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Coober Pedy is a town in northern South Australia, 846 kilometres north of Adelaide on the Stuart Highway. According to the 2011 census, its population was 1,695 (953 males, 742 females, including 275 indigenous Australians). The town is sometimes referred to as the "opal capital of the world" because of the quantity of precious opals that are mined there. Coober Pedy is renowned for its below-ground residences, called "dugouts", which are built due to the scorching daytime heat. The name "Coober Pedy" comes from the local Aboriginal term kupa-piti, which means "white man's hole". Opal was found...
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2:04 AM
I so wish I knew more about the world of darkness books
i would really really like to leave a meta answer on that question about sorting their tags out
What more would you like to know?
Ah, reading that post now
That is a mess
as far as I'm aware, there's three core groups, or three core systems (not sure which it is): owod, nwod, and now there's a nwod version 2 which is implementing the god machine chronicles.
Running alongside the core, there are product lines for various kinds of mythical beast: vampire the masquerade, then vampire the requiem, and also books like blood and smoke which are either an expansion or an altogether new version in its own right.
except i'm fuzzy on all the details of how they link together to the cores.
The issue is that nwod v2 isn't a complete rewrite
And because world of darkness as a whole relies so much on fluff
There is no one who will refuse to look at past books
I believe it's a bit more similar to 3 / 3.5
For D&D
The splash books (e.g. Vampire)
Each tie to a core book
Think of these like Psionics - 3rd edition
And Psionics - 4th edition
Vampire: The Masquerade is the vampire book for Classic World of Darkness, Vampire the Requiem is the vampire book for the New World of Darkness
As part of the process of introducing the God Machine Chronicles, they are putting out small rules updates for everything, e.g. Blood and Smoke
But, there are just enough rule changes in God Machine Chronicles, especially as related to XP, that plenty of Storytellers will just say "Eh, ignore all that"
So, using D&D as my base again
Vampire: The Masquerade - D&D 2e Psionics
Vampire: The Requiem - D&D 3e Psionics
Blood and Smoke - D&D 3.5e Psionics
Does that in any way clear it up? If not, let me know the source of the confusion, and hopefully I can try and word it better
In summary: [waves hands vigorously]
2:19 AM
@SurrealAnalysis That does
I wasn't sure if the Vampire books linked to the Core versions like that, so it seems they do
Yeah. Though, it's a little different, as New World of Darkness has a core book, Old World of Darkness was supposed to be easily playable with just the splash book
and it seems it's like this:
owod = version 1
nwod = version 2
nwod god machine = a .5 to add to the 2
nwod-2 = a fully integrated version 2.5
and every edition has its own core book, and a splash book for each type of mythical beast
I'm not sure why there is both nwod god machine and nwod-2
Old world of darkness didn't really have a core book
It had a mortals book
But thematically was more of just a splash book
Also, I'm about to add some more complication
Part of the issue with calling something NWOD God Machien
Is that the god machine is a thing.
owod started with V:tM. Then came Werewolf, Mage, and the rest. Each was a self-contained game, with the same basic system, that could play together without too much tweaking
It's like if D&D released a rules update in a book called Bahamut and Tiamat.
You can definitely ask about those two characters independent of the rules, and you might care about the rules independent of that particular flavor
2:25 AM
owod = a variety of splash books, each offering the core rules and playable independently.
nwod = a core rule book, and a variety of splash books.
nwod-2 = same as nwod, incorporating god machine chronicles which added their own splash but also a core rules update?
That's a pretty accurate assessment
For what it's worth, the rules update part of nwod-2 is free
So I, as with presumably Onyx Path, am hoping that everyone transitions to the new rules no problem
2:54 AM
@SurrealAnalysis I want to understand one more thing: are WoD splashes basically games in their own right?
e.g. I know that when you play VtM, that's the game you're playing. (And you don't combine the Vampire splash with the Werewolf splash.)
is it the same in NWOD?
I mostly remember being mind boogled that spellcasting in Mage was so vaguely defined that it was effective ST fiat what did and didn't work. I'm not sure if that's RAW, or if it's just how my ST was running things.
