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2:41 AM
the parts of my message you deleted @goldPseudo where a background necessary for the concluding part. I wanted to summarize a complete picture of Shiism so that people can better make sense of this sect. because without that bkg to Shiite narrative, individual shiite beliefs seem out of place and strange to most.
3:20 AM
@infatuated i don't care.
like i told you; if you can't make your point respecfully and professionally, don't make it.
and the points you were making were in no ways respectful or professional.
4:20 AM
@infatuated keep that up, and you'll be suspended from chat.
I am writing a meta post on your abuse of moderation powers and will write a complaint to site admins and then we shall see who might have to suspend some of his practices!
What you did in this case is beyond awful and unethical!
responding to accusations of being disrespectful and unprofessional by being disrespectful and unprofessional is hardly constructive.
that's a false charge you keep making against me! And I will take care of that properly in my meta and complaint!
if i may suggest, when you write your meta post, tone down the argumentative tone. you're far more likely to get a suitable response.
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5:38 AM
Q: Should content representing an offical scholarly view of an Islamic sect critical of another sect be banned?

infatuatedI hope I never had to write this, but I have to, to prevent new cases of moderation abuses in future which I assume are mainly caused by hurried and unthoughtful evaluation of content or lack of knowledge on the topic of Islam. Yesterday, following a discussion on the merits of ISIS (A Sunni Sal...

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3:57 PM
wa alaykum
why half salam?
i'm sorta busy right now
I am not a Jew!!
3:59 PM
According to a hadith for Jew or christian we need to do "walaykum"
I hope you know this?
@infatuated You had clearly expressed ridicule and contempt of the pious companions. You know well that Sunnis consider the libels against companions are on par with the abuse by Islamophobes /atheists to the prophet pbuh himself.
if you have any rational point to make, here is the place for you.
A: Post containing slander against sahaba?

infatuatedReasonably, criticism of Sahaba must be distinguished from slander. 'Slander' according to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English is defined as: a false spoken statement about someone, intended to damage the good opinion that people have of that person. Therefore, if a statement prov...

Also there are many low rep shia users active here who try to do partisan voting ,I would suggest that you create your own shiism.stackexchange, where you and other shia users can do what your religion teaches you.
Hey both of you --- if all you are going to do is criticize each-other, please just knock it off now. Stop. Don't keep going. That's a much easier solution that having to bounce you for being disrespectful (which is mandatory on SE chat).
@infatuated The answer says "Yes" slander is allowed!
you quoted a dictionary defination of slandder and ,see how well it defines what some shia users write.
@Caleb wikipedia has wp:meatpuppetry is there a SE equivalent ?
I am strongly confident that Islam.SE suffers from meat puppetry from Shiites:
Meatpuppetry is soliciting other people to come to Wikipedia in order to influence the editorial process in a topic or discussion. A "meat puppet" is another editor that has been solicited to sway consensus. It is a violation of this policy either to solicit meat puppets or to be a meat puppet for someone else. New editors sometimes engage in meatpuppetry unwittingly, on the assumption that it is an acceptable practice. Editors should assume good faith, especially for new users, before making meat puppet accusations. == Examples of what constitutes meatpuppetry == The following behaviors ...
@Ahlelbayt, try your chance of commenting. I already explained there that islamic sects differ sharply on merits of sahaba. a sahaba that is respected in sunni islam could be strongly denounced in shiite islam. Similarly Shiites find it offensive when they are expected to respect some of the sworn enemies of ahlulbayt.
4:14 PM
@infatuated No one is asking you to respect them, you can do whatever in your home, but you cant slander in public. Like how slander of prophet pbuh would be flagged as abusive.
@Ahlelbayt I'm sure it does actually. But the problem right now is you slinging accusations around at all sorts of things without being a responsible citizen first. Respectful discussion and quality answers need to start with you, not everybody else. If all you want to do is blame everybody else for stuff, this site isn't going to be for you. If you have something positive to contribute to change the tide, then go ahead.
@Ahlelbayt, you can't expect one sect to follow your rules, just as you don't like it follow the other sect. so both sects must be allowed to sincerely express what they think if we want this site reflect the reality.
@infatuated You can always be silent on the companion issue
There is no need to express them even if you have it
I do have right to express what I think just as every one else. who are you to define what I should say and what I should not?
@infatuated SE policy says, not me
4:17 PM
are you kidding me? SE policy says that Shiite should not speak about sahaba?
@infatuated it does say to be respectful and not level slander when things are controversial and majority has a favourable opinion on sahabs
Ali himself was "silent" and patronized the past 3 caliphs, so shias have nthing to stand upon.
it doesn't! there's simply no such policy on that in SE.
I'm not going to debate you on what Ali (AS) did or did not. But in regards with the issue in question, if you have any rational point to make there are already two meta posts hanging there for you to have your say.
I think those have been already made in that question and the comments in your answer
and the high voting is due to WP:Votestacking
In general, it is perfectly acceptable to notify other editors of ongoing discussions, provided that it is done with the intent to improve the quality of the discussion by broadening participation to more fully achieve consensus. However, canvassing which is done with the intention of influencing the outcome of a discussion in a particular way is considered inappropriate. This is because it compromises the normal consensus decision-making process, and therefore is generally considered disruptive behavior. == Appropriate notification == An editor who may wish to draw a wider range of informed, but...
that defination of slander exactly fits to what is being done here. A shia book which less then 20% of Muslims consider reliable is used to slander a personality which is authentically proven to be correct from their sources. — forummer Jul 17 at 19:35
yes! and i replied to that just below! you didn't miss it, did you?
@Caleb Hello! Caleb
4:48 PM
Aaaaaand that's enough of that.
@Ahlelbayt, @infatuated, enjoy your suspensions.
if you can't keep yourselves from bickering like children just because you don't like each other's religion, at least don't do it here.
@Arrowfar yo.
hah :D
So the people who are suspended in chat get suspended in all chat rooms or just the specifc ones?
5:12 PM
all chat rooms.
I see
6:36 PM
Q: Are big-list questions accepted?

HakimAre big-list questions accepted? And to which degree? If so then please make such tag. This question is inspired by this one.


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