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12:21 AM
Ow. Looked up the retail price of a software we use a lot at work. Its ~4.5K GBP.
(we probably pay less. Ton of licences + marquee client)
:-O and it still has bugs ? or does it work very well?
Oddly enough? Most of our issues are user error
We do a ton of validation before pushing any new versions out
@JourneymanGeek hmm that is (not) odd
So do you guys think this user actually improved or he just get lucky with a couple liberal voters?
I know yesterday he had something like 10 reputation from a bunch of commentary answers.
He had like 7 posts submitted in under an hour
his answers don't look too bad
and ten rep is one upvote XD
12:34 AM
@JourneymanGeek Can you share the name? :P
Enterprisey software doesn't come cheap.
3D modelling tools?
...4.5k might be considered a low price :P
Though there's a free PUEL version coming out
Oh, per licence?
Ok, that is pretty ouchey.
Classic Marketing 101: Announce a limited offer, go through with the limited time frame, then announce a new promotion that is basically the first one winbeta.org/news/…
We use a ton of stuff. Interestingly there's free versions coming out for a few of them.
What commercial software we use seems to be pretty public information.
Looks like AMD's next GPU line will be interesting
12:44 AM
@Ramhound: Considering that's their only really compelling product at present...
I don't disagree
But their ability to do higher yields will pose interesing problems even if they don't beat Nvidia on performance.
(and 14nm, shouldn't they be using those for processors? it would let them bridge the huge process size gap between them and intel)
because whats 5-10% if it means 30-40% discount
Seems like that particular node is only for GPUs
and/or ARM
Since they mentioned the A9
IIRC their next gen CPUs are kind of hybrid arm/x86
or not...loooking into the ocmments they could use it for their APU
But given AMD's executive purge who knows if they take adv
12:47 AM
thinks the fx line is their PIV
Given Intel has such a huge advantage in both power and performance while keeping costs stagdent likely means AMD has to really push their architecture like k6 type performance differences :4
Looks like this is the lp stuff though
a particuarly nasy image of Kermit will never make me look at a Muppet again the same way
superuser.com/questions/865350/… <-- this is a poor android (migrate) that is probably a dupe on the android site.
can we just trashbin it?
Well it is not migratable (IMO) , but kicking the user in the teeth isnt very nice.
I didn't say that...
I just said to handle the question as being unclear.
12:57 AM
If i suggest how he can find the info, maybe he would get it.
feel better now?
U mad Bro? ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ
ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ ಠ_ఠ
@JourneymanGeek Process size gives Intel a large advantage, but AMD's microarch also needs a lot of work to catch up.
And the ARM/x86 hybrids smell like a marketing move.
Practically, it's completely freakin' useless.
There is zero advantage to the consumer. It's a negative to software devs.
It lets AMD distance themselves a bit from x86. That's about it.
1:16 AM
AMD is so behind on so many levels.
I fear even if AMD can solve the major problems it faces the fact its current stuff needs SO MUCH more power it still will be trouble.
@Ramhound They're completely out of the running for low-power devices (I don't think they even have an equivalent for Atom).
I agree
Their APUs are decent for graphics. But even there Intel has invested a lot of effort in catching up.
But even their high-power devices suck engery worst then a vampire :$
I mean whats the point of 2-3x power if it costs 5x more in power.
And Intel often outperforms it anyway
