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12:04 AM
@BESW what, hydra?
oh yeah i see what you mean.
@doppelgreener QFT.
(personally i am less of a fan of backronyms the more convoluted they get :P)
It's a Hydra reference, a Hydra parody, and it goes bonus points for being a SHIELD parody too.
@DuckTapeAl are thermal driveways a thing?
Hydra is not an acronym, it's just a name which describes their organisational structure: numerous cells that can rise up to take the place of any cells which are destroyed.
12:06 AM
just make the driveway super warm and melt the snow.
@BESW H.Y.D.R.A.T.I.O.N. is a backronym.
@doppelgreener Last I heard, they had some... engineering problems.
@doppelgreener Awww, you won't like WOMBATMANs we had...
@doppelgreener Right. In that sense, HYDRATION is a SHIELD parody.
@Magician those get a free pass because the name is hilarious and fantastic
(Weaponized) Ordinary Mobile Builder, All Terrain; Modular Assembled Network.
12:07 AM
also IIRC you actually came up with reasonable words for for it that didn't seem over-stretched for the sake of "oh crap guys we gotta fill out the rest of these letters"
Terribly overextended, but that's Dr Von Bat for you.
Did it progress along OMBAT -> WOMBAT -> WOMBATMAN?
(it was the legged bulldozer-like WOMBATs, assembling together into a giant WOMBATMAN)
ala the giant robot made up of lions whose name currently escapes me.
@doppelgreener My driveway is unpaved, and I've got a landlord who doesn't believe in shoveling.
@doppelgreener "Do you vant to know a zekret? Zey are ALL WEAPONIZED!"
12:11 AM
The biggest problem with thermal driveways during a winter like this one is you convert 6 feet of snow into something like 2 feet of water, which isn't that much better.
It still doesn't have anywhere to go.
And the runoff will basically become a sheet of ice.
What you need is to replace your driveway with a series of giant spring-loaded platforms which hurl the snow away.
It doubles as a security system!
That might work. It has the unfortunate side effect of hurling your car away, though.
@Grubermensch Yes we should. Do you want to do voice, or will chat be sufficient? Either way, sometime tomorrow night perhaps? Let me know what time works for you?
@Magician look who's currently on my paint table: plus.google.com/100133206153519428257/posts/ZiJHKv95Npc
12:20 AM
@Magician Hahahaha
@waxeagle Oooh!
@Magician okay yes, this is a perfectly reasonable un-stretched addon to the acronym.
@DuckTapeAl o-oh. Right. Ice. That's bad.
@waxeagle Hmm. It's not Reaper Bones ID.
@Magician that it would be
@BESW i was thinkin' like, the entire driveway as a set of enormous trap-doors leading to a ten foot fall into an enormous furnace. Doubles as a security system, and a constant source of anxiety over whether the mechanisms are still fine every time you drive over it.
12:23 AM
@waxeagle Was it in the first kickstarter? Do I have one hiding in the giant box of unpainted minis, waiting to strike??
also doubles as an invitation to a property search warrant.
@Magician nah, it's in the second
@doppelgreener And an insurance hike.
@waxeagle Do I spot a weird maths error in this question?
> At level 4, my bonus is +6. Next level it will be +7. That means that to counter a level 9 spell, I only need to get a 12 or higher- 40% chance of success.
@doppelgreener That sounds an awful lot like a trap room I built in Evil Genius once.
12:24 AM
Isn't getting a 12 or higher something like a 60% chance of success?
@waxeagle Ah, mine hasn't arrived yet.
or am I missing something re: the situation the person's talking baout?
@DuckTapeAl that sounds a little like the entrance to my friend's dwarf fortress.
@doppelgreener 12 or higher on the d20 roll
It's actually a 45% chance. He needs to roll a 12 or higher, so he succeds on 9 out of 20 numbers.
Oh, whoops.
12:25 AM
@waxeagle Tomorrow night is good, and I'm fine doing chat instead of voice if that's better. Probably can't be before 10PM EST.
