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2:08 AM
@Scimonster Hi! To alert you (privately) to a typo. And I found the email address, in the end, by visiting your Stack Exchange profile and clicking through to your GitHub profile. :)
1 hour later…
3:15 AM
Very "lomdish" HNQ:
Q: Celebrating the same new year several times over?

nsnIs there a commercial service offered to general public that allows you to celebrate the new year several times? The idea is that you would celebrate it in a time-zone and than move to the next one arriving there before new year. Of course this is relatively easy to accomplish by yourself if you...

....AFAICT, no one suggested Jewish New Year, but the date line was mentioned ;-)
@unforgettableid An easier way to do that would probably be to just leave a comment on the post, I think. Besides for the inbox notification, you also keep context very easily -- the typo is in the post you commented on! .....the other easier solution, IMO, would be to (suggest an) edit (to) the post yourself; just fix it.
3:34 AM
Is it nepotism if I often upvote comments that make references to myself?
3 hours later…
6:07 AM
@Shokhet See the subsequent comment by the OP. He's not pinning down his intention.
> you could hop across a land border with a large time difference, eg. you gain 3.5 hours when you cross from western China (UTC+8) to Afghanistan (UTC+4.5), although in this particular example neither place is exactly party central.
1 hour later…
7:34 AM
I'm missing exactly 1 upvote to earn Bill Lumbergh.
But i got my Treasure Hunter!!
2 hours later…
9:48 AM
Don't forget the Jewish new year! (Rosh Hashanah - usually September) — Scimonster 21 secs ago
10:01 AM
In the 929 text for Bereishit 11, is it supposed to be shalosh shanim (with a kamatz, as they have it) or shilosh shanim (with a shva)?
(I was reading it to see how well i remembered it.)
But they do do a great job with the video. Quite funny, actually.
4 hours later…
2:01 PM
What's the proper way to transliterate חן בעיניך according to the modern Israeli pronunciation?
Chen Be'enecha?
2:17 PM
@Ramin I guess so, though with an accent it's chein b'einecha.
I think I prefer it with the Is
otherwise it's too sephardic
is it okay to use "H" for "het"?
@Ramin Feel free, though i think it's less common.
kh is also applicable, though that may also sound rather Sefardic
beinecha sounds like "between you" and not "in your eyes"
without the '
@Ramin b'einecha, with an apostrophe.
what if no apostrophes allowed?
2:20 PM
@Ramin So i guess go with the double e.
boker tov by the way :)
or erev tov, depending on where you are...
BTW, you can reply to messages (adding that back arrow) by hovering over the message you want to reply to, and clicking the reply arrow (on the right).
@Ramin Erev tov, more like it. :)
got it
That's why we usually say TZT -- "timezone tov"
@Scimonster test
2:23 PM
@Ramin I got the ping. :)
Does stackexchange get all proceeds for activity on mi yodeya?
@Ramin As far as i know, yes.
My adblock is disabled so I don't see ads but I would imagine it's easy to monetize the site somehow.
Though i'm not sure how much they actually make on a small site like us.
how many daily visits do you get?
2:27 PM
@Ramin 3k
that's not bad
GTG now, mincha time over here. :) TZT.
People with over 200 rep don't see ads anyways.
4 hours later…
6:14 PM
@Scimonster We don't get real ads. Only the really big sites (like SO and serverfault) get those
@ShmuelBrin True.
6:29 PM
@VincentCalabrese Your example is a poor one, then. You could edit your question to clarify that point, although (due to site policy) you should try to do so in a way that does not invalidate existing answers. — YeZ 13 secs ago
I don't have a real method to which comments I choose to transport here.
My comment transposition is similar to my hats.
7:05 PM
Speaking of ads, I think it would be nice to have a community ad for our publications. Something like "Download our special publications for Pesach, Purim, and Chanukah! for text, but I've no idea about (nor ability to implement) the graphics. Thoughts? Designers?
BTW the ad for the Mi Yodeya referencer needs one more vote to go live.
@MonicaCellio Yes. Need.
> We are currently offline for maintenance
@Scimonster who is? Mi Yodeya (main) is working for me.
@MonicaCellio And we're back up.
