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6:36 AM
We had recently several questions about the sidebar containing related questions. I have created tag on meta and I have copied the tag-wiki from meta.SE.
5 hours later…
11:38 AM
Arthur asks about :
A: Tag cleanup 2014

Arthur FischerI suggest that we remove the oeis tag. Most of the 13 current questions in the tag deal with properties of specific sequences listed there (and so the sequences-and-series is perfectly suitable). Of the remaining four, three are likely off-topic on math.SE and can be deleted: Calculate with s...

I have pinged the user who (probably) created this tag. It might be good to know also the opinion of the tag creator. — Martin Sleziak 4 hours ago
How about we replace (oeis) with the pair (online-resources) + (sequences-and-series) for those questions listed? This tag pair correlates with OEIS pretty well. Then their topicality can be decided separately, without getting in the way of tagging decisions. — Thursday 23 mins ago
I certainly agree with Thursday, that the question whether or not those questions are on-topic is not that relevant for the decision whether the tag should be kept or not.
2 hours later…
1:25 PM
If I understand correctly the tag-excerpt and tag-wiki for , it is supposed to include questions about Lipschitz functions.
The tag-excerpt says: Use this tag for concepts related to Hölder continuity (a generalisation of Lipschitz continuity) and the related Hölder spaces.
So I have suggested as a synonym.
1 hour later…
2:52 PM
Now I have noticed that the tag-exceprt for boolean-algebra contains the sentence: For Boolean logic use the tag propositional logic.
However, it seems to me that consensus of the community was that this tag could serve for questions about propositional logic:
Q: About (boolean-algebra) tag

Martin SleziakBoolean algebra has two common meanings - an order-theoretic structure or "algebra of logic", i.e. basic calculus with truth values. Currently the wiki excerpt looks like this: Boolean algebras are structures which behave similar to a power set with complement, intersection and union. Quest...


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