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12:05 AM
I had been using darts, but anything would work. Pumpkins? :D
Adding more details as we speak
OK, if that doesn't help, I can't think of what will
fixed the link to the .blend, should work now
Does that help?
12:28 AM
Yep. Thanks!
I would have answered sooner, but i didn't get online yesterday
That's fine. G2G
you could accept my answer instead of David's
Mine is slightly better....
@GiantCowFilms @gandalf3 @someonewithpc @NoviceInDisguise Feel free to vote up, it actually is a pretty good answer.
A: How can I spawn a moving object in BGE?

X-27Your problem here could have a few very simple solutions. First, your projectile must be either a dynamic object, or a rigid body object. Static objects can not have angular velocity. Another solution could be that your projectile is getting lodged in the collision bounds of what is probably (in ...

2 hours later…
2:16 AM
Ok, for transparency, has been deleted. is now and is now .
@gandalf3 I'm not for having and as synonyms. Nodes are in the game engine as well while the node-editor is a specific mode for compositing etc.
Someone messed up, was redirecting to ..
14 hours later…
4:12 PM
@iKlsR How did you write tags in chat, or is that a mod only privilege?
One of the best xkcds ever!
4:24 PM
10 mins ago, by GiantCowFilms
user image
4:42 PM
@X-27 :D
when I get 23 more rep, I'll be at 1k rep on the blender exchange
my edits wont need approval!!!
Wow you guys are catching up!
yah :-)
did you see the latest post by our favorite user?
Q: How to make python do action if sensor gives positive pulse?

Adrians NetlisI have just recieved information about python save function. I know how to save game, but next problem is to make it save in my own actions. How to make a game autosave and autoload I want it to be always saved(auto-save) and always loaded. How do I make script use always sensor instead of keyboa...

I mean. seriously? just change the name in the script from "LKEY" to "alwase sensor name"
@X-27 that was sarcastic?
look at his script and try to decipher what he is asking.
then I think the answer should be pretty obvious
4:48 PM
He is just 14, and from Latvia, so there could be a language barrier.
@X-27 Then get yourself some rep!
the question is too unclear, I might give the wrong answer...
But then again, he might be asking something entirely different...
Woo hoo now only 13 more rep till next privilege!
@X-27 be careful what you say, later he might just end up reading this.
good point
4:53 PM
@X-27 Did you here that for Interstellar, they wrote a new render engine that supported the effect a black hole has on light? That puts cycles to shame!
but you could already have a negative lamp...
@X-27 Negative Lamp??????
is that for real?
yah, do Shift+A
select lamp
select type-point
click on it
(with right click)
set the strength from 1 to -anything
I've never actually used that feature, but it sounds awesome for making artificial shadows.
that gave me a question idea
I'd be happy to answer it!
if it is something like "how can I create a black hole effect on the lighting"
4:58 PM
Q: Do negative lights actually remove light or do they cast "Black" light?

GiantCowFilmsIn cycles, I just learned, you can set a lamps value to a negitive number to create a "negative lamp". But in a few tests, instead of removing light, it seemed to just cast black light? What is it actually doing?

