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1:23 AM
Shavua Tov
@Shokhet, I couldn't find his answer, do you know if it was deleted?
2:14 AM
@NoachmiFrankfurt That's what it looks like. I can't see deleted posts (besides my own), so I don't know if he deleted it (more likely), or if it was deleted for him.
2 hours later…
4:32 AM
Q: Two questions, one answer

ShokhetWhat should I do, when I've written an answer that would answer two (non-duplicate) questions, equally well? One example of this would be my answer here, which answers the question that it's posted to perfectly, and should also answer the related-but-slightly-different question here. What's the ...

2 hours later…
6:34 AM
Q: Is it OK to post extensive comments as answers?

MattHere and there, I see answers prefaced by "this is really just a comment that got too long" or the like (and after seeing this a few times I felt comfortable doing it myself, twice in fact). Is that acceptable, or does the fact that it might crowd out the real answers make it very bad? Does it ma...

12 hours later…
6:33 PM
A question about duplicates is a duplicate. :P — Scimonster 7 secs ago
2 hours later…
8:48 PM
posted on January 25, 2015 by joshwaxman

Summary: Is the use of teva to refer to nature unique to Zohar, or is there precedent in the Talmud Bavli? Continuing to debunk the debunking of the debunking of the Zohar. Here are some earlier posts responding to the article on the basis of Rabbi Yesa, Rabbi Abba, Cappadocia, Kefar Kanya, Archeih, Yellow, and Guardians, as mentioned in the Zohar. Pos

9:29 PM
Is there any appeals process to the Meta status-declined request? If a feature request has hundreds of votes, is there any way to get them to reconsider?
@Scimonster for the record, you get another one at 200!
@Gabbai I thought you were only supposed to post the sourses posts.
paging @msh210
@YeZ Edit to bump, add a bounty, post an answer with further argumentation, or if it's old enough just repost with a link and saying why you think it should be revisited.
10:33 PM
@DoubleAA if it's wrong it's my fault, not @msh210's. The feed was broken when I found it, and I went to the web site and found the RSS link. I didn't realize I should be looking for an RSS link for a subset of the content. Please feel free to fix!
@YeZ yes. So no slacking off; there are more badges to be had! :-)
@YeZ on a different note, thank you for using your new-found 20k powers. Not many active users have delete votes, and as a mod I'd much rather reinforce a community vote than act unilaterally when something ought to go. (If it's clearly delete-worthy I just do it, but I mean for the iffier cases.)

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