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3:20 AM
@IsaacMoses אשל = haven?
This morning I sneezed 7 times in a row, and Moshiach didn't come! What gives?
^^^ should I ask that on the site?
3:37 AM
@YeZ squiggly equals, at least.
4:16 AM
....w/o 10K, I don't know what happened there.
2 hours later…
6:01 AM
@Moshe In case you don't recognize it, that's a take-off of youtube.com/watch?v=kA_qX-eUgbs (which has vulgarities).
@Shokhet I never knew nikur was necessary up front. Thank you!
6:13 AM
@Shokhet Yeah, I figured it'd be something like that. That's why I commented there.
@YeZ Wait for February 18th.
@Shokhet Get 10K, then. :-)
@Shokhet Seriously, nothing very deep. He had another answer, and it got deleted.
6:58 AM
@msh210 Well, you can't very well do it bedi'avad, can you? ;^)
7:32 AM
@IsaacMoses :-)
7:44 AM
Do we not yet have judaism.stackexchange.com/q/51040? I can't find it.
judaism.stackexchange.com/q/7236 is related but certainly not the same.
@Menachem TZT!
@msh210 you too
@Menachem Any thoughts on my question, just above?
11 mins ago, by msh210
Do we not yet have http://judaism.stackexchange.com/q/51040? I can't find it.
@msh210 Is that a 'welcome' TZT or a 'bye' TZT?
@Scimonster Welcome. He'd appeared in the room soon before I said that.
@Scimonster And a tzt to you, too!
Q: Can a prophet add to or change the Torah?

DanielIs it possible for a prophet to add to the Torah, or change any of it? Can a prophet say that God has told him that certain parts no longer apply or are wrong? How do we know?

