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6:00 PM
@200_success I don't feel that strongly about it being off-topic as @Phrancis mentioned, there are people finding things to review
@Webby Llsten to @SimonAndréForsberg he speaks English (unlike me)
I'm not so sure if following the law of Demeter strictly here is improving anything
@200_success many thanks for your BrainF answer, it feels like this is the crappiest code I've put up for review so far....
@skiwi Probably isn't, but people were asked for improvements and that was literally the first thing I saw
It's not an improvement if it doesn't improve anything.
How can you tell when something is improved or not?
6:01 PM
IMHO the class does too much but I really do not have the energy to write a post on it atm
I haven't looked at the original question though.
That's what I am trying to see whether we can improve anything. It does look to me, that class does a lot, may be it can be splitted up
It's a deserialized JSON object, it seems fine to me if there is some level of nesting
@Webby: your HostMetrics class is getting Json from a Url and parsing that Json, I think that's two separate responsibilities
@skiwi: I didn't actually notice that until I looked at the DataTransactionMetrics class so good catch
JSON objects are especially fun when they come from third parties
6:04 PM
also, thanks santa
exactly :)
@Webby red green refactor :)
But you should definitely not make your HostMetrics class (presumably a composite data model?) have a dependency on how to load itself
I see but then how will I split up the responsibility? Meaning what will HostMetrics class will do?
@Morwenn: if you need inspiration: bit.ly/ResumeJeroenVannevel
@Webby What does HostMetrics actually do? What is it's purpose? I cant' infer it
6:08 PM
@JeroenVannevel Thanks :)
If it's just a data model, then let it just be a data model. It can know how to create itself from a known set of parameters. You could create JsonHostMetricsBuilder which builds HostMetrics from Json.
Right now, it does everything. In general I was using HostMetrics class as a DataModel and then override toString method and print out the list.
Or something like that.
I guess you may be right of having Builder
but how would I use that
Whenever you have time, if you can write up the review, I can take a look on that
HostMetricsBuilder builder = new JsonHostMetricsBuilder(yourJson)
HostMetrics metrics = builder.build();
Sorry, I'm tired. Perhaps someone else will :P
6:10 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg I misread the code, and have adjusted my answer accordingly.
Although, might be present here as well ;-)
@JeroenVannevel nicely done!
@janos And that's pure Word!
Tables for layout. No shame.
totally fine man
it's clear, simple, one-page, and impressive without trying to show off
(hereby consider your resume officially "code reviewed")
6:14 PM
Yeah, it took a few revisions before I got to here. The problem is that I only have one or two lines of space left
I think I should change it up to talk more about responsibilities or challenges at projects, but that'll put me over one page
@JeroenVannevel I'd take the link down in case scrapers get here :( There's some data in there
@JeroenVannevel I agree with @Morwenn: Thanks :)
@skiwi I'm okay with that; my information is plastered all over the internet
1000 views on careers 2.0, 3500 on SO profile, etc
@JeroenVannevel Well.. then it's too late either way ;)
If there's any damage then it's already done
6:15 PM
I think that I'm done with my resume. It is hard to find the balance between "not enough" and "too much".
> data processing scripts (COBOL)
Yeah, I had COBOL at school
it was a requirement to use it in the project
it looks all nice though
When the client picked us, I changed all COBOL code to a web interface in ASP.NET MVC
better :P
6:18 PM
@JeroenVannevel I would edit out the negatives from your Careers profile (the Background part)
@janos Yeah, good thing you remind me. That's a leftover from my first profile which I made.. a year ago or so
I put it at the bottom once and I just never scroll down enough to notice it
interesting your profile on SO has so many more views than mine
maybe it's related to the different tags we're active in
I think I received around 800 views when I attempted to get moderator last year
That's a big part I think
I'm actually surprised with my 758 profile views I got so far on SO
moderator on which site?
wow @skiwi has more questions than answers on CR. I always thought of you as an answerer
@skiwi is JavaDeveloper in disguise
@SimonAndréForsberg Lies and slander!
@SimonAndréForsberg good thing you can nuke the bad commit in Git (I think you can)
Even on SO I've got more questions than answers :p
6:25 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg lol
Can't deny that I'm developing Java
@skiwi Busted.
@janos Actually, I couldn't even do git add because I ran out of memory :)
OMG, "439 days, 439 consecutive" ....
6:27 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg phew... (and maybe you need a more beefy machine)
oh no @JeroenVannevel, get a life!
@JeroenVannevel Now you just gave @rolfl something to beat...
I'll have you know that I am the proud owner of one majestic life
visited 475 days, 293 consecutive on SO :(
It's really just logging in once every 24 hours. Which isn't very hard considering SO is always open on a tab
@Jeroen, that's impressive
6:29 PM
Anyway, thanks everyone for the tips, it really helped me finish that CV :)
I'm 70 consecutive now, and thinking it's already unhealthy
Once, I did 99 consecutive days and wasn't there for the 100th one.
I'm 19 consecutive now, which I feel is totally healthy
suddenly my own addictions seem insignificant
If my addiction is gathering knowledge then that's a good one!
1.5 years ago I couldn't code at all
I had trouble with declaring an ArrayList
6:31 PM
"everything with moderation"
@JeroenVannevel Looking back at the code I wrote 1.5 years ago, one could almost say the same for me.
Grabs first SO question on Java
No final variables in class :( -1
Newbie mistake I guess
Mine is also a newbie one
Q: Collections.sort with anonymous Comparable is giving an error

