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12:12 AM
@Shokhet I noticed that too.
@Shokhet I'm gonna ruin it by starring it again.
12:35 AM
@YeZ No!!! That not nice :( lol
I actually already grabbed a screen shot of it, so I'm fine :)
pi doesn't show up very well in chat.
π can you get an irrational number of stars to your comment?
@YeZ Let's try it
Looks okay....ish
1 hour later…
1:50 AM
Q: Why does Yale university have Hebrew letters in their Coat of arms?

EHSI noticed that the Yale university logo has the Hebrew letters "אורים ותומים" on it, i wanted to know two things: 1) Why is there Hebrew on the logo in the first place? 2) Why the words אורים ותומים (loosely translated: light and truth) here you can see the logo clearly http://he.wikipedia.org/w...

^^^^ off-topic Academia?
2:08 AM
@YeZ Your standard comment also works when used partially:
About the closure of this question -- we try to avoid practical halachic questions. You might also want to see "Why is it necessary to ask a rabbi?" for more info. — Shokhet 54 secs ago
1 hour later…
3:20 AM
@msh210 @DoubleAA @MonicaCellio Whoever just handled my flag; thanks for clarifying. (Though I wish I would've been notified of that response ;-)
@Shokhet you're welcome. I didn't know either, so had to check. (And I agree with you about notification.)
@MonicaCellio Oh, that was you? It doesn't tell me who handles which flags (unless I just don't know where to look)
What...have you people been doing to the starwall? :-)
@Shokhet no, it doesn't. But you seemed ok with a public discussion, so I responded.
@MonicaCellio Yup. Before @YeZ killed it, I had a comment with a million stars :)
@Shokhet oh, I see now that you brought it up in here.
3:25 AM
@MonicaCellio I'm fine with a discussion of this flag (for the benefit of our audience, it was about the Yale question)
@MonicaCellio Yes, I did. That got no response, so I flagged.
I just voted to close a new question -- you might want to check that out.
So, for anybody who's following along and wondering, I checked with the Academia mods but they said it isn't a good fit for them. They're more about academic life than about specific academic institutions.
I don't have an Academia account, but if the migration had gone through, I would've answered with Gary's comment there.
@Shokhet he's made a couple edits. Any better?
@MonicaCellio Which question are you referring to, earlier one or later one? (there are two now)
@Shokhet yeah I'd only seen one when I typed that. The teens one. I'm looking at the other now.
3:30 AM
Actually it doesn't matter -- my close reason stands for both of them.
I know Double AA's seen at least one of them, because he's left a comment.
And actually answered it.
I have to go now, TZT!
The teens one (no longer about teens) looks fine now, after @DoubleAA edit
3 hours later…
6:41 AM
@IsaacMoses Is that not a ? @Shokhet
2 hours later…
8:22 AM
@Shokhet Now it has 31 million stars!
I have relatives in Har Nof, i hope they're OK.
5 hours later…
1:45 PM
Spam has currently sat on the site for 2 hours. We need more people in this timezone. :)
1 hour later…
3:08 PM
This might be part of the problem with this question:
@narnia I have no idea, I am not a scholar of Islam. You might try islam.stackexchange.com. — Shokhet 27 secs ago
@Scimonster Cool! :)
@Scimonster Oy. I hope so too.
(above comment was a response to the next one:)
@Shokhet Also, does Islam recognize the Sabbath? — narnia 2 mins ago
@Shokhet I know they have some concept of a "day of rest" (Friday), but not much more than that.
@Scimonster Same, but I don't know about איסור מלאכה, which is noticeably absent from the Christian day of rest (Sunday)
@Shokhet @Scimonster the essay cited in my answer says that they don't.
@IsaacMoses Interesting. +1 for that answer, by the way.
@Shokhet Thanks. The essay was the first Google result for something like story jews monkey fish trap.
3:24 PM
@IsaacMoses Hah! I didn't even think to try that.
(now we'll either be first or second Google result ;-)
@Shokhet fifth, right this minute :)
@IsaacMoses :)
@IsaacMoses I was considering answering, but לא מצאתי אינו ראיה....unless you tell me that a professor looked for it and didn't find it :)
@Shokhet Good enough for me. Better that than to leave it without an answer, as if it was really in doubt.
3:55 PM
@IsaacMoses give it time. :-) Nice answer!
Q: Is there another meaning behind the words "Urim Vetumim"?

