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@Scimonster :P
3 hours later…
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Thank you for updating your answer, @Joseph. I think you might be misunderstanding the meaning of the word "חל" in this context. There is often a discussion as to whether a given word that sounds like it could be a name of God actually is, in fact, a name of God (the difference being whether Jews would be allowed to pronounce it as such outside of the formal Torah reading and a few other instances). See, eg, this question. Since "אל" is one of the names of God, I think the purpose in pointing out that the word in this verse is "חל" is to tell us that the word does not refer to God. — Shokhet 18 secs ago
The [](/q/###) saved me in that comment -- it came out to exactly 600 characters :)
@MonicaCellio The above-mentioned answer has changed a lot over Shabbos.....I think Joseph actually changed the idea in the answer....and now the logical error he's making is the one discussed in the above comment. What do you think?
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5:00 AM
If God tells you to jump, you don't ask "how high?" ....you jump. ;-) — Shokhet 6 secs ago
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9:59 AM
@Shokhet (Just catching up here.) I agree.
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Q: Halacha l'maase section

Noach mi FrankfurtIs there a way that we could create a section devoted to practical halacha for the express purpose of limmud Torah? This section would not be meant to supplant our policy of CYLOR, but to give someone with limited time to learn after tefillah. The idea occurred to me this morning after shachari...

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@msh210 @Scimonster how is this a dupe of the cited duplicate question? One asks why he was coming at exactly that moment, the other asks why he was coming any time before Yitzchok died. My question asked how it was coincidentally that when Yaakov headed home, Eisav came. The other asks why Eisav was ignoring his previously stated plan. Am I missing something?
@msh210 @Scimonster For example, the first, accepted answer there does not answer my question (even though the second answer there does. But that doesn't make the questions the same, just related or overlapping.)
7:43 PM
@YeZ It was flagged as a duplicate, and they looked to be the same to me. Feel free to vote to reopen.
After your clarification, i'm not so sure about the closing.
@Scimonster As a close voter, maybe you should also vote to re-open. And be less trigger-happy on the VtC.
@YeZ You might also want to include a clarification in the question (or comments) itself.
@Scimonster I included a comment (was writing it as you wrote that message). But a question should not need to include a disclaimer as to why it is not the same as any other question, if anything more than a cursory reading makes it clear they are not the same.
@YeZ You can VTRO yourself, if you want
@Scimonster Congrats on 4K!
@Shokhet Thanks!
7:54 PM
@Shokhet I did - unfortunately, I only get one vote, for some strange reason. I am lobbying to get it actually reopened, not just voted towards reopening.
@Scimonster ....I saw your flair on the C - MY? blog post, said 4004 ;-) ....I think yours has gone up since then, no?
@Shokhet It's beyond my comprehension why my opinion isn't binding in all things in which I state one. ( :-P )
@YeZ 3/5 already - just wait for 2 more people (or a mod)
I saw two votes, there (now there's three) ....so I guess that's all of us here ;-)
Hello @havarka!
7:56 PM
hi all
@havarka Shulam alaychem
@Shokhet Yup, thanks to the Q/A set i posted last night.
That can actually be pretty fun.
@Scimonster I know; I do it all the time :)
aleychem shulem
@Scimonster Which one?
7:57 PM
Q: Should a bracha be made on stolen food?

ScimonsterI already know that it is forbidden to make a bracha on a stolen lulav (SA OC 649:1). However, i'm not sure if this also applies to making a bracha on stolen food. The difference seems to be that by a lulav, the bracha is on the mitzvah, which is being done with something forbidden. By food, the ...