@doppelgreener you don't factor proficiency in that roll
12 or higher is 12-20 not 1-12 ~_~;
i am in a weird brain mode clearly
@waxeagle I know that, but it's not what doppel was confused about
@Miniman sorry, a lot went by as I looked up the spell
got confused about who was asking
@waxeagle I don't know 5e very well, but in 3.5 your answer would benefit from a quick mention that some features are really better off in the hands of only PCs or only NPCs.
12:27 AM
@Grubermensch that's fine
Man, counterspell got so much better in 5e.
@BESW Counterspelling is a brutal strategy no matter who's using it.
@Miniman Yes, but it's often better for the truly brutal stuff to stay in the hands of the PCs (IE, the guys who are expected to win most of the time anyway, so giving them more effective win mechanics has less impact on the flow of the game).
@DuckTapeAl I feel like that deserves to be several font sizes larger.
How do I make the font bigger in here?
12:30 AM
@DuckTapeAl you can't
@BESW It certainly requires caution to let NPCs use it. Counterspelling a fireball is fine, counterspelling the party's last-minute emergency teleport that was meant to prevent a TPK probably isn't.
yeah. It's generally less mean to be brutal to the guys who were going to lose anyway--as counterintuitive as that seems.
@Grubermensch if I'm not around here (I'll try to be) when you're ready tomorrow night, ping me in google chat.
# test
@BESW well, it's also less mean to be brutal to the guys who will disappear at scene-end to experience plot (potentially including magical healing), and more mean to be brutal to the players who will go on to have only three legs and five arms between the entire five-person party.
12:37 AM
@Miniman mind if I borrow that exact turn of phrase?
and slightly less than the average two lungs, etc.
@waxeagle Go for it!
@Miniman Thanks, and credited.
@waxeagle Thanks!
@doppelgreener also to those whom spells slots are a trifling bother rather than a resource to be tightly managed
12:41 AM
@waxeagle Who is that?
@Miniman the NPCs
if you're around for a fight...you probably have more spell slots than you need
@waxeagle The limits are tight enough that it's still a concern (or at least, it has been for me)
1:23 AM
I am somewhat concerned that this kid doesn't feel comfortable asking his club's sponsoring teacher for help.
Yeah that's a very weird constraint.
It could just be general shyness, perhaps.
Yeah, it's middle school, could be any number of things going on.
I'm curious what the role of the teacher is in this club.
But it sounds like the guy is one of two GMs in the club, is only friends with three people in the club, and isn't on easy terms with the club's sponsor. That's hinting at something more than just average "teen awkward" underlying the dynamics.
Possibly? The club is also only around a month old.
@BESW He said "able to GM Paranoia" specifically.
1:31 AM
Yeah, so it "sounds like" he's one of two GMs.
Most groups don't have an overabundance of GMs, and he's framed himself as one of the primary GMs in the RPG circles he frequents.
Hmm yes
Holy crap. I just downloaded the HPMOR pdf, to re-read it before it ends, and apparently it's like 1800 pages long.
How do I introduce Paranoia to a Junior High School Pathfinder RPG club? Have you considered psychological experiments? :P
That's like, half the length of the entire HP series.
2:12 AM
If Tag A needs to be a synonym of Tag B, are we meant to suggest the synonym in the synonym box for Tag A, or Tag B?
I would go with most common. Google the two, whichever has less results is the synonym for the other
2:28 AM
I know which one needs to be a synonym of the other, I'm asking how to make it happen.
Well you have more ep than me...rolld20?
Well sh++
Hehe... what tags?
should be a synonym of
2:33 AM
Ok, thats gonna, need a meta post
Close call and the community should weigh in
Meta posts for tags aren't particularly well received if the tags in question aren't used much.
Imho, in some systems traits are different from features
"So in this particular case, my general line of thinking is "I just spent way too much time on even discussing a 9-question tag, all of our time on site curation could be much more profitably spent.""
A: The simulation tag

mxyzplkMy general answer to questions like this is as follows. Tagging is a folksonomy. This is why people are free to create and apply any tag to a question. We have some limited guidance about tagging (no meta tags etc), and in certain places where a hierarchy is kinda needed (D&D game naming, WoD g...

It is not cut-and-dry
Awesome example and a good question
Question, is tagging as simulation going to disserve any of these questions?
