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7:18 AM
Studying about the critical Jewish political history (which frankly includes great many elements that repulses me both as a muslim and a human), I am also fascinated and delighted by what I found as to be figures and traditions that reflect genuine Abrahamic/Mosaic wisdom in my eyes. A most shiny example is the Essenes. A group of Jewish ascetic mystics who seceded from the Zadokites.
Among elements of their pristine spiritual lifestyle, what made me particularly intrigued was a kind of rich and pristine bread that they developed, out of sprouted whole grains also known as Essene bread.
Sprouted bread is a type of bread made from whole grains that have been allowed to sprout, that is, to germinate. There are a few different types of sprouted grain bread. Some are made with added flour, some are made with added gluten, and some, such as Essene bread, are made with very few additional ingredients. == Sprouted breads == These are breads that contain the whole grain (or kernel, or berry) of various seeds, although only after they have been sprouted. They are different from 'white' bread in as much as 'white' breads are made from ground wheat endosperm (after removal of the bran and...
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Q: What's the reason for the reduction in my reputation?

Mohammad HosseinMy reputation is reduced without any notification. In fact I can't get to know why I've lost some points! Even I checked my reputation list but nothing is mentioned there. Why?

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@infatuated Since you still don't seem to have grasped the basic idea, let me quote the FAQ for you:
>Do I have to be nice?
>Yes. We expect community members to treat each other with respect … even when they don't deserve it.
Spouting off anti-anything rhetoric IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR HERE.
You are free to hate whoever you want, be it zionists, or jews, or Americans, or whatever, but KEEP IT OFF OF THIS SITE.
That includes the chat.
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76 messages deleted
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Q: Why was I suspended in chat for having an intellectual debate?

infatuatedAn hour ago, I had a chat room discussion with another user regarding a political issue, and yes! it was about the 9/11 incident and what we thought to be the real culprits of those terrorist attacks. Besides all the possible prejudices surrounding this issue and whatever anyone's particular posi...

6:35 PM
@goldPseudo sorry for getting sucked in and continuing the discussion
I often find it hard not to
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@Daniel it happens.
8:08 PM
Q: Is it allowed for a Jew to pray in mosques?

IslamI read somewhere that Jews can pray in mosques according to their rabbis but not in churches as churches according to their rabbis are places of Idolatry , but does Islam allow a Jew to pray in Muslim mosque and are there such examples in Muslim history?

@Daniel I hope you can also answer this.
@MoriDoweedhYaa3qob who says so?
@Islam I can't answer it because I don't know the answer from a Muslim perspective
@Daniel well you can if you want.
@goldPseudo both this question and the one it is a duplicate of are unclear whether they are asking about paying Jewish prayers or Muslim prayers
Is it worth splitting them up into two different questions?
8:25 PM
ya that would be an interesting question , can jews pray islamic prayers in mosque?
@Daniel I don't know enough about the topic to know if it even makes a difference.
the only evidences i know off the top of my head about the topic are just about letting non-Muslims into the masjid in general; i know nothing about actually letting them pray, be it praying Islamically or Jewishly.
Jewishly? That can't be a real word :/
Q: What is difference of "Jews" and "Bani Israeel" in Quran?

Battle of KarbalaSome verses of Quran use the word یهود (Jews), while other use بنی اسرائیل (Children of Israeel). Apparently they seem to be pointing to the same group of people. But God does not do say anything without a purpose and indeed they should be some difference. So what are the differences between the...

8:40 PM
sholom 3aleicham wara7amei Aloheem ubeerchotho
@islam idk what you are asking i am not muslim
@Islam if you are asking for a jewish perspective i think i already gave you on judaism se
@MoriDoweedhYaa3qob what is that , which dialect?
jews from yaman speak this way
@goldPseudo I don't know anything about the topic at all, but it does seem to be two different questions, even if the answer is the same
@Scimonster Welcome to Islam chat
@Islam Not even sure what i'm doing here...
8:53 PM
@Scimonster perhaps maybe you can ask some questions here on Islam
vis a vis judaism
@Islam No questions, sorry.
@Scimonster Also you can answer above question as it requires some Jewish expertise
@Scimonster was wondering on the same line
@Islam I'm actually not an expert.
GTG now.

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