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12:32 AM
@JimmyHoffa Ok... back on my home machine...
> Killeen had an older presence, a Face named Bud, who had been a master translator long ago. But Killeen had never used Bud that way, relying on the ancient engineer only for simple tasks. He called up the Face and asked, “You know anything ’bout weather changes?”
The Bud Face’s reply came in stubby units, since Faces had only limited chunks of the original personality.
1. In my day air warmer.
2. I translate once for Crafter.
3. Crafter say Snowglade get cooler.
4. Need me translate again?
The Faces (and Aspects) where recordings of the personalties of dead people that were kept around to give guidance to the family or provide needed (lost?) skills from time to time.
Faces were less capable than Aspects. They were all stored on chips socketed to the spinal column.
The... terseness... of my abilities on mobile reminded me of the clipped and chunked speech that Faces had compared to Aspects in that book.
Anyways... There are a lot of factors at the lower average that is perceived. Some of it I believe is... well, in part in our head.
12:46 AM
>For the leaves are getting greener,
And spring is on the way;
And girls are getting prettier
And younger every day.
Its not that the girls are getting younger... its that we're getting older.
And to that, its not completely that the new grads are... less average... than they were, but we have a different perception of it.
However, I will still claim that people are not getting as well rounded an experience from what education than do get.
They go to school and learn how to do things in one language... ok, so you really know how to do Spring + Java and MVC... great. Here's an ETL process that was written in C++... and they don't even know where to begin to figure out how to solve it.
12:50 AM
Tech has brought so many people... lots of them with rudimentary javascript or java that have failed to learn the framework in college, or figure out how to build it themselves for learning other things.
The people who know what they are doing have jobs for the most part... or aren't applying for entry level positions. Many of them are moving to more 'architectural' positions which involve less coding so you don't see the ability to pick up new tech and work with it there... and you probably aren't the one hiring them either.
@MichaelT F# vs Scala? thoughts?
@WorldEngineer Scala. its growing in popularity... slowly, but there are scala shops. F# (from what I hear) seems largely abandoned except by the holdouts. Ties you into a MS stack.
1:11 AM
1) Why code an applet? If it is due to the teacher specifying it, please refer them to Why CS teachers should stop teaching Java applets. 2) Why use AWT? See this answer for many good reasons to abandon AWT using components in favor of Swing. — Andrew Thompson 1 min ago
1:33 AM
Both answers were very helpful, your groupings with the parentheses made it click. I don't like the fact that it is overloading without me knowing about it, it seems this will lead to programmers not knowing exactly what is going on. I will make sure to change my use of string literals. — user2676680 33 secs ago
Come to think of it this question may be more appropriate for the Programmers community of Stack Exchange. — jxramos 53 secs ago
@MichaelT one of each please
2:29 AM
Such demeaning responses. Last time I use this website, I'm sorry I'm not a full fledged programmer you have to start somewhere, and clearly this is not the website for it when I'm getting sarcastic answers by snobby programmers. Thanks though. — Winterone 49 secs ago
ugh... got to take my new jeep into an auto body shop after my aunt backed into it with her wrangler...
did it flip when she backed into it
minor bend in the hood sheet metal, but I lost the front JEEP badges, and there's a crack in the paint. Any tips on picking a reputable auto body shop?
No... I was actually helping her get out of a ditch
had my GC chained to her wrangler and she somehow missed the brake and ate up the entire slack of the chain and then some
it's super minor but I think it's going to have to be re sprayed
the paint crack is like 6 inches long along where the bend happened
Thank You Stanley. I could do that but I want my code little neater fso that the future programmers wont get confused.. I was playing with interfaces but not able to get the right way to do it. — user3567026 36 secs ago
2:55 AM
Your comment of "Have fun speculating!"is a key indicator that this question wouldn't be a good fit on Programmers. It would likely be closed as "Primarily opinion based." — GlenH7 5 secs ago
@Ampt Check with local friends
Best shops I've ever found have come from recommendations
@GlenH7 been asking around, no one has any real experience with them
I guess I'll just shop around
see what they all say
If you have a good relationship with your insurance agent, you can always ask them too
You don't have to file a claim for them to tell you who they use.
