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7:26 AM
Q: Vedas are Shruthi, Smriti and?

ArunVedas are called shruti. But they are are seen by Rishis, called DrushTAras. Since the Rishis saw the Vedas in some form, then Vedas should be called Drushya instead of shruti. Or the Rishis have to be called ShrOtRu. Why isnt that usage in vogue?

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8:29 AM
Q: Where is the Parsamani(Gold Stone) which Satyabhama's father had?

KiranI read a book on Krishna written by K.M. Munshi called "KRISHNAVATAR" in which author wrote that, Satyabhama's father had parasmani (Gold Stone), and with proper pooja of that stone turn anything into gold. I am sure that, that Mani is not destroyed. So is anybody know now where that Mani is? an...

Is there any tag deletion happened
which i missed
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10:36 AM
Q: Why holika got burned in fire?

KedarnathKing Hiranyakashipu tried many ways to kill his Prahlad. Holika was her sister with a boon that a fire can not burn/harm her. To kill Prahlad in fire, Hiranyakashipu asked her sister's help. She suggested that she will sit in fire with prahlad in her lap, so this way fire will burn the prahlad....


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