Either way it was my first exposure to bald-faced "throw it to the GM and trust him" system implementation without even the semblance of developer interference.
3:26 AM
@doppelgreener Sort of
In general, yes
But you can have mixed groups
Not highly recommended, due to the wildly different power curves / goals / abilities
But in general, even in New World of Darkness, everyone in a cabal / pack / coterie will be the same overall type of character (Werewolf, Vampire, etc.)
Within these types, you have different clans or orders, but they don't affect things too much
In terms of completely different game or not
Well, all-Malk parties are their own thing.
@BESW I love the Malkavian clanbook, it's just... very flavourful
I had an idea for a Malk character. He'd carry around a pair of bright multicoloured pistols. One being an actual pistol that's been painted up, the other being a water-pistol... full of holy water...
Ain't no party like a Malkavian party 'cause a Malkavian party don't stop until the colour orange starts squealing on its friends.
Never seen an al Malkavian party
It seems like it would get very confusing but interesting
3:48 AM
I heard stories. I was confused.
A: tagging mess that is "World of Darkness"

doppelgreenerI'm going to chime in with my own organisation proposal here, based on what I've learned from the D&D and Fate tags, which have fairly robust tagging. That might be surprising, since I don't play these games and you've probably never seen me active in their questions. I have lurked though and le...

it's good to finally get that written
let's hope I have not been a moron somehow in the process of writing it
> Now, for splashes: each splash line for each version of NWOD gets its tag.
I think you meant "each version of WOD," based on the following content.
Hmm, not really a moron, but it's still Vampire: The Requiem, even if you are using God Machine
I would say we should perhaps not use things like blood-and-smoke
But instead use Vampire: The Requiem and nwod-2e
Is NWOD2e really so different that it needs separate tags rather than in-text mention?
I didn't really think so
But a lot of people have been
Because there are many questions related to the rules update
And I can understand how people might want it tagged with something that signifies the different
3:58 AM
@doppelgreener I know nothing about WoD, but that's the only answer on that question I can understand. So if you're a moron, at least you're a moron who expresses themselves well!
@Miniman i am pretty happy with my ability to express myself well, even if i am being a total moron in the process
so thank you XD
I definitely concur on being the most well organized answer
How do people feel about nwod being post God Machien
And a different tag to signify pre God Machien
@BESW yup, got it. Thanks.
Especially as time goes on, I feel like most questions will be for the updated rules
4:01 AM
Oh boy, another answer from GLANTH. At this rate he's going to push himself back to 0.
Hmm, not terrible ideas, though
Albeit rather poorly worded / spelled out
How do people feel about editing some of these? I really like the idea, but it'd be a pretty much total rework of the answer
@SurrealAnalysis SSD fixed one of them, it's how GLANTH got any upvotes in the first place
I fix small errors when I see them, but a rewrite on this level is way above and beyond, I feel.
Heh. I hadn't seen this comment.
@Miniman That's more or less why I'm not doing any editing either.
From what I've been able to glean out of his posts, polishing up his answers would in most cases reveal "You're the GM, so invent and enforce random house rules that produce effects parallel to the common playstyle of the given system."
One option would be to reward the players if they have multiple sources for the same language, considering them an expert in some way.

Possibilities include:

* Bonuses to Charisma checks that would involve large words or complicated jargon
* Bonuses to teaching the language - Instead of it taking 250 days for a fellow adventurer to learn the language from you, it merely takes 125 days.
* Bonuses to Intelligence checks related to the culture of that language, that the character may have come across in their studies.
That would be my edit
4:09 AM
The problem is, the rules specifically call out 'proficiencies never stack'
IE, that one suggests replacing "you can easily talk with a wider variety of people you meet on your adventures" with "you have bonuses and abilities which are more useful to a linguist or sociologist than an adventurer."
