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12:38 AM
@waxeagle So, with clever placement, you can actually get the Wall of Fire to deal damage 2x with one casting
@JoshuaAslanSmith heya, you around?
@waxeagle basically, if casting as a ring, you set the damage dealing side to be the *outside* of the ring, and place it such that the target enemy is at the opposite end of the ring, relative to the party. e.g.,

When casting as a wall, similar idea

Unless the enemy has more than 7 movement, it will have to cross the wall, taking 5d8, and then end its turn within 2 of the damage-dealing side, taking 5d8 again.
12:58 AM
The ring is less likely to work if they use their full movement (and have 6 or more)
1:11 AM
yep, so the enemy spends it's turns buffing itself and pondering it's existence :)
hmm, well, most (all?) buffs req. concentration checks, so, at 10d8 damage, it'll be hard to pass the check.
id's 5d8 dmg if they save both times
Hi all!
@waxeagle Appreciate all the great answers you give for D&D5 questions.
and since the wall is opaque, it's not like they'll be able to do much anyway
until they cross
@BraddSzonye np. it's been quite rewarding for me.
1:30 AM
Hey ladies
@gracenote any updstes?
@JoshuaAslanSmith he created an event for tomorrow at 1
looks like that will be the drawing
@waxeagle And thanks for the tips on making foxes! I’m thinking along the same lines as your write-up, but it’s sort of new ground for me so I wanted more input.
@BraddSzonye really wish someone had statted one up already, that's a lot of guess work unfortunately. I don't think anything I suggested breaks anything.
and I think the best thing to do is pick a monster, pick it's giant equivalent, compare the two, and make small tweaks
Yep, I totally agree.
Even if somebody had already done the work, I’d still need to vet it, but at least it would be a start better than “well I guess I will need to tweak a cat”
The cat/panther is an excellent idea. I think a jackal/dire wolf is another solid approach.
depends on what aspects you want to highlight, you can always mash them up too
1:41 AM
Right, that’s probably what I will do. And I agree that it should probably be CR 0 for the fox and CR 1/2ish for a giant fox.
The main difficulty I think will be coming up with the right specials, as neither climbing (cats) nor pack hunting (dogs) is quite right for the vulpines.
yeah, I'm still getting the feel for the pre-1 CRs
Burrowing or hiding was a good suggestion.
Badger/giant badger is another good source of inspiration. They’re just all not QUITE right for a fox.
Anyway, very helpful regardless!
I am trying to prep for my first D&D5 campaign, starting Saturday.
And trying to get it right, because I’m teaching my fiancée to play, and because my best-friend-who-doesn’t-actually-like-RPGs is doing me a solid by agreeing to play with us.
I think she might enjoy playing a paladin though.
understandable! hope y'all have fun
1:46 AM
are you playing a prewritten adventure or something you wrote?
I think I’ll use the Tiamat campaign. One of my players seems excited about it, and I don’t have time to write my own material right now.
it seems like a good one, I'm going to run it when I finish the starter here in the next few weeks. Have you been linked to the corrections?
No! That sounds handy though!
1:49 AM
Aha! I just found that!
Thank you!
no prob, I was in the amazon reviews for the adventure and that was a primary concern in the low star reviews.
@waxeagle Aaaaaaand emailed to myself. Thanks again!
2:01 AM
I might need to update the fox question to explain why none of the other animals are good enough.
Because mattdm had a valid question, why not just use a cat? Well, because foxes are a lot less catlike than you think.
2:16 AM
@BraddSzonye ping me in here or in the comments if you update. I might be able to work something more up if you go into more details.
2:33 AM
@waxeagle I did just update.
The main problems with just ripping off an existing critter is that they are all the wrong size, and they all have movement modes or special abilities that are inappropriate for foxes.
Foxes are about 15 lb. animals, significantly larger than all of the tiny critters, but still smaller than a jackal. I’m not sure whether that actually makes them Tiny or Small.
But it does mean that they are bigger, stronger, and smarter than everything except maybe a badger.
I would just steal the jackal except that foxes are not pack hunters, they’re ambushers.
So maybe a slightly smaller jackal with pounce?
Gotta run for now! Later, and thanks again for the help.
3:21 AM
Just took a quick flick through the MM, and damn, there's some serious coolness in there.
11 hours later…
2:15 PM
A d171 would sure be useful for today.
@GraceNote what a coincidence, we just had this question crop up in the past few days... :)
Q: Cheat-proof online die roller?

