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6:00 PM
> He decided to integrate improperly at once.
just wondering, how is this post serving the site:
A: Bash Music Player 2

Amr AymanAfter reading Janos comment, I decided I need to refactor and refine that code heavily, since I haven't touched it in five months. This is the github repository for the project .. Here's the main script source .. #!/bin/bash mkdir -p "$HOME/Music" # So that any download will be in the music di...

Someone called me at work ! I'm not used to it so I jumped a bit :P! I was quite surprised!
congratulations @Marc-Andre
I believe that one is actaly more "not-safe" than mine :P
@skiwi - I can't find the first references to that one, but it has been around since the early 90's.
I first read it on usenet when I was at university.
6:04 PM
When you were on university... That was long ago I guess!
@janos it's not IMO, other than showing a prime example of how not to use the site...
@janos That's a good question...... deserves a meta post?
Oh, dutch people...
> Dat is een activiteit, waarbij twee mensen in een karretje zonder stuur en met ieder een eigen grasmaaiermotor met behulp van een hendel om te gassen of te remmen samen bochtjes moesten maken.
Can you translate that with moderator powers? @rolfl
translate: Dat is een activiteit, waarbij twee mensen in een karretje zonder stuur en met ieder een eigen grasmaaiermotor met behulp van een hendel om te gassen of te remmen samen bochtjes moesten maken.
That is an activity in which two people in a cart without steering wheel and each with its own lawnmower engine using a lever to gases or to brake tube sizes as had to make together.
google translate?
6:06 PM
I wanted to see the fun effect in chat ;-)
It seems like the end of the sentence got a bit... garbled
how does an answer become community wiki?
@janos I don't think it's a bad post. It's community wiki and it's a "here's what I ended up with". If it wasn't community wiki, it would have been worse IMO
sounds like something colin furze would do
@SimonAndréForsberg Theoretically stargreed.
6:08 PM
ok I see the Community checkbox when adding an answer
Jamal did it.
the OP doesn't lose rep for downvotes, right?
@janos Right.
Well, we also have this in the netherlands here:
Farmersgolf (Boerengolf in Dutch) is a farm land game modelled after the sport of golf. It originated from a cheese farm run by Peter Weenink in Lievelde, a small village in the Achterhoek region of the Netherlands. It was invented out of frustration with costly golf course fees in the Netherlands, and with a test called the GVB (Golfvaardigheidsbewijs) which most Dutch courses require players to pass before being allowed to play. The first game was played in 1999, and since then games have also been played in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France and Finland. There are currently about 70 farmers golf...
Q: Is it okay to convert a question code block into a working snippet?

konijnwe tend to leave the source code alone as all aspects are valid for code review. But, questions like these are just asking to be converted to a snippet ( there's a link to JsFiddle even!) Just wanted to know your input on this.

6:10 PM
> Farmersgolf is played with a special wooden golf club, with a club head in the shape of a wooden shoe, or clog (in Dutch: klomp). A farmers golf ball is, with its 20 centimeter diameter, much larger than a traditional golf ball.

A golf hole is made by placing a bucket in the ground and a flagpole beside it. The 8 to 10 holes have, on average, more than 200 meters distance between them.

The defining feature of Farmersgolf is that the game is played on an otherwise unaltered farm. Obstacles and "hazards" include anything one might find on the farm, including live cows, ditches and barbed
@skiwi That sounds like fun.
Q: Still an observer pattern?

Mr AlmightyUsually when I see tutorials about Observer Pattern I see an unique method called notify, but I'm wondering. What if I have different methods that can be called in different moments but needs to notify the others when this happen? Like events, am I doing this wrong? or still begin the observer pa...

Q: C/C++ optimisation of palindrome

encoree1337My program in input has to take number of numbers to check - n, then for n times it is checking if number is palindrome - if it is - prints 0, if it is not - prints the smallest number which you want to add to input number to get palindrome. I have problem with optimisation, my present algorithm ...

@janos What happens if an accepted answer is deleted, @rolfl @Jamal @200_success ?
@Malachi Ping ALL the moderators!
@Malachi Can an accepted answer be deleted?
6:13 PM
By a mod, yes.
@RubberDuck I just VTD'd
it let me vote for deletion????
> Reputation changes from bounties and votes (both up and down) on deleted posts (including answers to a deleted question) are nullified. (Exception: Reputation earned for posts with a score of three or higher, and where the post has been visible on the site for at least 60 days, is retained).
this isn't the first time that the user has community wiki'd their own answer and accepted it, even though the credit was not their own.
A: Bubble sorting in C

Amr AymanThe final sort function: int sort(char ** sorted, char ** strs, const size_t size, const bool ascending) { // using the bubble sort algorithm int result, times; bool changed; // boolean to check if a loop makes a change to "sorted" sorted[0] = strs[0]; char ** test; // a pointer ...