Language isn't quite a proficiency, though
Yes, in terms of English, you are "Proficient in a language"
But it's not as if being proficient in a language gives you +2 to using the language at level 1, and + 4 later on
@SurrealAnalysis Hmmm, I guess it's not exactly the same. I'd still be more inclined to let them choose a bonus language than to give them bonuses with that language, though
Being extra-good at a language is not something the D&D playstyle is generally going to make relephant.
True, all the more reason I would feel fine giving out a bonus for something that technically shouldn't be worth anything
4:14 AM
While to my way of thinking a mechanic you'll never use is a mechanic that exists only to take up space.
Fair enough
I like all the fiddly bits full of random probably won't happen "What if" possibilities
But I can also appreciate a distaste for them
@SurrealAnalysis it's partly a problem because you usually don't get languages for free
you can either get a metamagic feat, or you can get one more language
one of these is several magnitudes better than the other
and yet they cost the same
@SurrealAnalysis Me too. One of my players took Mending to support her background and was like "Yeah...probably never gonna use it, but the character would have."
(or 3 more languages? not sure, still sorta worthless)
Mending is awesome
4:18 AM
First episode, there's a mission that requires Mending
Oh, what's that fellow travelers with a broken axle? It just so happens I'm an Axle Repairman
@SurrealAnalysis I just realised, with the way cantrips work now Warforged could break the game
...that may have been a reference or two too far removed.
@BESW i can't remember what she's saying at that point
@doppelgreener The song is "Tightrope," and she's saying "I gotta keep my balance" (1:10 or so).
4:31 AM
@BESW haaa i get it
@doppelgreener Finally thought of the right analogy
The new WoD books are like the Essentials like of 4e
Streamlined and focused
You technically don't need the other books of 4e
But it's still 4e
theonyxpath.com/new-release-blood-and-smoke-the-strix-chronicle That press release might clear things up.
@SurrealAnalysis Are you referring to NWOD, or NWOD 2e, being like Essentials?
New new WOD, I think.
New new is correct
So God Machine Chronicles is like Essentials
And Blood and Smoke is like a Heroes of the Vampire Variety book
Everything a player needs to play a vampire
4:44 AM
Ok. One big difference here is that 4e never released a particular rules update for essentials - and never exactly gave it its own distinct release - but just started releasing new classes which worked very differently to old ones, and those were essentials classes. It was kind of like a stealth update to how classes work.
NWOD 2e seems to have come with its own big rules update by contrast. "Hey, here's new rules! Also, new updates for all your books to go with them!"
True. I also just looked into the future release schedule, and though these may only be working names, they are titling the new releases of Mage / Werewolf explicitly "Mage: Second Edition"
And similar
Also, man, Scion is still only in the outline phase
@doppelgreener Mmmeh.
I was getting super excited for that many months ago
Sad to see it hasn't made any progress
Essentials did overwrite some of the basic core rules of original 4e.
The release schedule, if anyone else is interested: theonyxpath.com/schedule
@BESW at what point though?
Those answers would be a good RSS feed
@SurrealAnalysis ?
@SurrealAnalysis Wouldn't they be the worst RSS feed?
4:58 AM
Depends. You wouldn't gain much knowledge from it, but I find it fairly entertaining
@Miniman plan 9 from outer space is one of the worst movies, but it's still something that's fun to watch
And he's hit 1 rep again.
(especially because it's not so much "ugh this plot is awful and this is painful to watch", it just makes so many amazing errors)
Point taken, I suppose, but if I wanted to see this kind of post I'd get myself a tumblr/reddit account.
[Appears in the glory of darkness and wrath]
4:59 AM
@SurrealAnalysis Here ya go.
@Lord_Gareth [caught standing beside Gareth's path as he enters, and immediately disintegrates]
@Lord_Gareth [totally misses the glory and the wrath, because suddenly everything's all dark]
Hey! Who turned out the lights?
@BESW Not sure how much longer it's going to be possible for new items to appear on that feed...
@SurrealAnalysis hey, so is blood & smoke just a VTR expansion, not its own thing?