Would that all maintenance were that quick. :-)
@msh210 Subsequent comment (and edit) actually makes it a dupe of the question you linked to, in your first comment there. Should we open and close, then?
@msh210 True :)
@Scimonster I was going to try for that one, but I got caught up writing a longer answer. I probably should have written them earlier, like some people in Bam did. I currently have two answers in the running for Red Baron......maybe
@Scimonster Congrats!
@MonicaCellio That's a really good idea; cc @IsaacMoses
7:22 PM
@Shokhet thanks. I'm hoping somebody in here can actually make it (and make it attractive).
@MonicaCellio I can try, but it likely won't look very good. Anyone in here good with graphics?
@Shokhet Which?
I'm currently #14 network-wide. A well-placed upvote will push me to #9.
@Scimonster I linked to the comment in which you mentioned Bill Lumbergh; I have about a half-hour to an hour to earn that hat, this time of year.
It'll be a kiddush Hashem to have a Yodeyan in the top ten!
@Shokhet No, which are in the running for Red Baron?
And i know it's late, but any ideas for 30 minutes or less?
@Scimonster Oh. judaism.stackexchange.com/a/51307/5323 and judaism.stackexchange.com/a/51305/5323 ....if they don't get Red Baron, then they should at least get Necromancer, right? :P
@Scimonster Where might that vote have to be placed? ;-)
(I'll only vote if I think it deserves it; but we'll chalk up any extra to "chat effect" :P)
7:31 PM
@Shokhet Either here or here.
I personally think the first is higher quality.
I see chat effect worked. :P
@Scimonster Enjoy the hatz :)
@Shokhet :)
Another 59 to Mortarboard as well... (yes, i'm still waiting for it. :/)
@Scimonster Hm.
@Shokhet That's why i have more posts to make. :P
.....the other answer I posted last night was this one; part of the idea was to see if voting on MY can overcome FGITW; so far, it hasn't.....
7:35 PM
Well, and now there are no more ties in the Yodeyan leaderboard. :-)
@Scimonster Go for it!
@MonicaCellio That's true :) .....I tried to check that a little while ago, but the site was down.
@Shokhet Almost did now. :P
@Scimonster I don't know if using chat effect counts, though :P ....if it gets accepted, then I think it should come out on top of yours, right?
....they don't always
@Shokhet Yes. The only time it doesn't is when it's a self accept.
@Scimonster oh, huh -- I hadn't realized there was a network-wide leaderboard. If I'd noticed earlier I might have been able to boost my position there. Aside from Mi Yodeya and to an extent MSE, I haven't really been paying attention to my hat-earning potential. But I'm active lots of other places... oh well, next year!
7:38 PM
@Scimonster Really? ....I thought I saw a score two answer come out under s/t like a score 20 or so answer, but I could be wrong
Oh wait -- it's still unique hats, so duplicates don't help. So maybe I could have gotten a Red Baron or even 30 Minutes on Workplace, but that wouldn't have helped enough. Never mind.
It's winterbash2014.stackexchange.com/leaderboard/network in case you didn't find it yet. ;)
Where are you guys [sic] placed? It doesn't seem to have search.
@Scimonster Your browser doesn't have a search function?
@Shokhet It does, but each page has only ~30 or whatever people on it.
@Scimonster yeah, I found it. I'd been looking at this site's leaderboard but hadn't noticed that the overall one (a) was there and (b) had an entry for "Stack Exchange network". The top hat-earners there earned all the hats (38), including Eureka; at 32 hats I was never close.
7:42 PM
@Scimonster I'm #40
The site-specific leaderboards let you search for a username.
@Scimonster network-wide I'm #27 (tied with several others).
Not bad! (@Monica @Shokhet)
@Scimonster That's true. Maybe you should post an(other) answer here?
@Scimonster where are you now?
7:43 PM
@MonicaCellio #9, network wide.
See the image above.
@MonicaCellio #9 -- search works, because he made front page ;-)
@Scimonster That also works :)
@Scimonster nice! (I wasn't sure if you had more boosts since taking that.)
@MonicaCellio I would have posted excitedly if i did. xD
This guy thinks otherwise about wearing multiple hats. — Scimonster 2 hours ago
@Scimonster That works if it's a reply, btw
@Shokhet Yeah, i know.
A: Winter Bash closing remarks - ideas for next year