3:11 AM
Hmm... not a bad idea. Wasn't planning on using my insurance for this, as it probably doesnt even meet my deductible, and them rates go up
can't / shouldn't hurt. :-)
good input :) thank you
Wee! +1 for me.
Been a shitty week so I'm happy for all the help I can get lol
I hear that all too well
3:17 AM
Uh oh... we're doing it again!
@Ampt Yeah, that definitely qualifies as a crap week. No argument there.
@GlenH7 they use special screw drivers??? I suppose that they leave no detail to chance... a regular old phillips wouldn't have done the trick??
Pffft. I wish
each brand has their own head design it seems
of course....
3:19 AM
square, hex, triangle, ... you name it and there's a brand using that style
LOL. I wish
Heh, it was worth a check.
This is true
Uncertain - depends upon what else I have to have.
Well let me know and I'll have your drinks for you ;)
out of the kindness of my heart, and the bottom of my bottle
3:26 AM
I'll be needing that for at least part of the time, yes
Not sure if you've ever had the "pleasure" of reading the documentation that goes into creating a trust, but it can be pretty extensive.
Thanks! A lot of it is just checking and doubling checking what I'm being told.
why so many (removed)s
Some stuff doesn't need to remain searchable across the internet :)
@GlenH7 yeah, I get it. I'm great at making brownies and brewing beer :)
3:35 AM
I need to get my stout moved over to a secondary. It's been sitting in the primary for about a month now. :-(
What's the difference between SO and programmers?\
Programmers is for conceptual questions
So is more technical
The shiraz ought to be racked as well, but it can sit in its first primary for a while just fine I think. I need to add the fining agents that cause it to really clear
if you have code in front of you, you're likely looking at SO. If you are sitting in front of a white board, you probably want programmers
3:37 AM
Oh i get it
And I think the stout is at a point where I need to do the same with it as the shiraz
Not sure how else to answer your very general question besides pointing you at the FAQ
And if you're talking about booze, then you're in The Whiteboard
So, where is that?
@GlenH7 Secondaries are for people who have patience. We've found that we lack that at the Bonner Lane Brewery.
3:38 AM
It's supposed to be a big beer in the 10-11% abv range, so I wanted to give it more time to setup
Thanks, make sense now
@Pyraminx glad we could help :)
@ampt :)
Do you guys drink coffee a lot?
@Ampt So you're using your keg as a secondary then
3:39 AM
Yes. (If you ask that on progs, we will crucify you)
@Pyraminx Only in the AM for me
@GlenH7 essentially, yes haha
@ampt Why will they crucify me?
idk, we find that a secondary is primarly for clarity and looks
I ought to just bite the bullet and buy a keg and use that as my secondary....
3:40 AM
@Pyraminx If your question contains "As a programmer," - it's probably off topic
Thats Ironic
@Pyraminx Long story, Programmers used to welcome subjective, off-topic crud. It was called "Not programming related." Site focus has shifted sharply but some try to resurrect those dark days.
ugh... there's a whooooooole history
so coffee related questions are decidedly off topic
unless you have some really, really good references to studies about coffee related coding productivity or something
Ask it one coffee SE when it is public
is it yet?
but you're free to ask all those kinds of questions here :)
in chat, that iss
and we're free to answer or ignore as we see fit
so yeah, I love me some coffee
3:42 AM
@Pyraminx it's in private beta
as much as I can get. the free-er the better
@GlenH7 thought so
I was disconnected for a sec and my bluetooth mouse is about t die
oh, we're still here
Just nothing else interesting to say yet
There's whiskey to drink
3:50 AM
@GlenH7 you ever watch pawn stars?
@Ampt Think I caught a snippet or two, but that's about it
I haven't really watched TV on a regular basis for about 6 years now
Just been too busy with too many other things.