I think the point of that phrase is rooted in the notion of folksonomy: our tagging system is structured so that there's very little point in imposing artificial structure or policy on tags until they reach a critical mass of usage which we can use to understand what kind of structure or policy is needed--and indeed, if any is needed at all.
Mxy is saying that for this particular tag, he thinks nine questions isn't the critical mass number: the tag should be allowed to continue to grow unpruned for more time.
2:45 AM
Ok fine. But if it takes more effort to split a tag, does it make sense to expend that energy?
Devil's advocate, not saying I know better
As @BESW points out, there is not a critical mass either way
I don't have enough experience with the tagging folksonomy to have an informed opinion on where critical mass, limit breaks, and meta discussions "should" fall for this stuff.
@Miniman I can't find it now, but in the past when I've done small-scale but significant edit (such as destroying an entire tag), I've left a meta Q just saying: "Hey, I found this tag, it looked like a problem, so I did this thing to it. It affected these questions. Just leaving this here as a note for future reference."
There's nothing wrong with taking it to meta at any time, so long as you're ready for responses to include "Not yet worth our time."
In that case I destroyed a tag that was on about a dozen questions, and it turned out it was a zombie tag so we blacklisted it.
@BESW agreed
2:51 AM
zzzzombies :o
Oh wait, here it is:
Q: The [rules] tag has just been burninated (again), let's blacklist it

doppelgreenerI just burninated the rules tag. It had no wiki, and appeared to be uselessly broad, since almost every question on here is about rules. I'm leaving this question here to record this burnination. If this tag crops up again, we'll know it isn't the first time, and maybe it'll be worth blacklistin...

it turned from a post of "I just removed this thing" into "let's destroy this thing"
And should have been
But, this is what it originally looked like, and in your case @Miniman you could just leave a meta Q looking somewhat like that.
2:55 AM
And that is the kind of meta I would back up
Today in Tweets Without Context:
The cats are fleeing before the rubber chicken chorus. I am wilting beneath an onslaught of puns. Please god, let the thaw come soon.
3:10 AM
@Shalvenay I saw your question re cutlass & saber in the transcript... Apparently they're listed in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, but if you don't have that, they're also in d20 Modern SRD. Comparing other weapons on the table to their SRD/3.5 versions, there's some variation on weights, but the combat stats match up.
@Miniman that said though it might also be worth just leaving the [race-feature] tag be, it looks like it's a 5e-specific term (even if it might describe the same concept)
@BESW Random pop culture Guam reference - The main character in TV series Forever (who is a 200-ish year old immortal) claims to have been trained as a doctor on Guam
4:05 AM
@doppelgreener hey so you gonna vote to reopen that 2-question question you edited, or...?
4:29 AM
@mxyzplk haven't done the edit I was referring to yet, haven't had the chance but will shortly
4:46 AM
@mxyzplk was about to do it, and looks like Adeptus has found a link to one of your explanations for favored class bonuses. going to see if that answers either/both of the asker's questions.
5:06 AM
5:19 AM
@BESW Bounty expires soon, and you have a reply to your comment on the MLWM answer.
1 hour later…
6:37 AM
Dumping my auto comments here:
###Welcome message
Hi, and welcome to the site! Check out our [tour] for an overview of how our site works, since it might be very different to others you're used to. More information is available in the [help].

###Link-only answer
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Did I miss any worthwhile categories of comments?
@doppelgreener Error in chunk-removed: Context-independent "They're".
6:51 AM
@IronHeart ah, that'd come in the form of say... "I've removed your first three questions. They're unrelated to the one I've left behind."
Right, but what if it's just the one?
You'll remember to edit it?
"I've removed your seocnd question. It's unrelated to the one I've left behind."
###Chunk removed from a multi-part question.
I've removed your {DETAIL HERE questions}. {It's/they're} unrelated to the one{s} I've left behind, and should be asked separately in their own questions. You can still retrieve its content in your [revision history](`{LINK HERE}`), which you can access by clicking the 'edited X time ago' link at the bottom center of your post.