1:18 AM
@JourneymanGeek Especially for single-threaded perf.
At some point, AMD seems to have given up on improving their microarch and just decided MORE CORES ARE BETTER WE NEED MORE CORES STAT
That is what I fear. I think AMD can release a architecture that is 2-3x faster then Intel's Haswell architecture. It would make them a contender at least. The problem is with 10-20w Broadwell/nextarch parts ( or we the actual wattage is ) will anone wnat it?
Lol. Cores is the new clock speed?
@JourneymanGeek It was around Nehalem-Sandy.
People were going on about ... Bulldozer? with the "8" cores (4 "modules") blowing Sandy out of the water.
1:20 AM
(Tho... Work has/needs 2 x 6 core boxen)
...it flopped like a P4
Intel stopped cores at Nehalem when and confused on power.
that last comments makes no sense
@Ramhound Intel went for efficiency.
@Ramhound Oh, the server (Xeon) and enthusiast (-E) parts still have high core counts
hex, octa and more
Intel was pushing more cores up until Nehalem, then switched to focusing on power come Sandy and hit a tried with Haswell.
1:21 AM
Just not for standard consumer parts.
Makes sense. Almost no consumer workloads are heavily multithreaded.
They have Extreme parts for the octa stuff.
@Ramhound The Atom (Bay Trail, etc.) stuff is about 5 W TDP.
Compared to my office workstation, which is admittedly old, I have 8x or so performance with about 75 % the total tdp
1:22 AM
Average power usage ("SDP") is lower. 2.5 W?
Those Atom parts can compete with standard ARM chips for power efficiency.
I do hope Intel focus back on something else isoon.
MY SP3 about 10 hours of battery life
Ya. They're taking small incremental steps now.
No great breakthroughs.
More focus on the on-die GPU.
AMD needs to step it up, give Intel some better competition.
Well hopefully they focus on iGPU; Intel has the performance and power at this point;
Iris is supposed to be decent
@JourneymanGeek Not just decent. It basically makes Nvidia and AMD's low-end cards obsolete.
Or it would if they could put it on more (non-mobile) chips.
1:25 AM
It bad its priced at Nvidia and AMD's high-end price points :$
Probably the biggest thing holding it back is the memory.
Iris Pro with the eDRAM is better off.
AMD does memory differently.
@Ramhound But when it's effectively included as part of the CPU... we're not at that point yet, but maybe later.
In fact; bandwith is irrelevant for certain applications. Its like me shoveling papers at you to read + solve.
Some calculations are "easy" and so = bandwith good.
Else calc = choke.
@TardisGuy What, the on-die GPU?
1:27 AM
Indeed. But you have to decide highend intel iGPU and average CPU or highend CPU
On die GPU shared FPU
GPUs are designed for massively parallel simple operations on large amounts of data.
Ram prefetching.
Yes but CPUs cant address function like GDDR
Actually, apparently amd apus do better with fast ram
I rather have a mid high end graphics card.
A10 is technically mid/high end
1:29 AM
@Ramhound Ya, that's the current situation, unfortunately.
Y'all have a conversation going; don't want to interrupt. @JourneymanGeek - when you're free, I'm all ears. Any wisdom is welcomed. (Linux vs. old USB)
I didnt mean to inturrupt; i just forget manners on the net.
@TardisGuy Looking at benchmarks - A10 is about on par with Iris Pro.
But significantly worse (1/3) than a several-gen-old mid-high Nvidia card (GTX 560).
Anyways, 4 hours later....
A10 suffers with anything high texture.
1:31 AM
Obviously benchmarks don't tell the whole story, but that's all I have access to right now, and they're acceptable for a ballpark comparison.
but it has some advantages skipping the Northbridge
darn you guy sand your conversation skills ;-)
bendchmarks. You know what benchmarks don't take into account?
lazy developers