EHSWe all know the classical meaning of the words אורים ותומים (loosely translated: light and truth), referring to the Choshen Mishpat, I was wondering if there is another accepted meaning of the words when I noticed that the Yale university logo has the Hebrew letters "אורים ותומים" on it, You can...

^^^ I think the edits here make this a better fit. Anybody want to weigh in?
1 hour later…
5:17 PM
How well received would a question on how well known parts of Judaism is go down?
Let me rephrase that: Some parts of the religion & tradition would be known to all practitioners and even to many who have only a passing acquaintance with Judaism; others are far more arcane, known only to the particularly learned. And there is much in between. Such is always the case for any religion and/or rich tradition.
How could I phrase a question about whether practice/belief X falls into one camp or the other?
For a simple example, how well known is the Jewish calendar? Would you expect pretty much anyone with a nodding acquaintance with Judaism to know what year it is?
(Quoth Dara Ó Briain: It's the Jewish year of the Rat.)
5:45 PM
@TRiG As posed that sounds Primarily Opinion Based to me, unfortunately.
@TRiG It took me two reads but I got it before reading your next line. FWIW
6:02 PM
@DoubleAA Meet the asker where they're at. That's a reasonable thing to include in an answer, it's not a reasonable thing to include in a comment to a beginner's question
regarding the Hillel/Shammai question
@DoubleAA It's hard to say, too, coming from the inside. Ask a biologist what parts of biology laymen know, and you will get a very different answer than if you ask a layman cc: @TRiG
6:44 PM
@DoubleAA That's what i thought too. (opinion based)
@Scimonster Theoretically, it's answerable with some social science, if anyone has ever bothered surveying it.
@Shokhet Actually, if you read the Little House books, you can see that in the past (1700s?), the Christian Sunday was actually observed like our Shabbat.
@TRiG That's possible, but by then the question has changed slightly. Has there been any studies on what parts of Judaism people are familiar with? But i'm not 100% sure it's on topic then either.
@Scimonster Would the Ingalls family have been Puritans? I know that Rose Wilder Lane (Laura's daughter) was a Calvinist.
@TRiG No idea, actually. I personally didn't get around to reading them. Such is what i heard from my family members who did.
@Scimonster The Christian "Sabbath" has been observed very differently in different groups at different times.
7:09 PM
@Scimonster I didn't know that; my sisters have read the books, I haven't
@TRiG I know people who have been denied life-saving medicines in a pharmacy due to Sunday Blue Laws in upstate New York -- apparently you can't sell something to save a life.
(the pharmacy sent them to the hospital. I told him to sue, but he wasn't interested)
@Shokhet Were the medicines made of liquor?
@IsaacMoses Nope.
@Shokhet I'm kinda shocked that that's even allowed in the US.
@Scimonster So was I.
@Scimonster Blue laws or the medicine part?
@Shokhet I find the medicine part hard to believe. The pharmacy was open but wasn't allowed to sell medicine?
7:15 PM
@Scimonster Blue Laws are actually pretty common around my area -- some people who live in areas where there are a lot of malls like having one quiet day a week, when the malls are closed. Blue Laws for non-religious reasons.
@IsaacMoses Yup. He even had a prescription on him and everything.
@Shokhet The existance of Blue Laws
@Scimonster See above comment.
@Shokhet Very hard to believe. I'd believe that the store was required to be closed or that an open store was prohibited from selling liquor or something else that may offend church-going sensibilities, but I've never heard of and cannot fathom an American blue law that specifically prohibits the sale of medicine.
@Shokhet I can understand why it might be nice, but separation of church and state, you know?
@IsaacMoses I was there! You don't have to believe me though, I'm just a random internet user ;-)
7:20 PM
@Shokhet Could be that you ran into a malevolent pharmacist rather than a stupid law.
@Scimonster Yeah. My understanding is that the laws were made a long time ago, and each place repealed them if they wanted -- most repealed, some didn't
@IsaacMoses Could be. This was a few years back.
I do know that if someone walked into a Jewish store for life-saving medicine on Shabbos, he'd get it -- whether he's Jewish or not.
@IsaacMoses Although that's a new level of malevolence.
@IsaacMoses I was just about to do that edit!! ....although I would've linked to an HB pdf; I didn't know that Sefaria had MB
@IsaacMoses Thanks for telling me about the Sefaria MB linking -- just used it in this answer (almost used a pdf link, but HB's MB is very fuzzy)
7:41 PM
@Shokhet Happy to spread the use of great tools!
@IsaacMoses I wrote up a Q/A set on that idea, because I always wondered about that, and I learned that Mishna Berura for the first time today. I searched for that question, didn't find it on the first pass.....but I decided I'd check again before posting. Good thing too :)
@IsaacMoses What do you think about this question? What can we do to make it clearer, given the information now in the question?
(I noticed that you also vtc'd as "unclear")
@Shokhet Assuming said Jewish store was open in the first place.
@Shokhet It happens to also look a great deal like a request for pesak.
@TRiG Fair enough. I do know that the Jewish pharmacist in Quik-Chek where I live tells the guy behind the counter to give people whatever they need on Shabbos, and they settle payment afterwards.
@IsaacMoses That's what I'm thinking also -- but the rules are as long as it isn't explicitly asking for a psak we'll leave it open.
7:57 PM
@Shokhet There are extant hints in the Q that it's still a RfP. Dealing with those is part of the remaining work that needs to be done there.
@IsaacMoses RfP?
@Scimonster Request for Pesak, man.
@IsaacMoses Oh, duh. :P
(first usage AFAIK)
So i call editing the question into shape right now. :)
Looking better?
Q: Resolving a dispute where the customer denies that the product is theirs

