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12:00 AM
12:19 AM
Time to figure out how to compile Chromium
1 hour later…
1:26 AM
Well, so far i can't even get the source code, yay
1:55 AM
@SimonSheehan why not?
2:47 AM
@nhinkle I'll explain it tomorrow.. Too tired now. Essentially I can't find files.
3 hours later…
5:48 AM
6:00 AM
6:55 AM
ok, this is curious
Apparently neither one of my usual file converters handles mono wav files
7:23 AM
anyone with windows want to try a thing?
@SimonSheehan @JourneymanGeek
1 hour later…
8:38 AM
@nhinkle: sure
9:04 AM
Anyone here :D?
apparently so ;p
@JourneymanGeek Yay! :D
What's up?
not much, throwing my toolkit at mono wav files that my usual conversion apps don't seem to handle ;p
@JourneymanGeek Haha okay xD! I'm just ghosting my dying disk here
eww, dying disk
alive enough for the usual suspects, or throwing something more exotic at the problem?
9:12 AM
@JourneymanGeek Well, it keeps giving me disk errors, BSOD's (which then can not write the memdumps to the disk), very low performance and boot issues... The mobo regularly doesn't see the disk as bootable device, I have to restore the MBR on a weekly basis...
So... I'm giving it a good RMA in the face...
least you can back it up first ;p
@JourneymanGeek Ye :P It's nearly done imaging!
But until I get my laptop back from service, I have to use my phone or a college computer... Which sucks big time
i'd consider it unspeakably horrible, myself
I'm trying not to post a snarky answer to superuser.com/questions/331715/… since qooxdoo.org/license is obviously there
9:15 AM
@JourneymanGeek Well, yes.. that :P Anyway! I'm just glad it allowed me to back the entire thing up before it completely died on me
> I don't know EPL well, the content of licence is too hard for me.
"Note that it is explicitly NOT NEEDED to put any application under the LGPL or EPL, if that application is just using qooxdoo as intended by the framework (this is where the "weak" part comes into play - contrast this with the GPL, which would only allow using qooxdoo to create an application that is itself governed by the GPL)."
Why won't it quote D:
i'm commenting, then VTCing
it dosen't belong here. and whoever it was was too lazy to poke around, obviously
Anyway, I should get going! Bye bye :D
superuser.com/questions/253582/… this is setting off my spidey sense, but its not obvious enough to say its a bot
9:25 AM
Lol, I was just looking at that myself...
Supsiciously advertisey
there's another one that looks (unrelatedly) fishy superuser.com/questions/96596/…
and poorly formatted, I could fix it, but then it's a bit to spammy...
They're at least a little bit more open about their advertising
actually, most of the answers there are horrid
One of the answers is basically telling them to download the file from one of the other answers, even the file they linked is the same...
It's basically a "me too" answer, but weirdly paraphrasing the other answer...
9:48 AM
Oh wow, some stupid answers that were (thankfully) deleted should instead have been nuked from orbit
I just read a rather poorly, uh, "worded" one to the effect that putting more memory in a computer makes it slow because it has more addresses to manage...
erf.. where?
And there I was flagging mildly stupid answers, and not seeing the really stupid ones that had already been deleted...
I need a stronger table. If i headesk as hard as i want to, i'd crack my skull, the table AND The floor.
eh, troll
we do have those
Ah yes, deposit, the account where bad accounts get dropped
not sure if i should have flagged that one
the funny thing is deposit has two correct answers ;p
9:56 AM
So he does, good for him! :)
He's got to get things right sometimes...
lol. a broken clock is right twice a day too?
Yep, and it's always 5 o'clock somewhere :)
technically, no
timezones are discrete ;p
Which means: "Beer o'clock"!
Well, not exactly 5 o'clock, but close enough for beer
1 hour later…
11:21 AM
Captain Vague strikes again
Q: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL while trying to boot Windows XP

user36307When I try to boot Windows XP the following error appears: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL I'm unable to boot Windows into safe mode as well. How can I fix this problem?

