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7:00 PM
@AshleyNunn blah, silly itunes and apples
@Chippies I know, right? knowing I wont have to deal with it just about ever anymore delights me
there was a time when I wanted an ipod, but then I did some research and found out that itunes is mandatory and how horrible everything is and I never wanted one again
@Yuuki wut
cc @Unionhawk
7:03 PM
@Chippies itunes has me addicted to smart playlists
@MattGiltaji I usually just play all my songs on shuffle and use skip track liberally
I also don't have a portable mp3 player (I use my 4kg laptop for long drives in the car as an mp3 player through car speakers)
@Chippies me too, which is why my skip forward button being broken was a no go
@OrigamiRobot looks like you'll have to turn stuff off if you want to shooty shooty
@Rapitor FSD, Scoop, and Hatch are all lowest priority
would that be enough?
7:10 PM
You can use the checkboxes
> (Also, if you can find and screenshot the specific Beagle Bros program that I'm thinking of here, I'd be very grateful: there's a free CODE Keyboard with your name on it.)
He should have asked on Lifehacks
Q: Flag on deleted answer still pending

StingervzI was just reviewing my flag summary when i came across this. It seems like the answer and the user was deleted, (probably causing the flag to disappear from the review queue) Link on the flag:Valentine's Day version of Angry Birds? Looks like a bug to me ;)

@Sterno that's not a game
Everything is a game if you make it one
7:29 PM
Now that's adorable.
Q: Do the different outfits do anything?

BatophobiaIn Options -> Wardrobe there are 7 different outfits I can use. Do any of these give some sort of bonus or something special?

Q: How to unlock the Cherry Blossom and Rave Queen outfits?

BatophobiaI managed to beat the dragon twice during a run but Cherry Blossom and Rave Queen are still locked in the Wardrobe. I noticed that as I beat levels the screen would notify me of unlocking a new outfit. When those stopped happening, I assumed I unlocked all 7, but that is not the case. How can ...

@Batophobia Something something rant about "roguelike" something blah.
@Yuuki I liked Delver, haven't tried the others though
@Batophobia Road not Taken is awesome
@Batophobia I don't know anything about the games, I just have a problem with the term "roguelike". A problem that I've ranted about far too much so I don't bother with it.
I have too much to play and do already.
7:57 PM
Oh man... All of the NCAA March Madness brackets are all kinds of screwed up after today I think.
So, really, very few games get bought now.
@Fluttershy Was there an upset?
@Yuuki Just start referring to all FPS games as "doom-like"
@Yuuki At least that some kind of descriptive. INDIE IS NOT A GENRE PEOPLE
@OrigamiRobot Yeah it is, just like AAA is a genre!
8:03 PM
An indie-like AAA-like Rogue-like like-like game-like
@OrigamiRobot Two so far. No. 14 Georgia St. beat No. 3 Baylor, and Iowa State lost to Alabama - Birmingham.
@Chippies Switch the places for game-like with like-like.
@Fluttershy Take that, smartypantses!
@Yuuki no-like
8:06 PM
@Yuuki is that a fossilized butthole?
@Chippies Close enough.
Likelikes are the worst.
Like Like? Like-like?
@Fluttershy No, Peahats are worse.
I was so scared of them when i played OoT
I'm glad likelikes havent made appearances in the newer zeldas, they'd be way too terrifying
Q: How can you get your character to stop speaking?

MendhakI've started a new character in Guild Wars 2. Occasionally, at seemingly random times, it will say something like "A little help here" or "Never waste a corpse". Just speaking out loud to itself, it seems. Is there a way to get the character to stop speaking?

Q: How do I design an efficient exit from a large one-way road?

Mad ScientistI decided to try out sandbox mode to be able to experiment a bit more. This meant that my first residential district was quite a bit larger than usual as I had access to high-density zones from the start. This lead to the traffic situation in the following image (click on it for a larger image)...

