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@Semiclassical I think would be find there. (And if somebody objects to the tag, they still can edit the question.)
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We have several discussions on meta which are about solution-verification questions.
I will list the post I was able to find, ordered by id:
Q: Are "please check my proof" type of questions proper?

ThomasMcLeodI am investigating a somewhat obscure area of number theory. Can I post a proposition and a complete proof and ask people to check it?

Q: Is it OK to ask whether my proof/solution is correct if I don't have any particular doubts?

user23211Say I've proven a theorem or found a solution to a problem. I'm close to being sure that my proof or solution is fine. However, I'm not entirely confident in my jugdement. Maybe I'm new to the topic, or I remember that I've thought correct my incorrect proofs of the same difficulty level many tim...

Q: Best way of asking "check my proof" questions

InquestI am trying to learn proof based math on my own and once I construct a proof, I often have a gut feeling that it's not airtight. What is the best way of asking such questions? My findings till now: This question's answer in Meta points out that reading other people's long and formal proofs i...

Q: Mathematical Proofs

CodeKingPlusPlusIs this the proper site to ask about the correctness of one's proof? The proofs I would intend on asking questions about are elementary mathematics proofs such as a proof about infinitely many primes, induction equalities and inequalities, etc... Or is there another site for "Proof Review" Simila...

Q: Would a tag for "check-my-proof" questions be useful?

Martin SleziakI am aware that it is probably better not to have too many meta-tags such as homework, soft-question, big-list or reference-request. Despite of this I'd like to ask other MSE users, whether they would consider tag of "check my proof" questions useful. We have a lot of such questions and they are...

Q: Questions that Ask to Verify Solution to Problem

Paul MantaIs it okay to ask questions where you give the solution and ask people to review it to see if it is correct?

Q: "Is this correct?" Questions

Andrew SalmonRecently, I have seen a lot of questions that essentially ask, "Is this proof correct?" or "Can you verify my work is correct?" like this one. Often, especially when the asker's work is in fact correct, these questions have a one-word answer. I feel that these questions could be much improved b...

Q: Is it ok to ask for confirmation in some exercises?

VÿskaI solve some exercises but I'm self-studying and some books do not have answers to the exercises, is it ok to ask if the solution is plausible here?

Q: 'Is my approach right' questions

Donkey_2009I occasionally come across questions (such as this one: Prove that the $\sigma$ - algebras are equal) in which the person asking the question has already answered their question and wants to know whether their approach is right. There are two possibilities: Their approach is wrong. Then you ...

Q: Is there any interest in a proof proofreading site?

AmadeusDrZaiusI envision a site where people could post their proofs -- either as answers to textbook exercises or revisions of current textbook proofs -- and get feedback on which parts might need improving, and perhaps how this might be done. This sort of site could be useful to a number of people. Namely, ...

Q: Is it inappropriate to turn a proof verification question into a self-answered question?

Michael AlbaneseOver a week ago I asked this question. In it, I proposed a solution and asked for it to be verified, or for an alternative solution to be suggested. Currently, there are no answers but there is one comment stating that my proof is correct (as well as indicating the need for more explanation of a ...

Q: Is my solution correct? Posts

RustynI feel bothered by questions where the body begins with a problem statement and then is followed by a giant solution and then succeeded by the question: "Can someone please tell me whether or not this solution is correct?" Here is an example of what I'm talking about: Example. Here are my compla...

Would it make sense to make a separate tag (for example ) for such questions on meta?
The number of questions suggest that such tag might be useful, it might help in finding older discussion about this topic.
On the other hand, introducing this tag would mean bumping a lot of old questions, which I do not like. (But it could be done slowly, maybe by adding 2 questions during a week.)
What would you say about creating such tag?
Similarly, we might consider a tag for questions about on-site competitions.
Here I do not mean posting something from an external . I mean the situation where a post on MSE is supposed to provide contest/challenge for MSE users.
Here I only found 3 posts, so bumping of old questions is not that much of a problem:
Q: Competitions on MSE

Ahaan RungtaI've always wanted math competitions on MSE ever since I've joined. These could be either user-held or officially held, whichever seems better. User-held competitions would run as follows. A user starts a competition with a specified level, with original problems that he/she writes. People sign...

Q: Are small competitions allowed?

WillemienI was puzzling: "What is the shortest proof of $\exists x \forall y (P(x) \to P(y)) $?" (a variation of the drinkers paradox see Proof of Drinker paradox) given a certain set of inference rules and using natural deduction. I managed to proof it in 23 lines, but I am not sure if this is the shor...

Q: Using Math.SE as a contest site

hardmathThis isn't the usual issue about questions from contest competitions being posted here for assistance, but rather about the use of Math.SE as a venue for hosting a "contest" using a future bounty as prize. This recent Question asks for participation according to rules (the post lists seven of th...

Maybe would be a reasonable name if we decide to create such tag?

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