skiwifirst of all I have to say that I did extensively search for an answer to this, but I was unable to found it. Basically I use the exact same format as tons of other sites use, but my NetBeans is giving an error to this. My code: package ocr; public class Property { public static final...

Just 15 months ago that I joined
Q: java switch statements using label value

skiwiCan I refer to the selected case in switch statements within the case-block? As clarification: Assume we have a function output(String) which outputs a given string. Can the old code then be transformed in some new code (which I do not know the correct syntax for)? Old code: public void swit...

^ I really wonder what I was smoking there.
@Phrancis looks totally legit to me
6:39 PM
@skiwi You don't even have a switch statement!
SO is awash with really crappy questions (and sometimes answers)
But I feel you, my first ones were pretty bad as well
I think I was using MSDN as a reference to write MySQL... not a good idea
@JeroenVannevel Nobody at all noticed.
When I asked my first SO questions, I was terrified of getting down-voted to oblivion.
6:42 PM
Is a switch in Java similar to a case when...then...else sort of? (speaking SQL)
@Phrancis yes
and half of the questions after that
Always fun to reminisce, isn't it
back to music...
Q: A tiny switcher for arbitrary types in C++11

DarioPI was about to use the awful enum+map trick to switch on std::strings when I thought to see if I could let some variadic templates do the job for me and I started to play... #include <string> #include <iostream> #include <functional> #include <unordered_map> template<typename Key = std::string,...

Q: Simple side menu with infinite sublevels

user3510209The following works almost as intended, I still haven't figured out a couple things how to keep the active state (i.e. class="active" ) of all parents if sub-menus, subsub-menus or subsubsub-menu's are open ( jsfiddle link, go to the last submenu of the top menu item : 'Top 3' ) how to close a...

Q: Using large amounts of if-else statements: is there a faster way?

Manny MengI have a method that uses a bunch of if-else statements, and I am thinking how I could simplify it. Here is the method: public static CardNumber decode(String s) { if(s == null) { return null; } else if(s.equalsIgnoreCase(ACE.toString())) { return ACE; } else if(s.equ...

7:01 PM
@CaptainObvious ENUM!!!!!
New tag ...
broken design...
Is naming a string var s standard practice?
@Phrancis No, it's bad
Just call it string, even though some will go for str
public static final CardNumber ACE_AS_ONE = new CardNumber("A", 1);
Is it a number or is it a word? ... bad naming???
Have fun with that one, Java reviewers ;)
7:07 PM
There is already souch site like stackoverflow codereview.stackexchange.comj123b567 4 hours ago
Oh I can't wait for someone get butthurt on Meta after SO loses us as a migration path.
@Jamal that question is terrible.......
@Jamal You guys aren't even a migration path yet. Too much crap would be sent over.
And we never will be, all thanks to the never-ending clueless users on SO.
> I mistakenly clicked the "vote up" button on my question and got point subtracted, then when I tried to undo it, I got another taken away D: dangit. :(
7:11 PM
(question is at -7 and deleted by people)
@j123b567 Additionally, when someone says "What is the laziest way (...)" never ever ever recommend them to go to another Stack Exchange site. — Simon André Forsberg 8 secs ago
If you're trying to find the laziest way, you're in the wrong profession...
And on the wrong internet Q&A network
Right... try Ask.com maybe...
... Yahoo Answers anyone?
7:15 PM
Perhaps every site, even beta ones, should have a migration path to Yahoo! Answers.
@JeroenVannevel I don't think your decode works like that
@janos why not?
> Finding things about Java on the web is incredibly simple thanks to the “Yahoo! Toolbar” which gets re-/installed with every Java update.
@hichris123 you made me think of this blog post
I had a feeling this question would be FGITW'd
@JeroenVannevel because Card.valueOf("King") will not look up the value with name="King" for you
7:19 PM
Q: Using large amounts of if-else statements: is there a faster way?