3:51 AM
that's what a pyraminx is
Ah, I don't regularly watch anything, but when I'm at home with the family we usually turn that on
I don't have a tv
It's actually pretty historical. there's a ton of really, really cool stuff that walks into the store
should i be happy or sad
and the owner knows everything about everything
3:53 AM
@Ampt I've seen some articles of some of the bigger stuff they've come across. And the business model can be hard - they have to provide a fair value for things that may be difficult to move.
yeah. they are clearly very shrewd, but we watch it more for the history. They just had a guy bring in a coin from Captain Cooks ship. He would give them out to the various cultures he met. they were forged in the late 1700's
crazy that things like that survive all those years
That is pretty cool. And extremely hard to value
apparently they go for 6500-8500
I thought that was really, really low for something that rode around the world with Captain Cook
@Ampt apparently there's enough of them to make them commonplace
I had forgotten that steel wool can burn
burn very, very fast and hot
which is the best part!
you see a lot of long exposures with those
I'm getting lost on youtube... must... resist
shhhhh, let go, it'll all be over soon
3:59 AM
morbid question - does anyone know of any good services to nuke online accounts and digital trails when you die?
you want them gone gone, or accessible to family members?
I may have to re-ask that in the AM when we've got a more active audience
some ought to be gone gone, others I can leave the passwords around in a secure manner
I'm not wearing pants
4:00 AM
I would suggest keepass for storing passwords. you can generate a token and keep it in a lockbox somewhere
@Ampt oh, that's a good idea actually
although come to think of it, there's nothing really that needs to be "gone gone". I'm kinda boring that way.
I'm probably just going to post lots of youtube links now. Sorry
yeah, that's kind of what I figure too
Had just been thinking of digital janitorial duties that ought to be attended to periodically
4:03 AM
@Ampt That would be my preferred approach too
I'm frustrated at the review queue. It's sitting up near 100 and I've taken all the actions I can on the queues.
lol... I've been slacking hard
I'll get on it
Thanks. There are probably some that are getting close to expiring off, but maybe not
What if people take screen shots of your info on sites before you die and then share it Wouldn't destroying your info be useless?
@Pyraminx Why do you assume all the good stuff is online? :-D
4:07 AM
people talk.
like us right now
online, right?
Do you remember if it was the red pill or the blue pill?
What red or blue pill, btw
Well, there you go. Ignorance is bliss. (one sec, I'll pull the reference)
I don't think its really destroying anything he's worried about, it's that his family wont be able to access his online accounts
4:08 AM
which is a valid concern
@GlenH7 Cmon, if there's any movie you should be able to freely reference without source, it's the matrix
@Ampt kids these days... </oldman>
where are you right now
on earth or not
@Pyraminx yes
4:10 AM
Pyraminx... the matrix has you
follow the old man
err... white rabbit
First time I've seen someone use the idiom red/blue pill
so i din't know what it was baout
have you seen the matrix?
too many dots
close all your windows
and go watch it
@Ampt technically, I don't think anyone can see the matrix
4:12 AM
Well, maybe the architect could
best way to lose money-- make a website for no particular reason
it's easily one of the most influential movies of the 90s as far as story telling and cinematography go
I mean Inception was nothing more than a modern take on the matrix (in my humble opinion)
@Ampt there's some truth to that
4:14 AM
I think it did a better job of dealing with some of the resulting madness that can come from wrapping your head around things like that
agreed, it was definitely different and good in it's own way
but that giant perspective shift was created by the matrix
But the world within world theme was heavily borrowed
almost none of the chats talk about the subject of their sites
@Pyraminx That's what the main site is for
But if you look over our site tags here in the room, you'll find we're very much on-topic (most of the time)
4:17 AM
good point. But then what are the sites for the chats for?
so questions and answers are first class citizens of SE
No idea; I don't frequent them
they stay forever and always
comments are second class
they stay as long as they're relevant and not even then
has john skeet ever been in chat?
chat is a distant third class
4:18 AM
I jump around too much
@Pyraminx I've never seen him in chat, but that doesn't mean much. He will frequently respond to comments
On the SE side of the house, not very often: chat.stackexchange.com/users/11757/jon-skeet
his profile doesn't pull on chat.stackoverflow
it's not very well linked to by the main site, and for good reason
it's not a substitute or even a supplement
4:21 AM
it's really there for power users to gather and communicate and facilitate faster conversations
not answer questions or anything like that
and there are very few rules or guidelines
many chats are very different
Manny Meng
Well that was 74 pages of fun
@Ampt - yes, please do. :-)
4:29 AM
@Pyraminx Cryptic comments sometimes happen in here. Such is the way it goes.
