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12:04 AM
Apparently Europe has a language mastery scale: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
oh I actually thought that was a more globally accepted standard
I don't think I've seen that particular scale used in the US.
My high school does grade language learners on a scale of some kind. It's the same concept, that your location on the scale is your "absolute" skill as opposed to your skill relative to your peers.
Each level of class has a certain target of proficiency on the scale.
It seems to be the new way of doing it, I was never graded on the scheme.
I think it's funny that if I Google "simplest language," then the Piraha wiki page shows up as the first result.
The wiki article then proceeds to the use the phrase "the sheer difficulty of learning the language" in the introduction.
"Get back to work, Ray..."
^ A reference I don't get?
second to last paragraph in this section
12:17 AM
oh, okay
1:03 AM
I just remembered something.
I few years back, I wrote a poem in which I slowly changed the rules of English grammar as I went on.
I don't know if I have a copy anywhere. It probably wasn't very good anyways. I think I wrote it in sixth grade.
@Calvin'sHobbies I wanted to do a challenge like that for numbers in Prelude for a couple of weeks now... I guess I'll wait a bit, because it gets boring otherwise ;)
I'm backing up a ton of files right now.
"Copying 36,031 items"
1:26 AM
@MartinBüttner Sorry :P (To be fair you've had 4 days since I last posted, that seems longer than usual for me ;) )
1:42 AM
Caltech will release admissions decisions in about 20 minutes.
Given that their freshman class is smaller than my highschool's senior class, combined with the fact that their admissions process is practically a lottery anyways, I have hope but no expectations.
I didn't really put much effort into that application either.
1:57 AM
@PhiNotPi Good luck, seriously. Just a tip: cats make college way more fun.
Well, MIT and Georgia Tech release decisions tomorrow.
@PhiNotPi Are you a High School Senior ?
If none of the fancier colleges work out, I think I will probably be able to go to my state's main university, the University of South Carolina, for basically free.
2:07 AM
Tip 2: Don't live near your parents during college.
Yeah I live like less than an hour away from that university.
~$7,500/year state scholarship + $10,000/year scholarship since I'm a National Merit Finalist + $3,000/year general academic scholarhip
I might end up saving the money for a graduate degree.
@Calvin'sHobbies The good news is that I already have a cat.
6 hours later…
8:33 AM
@MartinBüttner One of the reasons I read in Spanish is to improve my vocabulary. And being in a book club means that I read books with more variety than I'd choose myself, which helps with that.
@PhiNotPi The simplest Turing-complete imperative language has just the instruction "subtract and branch if negative". Doesn't make it easy to use.
1 hour later…
9:50 AM
I have to say, there sure are some weird tags at the bottom of the barrel
I like how there are two questions tagged HQ9+, and one is just a duplicate of the other
10:37 AM
and are possibly even less likely to be reused than any of those three.
The shifting question already has bitwise, not sure why another tag was added :/
But tags which are only used on one question are auto-deleted after 6 months, so they'll probably die anyway.
This question was from a year ago though...
hmm, just after we talked about serial voting I got serial upvoted :O
(have been reversed since)
@Sp3000 Hmm.
11:03 AM
@PeterTaylor that's what I meant when I said it takes dedication ;) (although I guess you've got a bit less of a hard time, since you're actually living in Spain)
@Calvin'sHobbies @PhiNotPi actually, studying an hour's drive from home is quite nice. it's far enough away to justify living there, but close enough to go home whenever you need anything. ;)
@Sp3000 is my fault
that should go
Two hours is what I've heard proposed as the ideal distance. Far enough that your parents won't visit in the week, but near enough to take your laundry home at weekends ;)
yeah something like that
"Jul 7 '14 at 16:00", I see. I guess back in those days tags were different, or something :P
@Sp3000 that was following this discussion
but shortly afterwards we decided (in chat, I think) that this is a really bad meta tag, but I forgot to remove the one I had already added
Ah, I see
11:46 AM
I should probably make a list of tags that should be added/changed/removed
maybe we should also try and get a dev to do some bulk renaming... the mix of singular and plural is irritating :D
@MartinBüttner thanks for the thorough proof reading, do you think the whole thing might be a bit too bitty and mundane to be worth posting?
nah, I think it's fine. it probably won't get you a Great Question badge, but it's not a bad challenge ;)
I'm not bothered about badges, but I've been meaning to write something like this up for ages, and hopefully someone will have fun implementing it
I might try it in Mathematica
Typo: Second paragraph last sentence, it's -> its
11:52 AM
thanks Sp3000... that's shameful
I'm going to use the excuse I was really tired when I wrote this, and that I'm no good at proof reading my won work ;)
No probs, happens with long specs :)
there were 3 incorrect "it's"
"A segment is a contiguous (strict) substring of a word, and must not contain any character twice " Twice, or twice in a row?
former, do you think that should be specified?
