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3:06 AM
@IsaacMoses Put a space after the reply number, before your message
(although @Isaac's clearly on a phone, because he didn't link to the main website, anyway....)
3:35 AM
@Shokhet thanks. I thought I'd fixed it, but I guess it didn't take.
4:12 AM
^^^ pretty hillarious :)
In general though this is old news. It's happened before; it will happen again. It's at best a symptom of the culture. Nothing to get worked up about on its own.
@MonicaCellio it didn't work
@DoubleAA Ah, Waterford Whispers. I don't read that site often enough.
@YeZ sigh Thanks for trying. And @Shokhet, thanks for fixing that.
@MonicaCellio If we start downvoting those questions more consistently, eventually he'll get banned from asking until he starts improving them.
@MonicaCellio No problem. I don't like editing people's titles, generally, but this one (and some other from the same author) just really rubbed me the wrong way. How am I supposed to know what the question is about from his titles?
4:21 AM
@Shokhet I actually think titles are one of the more important things to edit -- they're what's on the front page, so if they're unclear or incomprehensible or thoroughly ungrammatical or whatever, and you can figure out what the fix is, please do it.
@DoubleAA You should write a script that auto-comments to questions tagged sources posted by that user.
It's not all satire, of course. This one is a simple fact:
#WWN Numbers: 17- the average amount of times an Irish person says Goodbye before hanging up the phone.
@MonicaCellio Hm. I never thought about it that way....you have a good point.
@YeZ Is lack of motivation a good reason to downvote a question?
I mean, he's usually pretty clear about what he wants, even if his titles are lacking.
(when he's on-topic)
@Shokhet Every question is poor quality, for the same reason. Downvoting is a good way to enforce people learning to ask quality questions.
@YeZ But you shouldn't vote based on poster. For example:
^^^ I think that makes a lot of sense
4:27 AM
Oct 29 '14 at 23:22, by Isaac Moses
@DoubleAA this says nothing about how to choose which content to read and consider
@YeZ Okay, but I see everything that's posted on this site, or close to it. I usually don't vote on those questions, because each one by itself is okay, even though when taken all together they're problematic.
@Shokhet If a user asks bad questions, consistently, then people should be more proactive in exercising their voting privileges responsibility to teach that user. This doesn't mean attack every post that user ever posted. It means when that user asks a question which deserves to be downvoted, he should be considered to be warned and should get a downvote.
darn it how do I do strikethrough
:19527426 Thanks. Now re-read
@YeZ I see. That could make sense.
@YeZ So the graph I linked to above has a conditional red box around the user, which turns green should the user in question choose to ask a large amount of low-quality questions?
(I know that graph isn't official, but it sure does make a lot of sense)
@Shokhet No - lets say that you add to that graph a 1-year-old comment below which says "Your post royally stinks for the following reason: ..." That would be boxed in green. Some users have that comment auto-posted.
@YeZ Comments weren't in that graph. I asked you about the user box = the user who asked the question
@YeZ I think this is correct, however (though not necessarily star-worthy)
4:37 AM
@Shokhet I know comments weren't in the graph. That's why I'm adding it. If a user has been warned for making the same mistake in many posts, he doesn't need the comment pointing out that mistake in every post. It's nothing against the user - it's against making a mistake which has been pointed out and still ignored.
@YeZ I see. Point taken.
@Shokhet Great - can I have my star back? :)
@YeZ Oh, I didn't give that star; I have no idea who did.
....if you really want....
Only one tag??? ....I must be doing something wrong. — Shokhet 8 secs ago
^^^^ thoughts, anyone?
@YeZ, I asked you for tags, not answers!! :P
@Shokhet mussar? Hashkafa?
@YeZ Hashkafa's a good one
....I was thinking about our [Hirsch] tag, but this question isn't about Hirsch....[chagim] was a hava amina, but it's specifically about Chanukah....
4:46 AM
@Shokhet I was about to say that (the R' Hirsch tag point)
@YeZ @DoubleAA shared your thought
I don't know what is used for; I don't recall ever seeing it before. Reading tagged questions now.....
....based on questions with the tag, I don't think it fits well.
.....it's late, I gotta go to sleep. TZT, everyone!
2 hours later…
6:28 AM
Q: Illustrative Mi Yodeya posts

Double AAI would like to present Mi Yodeya to a potential new reader/contributor. The Q&A aspects and the SE mechanics are all explained in the Help Center. What I'd like to collect here are examples (posts/comments/edits/etc.) that illustrate why our site is a particularly unique and effective Torah stud...

@Meta-Man Cc: @IsaacMoses who I bet has some ideas.
1 hour later…
7:52 AM
@TRiG 32 - the average number of times an Israeli says goodbye before hanging up the phone.
7 hours later…
2:38 PM
@DoubleAA I do. Thanks for heads up. Answers to come
Is this the right thing to do? (my edit)
2 hours later…
4:35 PM
@Scimonster Based on other edits by more established users, discussed in comments and chat, I think so.
....IIRC there was a similar case a while back about nesias kapayim
Q: Kohenim Taking shoes off during rosh hashana

TatianaMRossWhy did Kohenim take off their shoes on the bimah during a certain prayer on Rosh hashana? Why did they also hold their tallit up over their heads more like tents with their arms raised?

@Scimonster Exactly. I knew there were two mods involved in that one; I guess the comments were cleaned up after.
(I thought the other mod was Double, not msh :P)
5:03 PM
@Shokhet It was me who commented and msh who effected.
How in the world do you remember that??
@DoubleAA I don't know. I just took note of it at the time.
....had a tough time finding that question, as I couldn't search under ..... :P
@Shokhet @Scimonster another example judaism.stackexchange.com/revisions/1980/3
@DoubleAA I see. That was before my time, though
....shouldn't that be closed as a question?
....I voted to close. Let's see what happens.

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