So it goes
I'm dropping off for the night. Have a good one, everyone.
You too man. Take it easy.
5:21 AM
Hello is anybody here
I want to know whether my question would be on topic or not
I have got a design related question that relates importing several file formats in GIS into my product and then exporting it into a proprietary format.
This question already has similar question which you can consider duplicates
so I just want to know whether I can go ahead and ask
the file formats could come from Digital Terrain Models or Digital Elevation Models and all are binary
I import them and convert them into a proprietary data structure quad tree.
Then they need to be exported into a proprietary export format
This is the question that is a likely duplicate candidate - programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/209170/…
6:13 AM
This question would be better suited for programmers.stackexchange.com This site is primarily about fixing code. — Shikhar Bhardwaj 1 min ago
3 hours later…
9:29 AM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's more suited to programmers.stackexchange.com — GordonM 1 min ago
9:57 AM
@BastiM As virtual box is open source I imagine there are programmers here who know the code. The question can be generalized to "Why would a virtual machine software not recommend a certain amount of ram", VB is what I have so i dont know if it is true for all vm. Does that clarify? Im not asking how to use the software — user1938107 51 secs ago
10:41 AM
ow that is a disadvantage for programmers that wanna use facebook, I go looking for include other social media and maybe with email invitations — robbie demaegdt 1 min ago
11:35 AM
This would be hard even if you had programming skills. How about setting a password instead, so only trusted people can work with it? If you really need this as a VBA macro, you should hire someone who can do this. This site is a Q&A site for programmers, to learn. We are happy to help you with problems, but "I need code dictated to me" is not something we can help you with. — nvoigt 22 secs ago
12:07 PM
@StephenC Lets keep things simple... if he does not need it.. he should not leave it open... "Good habit for new programmers"... Experienced programmers can decide otherwise ( because of some "known" factors) . — Sarvesh Kumar Singh 2 mins ago
1 hour later…
1:28 PM
No, to tell other programmers that's what the code is doing — RobEarl 1 min ago
Usage of global variables is evil, especially for beginner programmers (-1). — pmg 2 mins ago
2:00 PM
Before you try to continue, take a few days and read through the standard Ruby book (amazon.com/Programming-Ruby-1-9-2-0-Programmers/dp/1937785491/…) and the latest RoR book (amazon.com/Agile-Development-Rails-Facets-Ruby/dp/1937785564/…). No offense intended but you don't have enough of the basics down to even know how to ask the question, much less how to write the program. — Michael Chaney 49 secs ago
2:28 PM
Without pointers to pointers to pointers, we wouldn't have three-star programmersYakk 54 secs ago
2:49 PM
Duga can kind of dominate the conversation....
Yeah that was amusing
@gansub If there is already a likely duplicate to your question, then no, you shouldn't re-ask essentially the same question. But if there is a significant difference between your question and the other question, then ask. As a rule of thumb, if you can't immediately say with an obvious difference as to why your question is different then please don't ask.
There was only one comment I was going to pounce on but it had already been removed.
isn't that part of the qualifications for being an engineer??
@enderland No, some of them really take it too far. It's one thing to enjoy a healthy debate. But when you never adjust your position, then you're just talking to talk.
2:58 PM
Although I fear the obvious self-reference there... :-)
"I don't understand why other folks won't admit they are wrong! it's so obvious!"
@enderland "But they are not wrong you are wrong!"
@GlenH7 - was that comment made by me ?
3:15 PM
@gansub I think you may be mixing chat threads
@gansub Regarding the duplicate, I was looking at this comment by you:
10 hours ago, by gansub
This question already has similar question which you can consider duplicates
aah yes
i thought it was a duplicate
Regarding the self-reference bit, that was in the vein of my thread with ender
that is why i did not ask
Q: Design Pattern for data import of various source types and to various destination types

jaoI have to design and build an import script (in C#) that can handle the following: read data from various sources (XML, XSLX, CSV) verify data write the data to various object types (customer, address) The data will come from a number of sources but a source will always have one import format...

