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2:04 AM
@msh210 Nice.
2:14 AM
@MonicaCellio I've thought about it several times, but I'm nervous about halakhah.com's similarity and the fact that it's missing a bunch of mesechtos.
But mostly that half of their gemara is in pdf and unlinkable.
2:58 AM
@MonicaCellio and @DoubleAA -- I haven't been using Meta long enough to figure out whether a new proposal to a problem stated in a question should be an answer to that question, or a new question by itself.....what do you think?
Ooh....now at first post review queue, this question should be on Meta, but the poster doesn't have enough rep to post on Meta.....
@MonicaCellio @msh210 @DoubleAA I flagged it for migration to Meta, check your flag queue.
3:29 AM
@Shokhet did you ever propose your inbox message for custom flag responses idea?
@YEZ Nope.
Waiting for a bit to figure out if I should just answer @Monica's question, or pose it as my own question/suggestion
@YEZ What would you suggest, based on your knowledge of how MSE works?
@Shokhet With my whole <500 reputation there. I would post it as a new suggestion, since it is.
Q: Why was my answer deleted?

Ovaida YosefRegarding this question My answer was deleted on the spot and it does not satisfy any of the conditions mentioned in the linked article: Why was your post deleted? See the help center. I have put the answer here too, as you can see it is a valid answer to the question and does not satisfy t...

@YEZ Aight....I'll give it a shot.
@Shokhet New post tagged feature request. Link in the post to other relevant threads.
3:37 AM
1 min ago, by Shokhet
@YEZ Aight....I'll give it a shot.
@Shokhet We get alerted to flags with a separate bubble from the regular review one, so we'll see it much quicker than we'll get a ping from here (unless we're already in here). FYI
@DoubleAA Ah, didn't know that.....happened to see someone do this the other day, so assumed that it had some use.....guess not.....
2 days ago, by Daniel
@msh210 and any other mods that are around, please check your flags asap
@Shokhet key words being "that are around"
@YEZ Fair enough.
(Although I use that strategy all the time also.)
3:39 AM
4:10 AM
@Shokhet oh sorry; was occupied with other things and only just saw this. MSE has a record of answers with alternate solutions to feature requests, so feel free! Or a new question is fine too; people do both. If you ask a new question, it'd be handy to cross-link them.
@Shokhet Just remember to post a link to it back here in Bam so we can come upvote you :)
@MonicaCellio Caught me too late....almost done posting it in question form, as per @YEZ's suggestion. :P
@DoubleAA Sure thing.
4:53 AM
@MonicaCellio @DoubleAA @YEZ
Q: Send custom flag responses to messages inbox

ShokhetA problem I have with the current flag system, as it currently functions, is that flaggers are not made aware of custom responses to flags, when they are given. I really don't care if I don't find out about every last flag of mine, whether it was useful or not, but if a moderator went to the effo...

5:47 AM
A: Meditating and including buddhist philosophy in your life without abandoning previous religious beliefs?

ChrisWFor the sake of discussion, and (by searching Mi Yodeya) to try to answer from the Jewish perspective, This answer warns that certain practices (e.g. bowing) might be seen as "devotional". And this answer, that worshipping the Buddha or seeing him as God-like would be prohibited. This answer sa...

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8:03 AM
Q: Are "see this source" answers link-only?

ScimonsterIs an answer that says basically "see what book x says about this" considered a link only answer? Not that i've been seeing lots of these, i was just curious.

6 hours later…
1:33 PM
@DoubleAA I guess they don't have the same preclusion of interfaith questions that we do. Anyway, good job by ChrisW of bringing Jewish resources to bear.
2:26 PM
@Shokhet no worries! Now that I've seen your proposal I think it should be separate anyway. And nice job on that.
(BTW, only you and mods can see your flag history.)
@MonicaCellio Was wondering about that, thanks....what about SE employees with a diamond?
@Shokhet yes, them too. You, and anybody with a diamond.
@MonicaCellio So it may have been worth it to put up that link anyway....as the people who put Meta decisions into effect all have diamonds (I think)
2:47 PM
@Shokhet doesn't hurt, might help. They'll probably look at a sampling of flag histories on several sites, though, to get a sense of how often custom responses are used. Or, maybe more likely, skip your link entirely and ask the database. :-)
3 hours later…
5:24 PM
Should we put a historical lock on this?
Q: SE Challenge: Halachot in which rulings range from permissible to Torah violation?