(i.e. just one of the several expansions you might plug into VTR)
I left a comment re: GM fiat for him:
This is advice on possible GM fiat alternatives, while the question is about how the rules of the game are actually intended to work. This is a Q&A site, and it's important to be sure your answer addresses the question being asked. (I've noticed that many of your answers boil down to "The GM can make up whatever rules he likes." While this is often true, it's rarely useful to the querent and is a major reason you're garnering so many downvotes even after others are kind enough to edit your posts into a more legible format.) — BESW 9 mins ago
5:01 AM
@BESW - nWoD 2e (God Machine Complex) rules significantly altered nWoD's mechanical assumptions
@doppelgreener It is not
Honestly the only thing left intact was the idea of a dice pool that produces successes checked against a difficulty
Everything else got shot in the face and replaced
Including the Killing Batman's Parents system. Erm, excuse me, the mugging system. Crap. The combat system. Right, that one.
@BESW That lead me to read @SurrealAnalysis edit to that answer. You should revert the edit and make that an independent answer, it deserves better.
@Lord_Gareth If you're a O/NWOD player, I'd appreciate your opinion on whether this tagging scheme makes any sense and whether there's any spots of dumbness or blatant ignorance. Especially if there's anything I've suggested should have a tag that shouldn't, or vice versa.
@Miniman Warforged have what about cantrips?
@doppelgreener Blood and Smoke & cousins are not new splashes, they're replacements for core gameline books
I.E. B&S replaces V:tR rules
Including in many cases rules about the setting
@Metool Ah, no, what I meant was that they've worked very hard to make sure that there are no sources of free unlimited healing. Since cantrips are unlimited use, a construct race (e.g. Warforged) breaks that principle with the Mending cantrip.
Oh, I see.
@BESW Booyah, I'm 5/5 for flags!
@Lord_Gareth Ok. So I kind of imagine them having a similar relationship to playing VTR over VTM: it totally supersedes the old book and defines a different game.
Pretty much
@Miniman Easily fixed; most editions have given Warforged some weird inbetween status, so 5e just has to nudge them toward the "living" side enough to make 'em not get fixed by mending.
5:07 AM
@Miniman Can constructs be raised?
@Metool No idea, they don't exist yet.
notably, WoD is getting a second edition that uses the rules updates - but possibly not the metaplot - of B&S as its core
Probably coming in DMG.
If not using the metaplot is the case, then B&S will remain distinct both from Requiem & from 2e
@Lord_Gareth Ooooo.
Well, that... makes... the hierarchy odd.
5:09 AM
Welcome to White Wolf how may I help you.
WW has this giant cultural problem where the guy in charge of their design department for over nine thousand years makes SKR look like the God-King of Gaming Tolerance and Peaceful Discourse
And the gentleman in question has this history of reacting to criticism of any kind by actively worsening whatever "flaw" is being complained about
@Lord_Gareth One for the calendar - you favourably contrasted SKR!
@Miniman All part of my dark plot to bring Lord Potatothulu into this world.
@Lord_Gareth Oh you mean Mr Rein (dot) Hagen
@Adeptus I see he is known here, in my dark realm.
@Lord_Gareth When we played OWOD many years ago, one of my friends joked he had "one rank in ReinHagen"
5:14 AM
@Lord_Gareth [squint] Is that a challenge?
@Lord_Gareth I see the Potatothulu Rule is still in effect.
@Metool Nah, BESW is room owner. He can change Gareth's posts to agree with himself if he wants.
@BESW Do you dispute my authority over systems dark and D20 within this chat? Must I rise in the wrath of shoddy design and slipshod PR to do battle with the power of your successor systems?
@Lord_Gareth Oh, well if that's the extent of your claim, you can have 'em. That's, like, the Australia of system authority.
I thought you were making a bid for the chat.
5:19 AM
I know the throne of my ambition. It is made of skulls and D12s that were purchased, but never rolled.
@BESW Can I raise an objection to your careless deprecation of my nation?
@Miniman ...you may.
@BESW Australia is the Madeline of the world - we may be small, but on the inside, we're great!