7:59 AM
@Menachem Thank you!
if we go by intent, perhaps this one as well: judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/37374/…
You're restating your question a few times here in different words that mean different things, so it's hard to tell which one you mean. I'm closing this as unclear, therefore; please clarify your intent and it can be reopened. If you mean the same question as yodeya.com/q/26425 then you're in luck: it's been answered already! — msh210 ♦ 1 min ago
4 hours later…
12:27 PM
@Shokhet Thanks!
2 hours later…
2:01 PM
@MonicaCellio, R' Student posted a link today to a free online copy of The Nineteen Letters, which you looked at at my house.
2:28 PM
@msh210 :)
@msh210 I know, but those answers were previously under discussion, in here....I think the conclusion was to leave them alone, because they were both distinct answers, albeit low-quality ones
after the discussion under this answer, I texted the developer last night....turns out he's on MY, and I actually know who yydl is :P
2:47 PM
@Shokhet Is there an iOS version?
3:06 PM
@Shokhet @msh210 I deleted his second answer and left the following comment:
> @rabbi since the question asked for halachic issues, you didn't discuss them here, and you posted a different answer that does discuss them, I'm deleting this one. You can edit the other answer to add to it if you like by using the "edit" link under the post. Thanks.
I hadn't remembered the discussion in here from earlier, but the deleted answer doesn't seem to me to cover any new territory and the other answer has since been edited some.
@IsaacMoses thank you! One of the frustrating consequences of visiting people is ending up having read the opening parts of many books. :-) I already checked my synagogue's library to see if we had it so I could continue (didn't find it), but hadn't yet broadened my search.
3:35 PM
@MonicaCellio Maybe I'll take this interaction as an inspiration to finally finish reading it myself!
@IsaacMoses I started Horeb when visiting R' Micha Berger years ago, and did actually get my own copy after -- which I still haven't finished. Good stuff, but a lot of it. :-)
@MonicaCellio I've also never read it cover-to-cover, but I find Horeb to be a very useful volume for reference, from time to time. For example, it's great for when I want a clear picture of what a particular holiday is about. It's pretty well-organized for such reference.
@MonicaCellio and apparently, Horeb is partially available online, as well, FTR.
3:54 PM
@IsaacMoses yes, I tend to jump to specific sections too.
I started at the beginning when I first encountered it at Micha's, but that's because I didn't yet know just what I was holding.
@MonicaCellio Nothing wrong with that approach, either. I'm sure that reading it cover to cover would be quite rewarding. IIRC, there is a very long, dense, and interesting introduction that you'll never get to if you just use it for reference.
4:13 PM
@IsaacMoses nothing wrong other than running out of steam. :-) Thanks for the tip about the intro; I had, in fact, skipped right past that.
4:32 PM
@Scimonster I believe there is; I'll ask him to be sure.
@msh210 (or anyone else who can answer): I know you are or were active with Wikipedia. How do I report a bug? There's a link to a person that's to the wrong person with that name, but I don't have a WP link for the right one. So I want to tell someone or at least get the bad link removed, but I don't know how.
@IsaacMoses I linked to that copy earlier, here ;-)
@Shokhet Nice.
@MonicaCellio I have a Wikipedia account and can edit. What's the problem?
4:47 PM
@MichaelSandler oh thanks. This page, at the end of the overview, has a link for "Steven Roth", but it links to the wrong Steven Roth. The correct one is (a"h) this one. I worked for Steve for years at the company discussed in the WP page so I say this from direct knowledge.
@MonicaCellio The discussion started here; for history's sake
5:22 PM
With my avatar's short body, my new "hat" looks like a sweater.
(back in #2)
@Scimonster :)
@Scimonster You should change your name to "Captain Prrrcard."
@Scimonster or "Spot"
5:49 PM
....I don't yet have the werewolf hat on MY.....I have one recent answer that's 3 votes short for Enlightened, and another that's missing an accept......maybe I should start digging for something that will get me Necromancer?
@IsaacMoses What
@Shokhet Enthusiast?
@MonicaCellio There doesn't seem to be a page on Wikipedia for the correct Steven Roth, so I just removed the incorrect link.
@Scimonster I currently have 16 consecutive. is that enough?
@Shokhet Nope.
5:58 PM
I have 94 consecutive so i think i can get fanatic the very last day.
How about Beta?
I got that on LH :)
....but already had the werewolf hat from "Great Answer" (hot water urn)
@Shokhet Me too.
6:16 PM
@Scimonster cutesy cat name adaptation of probably the most famous character to wear a red shirt, followed by the name of a cat that belonged to another character on the same series
6:27 PM
Ok, I'll bite on @Ze'ev's comment...., @Shokhet.
On Shechita:
Can I do it in on a boat? Can I do it on a goat?
Can I do it in the rain? Can I do it on a train?
In the dark? In a tree?
In a car? Shecht, you see?
Can I do it on in a box?
Can I do it to a fox?
Can I do it in a house?
Can I do it on a mouse?
Can I do it here? or there?
Can I do it anywhere?
How can I shecht, @Shokhet-I-am?
@MichaelSandler thanks for the help! I couldn't find a WP page for the correct one either. There's an external link to his university research page, but nothing internal. Just removing the link seems best.
6:54 PM
@CharlesKoppelman EPIC WIN
7:08 PM
BOOOO I was typing up a thorough answer to a question, when the question was suddenly deleted on me!
7:24 PM
@YeZ ouch! Deleted by the OP? (If you were able to start an answer it presumably wasn't closed.)
@MonicaCellio Ya.
I think as a result of a comment I had made.
@YeZ Then post a Q/A set :)
@CharlesKoppelman Cute! :)
@YeZ bummer. If you think the question has value and you haven't already lost your answer, you can always re-ask. But if you think it was a misunderstanding or something, maybe try to engage the OP?
@MonicaCellio No, it was a mistaken assumption in a question. I pointed it out to him. I was writing a well sourced answer to prove the mistaken-ness of the assumption when it was deleted.
I'm starting to think of answers.....boat I've dealt with already; goat is possible, but not recommended......
@YeZ I've done stuff like that before judaism.stackexchange.com/q/48736/5323
7:34 PM
@Shokhet train and car would seem to be similar to boat, no? (If moving, of course -- I'm following the lead of that assumption on your boat answer.)
@MonicaCellio Right, but it's much easier when you can just toss the blood out, and don't have to worry about blood in the water (see cutlass answer)
"In the dark" would seem to be no, right? (A blind man can't be a shochet, can he?)
@MonicaCellio Right and wrong.....hang on, I think that's my next Q/A set
@Shokhet that's true; the water poses an additional challenge. I was thinking of the problems from the motion. Especially cars -- other drivers, and thus the need to dodge them, can be so unpredictable!
@MonicaCellio Sounds like a worthy question to me. I know very little about shechita, but it seems to me that they do a lot by touch.
Re: fox and mouse:
Q: Shechting non-Kosher animals