that one should definitely have the checkmark moved to @vpn's answer, the user says that is what they used.
@Malachi I wiki'd them
@Jamal Noted.
6:19 PM
oh, I thought OP did that
should they be deleted? or that would make us bullies?
It;s a bit of a shame, those downvotes were more personal when it was not wikified ;-)
was the Rep for the accept removed when the posts were wikified?
@SimonAndréForsberg meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/1763/… based on this answer : However, your answer must meet the standards of a Code Review answer, just like any other answer Code only answer ...
Technically, when posting an self-answer of the "Here's what I ended up with"-kind, that answer is probably always the most useful answer according to the OP.
you don't get rep for a self-accept
6:20 PM
@rolfl Agreed.
@Mat'sMug you still get a +2 for accepting an answer I thought
I have a few self-accepted selfies
Posting a wiki answer "Here's what I ended up with" is fine, but accepting it? That's just rude.
I tend to agree ^^
@Mat'sMug Did anyone else bother to answer?
6:21 PM
@Mat'sMug The difference is that your selfies were not 'competing' with other selfies.
if you add crucial new insight that other reviewers didn't spot, selfies can be very informative and valuable
the bash answer is not a good answer for CodReview, it doesn't say what was done or anything, it is a code only answer and should be deleted. the other one is up in the air because it does explain what was done.
@RubberDuck would it be better to just leave the question unaccepted? What is the actual harm in making the self-accept?
@Mat'sMug And that you're explaining why you change your code
the other one did add something new, so plus points for that. But still should have accepted @vpn's
6:23 PM
@janos it's probably only a matter of time until I will have to post a selfie to my question
@SimonAndréForsberg I would rather see it go unaccepted. Particularly this one. The selfie is obviously based on another answer.
@SimonAndréForsberg and I bet it will be a good one too ;)
@janos I thought OPs were free to accept whichever answer they feel is the best?
@SimonAndréForsberg They are, but that doesn't make it polite.
to me it's not about politeness at all
"Click to accept this answer because it solved your problem or was the most helpful in finding your solution"
6:25 PM
^^ this looks like the beginning of a discussion I tried to initiate. Mission accomplished, now I'll shut up.
Is someone writing a meta about it? If not I can write one.
we could call it a duplicate answer....
@RubberDuck yes... you!
I have to rewrite some code otherwise I would....lol
@Mat'sMug lol
@Mat'sMug LOL. Probably one I posted long after you answered, or a legitimately poor answer on my part.
6:27 PM
depends, I can't remember off the top of my head. hold on
there's one:
A: List<T> implementation for VB6/VBA

Mat's Mug Public Function ToString() As String 'Returns a string that represents the current List object. ToString = StringFormat("{0}<{1}>", TypeName(Me), _ Coalesce(this.ItemTypeName, "Variant")) End Function This means the string representation of this L...

@janos - I would agree that it is not about politeness, to me the accept mark is a token that indicates that one particular post/answer provided the most helpful insights that lead to the best result. The check mark is not about the final result, but about the parth taken to get there.
A selfie-accept on a post that provides no additional review, just a code dump, is not offering any additional insight, and thus can't be a good accept candidate.
About the "posting self-answer as community wiki with the code you ended up with", I think that has been approved on meta some time in the past.
@SimonAndréForsberg yes it has
can't find others... I'm sure there's more.. anyway I normally self-accept an actual review answer, not some "this is what it looks like now, thanks @RubberDuck!"
@rolfl Apparently this particular OP doesn't agree with you there
6:30 PM
@rolfl so should I put my delete vote in?
No, the answer is useful.... to an extent, the accept-mark is not.
I won't put any delete vote in. As long as it's community-wiki, it's an acceptable answer. If it's worth being an accepted answer is another question.
@Malachi implemented the changes to the function - ran in 11:56 with same execution plan.
I gained a whole 6-7 seconds :)
did you change all the arithmetic to variables that you could or just the division?
just the division
6:33 PM
The bottom line is that it is not something that can be affected by us. The accept mark is intended for the OP to use as a special reward, and is totally at their discretion
Although I feel that there is no big difference between accepting self-CW-answer or accepting no answer at all. To the other answerers it might feel impolite, but I can't say that there is any real harm done. We can't force users to accept the answers we want them to.
^^^ that
@rolfl ^^^ that
it's just .... impolite ;-)
funny, I just got an accept here:
A: Monthly change query with SQL Server 2012

Mat's MugThe size of the horizontal scrollbar is the first smell. I'd start by breaking down the CASE WHEN's into multiple lines: SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY (CONVERT(varchar, effectivedate, 102)) ASC) Rn, CONVERT(varchar, effectivedate, 102) effectivedate, SUM(EuroCurrentBalance/100000...