I just think a different example might make things clearer, preferably with both types
11:54 AM
@VisualMelon apparently :P
@Sp3000 good idea
"The scoring of characters is a horrifying concept outlined below this." That's going to put people off if you say that :P
yes, I don't like having that in a separate section, but I'm not sure how to put it all in one without it becoming horribly confused...
I'll maybe just remove the "horrifying" bit
12:08 PM
I've replaced the wierd real-world concept of saying segments with "segment weight"
I think you just "unfixed" the spelling of "weird" ;)
i think he meant wired
I'm sure weird is thus, I even asked my mother who happened to be sat next to me at this time, so if that's wrong I will be very disappointed!
ok, spell checker disagrees, this is a problem xD
ok, my mother apologizes, something about concentrating on real work or something
this typo seems to be more common with native speakers than foreigners
12:19 PM
yeah, it's probably the "i before e" rule tripping me up
I've never been good at spelling
me niether
Why do they even teach that "rule" :/
because English is a shoddy language, and getting it right most of the time is better than never, probably
the worst thing about English isn't spelling though... it's pronunciation... from what I've heard, even native speakers have no way of knowing how to pronounce a word they've never heard (well I mean, there are obvious cases... but I feel like there are more syllables with ambiguous pronunciation than with consistent pronunciation)
quite, I get very worked up about teaching "phonics" to young children, because English barely has a Phonology at all
12:38 PM
When in doubt, just use the typical example rough dough cough plough hiccough and other ough words
yeah that's pretty good
*ead is also annoying
or *ow
Also ghoti. Pronounced fish. (made up by pulling relevant sounds and spellings from different words)
or *omb ... I could go on all day :D
Damn :/
Actually we had a friend the other day say the word "plaid" and was stopped mid-sentence by everyone else because she pronounced it like "laid"
I think there's only one weird case in German pronunciation
"ch" can be a lot of things, and at least two of them are really hard to pronounce for foreigners to begin with ^^
(compare Bach, Teich, Chemie, Chamäleon ... and some loan words also have it pronounced like "tsh")
12:56 PM
@MartinBüttner That's very true. You see it all the time with unusual names.
yeah, British names for locations are the worst when it comes to unexpected pronunciation :D
"corpse, corps" hah nice.
The sidebar sure doesn't like links
No. Very interesting bug.
"Made has not the sound of bade" huh?
1:07 PM
lol "wind and wind"
that reminds me...
giantitp.com/comics/oots0837.html third row and the panel after that
this poem is very educational, thanks :D
it's missing "finite, infinite, infinity"
1:30 PM
@MartinBüttner I think that may have changed in the past century, because IIRC there's a line in a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta which only rhymes if wind (the movement of air) is pronounced as wind (what one used to have to do to a watch).
2 hours later…
3:24 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies All even characters cannot be done with a one liner :(
@Peter "You say mani-(fold) like many, Which is wrong." hm? how else would you pronounce it?
I assume the poem thinks people pronounce the "man" part of "manifold" like the "man" part of "many", rather than like the word "man"?
wow, that's a really subtle difference ^^
It's basically the difference between "man" and "men", which I don't think is that subtle :P
3:39 PM
even that is fairly subtle to my ears... you can easily get more variation than that in German vowels without anyone thinking you would have pronounced a different word. English has weirdly fine lines between different vowel sounds.
Maybe you'll have fun reading half the sentences on this page, then :P
the horse raced past the barn fell
@Sp3000 those don't seem to be playing much with the pronunciation though, do they?
Well, more intonation for the first bunch
@PeterTaylor Nor does the transcript. It's because there's multiple http://s in the link.
3:44 PM
They're the same words, but pronounced differently due to different contexts in the sentence
Turn right here
@Sp3000 ah yeah true
I don't think German has any pure buffalo-style sentences
You can get 6 times "fliegen" if you surround it in other words, like "Wenn hinter Fliegen Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen hinterher." (When behind flies, flies are flying, [then] flies are flying behind flies.) ...
and there's two rather funny ones that use different words which are either pronounced the same or use the same letters. "Bismarck biss Mark, bis Mark Bismarck biss." (Bismarck bit Mark until Mark bit Bismarck.) and "Der Inder in der Inderin" (The Indian [man] inside the Indian [woman])
but otherwise, even if we have words that act as both nouns and verbs (like "buffalo"), German doesn't have those nice elliptical sentence structures where you can just leave out all the words that indicate there's a relative sentence somewhere :D
Today I learnt: Bismarck is an actual name
4:00 PM
Happy 3/14/15 pi day - or at least I'd say that if I wasn't in Australia.