YehoshuaThe question was asked: If someone for example is sick and must eat from a non-kosher animal. Must it be shechted (slaughtered) first like a kosher animal? I don't see any reason why it should, since the Torah and Chazal only gave the laws of kosher shechita for a kosher animal. However, perhaps ...

7:37 PM
@IsaacMoses interesting. I was assuming feel for most of it but sight for confirmation etc -- you know where to start the cut but still want to look, etc. Hmm. @Shokhet do you want to continue your self-answer streak or do you want me to ask?
The answer, in short, is that they can, provided that they can accurately determine that they did what they needed to to do (רוב אחד בעוף רוב שנים בבהמה)
@IsaacMoses the "on" is nicely ambiguous there too; I think @Shokhet understood "on a goat" as meaning "while perched upon a goat", but that doesn't work for mouse and fox. Alternatively, "on" could mean "can I perform shechita on...".
@IsaacMoses Isn't that a duplicate?
Q: Must I ceremonially dispatch a non-kosher animal meant for Gentile consumption?

AuleI raise non-kosher animals (rabbits) primarily for manure for my garden and fur for clothing. I give the meat away to non-Jews. I understand all domesticated animals are to be humanely killed, regardless of intended use, if killing is called for. Is there a prayer to say before dispatching, eve...

....never mind, I see the difference
@MonicaCellio That's true; I hadn't thought to read it like that.
@MonicaCellio You could ask it, if you want. Just give me a ping if you do, please :)
I call first dibs on that question! :P
@Shokhet You thought it meant sitting on a goat to do schita? I interpreted all the stuff about animals as shechting them.
@Scimonster Well, sitting on calves has been discussed; both by halacha, as well as in Bam ;-)
7:44 PM
@Shokhet ok, I'll ask it and let you know when it's there. I can't control who else might choose to answer, but I'd say you're widely-enough known as our resident shechita-answerer that I don't think your efforts will go to waste.
@MonicaCellio I have a feeling that @Shokhet's efforts would speak for themselves even if his reputation wasn't attached to them
... not to mention his "dibs"
@IsaacMoses Hey, it took me some time to beat @DoubleAA for top answerer in the shechita tag.... :P
@IsaacMoses indeed -- there's a reason he has that well-deserved reputation. :-)
@Shokhet Yeah but this one was just a misunderstanding.
7:54 PM
@YeZ Okay. I don't know what question you're referring to.
@CharlesKoppelman If you switch "in a house" with "on a house," that's been dealt with; it's allowed, even though people might think you're doing it with idolatrous intent ("gods of the sky"?), since those idolaters don't do stuff like that
@Shokhet Soon to be our first tag-wiki-badge holder for that tag.
@YeZ Nope; I just looked.....we need 100 questions under the tag first :(
....maybe in a little while
@Shokhet Wow. There's a lot of kooky stuff y'all are explicitly enjoined from because of those pesky idolaters.
....we currently have 49
@IsaacMoses No; on top of a house is kosher.....we might have thought otherwise, but this one's fine
@IsaacMoses pesky idolaters got us barred from shechting into ditches, into water, into vessels....
@Shokhet Ah. Those actually don't sound like kooky practices, put potentially practical ones.
pesky idolators
7:59 PM
Q: Do you have to be able to see to do shechita?

Monica CellioIn the wake of a question about shechita on a boat (ok, with a cutlass, but also on a boat), the topic of other unusual shechita conditions came up in chat: Can I do it in on a boat? Can I do it on a goat? Can I do it in the rain? Can I do it on a train? In the dark? In a tree? In a car...