Yeah lazy devs are irritating.
Intel chips work better in poorly threaded aps
@TardisGuy Many applications simply cannot be parallelised easily, or even at all.
And multithreading is a hard problem.
Intel chips are just over engineered.
1:35 AM
For consumer-facing programs, the vast majority of the time it's not worth creating multiple worker threads.
(UI and worker thread, that's about it)
In other words they pushed so much towards performance a few generations ago.
They solved the slow computer with brute force:$
I can't imagine how much faster they might be with well designed applications
oh right... it would be like SE :-)
Again, consumer-facing applications generally won't benefit much from more optimisation.
Especially the time it would take to perform said optimisation and verify it's bug-free.
Now, if you were writing something that runs in a lot of places and/or 24/7 and/or on massive datasets, then it would make more sense.
Well lets see...
Optimisations should be applied when needed, on a case-by-case basis.
Windows has done wonders by Microsoft optimizing and seperating its 20 yar old kernel ( yes I relaize the NT kernel isn't actually 20 years old ) but.
All i know is stuff AC:Unity should never happen
1:39 AM
I can try to further optimise the CPU usage of my installer tool, but the vast majority of time spent is waiting for the user or copying files anyway.
@Ramhound An OS kernel falls under all three categories I mentioned above :P
But noticeable change in thinking in the last 5-7 years with regards to the kernel though.
MS realized that simple brute force alone wasn't going to last forever.
I got a dell that wont turn on after I hard switched it off from sleep.
im confused by it
alright i am really leaving this time :$
hae to catch this Mom episdoe
@Ramhound That wouldn't be solved by "writing more optimal code", though. It's usually a bug, or one very specific hot-path. It's more a lack of testing.
@Ramhound Ya, it's 21-22 :P
Testing was never a problem at Microsoft.
1:42 AM
@Ramhound July 1993 (NT kernel)
@Ramhound was replying to the comment about AC
Alright so the NT kernel is 20 years :$
@Ramhound Hm. The big changes started with Vista. 2006?
Almost ten years now!
Whats interesting about Unity, the only console game ever to hard crash on me in 10 years by the way, they technically are drawing more draw then DX 11 can even supported by couple thousand :$
@TardisGuy Have you tried unplugging it?
Hard to point to Vista as the kernel performance. I place Vista on the security focus.
1:44 AM
The obvious changes were security, yea.
But also quite a few performance improvements behind-the-scenes.
Windows 7 really pushed the performance. Windows 8 took those advanced and allowed stuff to crash but not bring the entire OS with it.
That said, every release has those :P
OH no doubt.
people hate windows 8 because of the ui
but here i sit with a printer drive not from HP ;-)
because of it
So I pilled the battery to clear the bios
pulled cuz no jumper
battery flies out... lost it.
Thought it was funny.
@Ramhound It's always been like that.
The only way for the OS to crash is either a bug in the kernel, or a third-party driver.
Third-party (user-mode) programs crashing will not affect the stability of the OS unless they run into a kernel bug.
2:00 AM
its a Dell
Its a standard battery
2:14 AM
not denying it. It was the angle i was reaching back for it.
found it tho
They ALWAYS fly off
O_O is it just me or does SO suddenly look different?
as of the last hour or so?
...the new one looks misaligned, and the extra whitespace looks weird
Hate the board the; first 4200 I cant overclock.
yeah thats too much space. looks cheap
The flag summary page is broken altogether
If anyone's interested, here's the old CSS I extracted from one of the pages I still had open:

.unanswered strong{
	color:#9a4444 !important


	margin-top:70px !important

.required-tag,.post-text .required-tag,.wmd-preview a.required-tag{
	border:2px solid #979797



2:26 AM
Really ugly
Q: Vote count on posts in the flag history looks broken

André DanielIt seems like the design changed very recently, and I'm pretty sure this is not how the flag history is supposed to look : All the vote counts are on displayed on a separate line and there is no background on the count itself unless there is an accepted answer : Also, the "active" tag's tex...

Is this acceptable?
We don't usually judge usernames
No, I'm talking about the CSS
3:27 AM
Haven't been to Stack Overflow in a while. I'm absolutely shocked about the volume of questions there.
Just went through several questions on the Triage review queue.
Q: I have a probem with openSSL lib, have memory leak ,can you help me please

zhenyuweiWhen I run it through valgring and got the following report: openssl version: OpenSSL 1.0.1f

how on earth did he manage to post that on meta.SE?
Voted to close. Likely question-banned on Stack Overflow.
3:44 AM
@DragonLord stackoverflow.com/users/4447586/zhenyuwei?tab=activity how did you find out he was question banned?
3:56 AM
I didn't say he was. I said this was likely.
5:01 AM
5 hours later…
9:42 AM
Well, obviously I need to be logged in to access the documentation...
Oh, Stack Overflow has the new look
1 hour later…
10:53 AM
@Psycogeek It's display. DELL E2014H.
@Boris_yo ok cheap ass monitor :-) but what is the quantity of the delay? and is the delay seen "drawing" stuff slowly on the screen, or just a time between seeing it on the internal laptop and the external monitor?
How many Lawyers does it take to change a light bulb? Well no one can actually prove (beyond a doubt) that a lawyer can change a light bulb.
@Psycogeek Drawing slowly? Not to such extent but drawing effect is noticeable...
@Psycogeek How do you define cheap-ass monitor? By it's slow ms response?
By its price :-)
The "ultraSharp" line of dells is thier "better" ones. which really has nothing to do with sharpness, just it has been thier flagship recommended ones.
@Boris_yo any slow "responce" time of the LCD light valves is only 1/3rd of the total things that are tested with monitors. and that number has been the most fraudulent and distorted of them all.
Meaning response is not be all end all...?
Meaning what is shown in the specs is totally wrong most of the time :-) really.
there is a place that Lab tests monitors and shows the data on the web. monitors claming a 8ms G-G (grey to grey) responce time, actually had stuff like 22ms Full on Full Off times. The funny part about that is, before they started cheating the specs a 25ms was "normal" responce time.
There isnt really any monitor that has a 2ms responce time unless it is driven by leds, but you can buy one :-)
Then many of the monitors had a full 25+ms delay involved vrses say a CRT . which is insane again as so many gaming people were buying them, and going crasy with other "speed" stuff, yet they were a whole frame behind, while believing they were "fast"
I am just saying that there was so much bull crap going on, and people blindly following numbers that became (over time) such fraud, that they end up buying without knowing anything.
This feeds into itself as the Marketing and selling turns around and "gives them what they want" :-) creating even more usless numbers
11:24 AM
@Psycogeek You mean monitors were lagging and not videocards which prompted gamers to buy expensive ones thinking their current ones are not fast?
Not sure if it would be called lag, it is latency. all this data transfer stuff has buffers display engines, and all, it takes some tome to pass that data around, process it and display it. buying a 8ms monitor without knowing it had a delay of way more than that from the video card to showing to the human.
they went all Giddy about one number, and would also swear by those numbers that it was the advantage they had in gaming. The integer ego booster. "I am fast therefore i can win" so they did win, even though it had nothing to do with the monitor :-)
@Psycogeek It had to do with monitor. 8ms = 25ms like you said, no?
There were other tricks used too, strobing the leds, would have a machine testing it see it become more full on full off. that worked out great to fraud the specs , until the users started getting headaches :-) , next year they almost completly reverse that , and blend out the pwm , and sell them based on low "flicker" .
@Boris_yo I would not know, you would have to check it at that lab place that tests them. but even if the screen change rate was fast, How fast was it to process and display the next frames?
@Psycogeek There are 2 moving parts involved? Render engines and screen response?
11:40 AM
Yea now we just need the proper technical terms for that. I prefer the "light valve change rate" cause that is what it really is.
@Psycogeek My DELL E2014H has crappy light valve change rate?
E-paper was another totally cool one. it took way way less power to use that e-ink method, but the frame rate was terrible. But one machine jacked up the e-ink frame rate to a normal frame rate . . . problem was it took the same ammount of power as regular lcds once they had the frame rate jacked up.
@Psycogeek Maybe I should disable power saving feature on mine to get higher speed?
(it still would have been great to have a full rate e-ink (in color) for outdoor viewing.)
@Boris_yo Power saving is usually the backlight, but the "gaming" modes can either be a bit faster, or they have an added non-ghosting tricks it will employ.
But (there is that but) the non-ghosting tricks again are processing the date it is fed, to create frames that trick the eye. so in reality a monitor could have less "delay" displaying the frame, if that crap was not even there. Again something a gamer would want (non-ghosting) but it comes with ramifications that are probably worse than ghosting :-)
Ahh such is life, and lies.
12:01 PM
@Boris_yo You still did not descibe well where and how you are seeing the delay. other than your intenal laptop display is somehow faster.
Are you in clone mode (same display on both screens) or extended desktop mode ?
What is the method of connect to the external VGA (analog) HDMI (digital) or some other digital method?
@Psycogeek I have now switched to AmazonBasics HDMI cable but no changes. @JourneymanGeek Told it would be better but I don't observe improvement, let alone less delay in output.
A: Splitting audio on a PC with a multiple screen setup

