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12:02 AM
I feel like this guy had no idea what he was in for:
Q: Static factory function and lifetime

Michael StumI'm trying to teach myself C++ at the moment, after years of C# and other managed languages. The class in question is a Level in a game, and the idea is to instantiate it from a static factory function. The questions that I have is: Should Level::LoadFromFile return a Level or a pointer to one...

5 answers might be a new record for an 18 hour old question
The question is also an example of how C++ can not only shoot beginners in the foot but also tear off their leg and beat them with it :/. It looks like reasonable code at first glance, then you dig deeper and realize it's riddle with all kinds of uh-ohs x.x.
that question should be tagged game, don't you think?
Yeah, probably
And a better title if anyone's got one.
I have to say that it is a good sign that someone gets so many comprehensive answers like that for C++ questions (even if one person answered twice).
I've often wondered if we have languages lacking reviewers. I don't suppose you have any queries stashed away do you @rofl?
12:15 AM
You certainty can't say C++ isn't covered :p.
Although when it comes to advanced C++, about half of us shy away....
@rolfl for or for CR? ;)
For both, of course.
And the other half are Loki .... Oh, Hi Loki
@RubberDuck As it happens, a birdie whispered on my shoulder saying maybe questions should bne off topic simply because we have no regular reviewers for it.
@rolfl don't forget Jerry Coffin! :D
12:20 AM
Jerry has decided to focus on SO..... :(
Hey @LokiAstari, don't see you in here that often!
Well now... That's interesting I guess...
@rolfl whaaaaat? He said that or has just done so? I've noticed he hasn't been in The 2nd Monitor as much. :(
Anything with an upwardd slope is collecting unanswered questions faster than not.
12:21 AM
VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language) is a hardware description language used in electronic design automation to describe digital and mixed-signal systems such as field-programmable gate arrays and integrated circuits. VHDL can also be used as a general purpose parallel programming language. == History == VHDL was originally developed at the behest of the U.S Department of Defense in order to document the behavior of the ASICs that supplier companies were including in equipment. The idea of being able to simulate the ASICs from the information in this documentation was so obviously attractive...
@mirgee: After careful consideration, I've decided to quit Code Review, but if you'd like to post your code on Stack Overflow, there's a pretty good chance I'll take a look. — Jerry Coffin Aug 22 at 16:07
Awww, now I'm sad ;-(
Not sure what happened there... I am tempted to track him down and ask him, but it may have been me... and an issue about lists linked lists, and vectors....
12:23 AM
Or, whenever I see this in code, I feel sad: );
@rolfl linked lists and vectors???
That does work @rofl, but I refuse to learn . It will just have to keep collecting zombies.
Essentially, the last thing he said in the 2nd monitor was to me....:
Jul 3 at 6:17, by Jerry Coffin
@rolfl Hmmm...Wikipedia being quoted as authoritative source. I think I'd better go away before I get myself in trouble by giving a retort as nasty as that deserves.
note to self: do not quote Wikipedia as an authoritative source.
Eh, I'm sure that was just snark, not actual meant to be his last words. It was a month before the comment that he was leaving, and he had posted answers between the two times.
Or maybe he just really, really hates wikipedia o.O
12:28 AM
May just be different strokes for different folks. SO is fast-paced, style
He is still very active on SO chat. So it's not like he's quit SE.
CR you gotta sit down and dissect dozens, or hundreds of lines of code
My interest in CR comes and goes, and to be honest, sometimes I find it quite exhausting and disappear for a while. Hopefully he's just going through a similar phase and the addiction will renew at some point. It might be something deeper than waning interest though :/
11 mins ago, by rolfl
@RubberDuck As it happens, a birdie whispered on my shoulder saying maybe questions should bne off topic simply because we have no regular reviewers for it.
Half of all questions seem to be off-topic
12:30 AM
@Corbin I hope so (that he'll be back).
(maybe not quite that many, but you get the point)
I agree that it is exhausting too. I have swings and round-a-bouts on it too.
@Phrancis - a number were so off-topic that they were outright deleted, it has been worse today than it shows.
I've seen quite a few today indeed
And sometimes I wonder about the viability of CR, its utility, and its appeal as a site... but those are concerns for another day. Perhaps a meta post that's been brewing at the back of my mind for a year now.
If you have concerns, I would encourage you not to delay a meta post.
12:32 AM
I haven't been able to coherently collect my thoughts yet, but I need to sit down for a bit someday and work it out.
The tl;dr of it though is that I'm not sure if CR can actually work with a broad audience
and my fear is that SE has the same fear and that's why we haven't graduated (when we really, really, really should have)
Well, I in part agree with that, but I also believe the character of CR will change to accommodate things
I'm afraid the asker/answerer ratio will topple over.
It's more of a one-on-one individual care, I guess, from my view. I feel that people experiencing a bug or issue run to SO immediately, but only honest, caring programmers care to put up their working code for public review
I wonder if we can petition the SE folk to make answers worth +15 for an upvote, and +30 for an accept?
To get more people answering??
12:35 AM
Make it more worthwhile to invest in answering a question.
Although, I answered a skeptics question recently, and that required hard work too.
Eh, I don't know. I need to write out a meta some day explaining it all. There's just a lot of nagging concerns at the back of my mind with regards to CR as a concept. It's one of my favorite websites, and I've learned more from it than perhaps any other resource, but... there's just a few problems that can't be ignored with regards to mass appeal, scale and maintainability.
I don't think CR is alone in the space where answering is hard.
The Workplace seems often difficult/ambiguous... so is Programmers, both graduated sites.
Q: Are [vhdl] questions on-topic for Code Review?

