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2:13 AM
posted on January 02, 2015 by Monica Cellio

Stack Exchange sites that have graduated can add community ads to the rotation of ads shown on the front page (that place where you sometimes see ads for random other SE sites). These ads are voted on by members of their communities, and if enough voters agree that the ad would be welcome on their site, it's added. Over on Worldbuilding we've had some success adver

3 hours later…
5:04 AM
can anyone access meta community building on the iOS app? Reinstalled, hard reset
Odd that it's just meta though
@AnnonomusPenguin I can't access any meta except Meta.SE on the Android app
@Andy why?
For me I have to switch a drop down from main sites to metas
Not sure. It throws an error if I try to open a meta post
Q: Android StackExchange App doesnt let me open questions in my feed that link to a per site meta discussion

AndyWhen I receive a notification of a new meta post on the site I moderator, this appears in my feed. However, when I attempt to open this post, the application reports that it can't find the question. This is how the new topic appears in my feed: When I select that topic, this is the error I get:

What is it?
Loading the question failed.
5:18 AM
I saw that ;)
Poor refresh sorry
5:35 AM
Great idea from @AnnonomusPenguin about using trolls in a gamers-focused ad.
Why isn't my comment one-boxing?
Fine, we'll do it the hard way. Imagine something like the following -- but not that image in particular as AFAIK it's not public-domain -- with crosshairs superimposed, and text like "got trolls? we can help!". Can anybody with some image-searching and graphics skills actually make that?
Is oneboxing busted?
Your unwobbly red circles are probably better than mine. I can hunt for images though
@Andy well, for the real ad we don't want any freehand circles, I'd guess -- we want somebody with the tools and know-how to layer a few elements and make it look good. But I don't know how to do that kind of image manipulation. :-(
But if you can find a starting image that we can use, then we can (with luck) hand it off to somebody who can do the manipulation but who hasn't hunted down images we can use. Cooperative effort!
Coming up on 1AM here -- this little non-troll needs to get some sleep. Later!
5:58 AM
@MonicaCellio Me: "You mean smokey pink and orange don't go together well?!?!"
@Andy: could we somehow adapt this to fit our site? ---
Q: Could SE promote "community projects" for smaller sites?

Annonomus PenguinIn order to get new questions, Startups SE Beta is hosting a "Startups Startup" event, where teams are creating a startup with virtually no monetary investment. Any needed resources are reused from old projects (i.e. old domain names, unused hosting, etc.). They're using this to generate content ...

@AnnonomusPenguin Interesting. I imagine building a community as a community could be an "easy" way to adapt the proposal. The problem I see with that though, is probably unique to Community Building...
We want to build the community here. By building a community else where, we are pulling people away from here.
You know what, cancel that last thought, I think it could work. The community's community wouldn't be about building communities. It'd have a completely different focus
6:28 AM
@andy yeah we would have to to be careful not to draw attention away from SE
I was thinking maybe a game or something like that, if you know what I mean. Not forum related.
Something very hands on and personal.
If we had a bigger community local meetups would be awesome
@AnnonomusPenguin Maybe in a year or so
I like the idea of having "something" to focus the community. The idea of teams on startups is a good one too, but I don't know if we have enough for that yet.
@Andy maybe a one team approach would work best for this.
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11:10 AM
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1:55 PM
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4:17 PM
For the tour page ^^^
No oneboxing. @MonicaCellio I can't get comment oneboxing either; I will submit a bug report tonight.
Test to see if it's meta only:
@AirThomas let us continue this in chat. — Monica Cellio yesterday
No meta posts onebox
I vote we rename the site again just to see if that helps things or makes them worse. What's the worst that can happen?
The site explodes
Are we talking pieces that can be glued back together or itty bitty smithereens?
So, the originally moderator site, which, on the moderator meta site the moderators asked the moderator site's community moderator to change the moderator site's name from moderators to community building, the moderators asked the moderators site's community moderator to change the originally moderator site's name back to "moderators" because the mound of bugs caused by the rename to moderators was moderate.
World's worst runon sentence ^^^ ;)
4:33 PM
wow. hold on...I'm going to need a minute to get through that
@Andy it isn't grammatically correct.
Probably (TM)(c)(R)(SM) (FDA approved) *
I was concerned until that FDA approval showed up
*FDA = Foreign Debate Association
Hm. I'll accept it
"That sounds safe!"
4:38 PM
posted on January 02, 2015 by Annonomus Penguin

Some more remnants of the chaos Moderators SE → Community Building SE rename are still coming up, mainly for Meta CB. For example, there is an issue loading meta posts on the mobile app. Something that we noticed in chat is meta comments don't onebox: here, here, and here. It's only Meta CB comments that don't one box; comments from the main site still onebox. Why i

This oneboxes?
To be fair, it does use feeds magic. I'm not sure how that differs from standard oneboxing
Jon Skeet added the feeds feature perhaps?
1 hour later…
6:00 PM
@AnnonomusPenguin actually, I'm very good with color; it's all the other aspects of visual design that I'm not very experienced with.
@MetaCommunityBuilding also, since the rename, the styling of our meta-feed posts is wonky -- compare the "recent questions (etc)" header and lack of gravatar and properly-styled title to what happens with oneboxes from main, or other sites (when oneboxes work at all, I mean).
6:30 PM
posted on January 02, 2015 by Andy

Adding on the previous bug reports, the Feeds user that posts recent Meta topics to The Town Hall, don't have the same styling or all the elements of previous posts. Example of how it looks now: Example of how it used to look: Things that appear to be changed now: Current Score Avatar of user posting the question Icon of the site (on the right) More w


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