CharlesHThat basically means you need AUX input for both monitors, as HDMI for a PC is not normally audio carrying. You can of course test this if your PC connected via HDMI works with audio although I very much doubt this. You basically need a headphone AUX cable to headphone AUX cable as below: Ho...

@Psycogeek My HDMI-out is audio carrying. Wait. HDMI cable is audio carrying since 1.3 or 1.4 ...
Oh thats just wrong, "HDMI for a PC is not normally audio carrying" then what the heck is the additional audio driver for on the HDMI for both the Intel On-die GPU and my ATI GPU ?
This question is unlike the others where people want to split out stuff to 2 items, that is no so splittable. in this question he had 2 seperate audio devices, and it should be able to be done without much troubles.
@Boris_yo HDMi to TVs (not monitors) seems to have a bit of delay of its own VS like DVI , my prefered computer connecting method, before all this stuff changed again.
TVs have a tendacy to have more processing , just due to it having to do a full iterpolate of various resolutions for broadcast tv.
12:17 PM
@Psycogeek Should I test it on my LG 32" HDTV and see if there's latency change?
At least I would be able to find out if monitor is to blame...
true it give you another LCD pannel to compare to.
Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x64 - January 2015 (KB890830)

Download size: 36.2 MB
Have not updated 2 months. What do you know about this update?
It is linked to NSA I have heard...
If MS is linked to NSA , then NSA just paid MS to put in simple backdoors. like any developer offered some $$$ to "thwart terrorism" would do :-) after all with billions in the Homeland security budget , tossing a few mill to a developer to make an extra key , thats just good business
Good business + Bad Government = ???
Black Ops
Cia Secret interrogation facilities
Private prisons
Offshore (out of state) POW camps
Willing participants in illegal activities , not directally connected to nor having said the well known oath of upholding the constituion
@Psycogeek Should I update? Is this removal tool something substantial? Could I do without it because I have NOD32?
I do not know, windows malware and virus tools were always known as the lesser tools. they catch only the well known stuff that makes MS look bad, and all of that. but they have been known to miss stuff. It even is disclaimered to only be what it is.
If i remember right, both of the MS tools only do periodic scans , like once a week, at night while your sleeping. Not sure about the checking the "downloads" as they come in?
THose 2 tools would probably be effective for normal browsing and downloading , not for leeching viruses off warez sites and spending the day following porn links around :-) and they probably do nothing for psudo-Legit malware/addware added installer crap.
12:36 PM
@Psycogeek If I have NOD32 then why need them?
Any single good anti-malware+virus program, should be enough. and any one of them can still miss new items not yet in the databases. does nod employ a huristics?
Dont know why DEL '/ */ */' has always been a proper uninstall method, if them dang users would install things correct
some programs are so paranoid nowdays, after they install they do not even bother to remove the temps mess they broke out thier compression into and all.
"Mistakes happen, doesn't matter if you're competent or not. " It is only super competent people that actually test it before sending it out to 10,000 users
1:01 PM
@Psycogeek http://imgur.com/a/26CvZ#0