Alex OI am looking for an online die roller that works similarly to the following: The GM provides a string identifier to the player. E.g., "gandalf attacks balrog #12" The player enters the id on the roller site, which checks it for uniqueness vs the DB, then generates the results, lined to that i...

(don't use that one though, I was deliberately rerolling to get a 3-digit number)
An option. I'd've liked to use our internal rolling system though.
You could use this:
d10 d10 d10
reroll any result over 171
(should take a few tries, but you'll get something)
2:26 PM
That gives a humongous space for rerolling though.
around 1/6th of results will be your valid one though
if you use that method, our d10 goes from 1 to 10 - so '10' should be treated as a 0
(then it'll go from 0 to 9)
Yeah, similar to how the first raffle went.
That was easier though since it was 98 tickets so I just did 2d10 to equate 1d100 and just rerolled for 99 or 100 (which never actually happened anyway)
yeah, it's not ideal but at least after rerolls you still wind up with an equal chance of any valid result
d6 d6 d6 d6
2:31 PM
Wait, no, I want...
d6 d6 d6
3d6 is a space of 216
So in base 6, the above 345 would be 137.
that ought to work
So we could use the same mechanism as with d10s, but with d6s - a 6 is basically a 0, unless all 3 are 6, then it's 216. So 661 would be 1, etc.
171 is at 443
That means that 444 and upwards would be rerolls, so any roll that starts with a 5 is easily a reroll.
That gives us a bit over 1/6 chance of needing to reroll - I much prefer that over a 1/6 chance of not needing to reroll.
sounds good to me
2:37 PM
unitconversion.org/numbers/decimals-to-base-6-conversion.html It's not like there exists any kind of variance in conversion systems but I'll be using this to convert so that I don't have to think.
i am going to sleep, which is fine since i am not in the running - thanks for doing this for us Grace Note :)
the other option is to get Balpha to real quick change our die roller to roll arbitrary numbers
@waxeagle yeah I meant about something I emailed him about
@JoshuaAslanSmith Should be on its way.
2:52 PM
cool thanks
3:03 PM
It's giant, but today's drawing table
I could probably split that in half but eh.
I'll reiterate the process of the rolls once the event starts.
So I'm looking for 6-4-2 to 6-5-6
3:32 PM
3 outta 171
I like those odds
4:02 PM
@waxeagle Yep
4:31 PM
Rather than using 3d6 in base 6, it might be simpler to roll d2 (-1) d10 d10?
d2 d10 d10
Except d2 isn't recognized, of course. :)
d4 d10 d10
d2 (high/low = 1/0) d10 d10
I thought about that, but this lets me use the same kind of dice.
Fair enough. Given the same probabilities, taste of the arbiter is what matters!
Someone kindly can explain me this raffle? :)
4:37 PM
@André Since the release of the PHB each positively scored question asked about 5e has been counted, and the user who asked has been given an entry into the raffle
Oooh thanks :)
@André I'll be giving an explanation of the happenings when the event starts.
But basically wax eagle summed it up
I played a playtest I think, of the D&D 5e. I enjoyed a lot
4:53 PM
The contest post on meta.RPG.se is helpful:
Q: RPG Stack Exchange D&D 5th Edition Contest - Monster Manual Edition

Grace Note Monster Manual Raffle Open Now August 19th marks when the Player's Handbook's major release came out. The Monster Manual comes out in September, though close enough to be October. So until the day, post good upvoted questions about 5th Edition for a chance to win a free copy of the Monste...

