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12:15 AM
Q: Did Robert come out of retirement?

DustinDavisDuring the movie we see Robert, a regular guy who likes to be neat. We find out that he is a retired bad-ass of some type. At the end of the movie, we see him back in the diner, but this time he is wearing different style of clothing, mostly black in color and has a look of purpose on his face....

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6:35 AM
Q: Boston Public episode order. Was Chapter 34 aired out of order in the original run? Why?

Seth CohenIn Boston Public S02e14, Chapter 36, there is a sub-story about Zach Del Ray asking Ronnie Cooke to prom. This is odd because in Chapter 34, Zach Del Ray dies in a car accident. In my copy of the episodes, they are in "Chapter order," so I saw Zach Del Ray die 2 episodes earlier. However, after l...

Q: In interstellar, why did the mission control went down

smartkidIn Interstellar, Cooper mentions that "Delhi mission control went down same as ours" Could you explain why the mission control was down? And it seems to be explained in the first space craft crash scene, cooper was dreaming about. But i can't get the audio clearly.

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8:02 AM
posted on January 12, 2015

Hampered by toothless PG-13 action sequences, incoherent direction, and a hackneyed plot, Taken 3 serves as a clear signal that it's well past time to retire this franchise.

posted on January 12, 2015

Fueled by a gripping performance from David Oyelowo, Selma draws inspiration and dramatic power from the life and death of Martin Luther King, Jr. -- but doesn't ignore how far we remain from the ideals his work embodied.

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1:38 PM
Q: Who's driving the boat?

MarkIn the scene in Taken where Brian Mills takes on the kidnappers on the boat, he appears to kill all the swarthy bad guys he encounters. This involves a lot of gun fire which would draw the attention of even the most incurious swarthy bad guy. So who's driving the boat? Presumably another swarth...

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3:45 PM
Q: Movie title needed!

user18076I need a real movie-buff on this one. I'm looking for movie which concerns a man who is recruited to try and talk to a captured alien. Now this is where things are getting a little hazy so I'll just list the things I remember I clearly: The guy was abducted and he was sought out for this reaso...

4:09 PM
Q: Dolph Lundgren Movie

U ADoes anyone remember a 1990s Dolph Lundgren movie where he or someone raids a mafia boss's house and takes out a lot of henchman.

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5:35 PM
Q: Sarturday morning cartoon identification

DaftI loved this cartoon back in the day... Mid 90s Saturday morning thing. A bunch of teenage American football players that get transported / sucked through a wormhole to some fantasy dimension. Each player can transform into a knight but they keep some qualities of their former self so the ma...

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6:37 PM
Q: Where does Guardians of the Galaxy fit into the MCU timeline?

John Smith OptionalThe film starts in 1988, this much we know. When Yondu points out that he made sure his crew didn't eat Peter, Quill remarks that "For Twenty years you've been throwing that back in my face!" If we're to take this literally, it means the film is set in 2008: the same time as the events of Iron ...

6:54 PM
Q: Do Celebrity Big Brother contestants still earn a fee if they are ejected from the show?

John Smith OptionalThe UK version of CBB has had two housemates ejected on behavioral grounds within the first few days... One of these contestants, Ken Morley, talked about deliberately being rude and irritable so he would be voted out quicker by the public, and take his fee for only being in the house a small am...

