrect splits up the word into wrong parts
a la orgyrambo
Maybe try to match the vowel consonant patterns when looking for a new word?
Or assign values based on distance on a keyboard
9:51 PM
or do a mapping for a set of particularly funny ones, then fuzzy match everything else
god dammit -> god donut seems to be consistent
Not a bad idea
@MattGiltaji Yeah, god donut is definitely making it in there.
disembarking -> Disembowelling
for duck sake
@murgatroid99 for duck shake
i've added most of the ones that got multiple stars here
9:52 PM
@MattGiltaji either way
A: The Memes of Arqade and its Chat

fredleyMeme: GnomeSlice getting into trouble with Autocomplete Originator: GnomeSlice's Funky Phone Cultural Height: Whenever GnomeSlice is on the busty or has cold fjords Background: Back to wang / Back to worm Jesus crusty @orgyrambo what? When did that happen GOD DONUT For duck shake Cats do sav...

@murgatroid99 yep
@OrigamiRobot -> @orgyrambo
Q: How do I detect traps?

fredleyOne of my party members just got killed by a trap. Having reloaded, I'd rather not have the same thing happen again. How do I actually detect and disable the traps though?

Bridge, I have a question regarding the acceptability of a question I'm considering asking
I ran across this strange red liquid in FTB that behaves like no other liquid, and I can't find any mention of it anywhere on the internet, because I don't know its name
and I can't find out its name if I can't find anything about it
If I had a screenshot of it, sure, I'd ask it, but I don't
so I'm a little iffy
Ask or don't ask?
@John FTB as in Feed the beast? most packs contain waila, and that has some option somewhere to show you what liquid you are pointing at.
It's been months since I played, so don't know where to find the option though.
10:05 PM
@Blem X-Files was a massive hit that ran for a decade. Firefly was a ratings flop that didn't last a full season. It has a cult following, but the math is... just a little bit different.
A: How can I learn more spells?

LessPop_MoreFizzYou can learn more spells outside of leveling up by looting Grimoires. Once a Wizard acquires a new grimoire, simply place it in their inventory, and Right Click on the grimoire, as you would to see the stats on any other item. Any spells stored in the Grimoire which your Wizard does not know wi...

@LessPop_MoreFizz adding screenshots to steal my reps?
@MattGiltaji And exact step by step directions about what butan to pres.
@Arperum Yes, Feed the Beast, and waila is working for most items, just not this one. Which is another way this liquid defies convention.
@LessPop_MoreFizz grumble grumble
10:13 PM
@John weird. I'd say: ask your question. (is it maybe blood in a smeltery? but IIRC that has a waila info.
@MattGiltaji was it you who liked my fishtank idea?
@Arperum I've seen smeltery blood, it looks different to me
@djsmiley2k yeah
though I have nothing that says it isn't, definitively...
bloodmagic lifeforce or whatever it is called? no clue how that looks.
10:14 PM
i'm terrible at those embedded types of things that people use rasberry pis for
And we go live! http://t.co/zg7uxaQPTv
Dawwww, it doesn't show the pic
@Arperum The wiki for that says it's pinkish, so it could be it, I guess, if that sets stuff on fire on contact
@djsmiley2k nice, does it cycle the colors or just leaves them static?
@John would liquid iron do that?
@MattGiltaji cycles, does all sorts of different effects, plus I can program my own.
knightrider effect looks cool ;)
10:16 PM
@djsmiley2k Why torture the fish with such flashy lights?
@Arperum Hm, I haven't encountered liquid iron outside of a smeltery, and I know a smeltery would do that. I thought you could pick up buckets of iron, though
@Arperum the lights are really slow changing, and fish don't see any way near the ways we do, they only really see black/white light/dark
As long as it's not strobing on/off they don't care.
@John I'm just guessing though. Haven't played minecraft in months.
@Arperum Well it's as good as any guesses I've had
@djsmiley2k that is really cool. how do you program them? is there an RGB value you set each light to or something?
10:18 PM
plus the plan is it'll be slowly changing throughout the day to simulate the sun moving
@MattGiltaji yup, using something called hyperion atm.
right, gotta go to bed and get my body clock ready for new job on monday D:
@Unionhawk That sounds incredibly unhealthy
@Fluttershy I will never understand how people just have a gif for everything, instantly
@John Google.
10:21 PM
@Fluttershy You just....google "happening gif" or something?
You just took all the magic out of reaction gifs.
@John Pretty much, yep.
@John Ron Paul It's Happening gif is a stock part of the repertoire. Why would anyone not have it bookmarked and ready to go?
Q: How to effectively delete a Steam game on Mac OS?