3:50 PM
This is the correct answer. Programmers should not re-invent the wheel (unless there's a really good reason). — James Watkins 1 min ago
It is not some "random programmers" who designed C. — Basile Starynkevitch 27 secs ago
4:51 PM
@GlenH7 I think we'll just have interesting weekend and overnight summaries to catch up on. He has a knack for finding fun ones:
2 hours ago, by Duga
Without pointers to pointers to pointers, we wouldn't have three-star programmersYakk 54 secs ago
Gotta love the ***pointer;
actually this is a technical question about a code bug so it is a fit for SO, not programmers.SE. Though there's more than a few good questions about LSP on programmers, this one being about a specific PHP implementation that seems to have bugs is more specific and better for SO I'd say. — Jimmy Hoffa 1 min ago
5:10 PM
@GlenH7 There are apparently use cases for that many levels of indirection, but I don't think I would ever use more than two.
@RobertHarvey I have legitimately needed to use 3 a few times in my life, but it's a very rare case.
@maple_shaft should I add some additional filter on @Duga? I see that you are getting quite a lot of false positives around here
@SimonAndréForsberg We wouldn't complain if you did
I think you could safely filter out cases like programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/[0-9]*/...
5:20 PM
I'm not sure what is the question about exactly, but here are some thoughts. instanceOfB is a global variable, right? So, it is an evil that should be avoided if not strictly necessary. struct A instanceOfA; inside function body looks fine for me, though we usually move types from struct namespace to global namespace by using typedef struct idiom to reduce typing. — Drop just now
@GlenH7 a question is if I should use an excluding filter or an including filter
I like the idea of "try/on/at/... programmers"
How is it structured now? Any match at all with *programmers*?
pulling up a list of Duga comments to see patterns
commentText.IsClueless() == true
5:22 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg this sounds like a good go of it... you should make it log all the comment texts to a file somewhere you can pass around and we can create tests against it to try different match criteria
is teh line above something like:
seems it might be fitting :)
you could see how many/what matches for what you just suggested vs. what it filters out etc

 Duga's Neighborhood

It's a beautiful bot in the neighborhood. Would you be mine, w...
@SimonAndréForsberg also "to"
I don't think I have a strong opinion on the include approach vs. the exclude approach
5:29 PM
Both will end up with false positives; but we'll possibly need to create more exclude rules than include ones.
@enderland That's coolness. Means you made a good showing before
@GlenH7 yeah but too bad it would be a career into a crappy software type of thing
All software is crap. :-)
@GlenH7 yeah but programming in SAP probably is not so fun
python/C++ types of stuff like I'm doing now is a lot better imo :P
@enderland perhaps those motions have lost their meaning.
5:31 PM
SAP programming skills are highly portable
But you do have to accept that there's a number of quirks you have to learn in order to try and remain sane
'cause all the cool kids are already there? :-)
@RobertHarvey don't go looking. Most of the time it's just depressing.
5:36 PM
And I realize I just sent everyone scurrying off to the chat history....
Has anyone here played with Drools and / or Optaplanner?
@JimmyHoffa yup, any messages not matching the filter but still containing "programmers" will be logged to Duga's Playground (as linked by @GlenH7)
@GlenH7 I've heard good things about drools, but then the description of it's implementation and usage later was not something I appreciated much, something about a custom scripting language... either way, people love it so it's likely decent
@RobertHarvey as a Code Reviewer, it is my duty to tell you that using == true is redundant.
Snagged another one.
@SimonAndréForsberg I could have put teh in the code somewhere, but felt that would have been too obvious.
5:40 PM
Would this be a good place ot ask a question about R? the statistics package
We don't know anything about R, but you could ask anyway.
@Littlegator you mean in here or on programmers?
There's an R chat room, if memory serves.
@RobertHarvey We don't know much about many things; doesn't stop us from pontificating. :-)
@JimmyHoffa I mean in here, it's a very basic question
5:41 PM
@Littlegator this is a chat room, ask anything you want in here...
58 secs ago, by Robert Harvey
We don't know anything about R, but you could ask anyway.

 R Public

A general room for discussion of all things about and related ...
@RobertHarvey ahh thanks
5:57 PM
@maple_shaft I plan on update @Duga tomorrow, will include the suggestions from the meta post
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