"its own question" and "retrieve their contents" just as a reminder when you come back to this (if you do)
carry on
7:10 AM
###Multi-part question: one question removed.
I've removed your {DETAIL HERE question}. It's unrelated to the one I've left behind, and should be asked separately in its own questions. You can still retrieve its content in your [revision history](`{LINK HERE}`), which you can access by clicking the 'edited X time ago' link at the bottom center of your post.

###Multi-part question: several questions removed.
I've removed your {DETAIL HERE questions}. They're unrelated to the one I've left behind, and should be asked separately in their own questions. You can still retrieve their content in 
fixed. ;D
7:23 AM
@IronHeart Yeah, I dunno what to say that won't just be an argument.
Would you say you've voted it Not Useful, at least?
If "Rule 0 it" is the only solution, fine, but I'm not going to accept a Rule 0 answer until I've used it--and it's also unclear whether the answerer has used it themselves, which would give it a lot more credit.
@IronHeart Yes.
Alrighty then.
I think a Rule 0 solution is extremely inelegant for a game which relies on uncompromising rule-based inertia for its narrative momentum, but that's arguable.
What's not arguable is that it's a homebrew solution without experience to back it up.
Have you used this solution? If Rule 0 and participant conspiracy is the best answer, so be it, but the Stack's policies on homebrew and Good Subjective content need you to at least talk about why and how it's a solution which has worked for you. (Otherwise any answer suggesting an untested and unsupported solution is valid, and things get super cluttered super fast.) — BESW 9 secs ago
[claps on the back, remains on vigil]
7:31 AM
@Adeptus Hmm. Do you recommend this series?
2 hours later…
9:15 AM
Tonight's dinner is tofu and carrots seared in a soy/ginger/sesame sauce, served on fresh bean sprouts and kale, drizzled with a spicy/sweet version of the sauce.
Also: Lent! That magical time of year when people who prefer fish and veggie meals have more take-out and fast-food options.
3 hours later…
12:32 PM
@Adeptus Tracked it down: the phrase is "went to medical school in Guam," which is... amusing. I thought maybe they were saying he was trained in medicine by the military, but instead it's a hilariously transparent fake backstory for the immortal to have chosen.
Guam's lack of medical schools is so awesomely patent that it leads to threads like this one.
12:49 PM
Q: Determining the range of spells

William 'MindWorX' MariagerThe Basic Set (p. B247) has the following entry for a Fireball. Lets the caster throw a ball of fire from his hand. This has 1/2D 25, Max 50, Acc 1. When it strikes something, it vanishes in a puff of flame. This spell is likely to ignite flammable targets. Cost: Any amount up to your Ma...

The answers are only 8 seconds apart. :P
We have awesomely active citizens.
So, what's new with you?
1:10 PM
@DavidReeve [wave] You may find it useful to know that [help] and [tour] transform into automagical links to their respective site features, when used in comments.
(As does [chat]!)
oh ok
now i know that and am empowered by knowledge
There's lots of little features like that tucked away.
good morning
1:53 PM
2:26 PM
@BESW I don't know if you remember. You helped me out with some ideas, and it involved holy werewolves. The conclusion to that was a brother than became an accidental member and a very angry brother that decided to take on the entire group. Needless to say it was very entertaining.
@William'MindWorX'Mariager Cool!
It really was.
2:46 PM
It just dawned on me that I know nothing about maptools and don't even know where to begin. Joining a game for it on friday and need a quickstart guide or something, any tips?
The one from RPTools?
I haven't used it for.... about six years. And I didn't much like it then. So I'm not much help.
Yeah it's been a hectic week for me so I totally forgot I needed to learn it and now I get to cram by finishing at least two characters, learning maptools, and a bunch of other crap all before friday. As it is, I can do it, and I work best under pressure like this... but still... Too much to do and not enough time
And their tutorials site is down too
That's pretty unfortunate. :(
I'm mostly getting into use Realm Works. It's been pretty great so far.
Mostly for GMs though.