Would this question posted on japanese.stackexchange be considered on-topic here on movies.stackexchange ?
7:51 PM
So one thing I've been curious about with the swag section in the post about the M&TV official design: where would we go to procure these things? I didn't know SE sites and stores.
@blutorange Not sure, we don't engage in "translate that dialgue for me" so much either, but it might as well work, it's not downright off-topic, I guess. If you can't bear it at all on Japanese Language and before sending it into oblivion it might be worth a try here. The migration could always be rejected if it doesn't fit anyway.
@MattD Yeah, now that the T-shirt is actually wearable I definitely want one.
8:15 PM
I've seen developers with SO stickers on their laptops, and they had to have bought them somewhere. A quick search shows that SO or possibly even SE as a whole had a store at one point, but they shut it down because it was too complicated to maintain and pay for with how few sales they were getting.
I demand that at least the top-2 users (reputation-wise) get all this stuff for free! Or maybe just the users with the most votes and edits.
hi there
thank you guys for being gentle with Kurtis :)
@MattD we send swag package to our top users (first 2 pages, sorted by reputation of all time)
8:30 PM
@Jin Wow, now that's great news! Now you just gotta tell me you're actually shipping outside of the US.
@ChristianRau yes we are.
we've done the top user swag to just about all the graduated sites.
Great, can't wait for it. As a surprise item I'd wish me a ticket for the Academy Awards (oh, and don't forget the hotel and plane ticket), would be right in time.
@ChristianRau haha i want it too...
Came to vent but current discussion seems much more important, sorry
"When is that idiotic comment above going to be deleted?" - Yeah agree, and now there's two of them.
8:37 PM
Definitely seconding the kudos to Kurtis. I even liked the popcorn ampersand :)
@Walt No problem, I also use this room for venting now and then, when ID gets a bit too heavy (as the devastating wave recently). It's just so comfortably empty enough for that usually. ;-)
@Walt Thanks! Excited to get the site launched.
But I always assumed that guy-in-baseball-cap is a loving tribute to Ernest P. Worrell :P
@Walt I can't believe no one listed that on the wiki.
@KurtisBeavers It's like his oeuvre is underappreciated or something
8:43 PM
Very important question here: What would be the most appropriate frame to illustrate the 404 screen?
A robot with flailing arms? :)
What are the others using (for the life of me I can't get a 404 on SO, you just can see anything with 30k rep)?
A TV with good old white noise maybe (if nowadays' kids even know that still)?
Ooh, white noise is good.
Or just JarJar stepping in something in Episode I. Or, actually , just JarJar's face. (nah, white noise sounds good too. or this, if there's no copyright issue:)
8:57 PM
@Jin Oh wow, thanks for letting us know. I'm the first user on the second page of top users, so I guess I'll be getting one. This makes me so much more excited for the site to graduate now! :D
@MattD thank you guys for being such an awesome community. I always get excited about launching a graduated site
@Jin And thank YOU guys at SE and the design team for being so awesome. The design looks great, better than anything I could have imagined. You're also all so responsive and willing to work with our input, I'm amazed. Really going the extra mile for users. Seriously amazed that Kurtis worked up a new logo so fast.
@MattD it was all @KurtisBeavers :) I have to admit that movies.se site is a hard one to design, especially it covers both movies 'n tv. i think the art direction Kurtis came up with is a great, and is timeless. 5 years from now the site would still look great.
@MattD I love my job. @Jin deserves a lot more credit than he claims.
@Jin Absolutely. Saul Bass and Ollie Moss were 100% the best artists to take direction from in developing the design, as far as a modern perspective goes.
9:02 PM
@KurtisBeavers awww.
9:15 PM
@ChristianRau Thanks for the answer and yes, it's nice if we can help people instead of just saying off-topic. Well, it's not so much about a translation (the question asker is doing that himself), but more about the (social) relationship between two characters, ie. "do they talk to each other formally or informally?" - but I added a link to this discussion and we'll see how the community on japanese.stackexchange decides.
@MattD Hear hear. Strolling through SE, you really get the sense there's a passionate team behind it supplying elegant solutions and intelligent designs.
@Jin Even if it's for more ridicule? ;) Or do you justly want any trace of him erased? (sadly, i'm predicting lots of J. J. -> Jar Jar jokes if The Force Awakens is anything but stellar)
Come to think of it, 404 could feature other cinematic abominations, like Plan 9 or Manos.
9:31 PM
Q: Were Neville's feelings for Luna foreshadowed earlier?

Napoleon WilsonDuring the Battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 after his run from the shattered footbridge, an adrenaline-struck Neville Longbottom runs up the stairs where he meets Harry: Harry: Neville, you're alright? Neville: Never better! I feel like I could spit fire. Y...

@MovieReel Hmm. They collaborated plenty of times in books 5, 6 & 7, but this is probably just a jokey scene and\or a nod to shippers
@Walt So you're saying he didn't even say/do that in the books?
Not to my recollection. And Rowling denied they became an item:
@Walt Hmm, interesting insights, thanks. Maybe I always just made more out of it than there was even in the movie.
9:49 PM
They probably wanted to tie as many loose ends as possible. While Rowling's solution was just to kill off most of those loose ends. ;)
Ran out of stuff to watch with my tea, so re-watching the Sopranos and 'College' is up next :)
I'm probably going to watch the rerun of GoT season 3 on TV, even though I should rather go to sleep, haven't slept last night at all. (And substitute that tea for a whisky for that matter!)
Your life makes me sound like a little old granny
...who watches wiseguys getting whacked, but still
@Walt Well, it's not that I've done anything of interest last night. Just watching NFL Divisional Playoffs, GoT and doing stuff for work along the way. But work was well flowing and I had to achieve at least something after those 3 weeks of holiday.
"3 weeks of holiday" You bastards
@Walt And 45 days to go for the new year! Public service, muhahaha!
9:59 PM
Though maybe I should whine less, work more and watch fewer boring-ass 3+ hours award shows
10:21 PM
Q: Murder Movie - Murder kills recently engaged couples

elevenI watched a murder mystery film on TV some time between 1998-2003. The film was about someone who went around murdering recently engaged couples. I don't remember much about the film, but I know it was very long and dealt with a serial killer. If I am remembering correctly, the serial killer woul...

Q: Movie where bugs eat people

elevenI watched a movie years ago, probably some time around 2000. The movie was about these bugs that ate people alive. They were small bugs. In one scene a couple was having sex and they bug came up into the bed and ate the people. The bodies were eaten all the way down to the bones. I don't remember...

11:15 PM
Q: A poor guy who wove fabric to make a living, a bird decides to help

fahadashA man who wove fabrics in his little beat-up house in a village. There were white birds all around in that area. This one time A stranger lady knocks on his door thirsty, he brings her in and gives her water, and the room to sleep in for the night. Next day lady tells him to do his chores and s...


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