It hit HNQ
@Scimonster Nice!
.......I actually already voted on all posts there ;-)
Choice: I can continue spending time on SE, or i can go do something i'm supposed to.
nice question!
That's a no-brainer, i'm staying here. :P
@Scimonster Priorities, priorities.......
7:58 PM
@havarka Thanks :)
@Shokhet At least the thing i'm supposed to do isn't urgent.
(It's a coding task)
@Scimonster I figured a responsible guy like you would get right to it if he had to ;-)
similar question, do you say a broche on food which is osur in case of pikuach nefesh when is allowed?!
@havarka Interesting question. Why not ask that?
@Scimonster Jinx!
go ahead boys :D
and ask
8:03 PM
@havarka It's your question, i don't want to deprive you of the rep. :)
go ahead
@havarka for the future, if you press the up directional key, you can edit your previous comments within a certain amount of time.
@havarka and, assuming you are on a computer (as opposed to a smart phone) you can send your messages as responses to previous comments by clicking on the little arrow that appears at the bottom right corner of the message when you hover over it.
@YeZ like this, correct?!
8:08 PM
@havarka Yup!
i am not gonna used that :p
@havarka You don't have to, but it makes conversations easier to follow and makes it more likely that the person you are talking to sees that you said something to them.
i know
@havarka Using it lets us keep track of the conversation, in addition to automagically pinging the person you're responding to.
@Scimonster what is פירוש ברודווי a reference to? Oh. Broadway?
8:10 PM
@Scimonster so, are you gonna ask 'my question' ?
@Scimonster hm?
@havarka Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat -- a Broadway show (and movie)
@havarka Anything of Jewish interest going on in Pressburg?
@Scimonster I know -- there's a lot of good music in there!
@havarka If you really don't want to do it yourself...
8:14 PM
@Shokhet no, nothing at all
@Scimonster No, I don't wanna, do you mind to ask it?!
@Shokhet Totally! My sisters sing it non-stop this time of year...
@Scimonster "Poor poor Joseph....."
@havarka Okay, i'll get to it soon. I'm writing an answer on meta now.
@Shokhet Close Every Door might be my personal favorite.
@Scimonster thumbs up
@Scimonster My family likes the French one -- "Those good old days, where have they gone...." ....but I'm not sure if that's because they actually like it, or if they like making fun of it :P
8:17 PM
@Shokhet "Those Canaan Days"
@Scimonster Yes, that one :)
It's been a while since I've heard most of them.....I might have to, now ;-)
@Shokhet Go for it!
Can someone here help me explain that the word "חל" means "not-Hashem's-name," and not much else? ....I kind of lost the thread of conversation after my last comment there.
@Shokhet Sorry, I have nowhere near enough patience to read that post.
@YeZ I don't blame you :)
8:21 PM
it's &@(!ed up :P
@YeZ Same here. (cc @Shokhet)
@havarka Done with the meta post; working on "your question" now.
@Scimonster cool
9:01 PM
@Scimonster ?
@havarka I had to go look up a source for there being a case of being allowed to eat it due to pikuach nefesh.
I try not to skimp on question quality. ;)
@Scimonster You could use the simple reasoning "if it's דוחה שבת, of course it's דוחה everything!" if you want ;-)
@Shokhet I mean, i know it's permissible, but i also know that that's the kind of thing Double AA hounds people about. ;)
9:04 PM
@Scimonster Fair enough.
Q: Making a bracha on food which is normally assur, but allowed due to pikuach nefesh

ScimonsterIn general, one eating forbidden food does not make a bracha. In certain cases, foods which are usually assur are allowed to be eaten out of a concern of pikuach nefesh -- danger to life. For example, see Rambam Hilchot Maachalot Asurot 14:14-17. In such a case, (assuming the person is mentally...

(click to enlarge)
More votes than views!
and that's not even counting my own view
@Scimonster Blame caching.
9:18 PM
@Shokhet Now that's caching!
9:33 PM
@Scimonster Save you some trouble: I searched the נושאי כלים on all of those Rambams for the letters "ברכ" (which would catch ברכה, לברך, ומברך).....and nothing useful turned up.
@IsaacMoses Thanks :)
@Shokhet I'm afraid that I might not have added much. We'll see.
Currently at 130; i wonder if i can find a way to get another 70 rep today and get Mortarboard.
@Scimonster You don't have it on MY yet? ....I thought I was the last one to get it!
@Shokhet Nope - i have on SO, MSO, and MSE, but not yet on MY.
@Scimonster I have it here, MSE, and LH (I think)
9:40 PM
"Is there a chiyuv to save cake from going stale?"
Q: If Bal Tashchis and Achila Gasa would get in a fight, who would win?