ChaimKutInspired by my previous question regarding heating up soup on Shabbat, I present a challenge to the Judaism StackExchange community -- List halachot which have halachic decisions ranging from outright Torah violations (i.e. not simply a rabbinic violation) all the way to 100% sanctioned and perm...

@DoubleAA should it be closed? I realize that locking would accomplish that, but if it should be locked then, kal v'chomer, it should be closed, yes? So maybe we could get some votes for that?
@MonicaCellio We have 6 who think it's a riddle.
why is this not a riddle — simchastorah Nov 25 '11 at 18:11
and it has 16 answers which are equally right (ok some are wrong)
Sounds like Not Constructive in the old system. Maybe Too Broad in the new one.
If it asked "are there such things?" that would be answerable.
5:46 PM
@DoubleAA I think "too broad", or off-topic with a custom comment, would be appropriate.
@DoubleAA despite that comment the question has never received a single close vote. But if you and I both think it should be closed, that may be good enough.
2 hours later…
7:45 PM
Q: Echad - mi yodeya?

Isaac MosesWho knows one? Please cite/link your sources, if possible. In about a day, I will: Upvote all interesting answers. Accept the best answer. Go on to the next number.

@MonicaCellio @DoubleAA, if that question is to be closed, then the above series should be closed as well. (I think both should be left open).
1 hour later…
9:01 PM
@DoubleAA Added.
@Yishai That series is grandfathered. Or patriarched. :-)
@msh210 I thought you were in favor of it on th merits. If it's approved based on patrimony, I'm in favor of closure.
@IsaacMoses Hang on -- I'm in the middle of penning a chat reply here.
@MonicaCellio @DoubleAA @Yishai I closed judaism.stackexchange.com/q/5991 unilaterally only because it has answers pretty much without end (unfortunately). (And I might not have, even then, had it not been my own Q.) The mi-yodeya-series Qs and judaism.stackexchange.com/q/11625 OTOH are much more bounded in scope than 5991, which IMO weighs strongly in their favor.
@IsaacMoses "Patriarched" was just a pun I couldn't resist the opportunity to make. The real reason I meant was that it's grandfathered, not because of who runs the series.
@msh210 "grandfathered" is what historical locks are for, no?
@msh210 I still think sourceless gimatriyaos are terrible answers, though.
@IsaacMoses But in this case it's a continuing series. :-)
@msh210 Or would be if, ahem, someone would continue it.
We are all eagerly awaiting your disseminating the question about 324. That is, the chai-squared distribution.msh210 ♦ May 22 at 18:50
@msh210 "grandfathered mikan ulehaba"?
9:09 PM
@IsaacMoses That's usually what grandfathered means. Rent-controlled apartments in NYC remained rent controlled even on lease renewal.
@IsaacMoses "a class of which engineers are probably a subset" :-D
@msh210 Do you think I should qualify that with something that indicates that I'm kidding? Did you see my other indulgence of levity in that sentence?
@IsaacMoses 1) No. 2) Not until you mentioned it here. (I'm a bit slow today, apparently. Heck, it's even italicized.)
@msh210 "whooosh" :)
@IsaacMoses :-)
@IsaacMoses Great question, by the way.
@msh210 Thanks! One I've also posed to my rabbi, as it potentially affects me practically.
9:17 PM
@IsaacMoses But I don't really think they should be closed: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/17801585#17801585
Tzt; gtg.
9:38 PM
@msh210 @Yishai @DoubleAA ok, I can see that. And I'm certainly not calling for unilateral closure if there's any disagreement (as there now is). I don't think we should lock an open question, so unless the community wants that to be closed, I don't see a change here. I do think the mi-yodeya-series questions are valuable and sufficiently limited in scope. The halachot question seems more open-ended and list-y.
@msh210 how come this comment appears as a reply when I hover my cursor over it but it doesn't have a reply arrow to its left?

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