200_successTo date, we have had four questions about VHDL, a language for describing digital circuits. Of those questions, one was closed for containing broken code. Should vhdl be considered on-topic or off-topic for Code Review? On one hand, it does fit within a broad definition of "code", and VHDL cod...

Q: Should [design] finally be blacklisted?

JamalAfter a consensus was reached in this post, the design tag was burninated. Since that time, I've seen it recreated a few times by different users (those that didn't know about this tag's history). It was removed and eventually burninated again each time, without any responses from those users. ...

@Corbin and on that bombshell.... ;-) Anything we can do to help you motivate 'assembling your thoughts'...
12:37 AM
We don't have to deal so much with opinion based questions as they do, but on the other hand, CR questions often require extensive knowledge, frequent reading documentation, and experimenting
@rolfl eh, not really. It's one of those things that I'm not sure if I want to actually write. I'll either come out of it thinking things aren't as bad as I fear, or I'll be convinced of the impending doom of CR. Some gloomy weekend, a "are we all doomed?" meta post will quietly appear... :/
(I Jamalized Jamal's question :D )
I should be a bit clearer perhaps, too: I don't think we're doomed as a site. I'm just not sure that we can ever be a true SE site. We'll always be a fringe site with limited audience and a slightly different paradigm than other sites. Or, we'll blow up in popularity and everything will go to shit. (Ok, so maybe that is still doom crying lol)
OK, I will be patient. If it is something that can wait for a rainy day, then perhaps it's not a bad broken thing.
@Corbin I feel like writing, if you give me the short version I will write for you.
12:40 AM
@Phrancis I'm not even sure of the short version yet. It's still in the "something's off but I'm not sure what" stage. Thanks though.
@Corbin, the last time the SE folk were in here, they hinted at a change in SE in general.
let me dig it up.....
@rolfl in case you're still interested in the random number thing, there's a variant of floyd's algorithm that i coded up: ideone.com/EQXL7u
I feel that if a question/answer has 13 votes and 100 views, as opposed to 900 votes and 10,000 views, doesn't make it any less relevant. SO addresses (generally) mistakes made by largely beginner/intermediate programmers (myself included) which is part of why it attracts more attention
I hope SE as a whole changes... I'm not exactly super hopeful towards many other SE sites these days either, unfortunately. SO for example is a hulking mass of cancerous shit with old, highly useful nuggets hidden away. Over all it's about 30% good. But in the past year, I would venture to say only 10% of questions are actually valuable. How long can that go on? :/
Or maybe I'm just in a shitty mood today lol. Mondays.
@Corbin I've had these dark thoughts too
I blame non-graduation for it.
12:45 AM
@Corbin: I knew you and others would be coming to that static question. :D The question came up quite late, and I didn't feel like giving a larger answer.
@Mat'sMug graduation would (will? will!) be an immense relief. It would give us as a community a lot more freedom to experiment with our growth and be confident in our continued existence. It feels a bit at the moment like we're dangling over a cliff and SE can't decide whether they want to grab our hands or not.
@rolfl Or just +20 for an accept, to keep it +5 over an answer.
There are a few sites that seem like they are closely related to SO, CR included. Others I think include Programmers and DBA (both graduated), and a few smaller, very specific ones. I think if we keep at it and employ due diligence to maintain quality... graduation will come... eventually
^^ that's exactly how I feel too. non-graduation / "eternal beta" feels like all the effort we're putting in, is for getting a night with Megan Fox (insert name of an unattainable hottie here).
12:50 AM
@Corbin, no wonder I could not find it, I was looking in the wrong place:
A: I bet you didn't know about this comment by Jeff Atwood on Code Review's viability