SaraIf someone left something at the dry-cleaners', for example, and later returned to pick it up, but it seems to not be the same item that they left, what does halacha say about resolving it? Both the customer and businessman insist they are in the right - the customer that the item is not theirs,...

Q: Don't notify me when replying to my own chat message

ScimonsterIf I manually reply to my own chat message, by copying the message ID, it sends me a notification anyways. Thing is, I already know that I've replied, as it was me doing the replying. If it's not too much work, could this be special-cased to not bother me about it?

8:23 PM
@Scimonster wow no one liked that suggestion.
@YeZ One person did - it's at +1-6 right now.
@YeZ I can't see vote counts on MSE yet (working on it, though)
@Scimonster Oh. Thanks! ^^^
Q: "View Vote totals" without 1000 rep

Rob W Screenshot About The vote counts are a great tool to determine whether an answer is disputed or not. Unfortunately, not many of us have enough time to join all Stack Exchange websites and get 1000 reputation. This script unlocks the "View Vote counts" feature for those who are not logge...

This is how i do it on all sites, even ones i don't have an account on.
@Scimonster Is that legal? Lol.....how does it work? Go to OP's rep history and add and subtract?
@Shokhet how much rep is it - 500 or 1k?
oh there it is oneboxed right in front of me.
8:27 PM
@YeZ Vote counts? 1K
@Shokhet Nah, it just uses the API.
@Scimonster Huh. I'll try installing it sometime tonight -- no time now.
TZT @all!
@Shokhet TZT
9:13 PM
@Shokhet blue laws are very much alive in some parts of the US, despite separation of church and state. The Christian idea of Shabbat AFAIK doesn't extend to melacha, though; watching the Sunday-afternoon game is common, for instance. They just don't want people to go to work, because they should be home with their families. But cooking a big dinner, relaxing in front of the TV, etc are all fine.
In PA until fairly recently, liquor stores and I think beer distributors were not permitted to be open on Sunday. Fortunately the kosher grocery that also sells wine is allowed to be open then. The state liquor control board (yes you read that right) is now experimenting with limited Sunday sales; a few stores are now allowed to open. (All wine/liquor sales are through state-owned stores.)
@IsaacMoses huh, that's not the expansion of "RFP" I'm used to. I was like "wait, where's the proposal?". :-)
@MonicaCellio IIRC the kosher supermarket in Baltimore, Seven Mile Market, does not carry wine for that reason.
@Scimonster yeah, it uses the API, which people can get away with because it's relatively rare compared to page loads. (Only on user demand, only by users using this script.)
apparently the weekly and monthly rep on the users page do not cache together.
@YeZ oh, does Maryland have alcohol-related blue laws too?
@YeZ or you meant the state-control thing. I assume that we get an exemption because the state stores don't carry much kosher wine and we'd like something other than Manischevitz.
@MonicaCellio I don't actually know if it's just Baltimore, because I think some other places in MD don't have blue laws. It could also be that at some point they ended them but 7 Mile decided not to change.
9:20 PM
I don't know how it came about, but I'm glad to be able to get a bottle of something nice without having to special-order by the case.
(The local Judaica shop also carries wine; in fact, the grocery might just be a satellite for them as far as wine is concerned. So whatever the exemption is, it's not just for kosher groceries.)
9:37 PM
@MonicaCellio Montgomery County only sells alcohol in county-run (state-run?) stores.
@CharlesKoppelman oh, a county thing. Thanks.
(Or maybe state, I guess, given your edit.)
@MonicaCellio Looks like county: montgomerycountymd.gov/dlc
@MonicaCellio BTW, i got more rep on The Workplace today than you did all week!
