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1:50 AM
I'm having trouble approaching
Q: Is one allowed to light an candle which has oil on top and water underneath on Erev Shabbos?

please remove my accountThe gemara Shabbos 47b says that even on Erev Shabbos one may not place a vessel with water in it under a candle in order that any sparks emitted by the flame should fall into the water, because it is a form of extinguishing a fire. Yet many homes put water underneath the oil in their Shabbos can...

to edit it for print. My problem is that none of the existing answers do the question justice, as I've learned by reading the Aruch Hashulchan cited in GG's answer.
... It deserves an answer that offers the AH"Sh's entire explanation, which each of the three answers provide only a bit of.
I am considering replacing it, as a companion for "What's the best way to make wick-and-oil work for Chanukah?" with a couple of other practical questions on the same theme which aren't particularly advanced but are useful:
Q: What is the appropriate use of the shamash on an oil menora?

SamIt seems that with wax candle menoras, the shamash is generally lit first and used to light the other candles, but with an oil menora this is not possible. So should you light the shamash before the other oil lamps, or after? And what should you use instead of the shamash to light all the oil l...

Q: How do you get oil residue off of a menora?

Isaac MosesWhen you light olive oil in a metal menora, some of the oil invariably finds its way into the cracks between parts of the menora. How do you remove this residue?

... Noting that I'm nogeya' badavar, having participated in both of those Q&As but not in the one I'm proposing to cut out.
What do you think, @MonicaCellio, @Scimonster, @DoubleAA?
Here's another good Q&A that's currently not on our list:
Q: When to light the Shamash when lighting Menorah?

DanielWhen lighting my Menora, saying the relevant Brachot, and lighting the Shamash, what order should I follow? I think the best way is: 1. Shamash 2. Brachot 3. Chanukah-Lights But someone said, the right way is: 1. Brachot 2. Chanukah-Lights 3. Shamash What do poskim say?

2:19 AM
@IsaacMoses hmm, having reread the question you're struggling with, I understand the dilemma. And just the otehr day I saw one of the proposed replacements go by and thought "hey, how'd we miss that?".
The oil-residue one is very short -- a short question and a single short answer.
The oil+shamash one is interesting because it highlights an assumption that I think many of us make (I sure did): that you must use the shamash to light the others. But that's (apparently) not correct; you need to light all the lights somehow, and the shamash is there for its light, but it doesn't have to be a helper. So including that one to dispel this myth is appealing.
And if it turns out there's room at the bottom of the page, you could always slip in the oil-residue one as a bonus. Or not.
2:32 AM
@MonicaCellio Yeah, that's how I was thinking of treating that one.
@IsaacMoses so IMO, definitely use this one (use of shamash on an oil menora), and then if there's room you can tuck in the cleanup one. The "when to light" one is interesting (I've had that question) but the part of that answer that addresses the question is an inference, and the rest of it is about the use of the shamash (so overlaps the first question).
@MonicaCellio Thanks for the second opinion.
2:50 AM
@IsaacMoses glad to help! (Well, I'm presuming. :-) )
@MonicaCellio I'm implementing ... :)

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