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7:15 AM
I'm not sure this is OT, I mostly think so because the OP doesn't recognize DDR2 and DDR3:
Q: RAM meanings when renting a dedicated server

Joe8 GB DDR3 RAM v.s. 4 x 2048 MB DDRII PC667 RAM What is the main difference between 8 and "4 x 2048" They both equal the same amount of RAM right? And what is DDR3 and DDRII?

I jumped on the OT bandwagon for this one, but it's more like NARQ:
Q: Multiple websites on the same network

EypeonI'd like to set up a series of local development servers using the same IP address and different domain names, although I'm not sure about how to set it all up. I created the following domains server1.something.com, server2.something.com - all these domains have DNS records for the same IP addre...

Another one that I think is NARQ (way too vague), but others have voted OT:
Q: Question: What's the difference between a rate-limiting network scheduler vs. STFQ network scheduler?

Dark TemplarWhat's the difference between a rate-limiting network scheduler vs. STFQ network scheduler? Any helpful input is appreciated.

(That last one is also homework)
Q: store high amount of photos (150 million) and make available for web

nenad007For a actual project I must setup a high-available storage server who can store and publish (http) 150 million photos in 7 sizes means total 1050 million files. For every photo we need total 200 KB space to store them in all 7 sizes in total 28 TB. Actually I have two servers available (2x E562...

Q: HOw does tcp keeps connection alive?

Mid787In http ( over tcp) there is a header which called keep "alive" I dont understand how a connection can be open in tcp if all packets come from different source ( router decision - over the internet)

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6:09 PM
NARQ, vague:
Q: How to get a decent wordpress setup using a linode VPS or other hosting solution?

Absolute0I am currently running Wordpress on a linode 512 VPS. The setup is as follows: nginx, php-fpm and wordpress. The blog seems to be getting slower loads and I've recently lost the ability to install plugins or upload photos. Would it be a better solution to simply host the blog on wordpress.com o...

?? isn't it pretty obvious what the error message "drives are almost full" means?
Q: Why am I getting drive critical warnings and how can I fix this?

James AndersonI receive these emails (on my cPanel Linux Cent OS 5 Server) every day and haven't a clue what they mean or what to do; Drive Warning: /dev/root (/) is 81% full Drive Critical: /dev/vg00/var (/var) is 92% full How can I sort this easily? I have full root and SSH access

@Ward That's just awful.
hmm OP shouldn't be in charge of a server
He shouldn't be in charge of opening a door for himself.
6:28 PM
SU or just OT:
Q: How to limit the normal users from accessing registry, group policy etc?

somestrangerI own the admin account of my PC running, Windows XP Pro edition. There is another Non-admin account in this system. I want to limit the administrative capabilities of this account. That is, to prevent that user from accessing registry, group policy, user accounts panel etc. Is there anyway to d...

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7:35 PM
Q: My new site (just launched) is under very heavy traffic / load at the moment. What can I do?

oxoI'm panicking! :) I'm hosted on GoDaddy (I know, I know...), economy web hosting. Any help would be wonderful. The site is pretty slow at the moment (an image rating site).

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9:12 PM
Q: What are some "must have" iPhone/iTouch apps for IT people?

Jason BakerI just got my iPhone, and am on an app-downloading spree. Help me build my list of apps! I'm marking this question as fun so that we can also include apps that aren't necessarily useful for IT people, but that IT people might enjoy. However, if it is more of a "fun" app, please mark your answe...

OT possibility. Was flagged, want other opinions.
@sysadmin1138 it's borderline and I think the right side. As it's CW it's not doing any harm either
10:08 PM
I know that questions like that are too localized in the sense that they become out of date, but I think they're still useful, and they still fit well with the Q&A format. Perhaps some judicious editing would help - change the title to include the date (at least the year), and change the tags to drop "fun" and "apple" and add something like "tools" instead.

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