Thanks to the association bonus
@Scimonster congrats!
@Scimonster oh, I see. Well, get to work actually posting, then! (Which maybe you have; I haven't looked.)
@MonicaCellio The problem is, i don't work!
9:50 PM
@Scimonster internships? Odd jobs? Dad's store? :-)
So what took you to Workplace today?
@MonicaCellio Hmm.
@MonicaCellio Hot network questions
@CharlesKoppelman ... except that you can buy beer and wine at non-government beer and wine stores. And the kosher supermarkets sell wine.
@Scimonster ah, yes. We do tend to show up there a lot.
@MonicaCellio I always thought that the Jewish gift stores in PA (I used to live in Philly) could sell wine on the the basis that it was for sacramental purposes
@MonicaCellio And i had the good luck to answer a question (on SO) that later showed up in HNQ. Earned me 021 badges, and maxed me out of rep, and then some. :)
9:54 PM
@MonicaCellio Next time, I'll use Rf"פ
@IsaacMoses maybe, but I assume that if any old wine would do, there might have been more pushback to buy it from the state like everybody else. I suspect that kashrut matters.
@MonicaCellio Could be. I guess the test of that theory would be whether there are, e.g. Catholic religious supply stores that carry sacramental wine
@IsaacMoses by the way, one thing changed in the last decade (not sure when or why). I used to be that when I bought wine at the kosher grocery I had to fill out a form with my name, address, and congregation. Then one day that stopped.
@Scimonster wow, nice!
@IsaacMoses :-)
@MonicaCellio Wow. I left PA before I could legally buy my own alcohol, so I was unaware of that procedure. That would seem to support my theory that it's supposed to be sacramental wine.
@IsaacMoses my understanding is that in Catholicism sacramental wine is used only in church (not at home), so regular people wouldn't have the need to buy it. I don't know who supplies the churches.
@IsaacMoses true. I don't know what people who aren't affiliated, but keep kosher, did -- if leaving that line blank was ok.
9:58 PM
@IsaacMoses That's a good point. I have seen that
...They might have to get their wine through the county?
Alright, it's midnight for me, so TZT everyone.
@MonicaCellio st-jude.com does list "Church Supplies" but not wine, that I can find.
@Scimonster TZT
@Scimonster TZT.
10:00 PM
@CharlesKoppelman Are we neighbors?
@IsaacMoses basically
@IsaacMoses but not close enough for the Chamisha Mi Yodeya celebration
@IsaacMoses I don't see communion wafers there either, at least not on the "communion stuff" page that has the bowls and challices and stuff. So maybe they don't do consumables?
@CharlesKoppelman Well, drop me a line anyway (email address in my profile) if you'd like to meet up some time.
@CharlesKoppelman there was talk of maybe doing something more if people come in for it. @IsaacMoses have you gotten nibbles on that? (I'm not asking you to reveal anything private, of course.)
@MonicaCellio I've been in touch with some walking-distance locals that I know about, but not much other than that and your ride request.
10:04 PM
@MonicaCellio not really an option for me right now
@IsaacMoses if there's going to be a celebration I'm contemplating driving down for it. Driving myself would probably mean staying until Sunday morning (because night-time driving). If it's just me I wouldn't want to create an awkward imposition, though.
@CharlesKoppelman PS - though I'm likely not participating, I really like that as a name for the event
@CharlesKoppelman Thanks :) Will consider it
@MonicaCellio Arrangements could probably be made such that it wouldn't be an awkward imposition. Please contact me offline if you're interested.
@IsaacMoses thanks; will do.
@MonicaCellio Interesting.
@Scimonster Installed. It feels so..... cheap though. OTOH, it is useful......
10:20 PM
My concerns of proselytizing by this new user seem to be misplaced
Very glad for that
@CharlesKoppelman New user?

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