@Shokhet "into vessels" was done in the Temple, no?
@Shokhet ^^^
@MonicaCellio Thanks
@IsaacMoses Okay, but would that be confused for עבודה זרה?
@Shokhet yup, learned that from the absence of my badge for . :-)
8:00 PM
@MonicaCellio I linked to your Meta question :)
@Scimonster Now 50; @MonicaCellio just asked one ;-)
@Shokhet oh. So you did.
@Shokhet halfway there!
@Shokhet "No shevut in the mikdash," I guess
@MonicaCellio You're a "city kid"? :P
If y'all want to show how-to a little love in thanks, I won't object. :-)
@MonicaCellio We're currently at 93.....
8:02 PM
@Scimonster basically. Ok, I grew up in suburbs, but from the time I was doing my own food acquisition I've been a city-dweller.
@MonicaCellio City kid?
A: Do you have to be able to see to do shechita?

ShokhetSimla Chadasha rules (11:1) that one should not shecht in the dark, because he won't be able to look at the simanim, to check whether he did what he needed to do (רוב אחד בעוף רוב שנים בבהמה; most of one "siman" (windpipe/foodpipe) for a bird, most of two "simanim" for an animal). "Dark" is defin...

Though now that I think about it, my parents did buy half a cow a couple times while I was growing up -- but I never saw the process; we just took coolers to the butcher and filled them up with many many paper-wrapped packages.
.....I cheated; I wrote the answer while you were writing the question :)
@Scimonster oh. Ok, allow me my indulgences. :-)
@Scimonster fixed. :-)
@Shokhet I suspected you might be doing that. :-)
... <click> 2 minutes, 33 seconds — Isaac Moses 7 mins ago
8:13 PM
Ha! I'm so glad I did this. I mostly expected to be ignored
@MonicaCellio I can see cars being distinct from other vehicles because they're so small
@CharlesKoppelman Seriously?
@Scimonster on which? the ignored or the glad? But yes, both.
@CharlesKoppelman The ignored, i was talking about.
@Scimonster Yeah, figured it was worth a question if that
Ok I'm trying to decide whether to go for the deputy badge or electorate
Which is a better one to have under the belt?
8:18 PM
@Daniel For the hat?
@Daniel Both!
@Shokhet Is there a hat?
@Daniel I'll have to agree with @Scimonster there....why not do both?
@Shokhet Eventually... But which to start with?
@Daniel Werewolf hunter for silver; Treasure hunter for gold.
8:18 PM
@Daniel Separate ones: werewolf hunter for silver badge (deputy), treasure hunter for gold (electorate)
How close are you? Electorate is probably easier.
I'm about 2/3 of the way there for both
I don't think I'm going to get a gold badge anywhere before the hats get put away. :-(
@Daniel It's easier to find stuff to vote on than it is to find stuff that you can flag
(Mods can't get Deputy or Marshal, in case you're wondering.)
8:19 PM
* flag helpfully
@MonicaCellio Really? That's a bummer....
@MonicaCellio I think i knew that.
Especially since once you can vote to close, you can't flag for closure anymore
It does make sense....
@Shokhet How would they? They don't flag - they process.
@Scimonster I just never thought about it. Though they can flag comments, I think
8:21 PM
I got a lot of my flags flagging for closure
@Daniel Same here. Now I have VTC rights, my helpful flag counter slowed down a lot
@Shokhet Me too.
@Shokhet it didn't take you long to eclipse my rep
I still have some unprocessed close flags on SO from months ago.
@Shokhet @Scimonster it makes sense -- since we can validate our own flags we could give ourselves the badges.
8:23 PM
@Scimonster I have one from over a year ago
@Daniel You didn't have people in chat throwing crazy shechita questions at you :P
@Scimonster So vote on them!
@Shokhet I probably couldn't have helped much if I had
@Shokhet I did.
@Scimonster as a moderator I still cast flags: (a) to send something I'm not sure about into a review queue (NAA?), or (b) to leave an audit trail of why I just deleted this post/comment, in case I'm called on it later. (I usually don't bother with (b), but if I anticipate the question I do.) Plus, of course, spam & offensive.
@Daniel I'm not that much ahead of you; you could still catch up