Manny MengI have a method that uses a bunch of if-else statements, and I am thinking how I could simplify it. Here is the method: public static CardNumber decode(String s) { if(s == null) { return null; } else if(s.equalsIgnoreCase(ACE.toString())) { return ACE; } else if(s.equ...

@janos Correct. It will use the enum constant names such as "KING" instead
@janos Indeed. It will take the enum named KING
@Phrancis That's... interesting.
oh that's true (blushing)
Edited to prevent starring. :D
@SimonAndréForsberg: noticed it as well just now. Changed it to .toUpper()
7:25 PM
@JeroenVannevel Won't work either as the OP wants to input "10"
And it's called .toUpperCase()
@SimonAndréForsberg When does he use 10 as input?
` } else if(s.equalsIgnoreCase(TEN.toString())) {`
oh there
the OP doesn't look them up by TWO THREE KING, but by 2, 3, K
Eh, too much work just to get in line with his specific approach
7:27 PM
uhm, yeah
it's a bit strange, the way he wants it
CMake doesn't recognize my C compiler. Great.
What's strange about it? I think it's perfectly normal
Although there is an alternative way of making a Map<String, CardValue>
... and in a surprise move tim swoops in and takes the victory :)
Hi @RubberDuck
So, I was thinking, it's much more likely people would find more useful than individual tags. Thoughts?
Hi @Phrancis!
7:39 PM
That might be a good idea
A: FizzBuzz in Brainfuck

RubberDuck You should "initialize 100" after the "Tape meanings". I consider it to be part of the actual code and the explanation to be a kind of "header" explaining the code. I agree that commenting what becomes more important in bf, but you shook still explain why every now and then. The reasoning behin...

^^ brave duck
I'm not even remotely happen with that answer.
And to be clear, they would still require a language tag. There's just so few of them, I think one tag to follow would be beneficial.
in The Nineteenth Byte, 1 min ago, by RubberDuck
Hey guys. We've got a question on Code Review that no one really know how to review. We don't see much . I thought maybe there's an expert here who might like to take a crack at it.
Or that @Mat
8:09 PM
right, do it in lolcode! — Mat's Mug 36 mins ago
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 28 secs ago, by bjb568
Anybody want to throw insults constructively critique my code? https://github.com/bjb568/mmd.js/blob/master/mmd.js
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 30 secs ago, by bjb568
Q: Markdown to HTML

bjb568String.prototype.replaceAll = function(find, replace) { if (typeof find == 'string') return this.split(find).join(replace); var t = this, i, j; while (typeof(i = find.shift()) == 'string' && typeof(j = replace.shift()) == 'string') t = t.replaceAll(i || '', j || ''); return t; }; ...

Recruited someone for you. ;)
Q: Markdown to HTML

bjb568String.prototype.replaceAll = function(find, replace) { if (typeof find == 'string') return this.split(find).join(replace); var t = this, i, j; while (typeof(i = find.shift()) == 'string' && typeof(j = replace.shift()) == 'string') t = t.replaceAll(i || '', j || ''); return t; }; ...

I am trying to setup a Sphinx documentation for a project in the corresponding Github Pages. Having 3 versions of Python with some conflicts in PATH does not help.
A nice-looking first answer:
A: Binary Search Tree C++ Implementation

firdaInconsistent Code Style Choose one coding style and use it. Some tips: PascalCasing can be used for class/type names, but especially for template parameters. camelCasing is mostly Java-style and fits for methods and variables (especially local vars). c_uses_underscores almost for everything exce...