PopsWithout any further ado: Code Review is a successful asset to Stack Exchange in its own way. (I hope that I qualify as one of the "people in charge" for the purposes of this discussion.) To be fair, comments three and a half years old probably shouldn't generally be considered authoritative. P...

@rolfl I knew we should've burninated a lot sooner. :-(
Hrmm, interesting. Very interesting.
> changes that would remove "graduation from beta" as the one be all, end all milestone in our process, and replacing them with smaller individual milestones that sites could achieve independently.
Hah, they're changing from waterfall to agile :p
I wonder what "milestones" we have left to achieve that these people have
so what, we have monkeys!
12:55 AM
Cute, he has a bronze-badge for
if he stays there Sharepoint is around long enough he'll end up with one for
Arrrgghhhh me maties!!!! and - them was tough years, aint naahh gold in em!
Why is there a dedicated sharepoint site?!?!?!
So there is a whole, graduated SE site dedicated to SharePoint, a single Micro$oft application... I bet if a SharePoint programming question came here... WAIT... there are 9 of them, 8 with answers, 7 accepted!
12:58 AM
@Jamal Oh, I thought that was your Java College Sock Puppet
Idk @jamal. I shouldn't have answered it, but I was offended by the lack of indentation.
Just vtc'd as unclear.
@rolfl Dammit, monkey! Welp, time to whip up a new one.
@RubberDuck I was somewhat okay with that (it can be reviewed), but the title sucks and I have no idea how to format the English text.
@Jamal want me to look at it?
Just don't edit it between now and until I repost it please, got a lot of work to do ;p
1:03 AM
I won't. ;-)
Q: Madlibs Program - Advice on improving code

NateI just started to learn Python, and wrote this Madlib program that works the way I intended it to, so I do not need help debugging, just wanted to get some advice on tips to improve the code or make it simpler. Any tips or advice on the code would be much appreciated. Note: This was written in ...

Any C++/web people might find this interesting/weird: kripken.github.io/mloc_emscripten_talk/cppcon.html
@Jamal what do you think? ;)
Q: Performance for tags for cars in Java

user3572461private static boolean trovato , ok = false; public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException { HashMap<String, HashSet<String>> map = new HashMap<String, HashSet<String>>(); BufferedReader stdin = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in)); String line; line = stdin.readLin...