8:10 PM
I wonder if questions about Zelda monsters would be on-topic on Paranormal.SE
@Wipqozn fuck those things. "oh what's this neat looking flower thi- OH GOD IT'S DEATH"
Juts walking along in Hyrule Field. Suddenly, PEAHATS OH GOD RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
@Wipqozn As long as you pretend they're real
@Wipqozn No.
@GnomeSlice What's the difference between a ghost, a vampire, a psychic, and a Peahat as it applies to topicality on Paranormal.SE?
8:17 PM
peahats have a page on the zelda wiki
@GnomeSlice Pretty sure ghosts have a page on the Zelda wiki too.
@Yuuki poes
How are we supposed delineate things that are 1) "real", 2) "paranormal", and 3) everything else?
Simply put, what's "paranormal"?
@Yuuki Whatever kenorb says it is, obviously.
8:20 PM
paranormal is literally "beside" normal
Hunting and Fishing

Proposed Q&A site for expert hunters, fishers, outfitters and other supporting occupations in the hobbies of hunting and fishing.

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment The Great Outdoors?
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Can I ask about Cabella games
> supporting occupations
Are gunsmithing questions on-topic?
@Yuuki While it's not a clearly defined area by any means, it's pretty obvious what he means by "paranormall" and you all seem to be going out of your way to not understand.
8:23 PM
> not clearly defined area by any means
> pretty obvious what he means
Hrm, I'd go to a paranormall.
@Yuuki Yes, I know what I said.
@badp o/O
8:26 PM
How many people truly believe in psychics and ghosts as compared to vampires and werewolves?
Paranormal != supernatural in what he wants for the site
@OrigamiRobot is that the point of argument?
Physics and magnets: do they work?
i don't follow it.. but i thought it was pretty obvious
@Rapitor When people are complaining that he says werewolves are not on-topic because they aren't real, yes.
8:28 PM
@OrigamiRobot they aren't paranormal, so yeah, they'd be off topic on a paranormalsite
11 mins ago, by Yuuki
@GnomeSlice What's the difference between a ghost, a vampire, a psychic, and a Peahat as it applies to topicality on Paranormal.SE?
You're obviously not the one my statements were intended for then :P
> With Windows 10, although non-Genuine PCs may be able to upgrade to Windows 10, the upgrade will not change the genuine state of the license. Non-Genuine Windows is not published by Microsoft. It is not properly licensed, or supported by Microsoft or a trusted partner. If a device was considered non-genuine or mislicensed prior to the upgrade, that device will continue to be considered non-genuine or mislicensed after the upgrade.
Then you should've replied with "it has to do with how many people truly believe in <insert phenomenon>" than a thinly-veiled "it's pretty obvious, moron".
paranormal is ghosts and spiritual things mainly, but dabbles in psychic and alien stuff. werewolves and vampires are super natural
@Rapitor The thing is, psychic stuff is on-topic, according to his discussion post.
So not supernatural.
Also, aliens.
8:31 PM
I don't know where you got "moron", but I did says the words "it's pretty obvious"
I don't think people were so much complaining about werewolves being off-topic, as much as his reason being "Because no one here has stepped up and said they're an expert on werewolves"
@Yuuki right, as that's ok
@Yuuki Psychics are not supernatural
@Rapitor Ah, phasing.
8:32 PM
Paranormal, the site for extraordinary, supernatural, and spell-like abilities. No wait that's RPG.SE...
@OrigamiRobot But there have been psychics on Supernatural!
I wonder if this season is any good. My DVR decided not to record any of it.
Also, he mentions cryptozoology as on-topic.
So Nessie's okay but not Dracula?
Augh, Phasing. So glad that went away.
@OrigamiRobot I'm glad they got rid of phasing
8:33 PM
Yes, it's very confusing.
Not as bad as banding, but still
It makes sense once you understand the rules, but it doesn't really work like anything else in magic
> and also links to the following other topics:

Ghost (YĆ«rei),
New Age,
Out-of-body experience (OOBE),
@OrigamiRobot banding isn't actually that bad
So, supernatural's off-topic but also not off-topic?
We need LiteraryErotica.SE
8:35 PM
@murgatroid99 It's pretty bad. Mainly because players can't see a reason why it's ever useful.
Paranormal... Paranormal is covered on many Sci-Fi topics. There is a Sci-Fi TV channel on cable. Sci-Fi includes wrestling. Wrestling has a character known as the Undertaker. The Undertaker is an undead wizard with a hooded cult. Wrestlers are paranormal.
Because it's often not.
@OrigamiRobot So, from what I remember of Magic, flying monsters can only be countered by flying monsters.
Is that the same thing with phasing?
Phasing monsters can only be countered by phasing monsters?
@OrigamiRobot It changes who chooses damage assignment order. It's true that that's often useless, but you could do some interesting stuff with it
There's an ability to block flying without being a flyer.
8:36 PM
@Yuuki Countered is the wrong word for the thing you mean, but yes typically
@Yuuki it is in d&d
@Sterno 50ShadesOfStackExchange
@Yuuki no, that would be shadow
And no, phasing is a completely different thing
@Batophobia almost
try one more time
Basically, the creature only exists every other turn
8:37 PM
@Sterno #alwayswait2minutes
Mar 13 at 2:33, by GnomeSlice
you can find a lot of weird shit from that paranormal proposal
@murgatroid99 So it can only be... blocked(?) every other turn?
And anything that was attached to the creature also phases in/out with it
@MadMAxJr I don't know if any Sci-Fi channels on cable.
All I know of is a SyFy channel
@Yuuki No, it can only interact with the game at all every other turn
8:37 PM
And it's still on the battlefield, but it's also not. Because reasons
> fake paid psychologists
@Sterno That one, that claims to be science fiction oriented. The one that focuses on the serious threat of sharks.
Man, it must suck to be a fake unpaid psychologist.
8:39 PM
@MadMAxJr Thanks for reminding me. With Spring upon us, I must be wary of Sharknados
My logic is full of holes but I stand behind Wrestling = Paranormal
@Yuuki What if it's your job to be a fake unpaid psychologist?
What if your passion is fake unpaid psychology?
Paranormal Q:Since wizards are present in wrestling, has magic ever been used to finish a match?
Probably pretty nice then
8:41 PM
@OrigamiRobot Passion doesn't pay the bills, man!
Q: Foreigner son-in-law went on a killing spree, then formed a militia just to stand around for awhile... did I miss something?

tpg2114I'm working through my first, long-term play-through after dozens (or, if I'm being honest, hundreds) of short attempts to figure out the mechanics. I'm finally getting into where some weird stuff is happening and I feel like I missed out on something. I'm playing as a West African count in Oua...

@Yuuki Maybe their job is being a paid fake psychologist
Being an unpaid fake psychologist doesn't mean they aren't a paid something else
I guess it's important to flag half hour old messages
8:42 PM
Paid /werewolf/.
@Sterno What was flagged?
37 mins ago, by Chippies
@Yuuki is that a fossilized butthole?
You should quote it so it might be flagged again
And something else too, I think, but I missed the other one
I only saw that one get flagged
8:44 PM
If it's really bothering someone I can room owner abuse and clear the stars
But I mean, have you been in The Bridge before?
Delete all the stars. Then the questions. Then the users.
@Lazers Crusader Kings 2 is really the new source of hilarious questions
Q: Clash of clans questions needed answered

kylieWhy when i upgraded my clan castle b4 war from holding 15 troops to holding 20 my war clan castle still says 15 troops not 20 my clan castle was done upgrading before war started !! It says at my regular village it holds 20 but war base is saying 15 troops why ?? Needed for war please help, all o...