thanks again :)
Welcome, everyone, to the Roleplaying Games Stack Exchange Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Monster Manual Contest Raffle Drawing Scheduled Chat Event! Because you don't stop the pattern once you've started with long names!
Today I'll be doing one drawing, using the chat's dice feature. From August 19th until the end of September 29th, all upvoted and open questions asked about D&D 5th edition were tallied up, each question producing one ticket for the individual who asked. In total, 171 tickets were earned across 70 users. The winner of this drawing will receive a free copy of the Monster Manual for 5th Edition.
This is the drawing table I will be using. In this case, with 171 tickets, we'll be rolling 3d6, and converting the print-out from base 6 into base 10. A roll of a 6 will be treated as a 0 in that digit, similar to how one treats a 10 from 2d10 used for 1d100 - by extension a roll of all 6s will be treated as 216 in our functional 1d216.
With 171 tickets, any result of 172 or above will result in a reroll. 171 is 443 in base-6, so that'll be any rolls above that, which happens to include everything above 500.
That wraps up an explanation of the event. Are we all ready for this?
lets do it!
Alright! Then let us tarry no more!
d6 d6 d6
5:03 PM
114, which in base 6, gives us 46.
@JoshuaAslanSmith Conga Rats!
its my smith luck again
Congratulations to Joshua Aslan Smith! You've won a copy of the Monster Manual. Second winning this time, as it were!
You'll receive an email from me shortly, though if you haven't moved or anything then we can probably skip that step.
indeed Ill reply just for confirmation's sake
5:06 PM
Thanks to everyone who participated, and to those who showed up for the raffle. We'll be having one more raffle, for the DMG, on...
Cool :-)
Hah the site's slow on loading for me so I can't quite retrieve but I want to say it's like, November 9th or something like that?
Congratz @JoshuaAslanSmith
@GraceNote I think they pushed the date into December
December 9th is the DMG release date
December 9th, oh my
That's over two months to build up questions.
Well, that's fancy enough - in a bit over a month for the first raffle, we had 98 questions asked by 48 users. This round, roughly a month and a half, saw 171 questions asked by 70 users, 18 from the original round. So with two months, we shall see how things go!
I'll set up the schedule assuming that they'll stick to December 9th, then. So until then, I'll see y'all! I'll be working on some statistics from the contest so far.
I've updated the Meta post with a handful of statistics and also the results of the drawing.
5:19 PM
@GraceNote thanks, look forward to your analysis
@GraceNote thanks!
5:59 PM
@JoshuaAslanSmith Congratulations!
@waxeagle Hey, I did more research on foxes. I think I have enough information to do a full write-up with a little effort.
I’m going to put it into the question.
Cool. I'll update my answer this afternoon or evening. (i really should do some work this afternoon, but might get a half hour to look at it)
Nice. Right now the biggest unresolved issue is whether they should get an attack special ability.
They are very similar to jackals, but they weigh significantly less and they rely on stealth and ambush rather than pack hunting.
I don't think you can give it pack tactics...aren't they typically solitary?
yeah, I'd give them adv to hide in natural surroundings
which is functionally the same thing and sets up ambushes well
6:15 PM
I figured I would just give them double proficiency in Stealth like the great cats have.
Also, while they do pounce, they don’t do it the same way great cats do
They use their superior hearing to precisely locate rodents, then leap from ambush onto the prey from above. Up to 15 feet away.
Then they kill like dogs. Seize the neck and shake and claw.
So if they have any special attack it should be an ambush/sneak attack type thing.
you could give it a pounce like ability, but make it on a hit with the bite they get a claw attack.
Yeah, a bite-pounce takedown is one possibility.
The other main thing I’m considering is allowing a hidden fox to make a leaping melee attack within 15 feet. During which they are still considered hidden.
seems very reasonable to me
6:23 PM
So basically, they can move without opportunity attacks and attack with advantage, even if the foe is far away.
5 hours later…
11:25 PM
@JoshuaAslanSmith congratulations :)

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