Looks great! You could also put a blockquote around the input and put <-- language-all: lang-none --> above it.
Why don't you do that, I'm not that great at editing yet (though I'm pretty good at decrypting pseudo-English, being a foreigner an immigrant myself)
1:11 AM
For those complaining about site graduation ( @Corbin and others)
I have updated my badge-rankings of sites here: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/199310/…
@Phrancis Okay
What I did was add the Caucus badge as the first data column.
Caucus is only awarded when there's an election, so only graduated sites have them.
This is an indication of what sites are beta vs. Graduated.
I recommend sorting by the Rank column ;-)
@rolfl why are we not in the list? Is that intentional?
We are, at #26
(when I first built that query, we were at 29 .... IIRC.
what's it ranking by?
1:17 AM
A little bit complicated, it goes like this:
it ranks the sites for each badge, so, for Sportsmanship, etc.
Then it averages the individual rankings.
So, it is sort of like a golf score.... where you play a number of shots for each hole.
each hole is a badge.
And the score you get is the ranking in that hole.
Site witht he most badges is ranked 1.
If you rank 1 for everything, your average is 1.
So, I average all the individual rankings, then rank the results.
Of course, I only select a subset of badges, and I specifically exclude Caucus from the ranking.
it is only applicable to graduated sites.
I chose badges whch I feel represent site participation
Here you go @Mat'sMug. question 87.
Q: Progress Bar Form

RubberDuckForms in MS Access are really just special glorified classes, so you can create new instances of them from code like this. Dim someForm as Form_Form1 set someForm = New Form_Form1 someForm.visible = true I decided to take advantage of this and create a progress bar form to display during lon...

I'm actually fairly proud of this code too. It's some of my better work. Let's see if I still feel that way after I get some answers..... lol
@Phrancis Amazing. I can't believe you clarified that question.
I know right...
1:27 AM
@Mat'sMug - I 'quickly' modified the site ranking to allow you to specify how old you want the data to be.
In the past two months, CR has gone from #32 to #26
12 months ago we were 42
(and meta.se did not exist then too).
(12 months ago).
Notice that we were not the best beta site then....
and the ones that were better than us, have graduated.
and yet we're not in the line-up for the red carpet.
1:31 AM
Well, not boardgames.
But, when you see that, you get an idea of the SE priorities and how they have played out.
Back then, bicycles was the only graduated site we ranked above.
12 months ago was ...before the Great Revival...
yes... indeed.
we should be proud
^^^ that, yes.
pssst.. PCG is #59. Don't tell @doorknob ;)
1:35 AM
I like that we have 18 graduated sites behind us now.
dba, android, and rpg cannot be far ahead of us, which brings us to 21 sites behind, and 22 in front .... ;-)
I like that we have more of any of the new question badges (Curious & friends) than Programmers.SE.
I like that when you hover over my monkey score, it says I have exactly 51000 rep
Not that I am counting, of course.
> ....~ o.o ~... <sarcasm />
I have left that there from when hichris123 decided to modmodify my profile.
seems appropriate.
lol what a [redacted]... he kicked @Jamal out of The 2nd Monitor, and modmodified your profile?!
A: Are [vhdl] questions on-topic for Code Review?

Mat's MugI'd take that bullet list backwards: 4. Do nothing, and let these questions languish here. Certainly not. That doesn't help anyone. 3. Try to entice EE users to try their hand at reviewing vhdl here on CR With 4 questions in some 18 months since the tag's creation, bringing EE users h...

1:50 AM
Yup... although you can't kick a mod.
I think it's pretty clear that he's really Pops' sock (but you didn't hear this from me). ;-)
yeah, clear when you can see all the info in their profiles............ or I was thoroughly fooled.
besides, we don't need socks, it's summer.
@RubberDuck oh, ... an form doesn't work the same at all :(
2:11 AM
No. It's not the same as a UserForm. I couldn't figure a way to build one that would work in either app.
Q: Need help reading vowels from text file

Marcosimport sys vowel = ["A","E","I","O","U","a","e","i","o","u"] try: in_file = open("Vowels.txt","r") for line_str in in_file: print(line_str, end = '') except FileNotFoundError: print("The text file is not found") sys.exit(1) in_file.close() My words in my file are Mississi...

