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1:12 AM
Morning gentlemen! I am starting on
1:32 AM
room topic changed to Aisle 3: TAGNAROK! TODAY, WE HUNT DOWN TAGS! Tag Cleanup weekend room (no tags)
Taking a quick break
superuser.com/questions/tagged/preview came across this, need to ponder the meta-taggyness of this to see if its worth tacking in a future tag cleanup weekend.
1:55 AM
Working on 'charts' and 'graphs'...
and... superuser.com/questions/tagged/processing ia definately a metatag, but we may need a tag for the language called processing
Awesome ;)
Feel free to kill off any other obvious metatags, and fix any gratuitous errors while your at it.
2:36 AM
Need to pop out for a bit, taking a break. Back in an hour or three
3:35 AM
4:32 AM
Taking a break. Man...
I've killed off
I'll need to adjust the tag wikis later
@JourneymanGeek I've suggested edits to the questions to remove the tag; could you please approve those? Additionally, one of the questions I couldn't find a relevant tag to replace the tag as it was the only tag; could you find another tag to replace it?
Done, I'm afk for a bit.
@JourneymanGeek Not quite done yet...
@JourneymanGeek I found a link-only answer as I was cleaning tags; could you clean it up, please?
5:12 AM
@damryfbfnetsi: eh, its low priority. Aside from the tags I've been killing off I've got a list of stuff like that I need to deal with later ;p
And another break. Got size down to 250 questions
5:52 AM
And another round!
6:03 AM
and another break. Looks like 50 questions is my limit before they all start swirling together ;p
6:54 AM
Popping out. If anyone else wants to stick a stake in size, carry on.
4 hours later…
10:27 AM
i'll go for 'size'
10:42 AM
Awesome. I'll find something else to chew on when I get home, and get around to another round of retags
11:11 AM
@JourneymanGeek What's happening with the software-rec tag?
Q: Could we finally get rid of [software-rec]?

gronostajI know that this has been covered before (for example here), but communities evolve constantly and our current view on this matter can be different. In my humble opinion, software-rec should be burninated. It's quite a big job (~1100 questions), but we've already cleaned up tags that were that b...

11:43 AM
I'd leave it for now
the issue isn't just with the tag, its with the questions as well
I have a whole list of stuff that needs reviewing
i'm starting on the 'saving' tag
man, I'd LOVE to have keyboard based controls for edits. I'm clicking more today than I do usually
12:09 PM
saving is down 50, taking a break ;p
i'll take over @jou
i think i'll fix the cabinets tag next.
for some reason people keep calling cases cabinets
12:25 PM
I've got a lunchbreak, anything in particular that needs attacking?
pick one off meta and just do it ;p
i'm basically calling out the ones i'm doing so we don't step on everyone's toes.
K. Picked nearly at random:
12:33 PM
i was working on size and saving, and a few smaller tags
this is what my working list looks like XD ;p
How to retag a [duplicate] post? I get "edits must be at least six characters" even though I didn't edit the text.
which post?
Q: Grapher - For windows

oneat Possible Duplicate: Anyone know of a good graph plotting app We've got Grapher which is only for mac. Do we have something similar for Windows?

sometimes that happens, dunno why, someonelelse might know
i've removed graphs for you
12:38 PM
review queue cleared
i'm going to start on size again
gtg 58 left on saving.
no worries ;p
we're making weeks worth of headway
1:00 PM
right, down to 92 on size, time for walkies.
1:23 PM
Damage is down by 20, I need to get back to work now.
1:35 PM
Q: What happend to walterzorn.com?

VinzI just wanted to use the function plot from waterzorn.com but it seems like the site is down, I only get 404 responses. Does anybody know what's up with the site and if/when it will be back online? So far I could only find the following thread which doesn't have any answers. If you don't know:...