2:59 PM
Well DM picks the game system so yeah
[yawn] I needs me some sleeps. ttfn
3:04 PM
Let me ask you guys a question. I'm reading the 3.5e rulebook and under two-handed weapons it says "Apply 1-1/2 times the character’s Strength bonus to damage rolls". and I'm like... why didn't they just write 1/2... one minus one half is one half, why write 1 - 1/2. So I serched for it on the stack exchange and found out it means 1.5. In what world does 1-1/2 mean 1.5? I just don't get it.
They mean "One and a Half"
But it could be written better.
Didn't anyone on the team think.. "hmmm what if some people think that the minus in between numbers is supposed to be a minus?"
I wonder how many people think it's 0.5
It's not a minus, it's a dash. I see what you're saying but yeah.
Probably very very few.
Are you reading an OCR PDF or the actual book?
3:06 PM
The actual book has that in it, I have it in front of me lol
I know it's a dash, but the symbol looks the same
Hmm... I suppose we could go to whatever writing/grammar/etc stackexchange we have and ask them if there's any actual reasoning behind that.
Seems to me like there's a rule for that format in writing but I can't recall it. I never misunderstood it myself even when I started D&D back in middleschool so it might be a rule I'm forgetting.
Or maybe I understood it through context clues
I'm Slovenian, so maybe it's an English thing that I've never seen before.
3:23 PM
3:43 PM
Now that it's been mentioned, I was looking through my Secrets of Sarlona book for something and noticed they use the 1-1/2 way in there as well.
apparently Pathfinder uses it as well.
but according to someone from the stack exchange they took it from D&D
4:05 PM
good morning, chatroom
almost-philosophical question: are your actions that define your alignment, or is your alignment that dictates which actions you're going to do? (I'm asking here because i think it's not a good question for the site, but I'm sure you can help me) If you want i can add more details to my particular situation.
yay, an alignment question! ducks for cover
yeah i know, sorry :(
4:08 PM
Alignment is different to most people so that is difficult to answer.
I just read the meta post about alignment so i guess that here is the best discussion place for this
yeah, definitly wouldn't work as a proper question on the site
If this may help, the setting is Planescape with fate core system
@STTLCU I see Alignment as something that your actions determine not something that limits your actions. If you are a Chaotic Good character and you perform an Evil act then your Alignment might change to Chaotic Neutral and eventually to Chaotic Evil if you keep performing evil acts.
I can't help as I am unfamiliar with the setting, system and anything alignment related as I've never used it. However, you might want to explain more about your specific situation
4:11 PM
@STTLCU It is about character development to me. Your character might go through a life changing event that completely flips his view and he goes from being the super righteous paladin to the tyrannical selfish anti paladin. This is an extreme example obviously as most changes occur subtly over time.
But as Phil said us knowing your specific situation would be helpful to help you.
super-short story: A friend of mine was a CN character, we found some sort of deva-relic that can be drank (Devas are sort of angelic beings, pure LG stuff) for bonuses. She drank it and with the buffs it came an alignment change. It's ok, but sometimes she happens to have some outbursts of light chaos actions. I love that because I say that it's her true nature fighting back to regain the upper hand, while the rest of the table says "You're Lawful, you wouldn't think about that!"
@Aaron so it's similar to what you described.
I sounds like it fits her character. If she normally acts in a Lawful manner I wouldn't worry about changing alignment or anything. She might just follow impulses sometimes.
I agree, but how can I prevent the other to stop her actions "before they've happened, because she wouldn't think like that"?
@STTLCU Honestly I would tell them it isn't their character and they should leave her alone. I am a rather blunt person though so you might not phrase it like that.
4:28 PM
I see. She's quite shy so i guess she'll just change the action if they tell them that she's "wrong".
Thanks for your opinion :)
Just a quick question
If her alignment were to change to Neutral would it mess with her character or the buffs she got?
possibly, but i can't answer that because I'm not the GM
Was the artifact homebrew?
4:33 PM
yes, almost everything is homebrew (fate core rules)
It's mostly based on the "rule of cool"
but yes, i think that if she loses her alignment he may lose the buffs
not 100%certain though.
I would ask the DM if her being Neutral Neutral instead Lawful would be better and still allow the buffs as it is causing a small bit of friction? I don't know if it is causing friction but I assume you wouldn't be asking if it wasn't
It's not causing much friction to be honest, I am just wondering which interpretation is the most common, and if I was alone in my opinion. Nothing critical, thankfully. We still have fun times every session.