@Mat'sMug If you're ranking by badges, I'm surprised we're that high. :P
hey @Doorknob
greetings mortal enemies fellow Stack Exchangeians
Hey doorknob
12 months ago you were at 64 and we were at 42
Now it's 59 and 26
2:21 AM
What are the criteria? Just badges?
and monkeys
Essentially, it is purely badges
because of the badges used, it's a measure of site activity compared to other sites.
but, only your rank counts, not the actual number of badges.
So, SO may have 174 legendary, so it scores a rank of 1, and Math has 17 legendary, so it scores 2.
Do that for all the listed tags independently.
then, average the scores.
Ah, ok. I'm never going to understand this SQL-ninja-ability that you seem to have. :)
2:24 AM
@Mat'sMug explain the markers...
yellow == CR; green > CR; red < CR
Oh, I misaligned the columns... OK.
yeah, blame Excel for that ;)
we need more S&W
and Marshal
Q: Find prime numbers under N

TopinFrassiI'm using the sieve of Eratosthenes to find primes numbers under N. Is there any performance problems you see with my approach? I used the LinkedList<Integer> because of the performance of removing items to the list while looping through it. Also, I'd want to know if I respect the Java convention...

@topin congrats, 1K!
@RubberDuck feels like... WinForms
2:30 AM
@Mat'sMug My opinion: You probably just need to stop worrying about graduation and just do exactly what you would do if the site had graduated already. meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/2017/3808 (/cc @rolfl)
I suppose it's really just a bastardized version of it @Mat.
Different perspective: If you're having trouble handling an issue like this, could that possibly be a sign that you're not ready for graduation?
In any case, graduating from beta shouldn't be your sole goal. Your goal should be to make your site better, not just in the short term (i.e. until graduation) but in the long run.
and we're doing that every day
I don't think it's a problem as much as a nuisance, but we do need to promote more active user moderation.
2:39 AM
(wow PCG is coming real close!)
Think of it this way: You shouldn't be aiming for arbitrary goals that don't really carry much meaning. You should be improving your site, using your own judgement, not some query's results or some random graduation date.
uh, the goal here was just to see PCG eat CR's dust ;)
I mean, I know the drill, and you're right.
it's just...
annoying to be SE's black sheeps
Yeah, some people over on PPCG feel something like that too. Supposedly, we're both going to get some update from the community team or something soon, but I'm not sure what they really mean by "soon." :P
6-8 weeks...
We're not the black sheep, SO is.
2:46 AM
@Doorknob did you get your swag for "Remember 05-16"?
I don't think SO would graduate if it were in beta today.
There hasn't been a site graduation for quite a while, though, and IIRC, the design team is currently very occupied with other work right now.
@Mat'sMug Yep ;)
@Doorknob when did that happen?
@Mat'sMug I had to poke Tim quite a bit, but I got all the stuff before summer
@Malachi @200_success ^^^
2:52 AM
@Mat'sMug Thanks!!
@TopinFrassi you've unlocked your inner Jamalizer capabilities!
Is anyone reviewing the latest Java question? I only have a few minor things to say so far.
I'm in mode right now ;)
Okay, I'll take a crack at it.
@Jamal i wasn't, but i just noticed a bug in it
3:11 AM
@RubberDuck you're begging for it you know? lng As Long ...I feel like quoting one of your answers about disemvoweling and Hungarian notation! ;)
@mjolka Done. Feel free to correct me anywhere. I have a feeling that the second point is a tad misleading.
Hm... perhaps I'll soon start following .
Also, my partner for this first assignment said that Java was his first language, and his implementation looked pretty good (he even used regex). I will certainly learn from it.
3:46 AM
@Jamal re your second point, the throws can be removed entirely
spent an hour trying to get this code that removes everything from a model in Qt to stop crashing
then I just said screw it, deleted the old model and created a new one
all works perfectly
whacks self on head
good night CR!
night @Mat'sMug
4:04 AM
Fixed my answer on: Sorted vector (aka flat_set) for objects of anybody is interested.
@LokiAstari I commend you for wading through that. I took one look and just said "no"
@LokiAstari "I have created my own preprocessor, not to get bothered by missing ;" have you ever seen someone do that before?
@mjolka No. But I can't think why that would be good idea. You are now relying on your pre-processor to fix code for you so it is making assumptions which could lead to all sorts of interesting unforeseen problems. Why not just write correct code (the compiler will let you know when its wrong)
yeah, I agree, terrible, terrible idea
seems like madness...
"especially at the end of a header, when I switch from C# project" ... does that mean #include ?
4:17 AM
I'm not quite sure what (s)he's getting at there
perhaps they mean at the end of a struct/class definition
i can't see how it would make the transition between languages easier, you would still need to end statements in c# with a semicolon... unless you wrote ANOTHER preprocessor
it's really not that hard to get used to, either
Maybe the next Java release should integrate the keyword GO :)
waaah waaahh wahh
waahhh wahhwwwahhh
wa wa wa wa
Super mod power about to be invoked ..... ;-)
10 class HelloWorldApp {
20     public static void main(String[] args) {
30        System.out.println("Hello World!");
40    }
50 }
4:24 AM
Uh-oh @rolfl
all the conciseness of java, all the control flow of qbasic
2 mins ago, by Phrancis
waaah waaahh wahh
waahhh wahhwwwahhh
wa wa wa wa
That's awesome
Pleased you approve, now, no more dissin' Java ;-)
I was more dissing SQL Server, TBH ;-)
waaah waaahh wahh {
    waahhh wahhwwwahhh
wa wa wa wa;
^^ you missed a few brackets ;P
@Phrancis no, rolfl's using a custom preprocessor...
4:29 AM
It adds in the ;
Guess we should start developing WAHCODE :)
20   BOOHOO()
30 POORME ):
I do find the comparison of ; in the English language (indicating continuation) and ; in programming (indicating completion) interesting.
It's a convenient key, with no other usage, not requiring shift to access.
the period was taken for numbers/floating
I think a comma would have worked too.
I bet it was as simple as that.
But it seems intentionally convenient, compared to things that require keyboard gymnastics... {} or even ` to begin with. (although only MySQL uses the back tick as reserved character, as far as I know)
Or, gods forbid... ~~
4:37 AM
many shell/unix languages use the back-tick
That's dreadful
> And then of course I've got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side.
- Marvin
Q: Why are statements in many programming languages terminated by semicolons?