@Lazers and Clash of Clans is the new Minecraft
@murgatroid99 minecraft never had a liam neeson commercial
8:49 PM
I have a particular set of redstone blocks...
@MattGiltaji I mean the quality of the questions. I know basically nothing else about it
@murgatroid99 it is a mobile game that feels the need to pay for tv commercials. nuff said
Apparently, it attracts the kind of people who need two exclamation points to say something, but can't be bothered to write out the word "before"
Lock them in a room with the minecraft logdumps.
@murgatroid99 why ??
8:52 PM
50/50 chance they will post a new question after 15 minutes, "I still need help with this."
Add additional !!??!!## to taste
I'm just baffled by people who take the time to ask a question, but don't take the time to make it coherent.
That would largely be the younger generations.
cc @Unionhawk
@Yuuki Hey, you're not that much older than him, IIRC
@MadMAxJr who counts as the "younger generations?"
8:57 PM
@OrigamiRobot No, I'm not.
<personal opinion>There's a growing generation of very entitled types, "ITS BROKE, FIX IT. FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT" combined with internet exposure at younger and younger ages, on increasingly mobile devices with simplified interfaces. My theory is that there's a growing number of people who just want to scream 'FIX IT' over actually trying anything or looking things up.</personal opinion> You may begin waving torches and pitchforks at me now.
@Yuuki yay, physics
@MadMAxJr This is an opinion every generation ever has had (approximately) regarding the next generation
Have the times changed? NO IT IS THE CHILDREN WHO ARE WRONG.
@MadMAxJr i think socrates wrote some similar thing about young people ruining the world his generation left them
9:01 PM
@MadMAxJr My theory: the amount of people yelling "FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT" is exactly the same. The Internet just makes it easier to see them.
@Yuuki <sarcastic humor> glare THEN CLOSE THE INTERNET GATES. </sh>
@MadMAxJr There's a great sequence of quotes that I can't find at the moment about how new technology makes people less able to communicate. The earliest ones date back to the 1800s
While this joke has been heard over and over again, I do like this reply:
> But the statistician would know that the sample size from the shots is too small to analyze and would not butcher statistical quality.
had 20min interview today
@murgatroid99 You summarized my point better than I with just that line, thank you.
9:03 PM
they leave, have a ciggy break
come back 'unoffially we are offering you the role'
Wow, that is long.
@Yuuki thank you
@MadMAxJr The point is that it's not true
If our ability to communicate had been declining steadily for over 140 years, things would be different
@murgatroid99 What if the rate of change is super, super low?
For me, before we had all of this, I had to write a letter to Nintendo Power. Since I knew that took time, I had to explain in depth what I was trying to do in Final Fantasy 2 (4J) to beat Evil Wall. So that I'd get a good answer, I had to explain what I had done so far.
@djsmiley2k weird that they had a cig break while you were still there, but congrats on the result
9:05 PM
@Yuuki Then people shouldn't be able to notice it on a year-to-year basis
Well, then I guess the previous generation wouldn't really be all that dissimilar to the next.
it was so they could discuss, and come back to me sooner @MattGiltaji -- they did ask if that was ok
Now we have Gaming.SE "How do I beat Evil Wall [Final-fantasy-2]" "Dude, cast slow on the thing."
it was really like an informal chat
@djsmiley2k really cool then
9:06 PM
@MadMAxJr There were probably people who wrote letters like that. They just wouldn't have been published
what is the job?
IT Operations Engineer
My letter wasn't published, but I did get a typed reply!
haha 'generic' is the best way of discribing it -- i'm not even sure exactly what I'll be dsoing :D
other than 'fix things'
which is fine by me :)
@djsmiley2k yay, welcome to helpdesk
9:07 PM
@MadMAxJr My point is that poorly-asked questions weren't invented in the last couple of decades
hehe not quite helpdesk, done that before
TLDR; April Fools should indicate that Gaming.SE only accepts snail-mail questions.
it's more a case of 'welcome to shouting at developers for downing the entire platform, again!"
Valid point.
@Lazers I cleaned it up, but I have no idea if I missed anything. I don't play it.
9:08 PM
We have instructions and guidelines on the site that say how to write a good question, just seems that we have people in certain topic areas who don't care to read them.
@MadMAxJr every se site has that issue and thinks they are the only ones
And, I think it's worth posting the actual Socrates quote:
> Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.
So to get better content we either educate the users or CULL THE POPULATION OF THE BAD ASKERS. Ahem.
Yeah I'm just being snarky cause I'm tired of flagging minecraft logdumps. Don't mind me.
Does anybody want to play a game
or just chat or something
@GnomeSlice that's what we are doing, eh?
9:11 PM
I suppose.
so how did disemboweling the bus go?
Q: How many times can I attempt to open the Whisper-locked box from Fallen London?

Ed BranninThere is a storylet in Fallen London that will provide a whisper-locked box for "my next Captain". Is this a once-only bonus, or would it unlock a Starting Ambition that I could pick any number of times? (I thought it would only work once, so I've been afraid to connect my account until I thoug...

yesterday, by GnomeSlice
Brb disemboweling bus
How do you taunt the bus so that it exposes the soft underbelly for that?
9:17 PM
(The link is what throws it over the line)
Frank, you get a shiny Lisa Frank rainbow tiger sticker for trying to save that Clash of Clans question.
One fun thing about being on the events committee where I work... I just spent 20 minutes washing dishes.
And getting paid for it.
and not minimum wage.
That and I spent more than half my day on things that aren't boring project things
9:50 PM
Q: Does every trader set a different value per each item?

FabiánI want to sell items, and I wonder if items have different values per trader or per any zone of the map. I'm playing Baldur's Gate 1, using the Easytutu mod.