@STTLCU This is a definite, unarguable no-no at my table, and if anyone tried to tell another player how to run their character they would get one warning, with a second offense meaning they were politely asked to leave the game
no player should feel they have the 'right' to dictate or try to dictate how another player roleplays their character directly
if they have concerns then they should raise it with me, the GM, in private first
4:43 PM
@STTLCU you're using fate core? i thought fate didn't have alignments
I'm sure they're doing that with the best intentions, she's fairly new to RPG
doesn't matter
it sets a really dangerous precendent
It hasn't, it's an homebrew hybrid of DND player under the fate system
(and is one of the main reasons I detest alignment, as people tend to interpret it as a straight jacket for roleplay)
climbs off of soap-box
Agreed with that
4:46 PM
well since it's fate why do you need to enforce the alignment rigidly?
give them fate points when they do lawful stuff
Great idea
work with the strengths of the system you are using rather than try to shoehorn in preconceptions carried over from other games
drinking the law juice should just give them an extra attribute
Yeah but this is more a roleplay issue rather than technical issue
5:06 PM
you, as the gm, should try to invoke the lawful trait more often then
use the system to encourage better roleplaying if necessary
fate's probably the best system for it
1 hour later…
6:10 PM
@DavidWilkins - Up the magic or up the level. You could potentially up the henchmen as well. Or traps. I loves me a good trap.
@DavidReeve He isn't the GM
possibly, but i can't answer that because I'm not the GM
I am afraid of making it too deadly, or I miggt be missing the point...if is supposed to be unwinnable, I can totally kobiashi maru it
Its a dual in front of a crowd of both sides members, so a trap doesnt make sense
I feel like I've been trolled hard.
@Zachiel why?
We were reasoning about why there's so many people playing evil characters in "my" D&D-like roleplaying website. Someone said it might be because evil characters have no great penalties for using good spells or items while good characters who use too many evil things experience alignment shift.
So, someone asked if we could use redeemed items - I'm not sure that's what they're called but it's when you take an evil item and turn it into a good one.
6:28 PM
Where is the troll?
Haha...I would say "reformed" items because that is a word used to reference religeous change
Our webmaster ruled it this way, I'm not sure it's official: you need to get the item, dispel it to stop its magic from working, then cast the same spells (or the good equivalent if it exists) for the number of days it took to create the item, then pay 20% the cost of the item.
Oh, easy, nice, now I can have that crown of terror I've always wanted.
Then somebody made me notice one of the spells has a 1000 GP material component.
evil = no penalty but good = penalty bothers me
And I need to cast it 200 times since the item costs 200k GP to start with
@DavidWilkins It fits though. Evil always has more power because they don't worry about where their power comes from.
6:30 PM
so in the end the cost is around 700k gold
maybe 800k
Thats insane, but maybe appropriately so?
Which I think I can farm in 12 real life years, if nobody robs or kills me meantime and the site stays up
Haha! I see where you are coming from but I love it
Or I could go around killing people to get the money, but at that point I'd better be evil.
6:32 PM
and buy it right now since I have the money for it
@Aaron also they care not about consequences
It's just that I don't want to be evil. I want to be loved by everyone and so I'm trying to stay as much pure neutral as possible.
So maybe i am not as bothered as i thought
Are you a member of an organization that takes donatiins?
Well, I am. But I have no idea who could give me that much money
I was thinking more of clergy. Your organizatiin has tons of money and you could submit a grant proposal for the funds to not only turn an evil ite good but to use said item for good deeds
6:39 PM
Ah no. My organization only cares about partying hard.
Oh well crap
You could sell your services as an event organizer
> Society of Sensation
> ("Sensates"), who believe that accumulating experiential knowledge through the senses is the only way to achieve enlightenment. Their headquarters is the Civic Festhall, which features an endless series of entertainments and a library of magically stored experiences. They are remniscent of ancient Epicurianism, as well as the more modern empiricism.