A CoderIs there a reason that a semi-colon was chosen as a line terminator instead of a different symbol? I want to know the history behind this decision, and hope the answers will lead to insights that may influence future decisions.

> At some point, the use of carriage return to separate or terminate statements was dropped from the BCPL descendants.
When I hear carriage return somehow it makes me think of horses... must be nearby Kentucky thing...
Q: Understanding Flask Code

athappaI am a beginner learning how to use Flask and was wondering if someone could look through my "plain english" version of the code and let me know if it sounds alright. Additionally, if someone could explain the last block I would really appreciate it. import rescuetime_api as api import os from ...

@CaptainObvious ... if someone could explain the last block I would really appreciate it
4:48 AM
I don't always write code, but when I do, I have trouble understanding it.
@Jamal add "next week" to that, and it's actually pretty accurate
Is this OK?
Saved the OP a Google search lol...
Even if all of it was written, it's still not asking for a review.
4:59 AM
2 Tylenol PMs and much pain in my leg later, it's time to crash... TTGTB
Q: Project Euler #8 in Python

athappaI saw that there was a previous question asking to review an answer to the Project Euler question #8. My answer didn't look anything like the answer in that question and as a beginner, I was wondering if someone would take a look at my answer and let me know if there is anything I could improve u...

> Marvin: Do you want me to sit in a corner and rust or just fall apart where I'm standing?
drops (hammer time)
2 hours later…
6:40 AM
6:51 AM
7:19 AM
Q: Calculating total number of calories burned

Oompa LoompaThe following question was taken from Absolute Java 5th ed. by Walter Savitch: One way to measure the amount of energy that is expended during exercise is to use metabolic equivalents (MET). Here are some METS for various activities: Running 6 MPH: 10 METS Basketball: 8 METS...