Actually it's the 15th over here now, so I'm slow anyway.
(Also I can't wait for the premature Monte Carlo solution of "generate random floats between 0 and 1 and keep those less than pi/4" before the OP clarifies)
Hmm CJam doesn't have complex support and Pyth doesn't have a "random float between 0 and 1"...
4:30 PM
two random numbers b/w 0 and 1 and see if there root sum square is less than 1
I have 34 bytes
in CJam
Oh, CJam doesn't have a random float between 0 and 1 either?
how much in Pyth ?
4:46 PM
No idea, haven't tried because of the lack of a random float command
Python ?
Python has 92 reading number of trials from STDIN
The question doesn't say anything about precision though, that's another problem
Oh that's right, Pyth doesn't have abs either
oh, I can save 1 byte if i read number of trials from stdin
Which would be even more of a pain
... although getting 1j is difficult anyway so that wouldn't help
27 - final
5:06 PM
one can now answer the bonus part of the unholed CH question in 99
6:02 PM
43 in Mathematica btw
10 of those are "RandomReal"
6:20 PM
For some reason, Mac's 99 interpreter isn't working on my computer. Is it the same for anyone else?
6:46 PM
@Sp3000 I've been thinking about further regex replacement challenges... transposing a grid seems quite tricky
@MartinBüttner Odd. According to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA_for_German you have about the same number of vowels as English.
yeah, but I think they are either more clearly separated or we don't care as much when one slips a bit to become another
@Doorknob I'm one of those people who doesn't have any trouble parsing that sentence because I'm familiar with fell as a noun. I used to go fell walking every summer.
btw that's one of my favourite things about Icelandic... they've got like 15 vowel letters, but at least each letter always stands for the same sound (apart from appearing in certain fixed letter groups)
@PeterTaylor maybe you do have a problem parsing the sentence (as intended) then ;)
Q: Input in functional languages

SiegInput doesn't make sense in a pure functional enviroment. I've seen some challenges where input was to be read from a file or from STDIN. Are purely functional languages (that do not implement these input methods) allowed to participate?

7:05 PM
@PeterTaylor Hmm, I guess that works. It's supposed to be "the horse, which was raced past the barn, fell."
Here's another one: "The complex houses single and married soldiers and their families."
that's a lot less confusing
7:25 PM
I got some more college decisions.
Accepted to Georgia Tech, but not MIT.
Well congrats on Georgia :)
And I have some more high school decisions. :P
Georgia Tech actually has a really good engineering program, so that's good.
Georgia Tech does look very nice. Congratulations!
@PhiNotPi masters or doctrate ?
7:36 PM
Also, I was really looking forward to posting my 27 byte pi approximation via monte carlo simulation ..
Should we post another question or somehow get the OP to cleanup the closed one ?
@Optimizer So edit the question into shape and get it reopened.
right now, its totally unclear on what were OP's intentions on many thing
what about precision ? what about simulation iterations ?
reference solution for my Sandbox post is taking a while to process "antidisestablishmentarianism", but solved "establishment" in a sensible time
esta b li shment
(not the most efficient thing in the history of time)
Mathematic could well make really short of work of it
I hope so :D
although I think there is no built-in to get all partitions into consecutive substrings
doing it with pattern matching doesn't take too many characters though
7:45 PM
yeah, but I just had to write LCM :P
oh, right :D
my solution is just a whole load of LINQ, it's not meant to be fast or concise, so hopefully it works
8:03 PM
Timtech's interpreter has been getting upvotes again :/
Just downvote it if you don't like it. :)
oh, no worries, I already did :P
8:20 PM
I think this is good to reopen now codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/47759/…
@Optimizer ^
I wish Mathematica had Ceil :/
I've got 3 solutions now, all at 42 bytes. I think 42 is the answer after all.
found 40 bytes while writing up the explanation
8:59 PM
Are there any other random ways to calculate pi?
Like the Buffon's needle thing?
you can dump the points in a unit cube and check against the unit sphere :P
huh, Buffon's needle looks interesting
not useful for golfing though
you could probably also monte carlo a gaussian integral
What is the average value of a number generated by sqrt(1 - X^2), where x is a uniform distribution?