awww.. I don't know that...
never mind, after a little experimenting, i found your answer.
would you do the honor of making my edits instantly accepted?
as of now, it is only 13 more rep till next privilege.....
It requires to reviews
but I'll "help"
if they are good
no, once you reach 1000 rep, your edits are accepted instantly
and i'm only 13 rep away
so an upvote on an answer and/or being accepted would bump me over that mark...
@X-27 Yes, but 2 1k+ users have to approve your edit
@X-27 There are no edit in the queue
you don't get it... what I am saying is, once I get 13 more reputation I wont need the edits approved. I am not saying that I have edits waiting to be approved....
Sorry, didn't try it using a material, I was using point lamps
does that make any sense?
ok, updated the answer
hopefully that makes a little more sense
5:37 PM
@GiantCowFilms did you go offline?
@X-27 No, just been busy
your... not going to accept it??
No problem, I hove over 1k rep now
I gave you a UV!
@X-27 I wan't it more specific technical answer that explains what cycles does.
oh, ok
did I already mention that i now have over 1,000 reputation?
now I can edit stuff!
and review edits!!!!!
@X-27 Oh boy
6:11 PM
@X-27 Good for you!
7:03 PM
@NoviceInDisguise thanks
@GiantCowFilms That's my sentence...
2 hours later…
8:38 PM
@GiantCowFilms use [ tag : thisisatag ] without the spaces of course
it will automagically link to the tag on the site of the room you're in
3 hours later…
11:16 PM
@iKlsR test
Ah ha!
@someonewithpc Precisely!
@GiantCowFilms You have reached your greatest achievement; Congrats!
@GiantCowFilms Since that chat was a test, does it mean the new and improved version of your game is going to have a chat?
BTW, what is it called?
@GiantCowFilms Hello?
11:36 PM
@someonewithpc sorry, cleaning up after a power outage
@GiantCowFilms No worries
The new game will have a messaging system, but no public chat (unless you added when it goes github)
@someonewithpc I see your hat, did you phone finally arrive?
@GiantCowFilms Yes! Last year, actually
@someonewithpc When exactly!
But I only posted today
@GiantCowFilms 29th December 2014, at 14:27 :P
11:38 PM
@someonewithpc LOL
@GiantCowFilms doogeemobile.com/…
in black
DIE SKYPE!!! I hate programs that don't think you know enough to decide whether to minimize or not!
hats go away soon :-(
@X-27 NOOOOOOOOOOO Were all going to go into cold turkey head!
@GiantCowFilms Win8? App or desktop version of Skype?
11:42 PM
@someonewithpc desktop version, modern apps are the death of me!
@GiantCowFilms I use the app version
I like it
(I have successfully killed it, its just annoying)
@GiantCowFilms It can be annoying, yes
The desktop version has more features like screen sharing.
@GiantCowFilms I don't care... I wouldn't use half..
11:44 PM
When my computer dies I have to start mysql, except that I've debuged my whole app before I figure what the problem is :P.
@someonewithpc But I need to share my screen
@GiantCowFilms Fair
@GiantCowFilms Have you seen one of my many answers today?
I'm on fire!
@someonewithpc No?
Not literally, though
@GiantCowFilms I got more rep today than I did in the rest of the previous week
Whats the highest you ever got not counting a bounus
@GiantCowFilms You should upvote them :P
11:47 PM
I got 120 a couple days ago
Aug 15'14
165, Aug 3'14
@someonewithpc you phone arrived!
@GiantCowFilms D'oh..
I noticed first @David!
11:49 PM
@David Indeed
@GiantCowFilms I wasn't here
@David Still
ok, so I should of read the chat first.
15 mins ago, by GiantCowFilms
@someonewithpc I see your hat, did you phone finally arrive?
@David Yes
11:52 PM
I got 112 today
Always get context, otherwise you look like a fool me
@X-27 You guys are about to pass me soon!
@GiantCowFilms Lol
I got 155 on October 14, 2014
Hi guys!
Whew still ahead
@NoviceInDisguise What the most you've ever gotten on a day rep-wise?
11:53 PM
@NoviceInDisguise Hi
@GiantCowFilms I usually do back read the chat first. but I saw the green hat on someonewithpc
@GiantCowFilms 127 on November 23 2014
@GiantCowFilms 260
@David ?!
200 is the max!
@David You'll be forgiven; But don't do it again! :P
11:54 PM
@NoviceInDisguise Without the association bonus
@David When?
@NoviceInDisguise Yes, He just can't keep the rest
@GiantCowFilms Dec 20, 2014
@GiantCowFilms NO
that is what I thought, but that is not how it works
BTW, everybody take pics of the hats you have. You only got them one more day!
@David How does it work?
11:56 PM
no, for 4 more minutes actually
I think...
@X-27 Yeah
@X-27 Wait what?
There is a 200 rep cap, on everything except bounties, accepted answers and the site Association Bonus
@X-27 Oh dear!
@David Ahhh!
@X-27 I think a day and 4 min, but get the pic anyway!
11:57 PM
already did
so you can get 20 UV on un-accepted answers, but a unlimited number on accepted answers. Just look at the Rep this guy gets.
@someonewithpc That is their, not they're
I think we should ask for a hat extension.
@GiantCowFilms Yes; sorry, mighty grammar overlord.
11:59 PM
@someonewithpc You forgot the period!

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