@MonicaCellio You flag spam/offensive instead of deleting it?
8:25 PM
@Shokhet Not if you keep earning it at a faster rate than I do
@Shokhet Flagging teaches the filters.
@Scimonster Interesting.
I have to run now; TZT everyone!
@Shokhet That's why people are told to be careful with those flags.
@Shokhet I wonder if we can turn that series into (marginally) interesting and unique questions...
Maybe i can finally finish writing a question without getting distracted by chat messages.
8:26 PM
@Shokhet yes. Spam is one of the most important places to use an actual flag: when the post is deleted it gets a little protective wrapper around it (if you can see deleted posts you see a "this was removed for spam; click to see" message where the post would go), and spam flags feed SE's anti-spam measures. Plus, on those rare occasions where it's relevant, rep penalty (ditto offensive).
@Shokhet TZT!
(BTW, when a mod flags something as spam or offensive that also automatically deletes it, so it's one click for us either way.)
8:47 PM
@Shokhet I'll see what I can do
1 hour later…
9:56 PM
I'm at 5999 rep. I'm fighting the urge to undownvote a post just to get a nice, round 6000
But I feel like that's kind of gaming the system
Maybe I'll go look for a post that's been improved since I downvoted
10:11 PM
Someone just upvoted one of my questions and downvoted two? Was that a result of my previous comment here to get me p exactly 6000?
@Daniel Don't know anything about it (for real), but you'd better put on your favorite hat and take a screen shot before something else happens.
@IsaacMoses :)
Oh no "an error occurred while changing your hat"
Ah there we go
Alex outscored me this quarter
It pays to be prolific
10:35 PM
I'd like to thank everyone here for a fun afternoon :)
Special shout-out to @CharlesKoppelman -- you da man, @Charles-I-am :D
Hey @Shokhet, that question is currently hot. Just thought you'd like to know.
(Also, did something happen to your paragraph breaks in your last edit?)
@MonicaCellio Cool.
@Daniel ha! Someone is perhaps being a jokester. (Not I; I don't know anything about it either.)
@MonicaCellio Yeah; I switched it up so that the paragraphs that deal with the dark are all together, and the ones that deal with the blind are all together (I also added some material). Did you think it looked better the other way?
@Shokhet I give all the credit to @Ze'ev
And I'm glad you had fun with it :)
10:39 PM
@Shokhet in the rendered answer there are some hard linebreaks without actual paragraph breaks (that is, whitespace). So I just wondered if that was intentional. I think the organization here is fine.
@MonicaCellio I don't actually know that it was done by the same person or with that intention, but I can say that the votes were close together temporally, and shortly after my chat message
@MonicaCellio That was intentional, so that there's a break in between the darkness part of the answer, and the blind part of the answer
@CharlesKoppelman :)
@all: this question has CVs for being unclear, which is true....to me, it also smells like a p'sak question, since it's oddly specific. Thoughts?
@MonicaCellio Do you think the answer is structured better now?
10:58 PM
@Shokhet yes, thanks!
np :)
Huh. I had not noticed that my top-voted question on the whole network was under 1k views, until now when I got a badge for reaching that many. I'd just assumed that with 93 votes (strictly speaking, +96/-3) it'd been in front of more people...
Ooh, and 20 favorites. That's got to be a personal record too.
...and 7 bounties. blink
MSE can be like that, I guess.
Huh. That's odd.
11:41 PM
that Community User and his non-kosher rotating pizza oven.
Do Community bumps go in the edit history somewhere? Then you could check out how many times that actually happened.
@YeZ You do know that you could just upvote one answer, and stop all this? ;-)
@DoubleAA @MonicaCellio @msh210 do any of you know the answer to that ^^^
(meaning the question @Shokhet asked, not his comment about upvoting an answer to stop this madness)

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