11:35 AM
@Mokubai yeesh.
If there's no movement on it (give it a few hours) then I suspect close as NARQ...
There is quite simply not enough information to even begin to guess at anything other than "try reinstalling windows".
12:02 PM
12:25 PM
Q: Any way to boot an OS from usb flash drive and run directly on a monitor with USB port?

Supreet SharmaIs there any way to boot an OS from usb flash drive and run directly on a monitor with USB port? I have an LCD monitor with USB port. Can I just load an OS on a flash drive and run it on monitor?

12:40 PM
@JourneymanGeek That is just a wondrous misinterpretation of of what each and every component of a computer system actually does...
Hey, my monitor has a USB port and I can apparently install an OS on a USB stick using my computer, therefore I should be able to plug in a USB stick with OS and run that on my monitor thus negating the need for my computer! Win!
1:12 PM
Hello all
I have all records (DKIM, SPF) but in Hotmail headers all those are failed. I asked many people they said my records are correct. But my Hotmail is not detecing my records?
Q: Emails safely reaching spam bin

KarsI started an emailing server. My emails are directly sent to Gmail, Yahoo, AOL & HotMail's spam bin. I can't understand how to fix my errors. I tried sending email to Hotmail which was marked as spam. I am posting the headers here and DNS records, anybody please find why my emails are marked ...

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2:15 PM
@nhinkle sure, what needs trying?
2:25 PM
@WilliamHilsum, why was the "1980" tag added to this question?
@tombull89 He was asking for marquee, I thought it was funny! feel free to delete!
sorry about that, but i had to edit it my way ;p
That's why I shouldn't edit more!!!
(rolled back to revision 2 :P)
also, o.O
Q: How to stop my husband from answering your questions?

It is time for him to take care of our live problems.

2:35 PM
lol what's this @Wil @JourneymanGeek
btw @Nifle thanks for that bash script you'd posted earlier
No problem
2:49 PM
@Sathya Can i copy that long list onto the Meta.SU post?
And put it within code tags
no, it won't help anyone
Ah okay
(been there, done that - used code, block quote)
Is it too long?
Wait, he said that's only 1/8th of the data dump....oh my
yeah, its pretty impressive >_>
3:08 PM
@Sathya I was just being a little silly! thought the 1980 tag is funny for marquee! Just a little edit!
3:38 PM
1 hour later…
5:09 PM
Q: Change language of Windows 7 to English

I have a german Windows 7 and I just want to change its language to english. Anyone know how to do it? Thanks

Same question as...?
Q: How to change Windows 7 default startup (before user log in) language?

RColaHow to change default language before user log in? I have to put english password to enter into my account but I have different input language.

Looks to as it could be. Just change the title and part of the body... How to change Windows 7 default language?
5:32 PM
hi @Sathya wat do u think of WebFaction as Web host? Is it good for target audience in India?
@lovesh never used it
3 hours later…
8:09 PM
Q: How to find and remove "spicy" media files from my PC?

ScottI have an embarrassing problem: during my younger and wilder days I used to download a certain type of clips and pictures, the combination of youth foolishness and a couple of beers apparently caused me to put these files at odd places on my hard drives. My girlfriend is moving in with me in a f...

8:23 PM
Thought it was hilarious xD
8:35 PM
@slhck that question you edited to say "delete me", I think it got the record for most downvotes in the shortest time :P
1 hour later…
9:55 PM
anyone experienced with web hosting has a few minutes?
i visited a site pagodabox.com and they offer cloud hosting. They say that they offer appclones. i m new to appclones. so can anyone tell me are they a good option?
10:10 PM
man sometimes i think sudo is more dangerous than rolling around as root
because you think you're 'safe'
10:24 PM
@TylerGillies I read an article somewhere that covered that exact point.

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