8:26 PM
> Have a nice day :) I hope I was not too harsh :)
he's far far away from harsh
harsh would be SebastianSG, but the OP is taking it really well
good night guys, see you tomorrow
8:41 PM
Night @janos
8:51 PM
@RubberDuck Nice way of making the PCG folks come to CR. I need to create more BF questions to make even more PCG'ers join the light side :)
And thanks for your answer so far, duck!
I managed to upload my sphinx doc to Github Pages but the sphinxtogithub script didn't do its job. Will fix that later.
@SimonAndréForsberg pokes @doorknob to contribute
@hichris123 Huh?
@Doorknob Go ask/answer here on CR!
8:59 PM
@Doorknob It's almost like you speak lolcode already!
I really think we're pushing this issue way to pointlessly much.
Who has posted questions about these questionable languages? Site regulars.
not so sure about the first real BF question
We haven't seen people beating down the doors of CR wishing to ask about these languages. We're not potentially locking out a large population of potential community members by disallowing these sorts of questions.
But what we are potentially doing is opening the floodgates for CodeReview to turn from a site that's a pretty good resource for getting serious reviews about serious code (we don't even allow example code or hypothetical code), a real resource for learning, and we risk turning it into a cesspool of highly upvoted joke questions about silly joke languages and answers that take these questions and languages way too seriously.
If we were the size of StackOverflow, it'd be a far less dangerous gambit. The amount of questions about these languages would be small relative to the overall population. StackOverflow can pretty well just ignore that. A question about a joke language will never make it anywhere near the most popular questions/answers on StackOverflow.
But in the infancy of CodeReview, there's a serious risk of potential long term damage.
@nhgrif Keyword: potentially. I say that if the flood comes, we deal with the flood then. There has been three esoteric questions in the entire history of Code Review.
If we were the size of StackOverflow, we'd have a really hard time keeping up with the influx of questions.
Compared to the quantities you find on StackOverflow (and the total questions asked there), three questions IS A TON.
9:04 PM
Three questions is still only three questions
Why are we seeing questions about these languages now?
Mat's Mug is bored that there aren't enough VBA questions I guess?
And you started with the intent of writing a brainfuck interpreter, right?
We're writing these questions out of boredom.
If here and now we mark these sorts of questions as okay, what's to stop every single one of us whose language of choice doesn't get enough questions ask regularly to start posting these joke languages?
3 questions is only 0.0176% of all the questions. That's not really a ton...
One of those questions is on the front page.
Or near it.
Last I looked it was the 17th most upvoted question.
@nhgrif No, I started with the intent of learning Brainfuck. To see what I could do with only 8 commands.
That makes the site look like a joke.
And what's to stop me from posting a daily question?
Why don't I just work through PE in instead of a useful language like ?
Nothing in the rules say I can't.
Why are we even considering making a rule about whether or not to allow something based on the potential quantity and then earmarking it as something we'll revisit later if it becomes too much?
9:07 PM
@nhgrif It took more than eight hours for me to write the Brainfuck code. And I thought about the problem days before that. For me, eight hours is not a joke.
If that's the approach, then I'm going to put effort into making sure it's too much now so we can just make it off-topic here and now.
But that's the wrong approach.
How long it took you to do it has no bearing on this conversation.
When I was a beginner at Objective-C, it might have taken me 8 hours to do something that now takes 15 minutes.
One of the PE solutions I posted in took only about 20 minutes. Is that a joke question because it didn't take 8 hours?
Brainfuck is nothing like Objective-C though. I don't think I ever will be able to make anything useful enough in 15 minutes in Brainfuck.
Why does your time investment matter to the topicness?
I didn't say that all questions that take 15 minutes to write is a joke. I'm saying that if you put eight hours of work into it, you are taking it seriously.
@SimonAndréForsberg And this, really, is exactly part of the point. You might be able to expand your mind writing brainfuck. You might be able to become a better programmer overall by writing brainfuck. Neither of these things automatically make a question a good fit for CodeReview.
9:11 PM
I don't think lolcode and brainfuck questions will be a problem. Ever. @Mat'sMug even removed his second question.
One might argue that I could expand my brain and become a better programmer by playing chess.
Should chess problems be posted to Code Review?
You can certainly review a chess game.
A chess game is not code.
You're right.