@BESW ....I have found my second Sydney supers story arc. Var Big Bad has promised a noted henchman Shiny New Australia, and said henchman has arrived to rule.
@Miniman Ah, yes, that's why you all live on the edge of it. The middle is too awesome even for you to bear.
@Lord_Gareth My skull throne is papier-mâché made from the tear-dampened pages of copies of The Book of Exalted Deeds.
5:24 AM
@BESW BoVD's editing was worse.
@Lord_Gareth Which, on reflection, seemed thematically appropriate.
@BESW Took me a sec to get it..but I lol'ed.
@Magician That seems reasonable.
Nico Vega did a cover of a song not normally in their style, and they knocked it out of the park.
@Magician Oh, here's a supervillain for you: The Idiom Assimilator. He sows chaos as people are unable to communicate effectively, and renders Robin unable to speak at all.
5:29 AM
@BESW ...That reminds me. Summon me to your spoil lair, please.

 BESW's Spoil-Lair

CAUTION: High chance of plot. Not for BESW's players.
@BESW Very amusing link
I am here. You are here. We are here.
5:43 AM
Am I here?
They are here.
@Adeptus The Opposing Thrones recognize your presence in Their shadows, supplicant.
This is no supplicant
@trogdor THIS IS SPARTA!
did you just try to throw me down a pit?
it was more like a small puddle
5:53 AM
Remember: it's not the fall that kills you, it's the the things that live at the bottom.
you mean the worms I BURNINATED?
Man this sounds like something I'd have an ally say to the PCs so I could make it very obvious that the person they're working with is shady: "Funny you should mention that. It looks like I'll be, ah, burying bodies all weekend. So you don't go to jail."
Loved that short.
its not my fault I landed on them and BURNINATED them
they need to watch who they crawl under
That would be this short, incidentally:
5:57 AM
Q: What happens to Users that constantly writes bad posts?

BenA couple of you will know the most recent person I am referencing, with a bit of a spurt from a new User constantly answering with bad posts in terms of content, grammar, spelling, well, they're really just all around bad. A few examples: How do I challenge my PCs who fight every battle like Mo...

Well that's not highly specific, yet deserved, in any way
6:11 AM
@Lord_Gareth by the way, this was entertaining, thanks for sharing.
though in my case it might have some things to do with already liking most of those characters
6:30 AM
just got back int town after a whirlwind FL trip...Randomly ran into some gamers in a DQ this evening.
how did we know they were gamers you ask? Well my kids were dressed in Star wars shirts (not too uncommon for them to be in super hero/star wars shirts), and we were all waiting for food. Chitchat quickly turned from star wars to legos, and then to how painful stepping on legos was. I made a crack about the only thing worse than legos being four sided dice...
knowing nods all around...and I'm like...I've found my people. One of the guys in the other party piped up with "yeah, they're totally like caltrops"....and then we talked about D&D for a while...
d4 caltrop woes are like a secret handshake.
I think if I ever go to a gaming convention I'll just wear a namebadge that says "Ask me about: Lord Potatothulu" and whoever gets the joke I'll talk to.
6:53 AM
I switch projects a lot, every 6-9 months on average, so there's the standard period of settling in and finding likeminded coworkers.
I use t-shirts for that.
@lisardggY I thought, "That should be a tshirt/badge design... but it's probably been done". Yes, but not well (IMHO) zazzle.com/d4_caltrops_postcard-239195497635958254
I have geeky t-shirts, music t-shirts or odd-humor t-shirts, and use them as shibolleths. If someone laughs, I know we share a wavelength. If they recognize my stylized-and-pixelated-Clash-album-cover t-shirt, I know we got something to talk about.
If I could find more referential T-shirts that I actually wanted to wear divorced from the reference...
@Adeptus Sweet! Though a bit unreadable.
6:58 AM
@BESW I have so many black t-shirts with bands or geeky stuff on them, I've started gifting new ones to my sister instead.