What do you think?
@Boris_yo Look fine, all the white though burns my eyes out, makes it harder to see the product. Drop in a silk background even a off-white one? It just isnt my kind of thing at all anyways. I could drink it out of the bottle, and those glasses look hard to clean , and the flower is plastic, and it is ART, i may do art, but i do not have any appretiation for/of it.
background ^ that is not (as) white
@Psycogeek You advice me to change background in Photoshop or use silk backdrop?
@Boris_yo is better to assemble a picture "live" then just take it, cause it is easier and would look more natural, but whatever works.
@Psycogeek I don't have such backdrop. I have black, red, blue and white...
Portrait photographers often apply one of thier bacgrounds, with simple textures, or soft gradients. then apply a depth of feild to soften it out. But 1million freaking products on amazon are shot on stark white , and it "does the job" just fine. it depends on how much messing around you want to do.
@Boris_yo a contrast would be blue or purple. to have color contrast would be to (kinda) avoid the colors that are in the product.
1:22 PM
@Psycogeek Have you noticed one was retouched? It also was more bright. In original you will see reflection of myself and glass and other thing.
@Boris_yo Another way to offset the white in that, would be to have nice fancy fonts of the product name. assuming it was a product picture, i really dont know what product it is. ugly ass bottle of wine with a ugly label, and a cute cork on top.
@Psycogeek What is not ugly ass bottle and not ugly ass label?
amazon.com/Albertina-Wine-Cellars-Mendocino-County/dp/… <--- more classic wine label. and check out how they used a "Key Light" a rather sharp one to put a glint on the glass , make it look more glossy
Shiney things my precious :-)
Just photoshop in some sparkles :-)
after the first glass, nobody really cares what the bottle looks like anymore :-) amazon.com/gp/product/B00O4CIXDG/ref=dp_up_wine_link_B00O4CIXDG This is florescent or led strip key light, to add the glossy glow to the shiney thing.
1:39 PM
@Psycogeek Key Light?
then next we will talk about "backlight" a unseen lighting in the back of it, that provides edge contrast, and could possibly light up the innards of the bottle some.
Upper left is behind light and left bottom is keylight with another light from the right?
@Boris_yo Yup, and this is why i was indicating that a "soft Box" has some purpose but is not really required except to Ouput fast pictures of things with a standard lighting.
@Psycogeek I don't have softbox. I have light tent.
@Boris_yo and 101 combinations of the above, or not , and with flash or without flash. remember although it can be taught like a class, it was originally done by moving stuff around and seeing what looked good. Not putting it a locked formula.
1:46 PM
@Psycogeek Running back and forth, connecting cable for every picture taken is a nightmare...
Because seeing it on minimal 2.5" LCD camera screen won't do anything...
Feels like studio with HDTV is needed...
That is where it helps to have a camera with a eye viewer, or output to a large monitor.
@Psycogeek Eye viewer? Is it retractable nicely-sized LCD?
@Boris_yo Photography (of the stage everything kind) is more work than it looks like that is for sure. a wedding photograper can get up to ~$2200USD for 2+ days of shooting, then editing and selecting the pics and making album and all, then charges for the extra pics besides
@Boris_yo some SLR cameras have full view through lens (no electronics all optics) some good SLRs have a high res optical eye viewer.
@Psycogeek Full view from lens is the old-school view when you look into camera's small eyelet?
Yes that still exist in some digital (high end) cameras.
And some disposables :-) with no lcd at all
2:02 PM
You will see retouching was done poorly. Wine inside bottle does not have natural levels and image overall has increased brightness making top crystal harder to see.
When I switch between the 2 the retouch gets washed out looking (lower contrast), but if i Stop on one picture, the retouch is better.
2 hours later…
3:43 PM
David Fullerton on January 16, 2015

There was a time where it seemed like we barely even needed to talk about this: Joel had won the argument, the Internet agreed that private offices were the future, and only incompetent management (or a tight budget) was still putting developers in cubicle farms. A glorious future lay before us.

The original Fog Creek Bionic Office, way back in ye olde 2003. We didn’t have iPhones, but at least the offices had doors.