can someone please delete that? it's awful
I found one of our well-meaning low-rep tag reviewers suggesting an edit on it
I'm just going to ignore the edit as I expect it to be baleeted
btw the suggested edit is here
Yo, low-rep reviewer here.
no worries on the edit, just that I'm pretty sure JMG asked for terrible questions to be posted here so they can be nixed, rather than editing them
no trouble at all though, just trying to handle things in the best way possible
2:15 PM
@allquixotic: absolutely
2:51 PM
matters not ;)
doing saving again
Just a suggestion for next time we do this tag cleanup weekend - remove the 20 suggested edits review limit for people who can review them...
I can see 7 suggested edits, but i can't do anything!
XD, I'm going to go to sleep ;p
Cleared, now going to sleep ;p
different time zone...
I live in GMT +8
ok, goodnight ;)
3:08 PM
I ran across superuser.com/posts/435555/revisions suggesting [index] was cleaned up back in January. It has 15 uses now, all from this year. I can't find any discussion about cleaning up [index] though.
4:05 PM
that's [tag:index] to get the neat formatting
4:31 PM
Right, back to cleaning
should I retag this one with for the photo quality?
2 hours later…
6:35 PM
I can't submit a tag-only edit to remove [graphs] from superuser.com/questions/370606/…. It insists on a minimum size edit to the question text. I think I get this with every [duplicate] post.
I've taken care of those
6:51 PM
Ugh, there's a tag as well...
7:25 PM
I'm getting "the edit queue is full"...
Ok, I'll review some edits
I have approved few of your edits but they need one more vote to disappear from the queue
I'm not sure what we should do with this one though: superuser.com/questions/729138/graphing-applications-for-linux
English isn't my first language, so I may be wrong, but I don't think describes what's going on here
is dead, I think...
Here's another one: superuser.com/review/suggested-edits/288467 It's about graphs, not charts. What do you think guys?
Well, the description does say it includes graphs. But reject the edit if you think that's the right thing to do.
nuke the actual graph tag, but to me charts are something slightly different. bit of a subjective difference tho.
7:39 PM
The meta page for [charts] & [graphs] is at meta.superuser.com/questions/6841/…;.
we could clean out the chaff from graphs as you are doing, leave the actual graph bits and then make a synonym of ...
Now technically, the edit you mentioned was , not .
7:57 PM
@Mokubai Could you please remove those? pastebin.com/BtHeC3z3
@gronostaj you want me to remove ?
or remove entirely?
I'm working on right now, I think those questions may have to be removed
I like the answer on this one and it might be useful to others... but I'm happy to remove the tag.
I wasn't sure about that one. It's a I-didn't-RTFM question, but it may actually be useful for non-googlers.
Starting to work on ...
8:33 PM
Emptied the suggested edits queue.
Looks like 3 survived but looks dead
Ah no, both dead. Must've been the caching.
8:47 PM
Nice work dude, just dealing with one tag took it out of me and you're still going...
9:46 PM
tack an "or" on the end ("UltraEditor") and you've got some people in here ;p
Can someone delete this question please? superuser.com/questions/128831/dell-replacement-return
60 questions are left on , I'll try to take care of them tomorrow. Time to get some sleep now.
1 hour later…
10:58 PM
So the tag just dies, correct? (I can absolutely take care of a bunch, just don't want to be the one who makes a bigger mess...)
11:16 PM
yup. Don't forget to edit the tag wiki once your done too.
I doubt I'd finish it, but I thought I might as well take a stab at a few before going to bed.
Inline tag editing is great for this... :)
I'd love a keyboard shortcut for that. My hand's a little strained after something like 300 edits ;p
I'd be okay if it was just in a single place, rather than shifted around based on the question text length :)
Also found this which seems to be a service request:
Q: I'm looking for a web based version of the speed dial firefox plugin

GuillaumeI'm a big fan of firefox speed dial plugin. I want to find a web application that will replace it in order to let me use this kind of tool from any browser and from anywhere. I have mess around with netvibes, but adding only one shortcut is already boring... I'm pretty sure that there is someth...

VTC'd myself, but since I lack binding votes on SU...
The answer there is quite shite too
Indeed. $5 says the linked page has been changed since the answer was posted.
That's 61 to 28 for now...
@JourneymanGeek That tag doesn't have any tag wiki. At all.
11:27 PM
@MichaelKjörling: I have a whole list of stuff like that
@JourneymanGeek Wow. You have a list? :)
Software recommendation question: superuser.com/questions/82387/alternative-to-idle
@gronostaj is gone. // cc @JourneymanGeek
Yeah. I linked an earlier version of it yesterday :p
Confirmed. Web interface now says 0 questions tagged 'replacement'.
Any other tag that I can tackle for a bit before going to bed?
I had hoped for a list in the meta post but...
@JourneymanGeek meta.superuser.com/questions/8534/… can be set [status-completed]. Tag wiki is empty as well.
And with that, I'm off. Have fun!

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