ScimonsterMake the network-wide leaderboard searchable. This is already implemented on the site-specific leaderboards. Compare:

7:50 PM
@Scimonster I was already mentioned in this answer; thanks! :P
@Shokhet I did notice that. :P From LH?
@Scimonster I believe so. That's the only site where I'm in the queues, and all those avatars (and hats) are also in the queues. (I think)
I thought i took screenshots of all my hats, but i seemed to have missed one. Now to figure out which....
@Scimonster Quickly!!
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 18 secs ago, by SmokeDetector
@Shokhet HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 0 days, 4 hours, 4 minutes and 48 seconds. :(
@Shokhet Aha! Hairboat! I thought i got it, but i guess not.
Aha! I did! It was just in the wrong folder.
Whew. Crisis averted. :)
8:11 PM
> Totally lame source, but The Prince of Egypt ....
8:33 PM
I just added an English translation to that Rashi. — Scimonster 7 mins ago
The joys of crowd-sourcing.
8:53 PM
Could someone (@mods) synonimize with ? I don't have the required score.
@Scimonster doesn't exist, so I can't synonymatize it.
@YeZ That's why we need a mod.
@Scimonster I thought you wanted a mod for lack of required score. If you want, you can retag an question with and then I'll suggest it as a synonym. And then 4 others can vote on it. Yeah, maybe just find a mod.
1 hour later…
10:15 PM
@Scimonster Congrats!
not yet, but soon.....
@Shokhet Now. :) And thanks!
@Scimonster :)
@Everybody -- let's all vote on all of @Scimonster's posts! He hit the rep cap ten minutes ago!! :P
I will now take a leaf out of @YeZ's book and see how many hats i can put on.
Assuming my internet stays connected.
hats end in 1.5 hrs?
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 12 secs ago, by SmokeDetector
@Shokhet HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 0 days, 1 hour, 32 minutes and 14 seconds. :(
10:29 PM
@Scimonster You have to make sure that they are all individually discernible. (At least, on the main site.)
Am I wearing mega man's hat?
@YeZ Since when were there rules for stacking hats??
@Shokhet When you are the king, you get to make the rules.
I can't tell if my hat is an old megaman helmet, or an old FF or BoF helmet.
I'm not sure what either has to do with deleting old comments.
@YeZ I'm not sure what that means.
10:32 PM
I guess it's a bad pun on the poor resolution.
@YeZ "Resolution" = low res hat
@Shokhet which part?
@YeZ Yeah, I think ^^^
@YeZ Follow the pingbacks -- I was asking about
1 min ago, by YeZ
I can't tell if my hat is an old megaman helmet, or an old FF or BoF helmet.
@Shokhet Yeah, I got that - I just wasn't sure if it has anything to do with the specific helmet, or just the poor resolution.
@Shokhet Right - which part of that statement do you not know? The acronyms?
@YeZ The specific helmets
@YeZ and the acronyms
10:34 PM
@Shokhet Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and Breath of Fire are all old video games (although they made newer ones). Mega Man was a robot, and he had a blue helmet. In fact, extra lives in Mega Man were symbolized by helmets lying around. Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire were RPG's, in which you could get armor.
@YeZ Aha. I never really got into video games (my parents thought they were evil), and ask the WB community about my knowledge of RPGs :P
@Shokhet I was a video game fanatic. I think my old love of RPGs and level grinding has somewhat channeled in to the fun of getting rep on MY.
@Shokhet skim the conversation from around here for more on that :P
@YeZ I see.
@Shokhet "level grinding" = when you spend a long time just killing enemies so you can gain levels = get stronger.
@YeZ I think I figured that out :)
11:02 PM
I think i'll be done with the hat adjustments now.
11:30 PM
Or maybe not.

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