Q: Container with sorted by multiple keys

Loki AstariFrom this question. Sorted vector (aka flat_set) for objects (pointers) with custom embedded key (functor used) This is an example of a multi-index container. Note: this is not a container as defined by the standard (a lot of methods and types required for that are still missing). It is a contai...

8:34 AM
Q: Javascript shorten code, multiple objects

Stijn BernardsHow should I edit this code to be much shorter. Now i'm creating one object per widget could I do this programmatically? Code: var widgetArray = new Array(); var objectArray = { jira_users: function(){ this.StartUID = 1; this.length = 4; }, calls_per_day: functi...

8:48 AM
Q: Java taskqueue multithreading

Johnny000So I have a syncronized list that I use a taskqueue. In this queue I have lets say some long values that need to be proceed and create heavy I/O and delay. So I thought of using threads to get things done faster. My first question would be, is there a better way to implement all 50 threads to wai...

Testing code in development: Works. Deploying into production: Broken. WTF JavaScript!?
But now it works in production, without me changing anything...
I repeat: WTF JavaScript!?
Stupid cache...
9:03 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg what is always the answer..
btw, concerning yesterdays wtf-snippet
Q: Handling database constraint errors nicely

Vogel612Yet again it was supposed to be simple.... I was tasked with placing a certain field in the domain-objects of our application with a unique constraint. That in itself wasn't much of a challenge. I just did the following: public class Location { // more fields @Column(unique = true) ...

I don't really think it would be off-topic here, but I do think it is a good SO question
@SimonAndréForsberg in it's current form it definitely is..
pseudocode, not wanting a review on all aspects...
feature request..
I don't see anything pseudocodish about it
9:19 AM
public class Location {
    // more fields
    @Column(unique = true)
    private String locationName;
    //getters and setters
*cough cough*
Oh, that :)
@SimonAndréForsberg also my actual code looks slightly different..
there's more in the try-block, another catch block and some more stuff around it..
@Vogel612 can't you do : @Column(nullable = false, unique = true)
@chillworld lol I probably could...
but hey 3 desktop notifications....
9:25 AM
eh, I prefer specifying attributes separately
additionally IIRC @NotNull also creates automatic application-logic validation
and nullable = false doesn't
T.T good one on the default value...
9:53 AM
damn just got a question on zk forum when ZK could compile to android and iOS app
I'll have to answer when javase could compile to javame :D
Q: How can I optimize this code?

user3572461package Prove; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.InputStreamReader; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.HashSet; import java.util.Map; import java.util.Set; class FinalMap { public static void main(String args[]) ...

10:12 AM
How can I optimize this title?
I'll look to it
lol 20 karma on SO today, CR 0 :(
@SimonAndréForsberg reading and handling an input file
@SimonAndréForsberg look familiar :
@chillworld yup, I also realized that.
Please see our guidelines for asking a follow-up question. Your question seems to be a follow-up to this oneSimon André Forsberg 37 secs ago
@chillworld Has Santa finally come to SO?
tell me :
A: Why is zk rendering a second tbody for a listbox?

chillworldWell, there is always a solution and maybe the "hacking" solution is the best here : Class overriding of that class. Create that package and create that class (exactly the same package and classname). Copy the code from your link to your class. Change the code, I'll suggest try to remove the c...

was for the bounty I answered :D
promoting hacking ^^
10:50 AM
Q: Is my View class valid?

Kid DiamondI know the Model, Controller and View's purpose. But I have never really found a good concrete class example of a View class. Usually I see people having just some small render() method being called from the Controller, or their Controller pretty much holds all the View logic. So I tried my best...

Q: SVG problems with "begin" and "opacity"

Niccolò MineoI would like a polygon in a SVG file to translate top down and fade in and then stops. I encountered few problems though. If is set the "begin" attribute, a weird behavior occurs. For the translation part: . For the opacity part: the "to" attribute doesn't work when I set it to a floated value, ...


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