Half of our Ars Magica game's d10s are unreadable, because they started off as V:tM dice, meaning they're black-on-dark-green or dark-red-on-black.
With ankhs serving as 1's for the former and roses for the latter.
@lisardggY This is one of the reasons D&D has so much inertia as the flagship of the medium, I think: groups that don't share system-specific experiences have a harder time identifying each other through such shibboleths.
Style over substance, White Wolf. Style over freakin' substance.
IE, Fate players don't have caltrop stories.
I think it'll get less pronounced if/when groups delve into multiple systems, though.
@BESW It's a theory I've heard and debated before. I still hold that the shared experiences (adventure stories, "that time I rolled really high or low, regardless of die" stories, etc) form a big enough block of similarity.
7:01 AM
@lisardggY Video game shibboleths are a good example: nobody plays just one game for years on end, so references to specific games can be shared among a wider segment of the community, and generic experiences that cross game and platform are also identified and shared.
@BESW And now I want personal aspects t-shirt.
Just to see if someone would try and offer me a Fate point in the middle of the street to compel one...
Q: which is better a bought character sheet or a home made one?

GLANTHWhich is better to use a store bought character sheet ? for the game system I'm playing in ? Or a hand made home made printed character sheet ? : one from my Game-Master ?

VTC pls
But so long as people identify as "D&D players" rather than "RPG players," or confuse the two, then D&D-specific shibboleths will be mistaken for RPG-wide shibboleths and give the franchise undue weight.
@Metool not feeling it I'm afraid
7:04 AM
D&D is so synonymous with RPGs, even people who know and play a vast variety of systems and haven't actually touched D&D in years still describe what they do to outsiders as "D&D", if only because they went through explaining it once when they were starting out with D&D, and don't want the hassle again.
@Magician Exactly. If I'm feeling particularly patient, I'll say I play "RPGs. You know, like D&D".
I describe it more as collaborative story telling
She still can't wrap her head around a setting-agnostic system.
I tried to talk to her about my Doctor Who FAE game, and she was having a hard time understanding that I was using a generic system and all the Doctor Who-specific stuff I'd added myself.
7:11 AM
@BESW You could theoretically run a Doctor Who game using D&D rules. But I don't know why you'd want to...
Your question about my question doesn't help me at all!. — GLANTH 53 secs ago
hence my previous comment
there's such a complete lack of understanding of how the site works, I think its unrescuable
@Adeptus You can theoretically design a Stargate SG-1 system using the d20 System rules. I don't know why you'd want to, but somebody did!
coz d20 can do anything!!!!
One of my friends had a laptop with a half-dozen broken keys. He typed more legibly than this guy.
7:22 AM
Any system with abstract task or scene resolution can do anything. Or, rather, it can resolve any given situation, which to some is equivalent. But we often don't play just for resolution, we play for the experience. That's where systems differ.
Preaching to the choir, putting on airs, etc, etc.
I'm trying really hard not to assume GLANTH is a dummy account testing how long it takes to get autobanned.
@BESW I actually thought of this myself
he is steadfastly ignoring all the people politely trying to tell him what he is doing wrong, and seemingly spamming as much as possible while also seeming to try not to make it too obvious
@Magician Needs more vodka.
Okay, I just looked at his profile. Wow.
7:36 AM
[sigh] If "create your own guidelines" and "go with the flow" were sufficient answers to questions, we could just write that on the main page and close the rest of the site.
@lisardggY Is "check the deltas" an Ars Magica term or a maths term?
@BESW No. Should be made clearer?
I know Ars is a nerd's nerd's nerd's game, but...
I'll give you a bounty if you include a link to an Anydice (or equivalent) formula for figuring it out.
It can't really be mathematically derived. If a character does nothing except spend time in the lab, you might be able to figure out his top maximized scores for the magical arts, but this is always limited by availability of appropriate high-level books and texts to study from, the variability and unpredicatbility of studying from raw magical essences, and the possibility to spend much of your lab time inventing spells or making magical items instead of building up raw magical power.