Is it pi/4?
what range for X? [0,1]?
9:14 PM
yeah it seems to be pi/4
yeah ?
yes that works
31 bytes in Mathematica, but it's not a valid answer for this challenge
I don't know if it is considered a Monte Carlo method though.
Yeah that's what I was thinking.
24 in CJam.
what is reasoning about it ? as in .. how does it work ?
it's just the integral of sqrt(1-x^2) from 0 to 1
and if you integrate something and divide by the width you've integrated over (in this case 1), that's by definition the mean.
9:18 PM
pretty sure that's not monte carlo method
It's not.
@Optimizer because the indefinite integral is 1/2 (x Sqrt[1 - x^2] + ArcSin[x])
also, I just tried it
and came up with an answer startlingly similar to Optimizer's
in cjam?
9:20 PM
shorter ?
lets see ;)
I'm going to feel like a scumbag for posting it becuase it's so similar to yours
but I found some tiny extra optimizations
well then don't be a scumbag and suggest them to Optimizer :P
if its that similar, maybe comment to help mine improve ? :)
9:22 PM
you win this time, Optimizer, getting to the scene before me :P
I say those words quite a lot ..
(in my mind, to Martin)
wait a second, something looks strange here
oh never mind
there you go
oh, cjam does have double random !
yeah, I thought it was a little funny how you got your random
it certainly does
you know what should be a feature request though
make 1md automatically return a random double anyways
because 1md as an integer is just silly
err, mr
23 bytes!
half thanks to you!
9:31 PM
you found another 2 bytes? cool
I was pretty fresh out of ideas, so you probably would've beaten me in the end anyways
have a look
updated just now
I'm now waiting for someone asking you "why is there an unnecessary comment at the end of your code"...
because code-golf (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
knowing how my brain works, I never would've thought of that
The i trick is really neat. I tried the same thing with g , but somehow missed i completely
9:35 PM
my first idea was ig
then I was like
wait a second...
it stinks that the variables have to keep their initial values for backwards compatibility's sake
1d? really? what's wrong with 1.?
I've always thought a 1.0 might be useful somehow
I dunno, both work
9:37 PM
picked 1d because it looks nicer
1. looks like unfinished number
yeah, that
which my brain wants to complete
but it's like writing double(1) instead of 1. in normal code
what normal code ?
9:38 PM
CJam is far from normal code
you guys have a weird aesthetic sense
hence the unnecessary comment at the end
1. looks like that I am starting a list of something
2. it also looks like I am missing the second item in that list
3. This is just crazy
39 minutes until I can put a bounty on the string rectangle
for ?
and dont give that "fuck you, my rep" crap :P
9:40 PM
beating my own answer
I'm pretty sure you'll just be getting your bounty back
you can't
well I'll award it to some other good answer if no one beats mine
anyways, I looked at your answer and basically gave up lol
it was way too good
9:42 PM
me too
I couldn't even get close to it
me too
we could keep this going on, but I think it's gone on long enough
me too
nice lay-up for you there :P
and google tells me there's no hyphen in layup, oh well
9:44 PM
me too?
10:05 PM
I want to make a quine challenge to try out the new definition... but then again most generalised quines are a bit boring once you've figured out how to quine.
10:36 PM
we need this:
Q: Line breaks/paragraphs for bounty text

Josh CaswellAccording to What markdown formatting features are available for Bounty remarks? only "mini"-markdown is enabled for bounty text. I just posted a bounty over on Add an option to recall moved questions, where I had composed a remark text that looked like this: I'd like to see reconsideration o...

at this rate, Illuminator is gonna take a while...
You just need to be 10x more active. You obviously just don't participate enough.
Pshh, slacker.
@Runer112 while the author was okay with it in this case, please consider rejecting golfing edits in the future
11:17 PM
The only thing I understand from that badge is that if I want to answer something, I should edit it, too. I mean, I can always find something to edit, right?
Maybe I could try changing the question to match the answer.
@Geobits Yeah, you could... but of course what the badge is trying to enforce is that you improve the question when you answer it (because apparently, you've understood it).
I get the intent, but people are generally averse to rolling back edits unless they make it substantially worse. So I could just minor-edit my way to a badge, whether it actually helps the question or not.
yes, that's been criticised when they first proposed the badges on MSE
(I feel like we even discussed it back then)
Maybe. Maybe I should go edit the original post about it and put up an answer :D
11:35 PM

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