@Powerlord I got payed today for 1 hour of monster hunter, multiple hours of waiting for my boss to buy some thing, and then writing 3 lines of javascript and maybe 10-15 lines of css. That's the endresult of the whole day.
I got paid for nothing today
@Frank So apparently Licorice and Reina are actually the same person.
10:05 PM
Q: Why do I keep having 0 archers at my disposal?

ymarIn my capital, I have 0/30 archers, and it has been this way for some time. Other numbers change, this one remains constant. Why could that be?

After trying the demo, I don't think I like Azure Striker Gunvolt.
Or at least I don't like the demo.
pokes Maven
wtf was that huge wait you just did during the copy-resources phase?
120000 milliseconds is two minutes and that bugs me in a phase that should just be copying files
Been a while since I used maven, but I used to experience weird moments like that. Usually they didn't repeat themselves though
@AshleyNunn is this a cupcakes reference?
@MattGiltaji Well, that and the truth (because I am still off work)
but hey I have cupcakes
someone tell me they aren't for dinner
10:20 PM
Q: What has changed between black 1 + 2?

PezantishI've got all the games from diamond on and really enjoyed black, but it seems too similar. Should I get it and what are the differences.

@Lazers Well, for one, it's Orange now.
@AshleyNunn they aren't for dinner
@MattGiltaji thank you
I am trying to be a responsible adult
and I do have tasty dinnerfoods
@AshleyNunn Cupcakes are for PinkiePie, silly AshleyNunn.
@AshleyNunn I don't see why not.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Because I haven't really eaten real food today and feel like I should
It's nearly 6:30pm and I'm still at work.
@AshleyNunn Do cupcakes contain (dubious) nutrients and calories? Yes they do.
That is the definition of real food, no?
Do cupcakes contain bacon?
@LessPop_MoreFizz truuuuuuue
10:23 PM
@AshleyNunn they are for dessert
@Powerlord They can but these don't
Let's just say this demo does a horrible job of demonstrating mechanics.
Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body. It is usually of plant or animal origin, and contains essential nutrients, such as fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. The substance is ingested by an organism and assimilated by the organism's cells to provide energy, maintain life, or stimulate growth. Historically, people secured food through two methods: hunting and gathering, and agriculture. Today, most of the food energy required by the ever increasing population of the world is supplied by the food industry. Food safety and food security are monitored by agencies...
@KevinvanderVelden So healthy people food first.
Anyway, now that I know this works, I should be going home.
10:23 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz You're helping!
Clearly, by this definition a cupcake is food.
@AshleyNunn and then cupcakes, lots of cupcakes
As to whether the Cupcake is Real, that is an ontological dilemma which only you can solve.
I also can't forget I need to pick up a few salad dressings for tomorrow as I somehow became the defacto owner of the "we still have food left after today's potluck, so lets meet for lunch again tomorrow" thing.
I should probably eat more than a pear for dinner huh
10:24 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I know they are real, they are in my fridge and have fondant unicorns/rainbows/SE diamonds on them
I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force
I just haven't eaten any yet
@AshleyNunn But are they REAL? What is Reality anyway? etc. etc. etc.
@LessPop_MoreFizz My brain still can't handle that sort of deep thought
although it is getting better, in general :D
@LessPop_MoreFizz Is it getting solipsistic in here, or is it just me?
10:27 PM
@GnomeSlice carl is the best
@murgatroid99 blame @AshleyNunn she said she wanted real food, but she claims to have cupcakes and that they do not meet that criteria. We have established that cupcakes are food, therefore, either the cupcakes are not real, or @AshleyNunn can eat cupcakes right now.
@MattGiltaji get outta my freakin' pool
Q: How closely does Pokemon Ranger/MD follow main game format?

PezantishI have finished tge main pokemon series but the afore metioned games seem really different... How do they match the main game and do I need to get the first in the series to progress?