YeZThere is a prohibition not to be wasteful. There is also a prohibition not to overeat. If a person was full, and the rest of the food was going to go to waste, is it better to discard perfectly good food, or better to overeat in order to not waste? In order that no one attempt to avoid the und...

@Scimonster ^^^^ Dupe :P
I actually meant to expand my answer to that question.....once I mentioned it, I might have to do that today.
Mysterious upvotes follow.
@Shokhet I upvoted the Q a while ago but must have missed the answer.
@Scimonster The answer came a little while later, I think. I left a bunch of comments to the same effect, but no one used any of it, so I just put up a simple answer.
9:54 PM
@Shokhet thanks for pointing out the major edits. (I was busy this weekend and hadn't seen yet. :-) ) I can't follow this argument either; he seems to be hung up on cities that are or aren't in eretz Yisrael but I can't discern why he thinks that's important. And, what Isaac said in a comment there.
@MonicaCellio Yeah. There are still missing links in his reasoning (more non sequitor, anyone? ;) ....although there could very well be a widespread misunderstanding of the meaning of "לשון חל" that I'm unaware of.
There is a lot of Biblical Hermeneutics that I'm unaware of :P
@Shokhet well, good answers provide the important breadcrumbs, at least -- and the farther afield it is of the usual Jewish sources, the more important that is. (It seems pretty clear to me that he's repeating citations he saw in a secondary source for, e.g. the talmud, and I would assume he's only seen what was quoted there.)
@MonicaCellio Yeah. I agree with part (a) of his conclusion, but part (b) seems a little unclear.
Also, I've seen some edits on questions, removing KJV (and other) translations for Jewish ones, with an edit summary along the lines of "Jewish translation for a Jewish site" .....should we bother with that on this answer?
10:15 PM
@Shokhet wait, you want me to read through that again? :-) If there's an egregious difference (like, if somebody used that other silly "translation" for Isaiah 7:14) then I'd for sure edit. Otherwise, I'm more likely to do so for questions than answers just because they're at the top of the page. But I don't feel it's something we have to do -- if you want to, or if there's a good reason to in any particular case, then go for it. As with other edits, use your best judgement. [cont]
Just my opinion -- others, particularly those who make those kinds of edits more -- should please weigh in.
Okay. Thanks for that :)
@Scimonster Going for Mortarboard today?
@Shokhet Trying for it.
Wowza. I've only asked 4 questions on C.SE (I mean yeah, I rarely have reason to go there at all), and I just got told that one of them is Famous. (I actually created the account to ask that question.)
@MonicaCellio Cool :)
@Shokhet it's the badges that come out of nowhere and make you say "wait, what?" that are most entertaining, it seems.
10:26 PM
@MonicaCellio Yup.
10:46 PM
@Shokhet @Scimonster To be clear, "the נושאי כלים," here, means all of the clickable links at hebrewbooks.org/…
11:05 PM
@Shokhet so what is the answer? mistake
@Scimonster so what is the answer
11:27 PM
@YeZ (Just catching up here in chat.) The newer question asks why Esav was coming then. The older one asks why he was coming then, as he'd said he wouldn't. It seems to me that the newer one is merely a weaker version of the older one. No?
@YeZ But since it has 3 reopen votes and I was nogea badavar when I closed it, I'm reopening it.
@msh210 The evidence that they are different is, like I said, that the accepted answer to the older one does not answer the newer one. The second is asking about the coincidence of his time of departure. The older one is asking about his murderous motives.
@msh210 All due respect to the asker of that question, of course.
@MonicaCellio @Shokhet I always think we should edit posts to a Jewish translation.
@YeZ :-)

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