@rolfl and other mods can see the deleted comment :)
6:34 PM
For the record, I don't mind whatever he marks or doesn't mark as accepted. My question here was entirely different, and more philosophical: how to deal with this kind of answer. I mean the poor thing is just sitting there, getting hammered, and kinda weird like that
@rolfl as are Delete votes and Downvotes
@Mat'sMug what's the deleted comment?
something along the lines of "the best thank you remains an upvote/accept"
@janos As long as it's CW, it's not a bad answer. I would DV, flag and vote to delete it if it wasn't CW. (It's funny though how big a difference being CW or not makes here... but I believe that it's the same for some other CW answers, if they wouldn't be CW they would be significantly worse)
I think it may be time for a new Monday Meme.....
6:36 PM
@Malachi Downvotes, yes. Delete votes, no. Delete votes are about moderating the site and should be in accordance with the site guidelines.
@Mat'sMug What, too many .........'s?
I think a Monday cleanup of dead wiki posts.... ;0
I don't know what would be a good solution here, that's why I put this question out there ;)
@mug I just posted an answer for you
@Phrancis I didn't know you could force a hash match that way
6:38 PM
if all askers made this a habit, probably it wouldn't be an acceptable norm
Me neither until just now
@janos There is no good solution..... The person who suffers most from the self-accept in this case, is the asker....
TBH I think your question would be great for DBA, they would probably pick up on things none of us would
and, we can't expect the SE system to work perfectly for all askers/questions.
@Phrancis can't work, src.UnitsPerSize isn't in scope in the inner query!
6:40 PM
we have to accept some not-quite-beautiful ......
@SimonAndréForsberg like I said the one answer is not a good answer so it should be deleted. I actually clicked the delete on the other and can't reverse it for some reason....
more issues on my fun site and a meeting in about 15 minutes.
Make it work damnit! @Mat'sMug should I remove that from the answer? What does that message even mean, haven't seen it before...
it's not a message lol, it's my assessment of it!
@Mat'sMug Exactly.
@Phrancis actually there is a message - and red squiggles; saying "the multi-part identifier 'src.UnitsPerSize' could not be bound"
6:44 PM
@Phrancis going to take all my glory aren't you....
I'd remove it
@rolfl @SimonAndréForsberg I agree with both of you. And I couldn't put my VTD there either. "Just let it be" seems the best move. Thanks for the discussion
I can't think of any alternative to CROSS APPLY
@janos, see this one too.... I think.... yeah:
A: Voxel World Optimization

KrythicAfter a few hours slaving over Visual Studio I was finally able to produce a solution (Based upon @Lukazoid's post). This solution used a generic dictionary which holds a Vector3 as a Key and Voxel as a Value. All you have to do is ask if said voxel exists. Here is my VoxelWorld class: using Ga...

@janos Yeah, I also think that is best. It may feel impolite, but just suck it up and move on :)
6:46 PM
this isn't a for-fun cross apply, it's an actual warranted usage - taking the result of a table-valued function and applying it to each row in the selection
@rolfl Everytime I read that question title I think "@Vogel World Optimization"
there's no "sucking up" to do, it never bothered me, honestly
and now I need to create procedure etl.InsertOrderDetailSizes in a similar way
Alright, two bounties created ;-)
i was at 190 today, but that's OK.
6:48 PM
^^ that's how you counter bad self-accepts!
Let's draw attention to those answers, get more upvoted and stuff going, and then I'll award the bounties in a few days to the real answers ;-)
and the OP gets notified, too. with a little luck they can get the message :)
holy crap
@rolfl what a timing
@Mat'sMug I removed it, @Malachi I hope Mug wouldn't "accept" a formatting review only answer ;-)
@Phrancis no, but I'd post my own formatting-only selfie, and then accept it!
6:52 PM
@janos Sort of, but it makes me square too... I have earned 300 bounty, and now offered 300 bounty too.
I should be offering more than I do anyway.
@Phrancis I thought you were on to something with that hash mapping or whatever it was.....lol
@Mat'sMug you probably got my last star, unless they upped the amount of stars you get each day...lol
Well, there is probably a way to make it work, maybe shove the TVE results into a temp table and join do a plain old join and force it to hash.
that sounds like more work....
Or make a view. Or ... Or ...
6:55 PM
bah, it's 10 minutes in an overnight process, scheduled at 4AM. As long as it's finished when I get to the office....
@Phrancis that's ...not happening!
@rolfl question: if you offer a bounty of 50, and after that you get 20 upvotes on that day, will you make progress to Legendary? Or no, because it will count as you received only 150 rep for the day
still, +1 because I like how you eliminate horizontal scrolling
@Phrancis that's not a table-valued function - it's a misuse of cross apply IMO.
@rolfl guess what?
@janos the bounties are just a negative score, my 'cap' is still 200, and upvotes will now be added......
I also need to update these records!

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