@LessPop_MoreFizz I was mostly just referencing the common solipsism joke
10:29 PM
> I dunno if it's science or nothin, but somehow, it knows
@GnomeSlice i am lolling so hard right now
Sup chat
> Just say Smith again it don't matter. None of this matters.
@Chippies Now that I've finally got to using the mp3 player, I love it.
Oh God Handbanana
10:34 PM
Qvestion... would I be better off speculation about my PC issues here, or on Super user chat?
@GnomeSlice so awkward
@Ben Why not Super User?
Cos I like you guys better :3
The smell of lychees is the best.
@Ben I mean the site
10:36 PM
And the fact is, as of now, it's a speculative issue, not a definite problem.
> hoh man, I got so... arrested. That night.
@Ben (blushes) Oh you...
@murgatroid99 I think I know what the problem might be...
Making that instantly low quality in one way or another.
oh mc pee pants
@Ben I don't know what that means. Are you talking about the problem or the cause of the problem?
10:38 PM
Well I think the easiest way to explain would be to explain.
> I like candy, bubble gum and ta~ DAMNIT
aww, they left off the tire iron bit
@Ben Knowing the answer to your question doesn't make it a low-quality question.
@Yuuki not knowing the answer to your question also doesn't make it low-quality
Basically, the answer to your question has very little to do with its quality.
10:39 PM
@Yuuki Yeah, I figured it was just a localization thing.
@Frank Well, still probably not going to court Reina, but for a different reason this time.
hmmm I need some perl experts
@Yuuki Not gonna let her cheat on you with you? :P
who won't shout at me for being dumb D:
10:40 PM
What I think the issue is, is one of our office PC's has intermittent issues dealing with previewing PDF's in the preview pane of the file explorer. After (x) amount of time, the memory will build up slowly but surely, until it's sitting at roughly 95% of capacity, and it can't do anything
@Frank Got it in one.
> I told you not to drink! I should not have bought you them drinks.
But also because romancing the same person in different games when you're a different character in each game is just weird.
Making me believe it might be a memory leak somewhere
And somewhat stale.
10:41 PM
@Yuuki Knowing the answer doesn't have anything to do with it... I don't know what the problem is
I think I do, but that's irrelevant
@Ben This is what I was trying to say before. You just described what the problem is. You don't know what the cause is
Hm. OK that's fair enough. Sorry... I'm just having my first morning coffee as we speak :P
Is there an extensive enough repository of Hylian to actually make this accurate?
Yes, that is really his name. Guilherme Crabogiale Fuck.
@GnomeSlice I have to ask, are you attempting to speak in quotes and posts?
...I feel like there's a hidden message here somewhere
10:46 PM
@GnomeSlice as a spoken thing? not at all
Didn't think so
@GnomeSlice From the description: "This orchestral arrangement features two themes from two of my favorite games ever, Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Skyward Sword! Since the Skyward Sword "Ballad of the Goddess" theme is actually "Zelda's Lullaby" in reverse, we thought it would sound awesome to combine them. The fantasy lyrics are written in "Hylian" - though the language doesn't actually exist, I did my best to make them sound authentic based on all the existing Zelda lore out there."
So she just kinda smashed sounds together
@AshleyNunn Why did I just picture some one smashing a toaster against an iron?
> Fuck's coming for you, Canada.
10:52 PM
@MattGiltaji What's Canada got to do with it?
@LessPop_MoreFizz So if he signs onto a team and they refuse to trade him the next season, I'm gonna put money down that the headline will be "<Team> Doesn't Give a Fuck".
> Fuck averaged 18 and 10 this season on his way to being named to the all-Canadian team, and is preparing to lead his Rattlers into the CCAA tournament.
@Yuuki won't happen. He's not good enough to go pro I don't think.
Q: My ps3 controllers died?

Joao VictorIt has been some months since i've turned my playstation 3 on. Today, when i turned it on with my controllers, it didn't work. I thought "hey, the battery surely ran out", so i tried to charge them but they don't seem to be charging at all. Could it be that they're officially weight papers by now?

@Ben He plays in Medicine Hat, Canada
10:55 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's unfortunate. At least for the newspapers.
What I want to know, is what they'd do if it was on his jersey and they aired a game on TV
@MattGiltaji Ah. Well, that clearly means one thing: I need more coffee
@Ktash They sidestep it by using his second name.
@Yuuki They do now, yes. But I'm curious what would happen if they didn't
Because it is a name, not a swear word, so I'm curious as to where the regulations for that would fall
10:57 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz It seems like he did all the work with the quotation at the end
@Ktash TV, they'd probably blur the jersey and pronounce his name correctly. (foo-ke)
@Ktash i'm waiting for the inappropriate flags to roll in
@MattGiltaji I already invalidated a flag on the link
@murgatroid99 Yeah, no way that quote wasn't coaxed out by a reporter that wanted it to be in their coverage.
@LessPop_MoreFizz yeah, I guess
10:59 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz It would suck to have that job that day
@murgatroid99 not 10k, so i can't see it :(
@MattGiltaji You could do what I did, and sign up for an account on every site on the network.

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