Unfortunately, that’s not quite how it turned out. Open plans have been surprisingly hard to kill, despite research showing that they’re unpopular, decrease employee satisfact …

4:00 PM
@Psycogeek Better in what? Crystal gets brighter and loses it's pink tone... And wine level is scewy if you look on left as instead of curve it is straight. Bends gravity law.
3 hours later…
7:03 PM
More social engineering: A help desk Bob will tell you to reverse your ethernet cable. It's much more reliable than taking the user's word that it is, in fact, plugged in. :) — Richard Hoskins Dec 19 '09 at 17:49
7:50 PM
How do I get started with IT certifications?
I want to get a CompTIA A+ certification, then earn several of the Microsoft certificates one by one
Should I do this while I pursue my MS in computer science?
What is your goal job?
8:14 PM
@CanadianLuke You drink wine sometimes?
@CanadianLuke Not exactly sure, but will probably do at least some degree of systems administration
I'll also be doing some software development, whether for in-house use or commercial release
8:31 PM
@Boris_yo very rarely
@DragonLord network+, security+ Linux+, mcsa courses for the technologies you want to play with. Realize certifications mean very little in the real world though
@CanadianLuke they mean even less for software development than for sysadmin ;p
9:01 PM
I'm a SysAdmin, and have only my A+ (from 2005, though). Experience and ability to adapt and learn are the biggest pieces
9:23 PM
Can somebody explain why this question is broad. I tried and the user just wants to argue about it and complain about a single downvote; I can't respond without; some barking happening :-)
seriously? Who has downvoted my question? Why is it downvoted? — user2746898 1 hour ago
It's too broad to answer precisely within a few paragraphs. A lot of this is trade-secret stuff nobody except the people at Seagate/WD/etc. know. — DragonLord 58 mins ago
9:51 PM
hmm, nope, that does not work.
I'm standing there with my coat on and my laptop switched off so of course I'm going to answer your audit question...
I'm been thinking about the old WD VelociRaptor
Why don't they refresh it once more with a 1.8 TB capacity
Use the technology in the HGST Ultrastar C10K1800, downrate it a bit
Downrate the URE rate from <1 in 10^16 to <1 in 10^15 (which is still workstation-level) to allow for slightly looser manufacturing tolerances
Use 512e Advanced Format and the SATA 6 Gb/s interface
Same 2.5-inch, 15mm z-height form factor, but introduce a revised 3.5-inch heat sink
10:12 PM
@DragonLord I think unusually fast HDDs are going to go the way of the dodo as SSDs become more economical in similar capacities, with much lower noise and power requirements and lower heat emissions
normal slow HDDs will continue as long as SSDs can't keep up with their capacity
@allquixotic My laptop now has a Samsung SSD 850 PRO in it (wondering if you were there when I was talking about it)
512 GB, currently has about 6.3 TB of writes on it (most of which is from some weird auto-defrag which has since been disabled)
Warranty is good for 150 TB over 10 years, but the real endurance is not less than 600 TB host writes and 3 PB raw NAND writes—that number is just so that write-heavy enterprise workloads are not supported
I normally only put about 10 GB of writes on it per day
10:31 PM
Anyone find it a little funny this user is having a two sided conversation with himself?
Q: how do hybrid dives handle large files like hiberfile?

user2746898short question: How does a hybrid drive handle large files which are occasionally used but only sequentially read/written, like hiberfile? Long story: I have 12 GB ram in my desktop, and due to occasional power cuts, I hibernate a lot! I have been using samsung 840 SSD, 120GB, and I can see huge...

10:47 PM
@Ramhound Some people just talk like that... Right, Luke?

@CanadianLuke Yea, pretty much I do it just to annoy @Ramhound though. Think he'll mind?

@CanadianLuke No, he's pretty good about things like that. I'm sure he'd just laugh it off. You know what we should do? PLAY MINESWEEPER!

@CanadianLuke I know, right? I'll meet you at the Minesweeper window!
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