Fabio BrachtI'm in desperate need to free up some disk space on my Macbook, so I went on Steam to delete a few of the heaviest games I haven't been playing. Then I noticed something puzzling. I had ~15GB free on my SSD when I went into my library and deleted CS:GO. According to Steam itself, CS:GO was rou...

@Sterno Father Gascoigne defeated.
@Wipqozn why aren't you playing pillars?
10:33 PM
Because Bloodborne. Also b ooks.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well, when you put it that way
Q: skip all animations Mario party

Jamie HutberI just got Mario 10 and want to play the 5 players games. Currently we're playing board games and it's so annoying having all these animations. Is there an option to turn these off and just so instant dice rolls and skip any animation for moment. This way we'll just play games and stop all this ...

Q: how to testfor only one player in a radius?

crazyjr2Hi im making survival games for my mostly vinilla server and i need help, Can you testfor only one player in a specific area and radius, i cant use kills/death scoreboards as people can disconnect and break the game, same with spawning on a pressure plate ect,can somone help me past this?

@John Pillars is minimally voice acted and has a whole lot of words. So it's like a book.
Q: How do I free Giacco?

fredleyI've discovered Giacco rotting in the Dungeon under Raedric's Hold. He said the animancer had the key - which animancer, where?

10:48 PM
I think I'm going to take my PS4 back
@GnomeSlice bored already?
I can't really afford it
Plus PSN+
Play offline
Which apparently you need for multiplayer now
Plus games are expensive
it's ridiculous that you have to pay for multiplayer on consoles
10:49 PM
Plus I'm not sure i really want to split up my game library again
I should probably just stick with PC...
@GnomeSlice you can't really avoid that with a console
@GnomeSlice i vote that you take it back, provided you chat while riding the bus to do so
I'm actually pretty bummed
top gear stuff still or something else?
@Lazers RTFM
10:53 PM
@MattGiltaji reality hit him hard when he realized how expensive it is to own a PS4
Yeah and that splitting up games library means I won't have access to all of them from everywhere
And yeah money
yeah not having money sucks
@Wipqozn you're ahead of me. I'm busy being murdered by a giant rat in the sewer
especially when there is a damn good sale going on but you can't take advantage of it and have to wait for it to repeat or pay full price later
@LessPop_MoreFizz So you're saying I should read a book? Or you are?
10:56 PM
I'm saying you should play Pillars of Eternity.
Was there any doubt about that, though?
@LessPop_MoreFizz So the Reddit CEO lady lost her lawsuit.
@Yuuki the one with all the crazy sexism?
@Yuuki Reddit CEO was in a lawsuit?
@MattGiltaji Yeah.
10:59 PM
@John with a VC firm that she said pressured her out with sexist attitudes
and pay discrimination, etc
@MattGiltaji That sounds...flimsy
@John It apparently was, considering she lost the case.
@John It seems like the jury agreed
@Yuuki There's still one point left, I think.
Whether the company fired her in revenge for filing the lawsuit.
@Frank That... might actually succeed?
11:02 PM
@Yuuki Which will still be worth several million dollars, all on it's own.
The jury also couldn't count, so there's that.
@TimStone Juries are always so comforting that way.
Q: My EA Origin account has been hacked and 2-factor authentication has been setup

NRafSomebody has managed to setup 2-factor authentication on my EA Origin account. This lets them reset the password without access to my email. We've been going back and forth for a while - they change it, I change it back. I can't call because I'm not based in U.S. or Canada and I can't create an ...

11:42 PM
@Sterno Cleric Beast down too.
@Frank cc @se cms backing that site
You'll like that one.
That's enough bloodborne for one night. Reading time! cc @StrixVaria
@Wipqozn you misspelled pillars of eternity time
11:48 PM
@MattGiltaji Spelled it correctly on my screen.
@Sterno Also, I suggest sucking less. That'll help!
I still need to add you to PSN. Let's hope your ID is sterno
Q: What is the best way to eat automatically in direwolf20 1.7 pack?

AaronAs the title says. What is the best portable way to automatically eat? I used to use the auto feeder from modular power suits but it no longer seems to be available or is disabled.

Q: Skyrim's Windhelm House

ZackOkay, so I've beat the Blood on Ice mission and defeated the Imperial quest line, can I buy the house? Like, last I saw, Windhelm was burned, so can I still get it?

@Yuuki hmm, must be a bug. i'll send it to jin
@Yuuki You spent waaaaaaaaaay too much time on that.
11:53 PM
@Frank I was talking in another chat.
That and F12 doesn't open up the dev console on Macs.
RIP @Yuuki
@Yuuki Command + Shift + I / K
I for Chrome, K for Firefox
@PrivatePansy do you have a mac?
No, just guessing since those are what you use on Windows
11:57 PM
You almost sound disappointed

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