Alright my method doesnt really work
Yeah, I'd better go earning that money as an adventurer. But it's riskier and it's doomed to make me even more enemies which I don't really want to kill, because I made the wrong character for a D&D game.
Yeah thats a pickle
6:43 PM
I have troubles playing characters who don't just want to befriend everyone and live merrlily ever after.
Not befriending anyone means living as a hermit
My characters usually end up trying to befriend someone, then having someone else tell them "I'm not going to be your friend ever again if you associate with that guy".
@DavidWilkins I'll rephrase: I almost always play characters who try to be friends with everyone.
Ok thats where trolling begins to be plausible
Has your character given any indicatiin that it is untrustworthy?
No no the trolling was at "Ok you can have it. In twelve years, if you're extremely lucky"
I'm now trying to confince him that the spells should not be cast, just expended, as it happens with item creation.
Ok wait...how powerful is this item?
Like what does it do now and what are you trying to make it do?
7:33 PM
@Zachiel Nobody loves a neutral. You're always that guy sitting on the fence. :p
Yeah, I know. At least, nobody really cares enough to actually hate me.
@DavidWilkins Doesn't necessarily have to be a preset trap.
@DavidWilkins It absorbs ten levels of targeted spells per round, gives a +6 to charisma of an unual kind of bonus (i.e. not enhancment) and other minor things.
Like a +3 (profane) bonus to AC and all saves
What's the actual magic item?
Mh no according to another source it's a enhancment bonus. Whatever. "Crown of Sorcerous Terror"
7:38 PM
Faerun? or 3.5?
@Zachiel It only costs 100,000 gp to make. 200k is the price to buy it already made.
@JohnP Dragon Magazine. And to redeem it it's one day per 1000 gp of the market price
@Zachiel So why redeem it? Just have a good version made. You only need Craft Wondrous, Eagles Splendor, Hallow and Spell Turning.
@JohnP it's an evil only item and we don't use the rules for crafting personalized items
Long story short, we either have it as an evil or a redeemed item, no other possibilities.
@Zachiel Hrm. Well, you could do something heinous and shade your alignment to neutral evil. :p
I think the DM is being a little unreasonable in the 200 days, I'd rule it at 100 days.
7:56 PM
Good news. Only the spells with evil descriptor need the good version to be cast again
3 hours later…
10:47 PM
@BESW I've only seen the first couple of episodes so far. I figured it was a "nobody's going to check this" backstory, but didn't realise how obviously fake it was
10:59 PM
@Adeptus Most people he meets will have vaguely heard of Guam, so they accept it as plausible because it appeals to their sense of pride: they recognise something they think most people wouldn't, so they're inclined to nod and look smart rather than ask questions.
But if you actually know much about Guam at all (rather than simply knowing of it), his claims become increasingly silly.
11:42 PM
How many people have had a positive experience with play-by-post games?
@shatterspike1 If you remove one word from that sentence, I could answer "me". Unfortunately, that word is "positive".
Yeah, most of my experiences have been mixed to pretty awful, generally.
@BESW That's quite an exact number.
You can get "accurate" or "precise," pick one.
Let's go with accurate; I'd rather not be precisely wrong.
11:45 PM
Aw. That's a lot harder.
Closest I've come to PBP is Storium, which doesn't really count I think.
The PBP I've done has mostly been freeform, which I suspect was a much greater factor in the non-positiveness of my experiences than the PBP part.
Eh, I've done PBP that was somewhat freeform and one that was system based
Neither turned out spectacular.
Why was your freeform RP bad?
Or you experience was bad, more specifically?
Q: What's the purpose of the 24 hour wait on awarding a bounty?

wraith808There was a totally awesome answer to someone else's question that really helped me out. So I want to award an additional bounty... just as a way of iterating this. I started a bounty, and checked that it was for an existing answer. And I have to wait 24 hours to award it. Why is that? And i...

All the usual reasons. No rules to enforce player agency or prevent overpowered characters.
I think a lot of the problems were because I was with a group of bad players run by a bad GM, but freeform gives players and GMs the power to be bad at a much higher level than a system game.
So, stuff like "I block it with my Perfect Defense(TM)"?
Or more like, you post something and then your post was totally ignored?

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