7:46 AM
The Fairy Nuff puts her rep wallet back in her pocket.
@Metool indeed
He does not lack confidence.
But almost every answer he's given has boiled down to "use Rule 0 to make house rules," with varying levels of relephance to the question at hand.
they have a uniquely one track minded approach
To be fair, it's not a wrong answer for almost any possible question. It's just a really bad answer.
Yeah. It's true, relevant and entirely unhelpful.
7:54 AM
Also, he likes inventing randomisation mechanics.
But then, that seems to be a common element in both older and less experienced GMs.
Whoops, I've come down with My Guy Syndrome, doing freeform roleplay.
The bugbear of random = fair plagues many corners of the RPG community.
@Metool [hits quarantine alarm]
[hides under helmet]
Excuse me, sir, but your PC is going to have to stick with twosies until we're sure he's no longer contagious.
7:58 AM
I'm sorry, but having My Guy Syndrome is just how my guy would roleplay.
Don't worry, only serious and untreated cases of MGS result in Falling Rock Fatality.
Oh, man. Not cool.
Flagged as not constructive!
And it's gone.
Yeah, I went for Not Constructive as well.
8:05 AM
@Phil Someone posted a comment saying "No offence, but this is the worst question I've seen in five years of SE history."
It's the "no offence" that's really the cherry on the Not Cool Cake.
Also I think that commenter hasn't been around SF&F.SE much.
Hmm, interesting, not all units for this board game have the same stats...
Red Alert has the least life (15), while Megatron has the most at 22, for example.
9:06 AM
Guten morgen.
VTC for not doing basic research?
Also, -1 for the exact answer he was looking for? Wow
@Mourdos "Let me Google that for you" is not a good thing to say, in my experience.
@Mourdos That's me, just left you a comment.
Cool, I agree
I'll update it then
I still think that the question should be closed as no basic research was done. Simply typing "making paper look old" into google would have answered it
9:12 AM
Yup, voted to close for special reason.
And in the future? Don't answer questions that shouldn't have been asked. It encourages bad behaviour.
True, I'll just delete my answer
I was tempted to answer with a lmgtfy link
But I felt that was against the spirit of the site.
That I might have flagged.
Passive agressiveness is not appropriate for this site, I'm aware :-)
How is Worldbuilding doing, btw? I have no idea how long it normally takes to move into beta after commitment has reached 100%
No idea. I've been sick and busy.
Worldbuilding.SE should be moving into private beta very, very soon.
9:20 AM
@Mourdos Probably within the next week, if history holds true.
Ah. RPG.SE seems to have contracted one glanth of a problem.
I'm kinda surprised he hasn't gotten autopurged yet.
Also, is that a new unit of measure?
Ten glanths are a glan of problem.
9:37 AM
As far as I'm aware, accounts aren't actually automatically purged?
I'm surprised a moderator hasn't picked up this case yet, though.
Well, not purged purged.
But the privilege to ask and answer automagically gets stripped if your quality is consistently and remarkably poor.
Hmm... does RPG.SE have a question-ban?
Yeah, that. I think that's just a pro-forma help article, though - curious if question banning is actually active on RPG.SE.
9:57 AM
@Emrakul it's active everywhere
now the question is whether it's ever needed to do anything here
10:08 AM
Yay, I shall be co-hosting my favorite Hebrew-language RPG podcast in their live recording at the upcoming convention.
("Favorite", in the sense that it's the better one out of the two active Hebrew-language RPG podcasts, but also in the sense that it's a good podcast. :))
@lisardggY congratulations :D
One of the regular hosts doesn't, in fact, live in Israel at the moment. So I'll be filling in for him.
10:33 AM
Unrelated, a snippet of an old review of the very first D&D.
@Metool you could have told me that was a review of any edition, and the only thing that would've gotten me confused would be the term 'wargamer'
(except maybe 4e)
@doppelgreener What about "ten dollars"?
@Metool oh right yes that too haha
Votes to re-open, as they've explained in more detail what research effort they've gone through, and it's legit.
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