I'm going to argue though that we ought be more strict than simply allowing any code.
Brainfuck, even though esoteric, is code.
We don't allow example code.
Why don't we allow example code?
9:13 PM
Because we want the context that real code brings.
LOLCODE or Brainfuck is about as useful to review as example code or pseudocode would be.
Why do we want the context that real code brings?
To make sure that we post a good answer. To make sure we understand the real problem, to avoid X-Y questions.
@200_success wrote an excellent answer on meta about that.
Isn't every LOLCODE or Brainfuck problem an X-Y question?
Definitely not.
I'm not sure how to continue down this line of questioning for the moment... so I want to go back to something else.
@SimonAndréForsberg "If the flood comes, we'll deal with it then" is not, to me, and acceptable answer.
Questions are either on topic or off-topic.
They are not on/off topic based on our ability to answer them.
9:17 PM
I believe that there will be no flood. I don't even consider them off-topic
They are not on/off topic based on the rate at which they are asked.
I don't care whether or not you believe there will be a flood.
Let's say there will be... as a thought experiment.
What is meant by "we'll deal with it then"?
Is code included directly in my question?
Am I an owner or maintainer of the code?
Is it actual code from a project rather than pseudo-code or example code?
Do I want the code to be good code?
To the best of my knowledge, does the code work?
Do I want feedback about any or all facets of the code?
How will it be dealt with if there are more than we can handle?
Which one of those question would you answer 'no' for lolcode/brainfuck?
The help center can be and has been amended before.
It's not a Bible.
9:19 PM
@nhgrif How would StackOverflow deal with an instant attack of one million beginners per day asking bad questions?
By downvoting bad questions and closing off-topic questions.
How would that differ from how we would handle it?
Why are you even worried about this? What's the specific difference between questions written in esoteric languages, and questions that are not? Why can't you just judge them based on their quality, based on the criteria you use to judge every other question, not just their tags?
Because these questions are helpful to no one.
I think my Brainfuck question was good for Code Review. I think @Mat'sMug's lolcode question was good for Code Review.
@Doorknob Amen!
9:20 PM
If I'm at work, I'm 100% not writing in Clown++ or JokesCode.
And therefore, none of these questions will ever be of any use to anyone other than some trivial exercise.
@nhgrif No one is forcing you to.
They're a waste of space and clutter.
I believe those questions are helpful to some people.
CodeReview would be okay with several new lolcode questions every day?
Provided they're on-topic.
Every single day, the top question is in a joke language that no one writes any serious code in?
Every single hot network question from CR is about lolcode or brainfuck or whatever.
If they are good questions.
I seriously think that you worry too much right now.
9:23 PM
I'm trying so desperately hard to convince people here that we need to push back against these strongly, at least for the time being. I feel the site is way too small... and perhaps more problematicly, still in beta.
This sets a horrendous precedent.
And if no one sees what I see, then I have two options... I can just walk away from the site as a whole and never worry about whether or not it happens. Or I could put a lot of time and effort into demonstrating the problem with joke language questions being posted every day.
I mean truly, what the hell is the value in having this code reviewed?
What is it worth to anyone?
No one, literally no one has put any effort into explaining that.
All they've done is made assurances that there is value in it.
And specifically with regard to . What can you learn in learning to write that you couldn't learn in learning to write any other C-based language that you don't already know? Plus, let's add the benefit that any other C-based language you learn could be added to your resume.
I'd certainly never stick on my resume except if maybe I had invented the language...
I think there is value, in my opinion, in building up the community of CR.SE, if nothing else. Also it may help some of us think "outside the box" seeing others make working programs in esoteric languages.
@nhgrif It would be very sad if you would walk away from the site simply because we would allow lolcode (even if we never would have any lolcode questions)
^^ ditto
I'd rather build up the community to pointing people toward the excellent effort that's put forth into the serious programming languages.
Well... I see this maybe a bit like I see this answer where it is not completely intended to be 100% serious, as in, production code, but still has some value to the regulars
9:31 PM
@nhgrif Let's say 2500 people look at a lolcode question because it's a hot question. Let's say 1/10 of them check the front page of the site itself to see what other questions there are. Let's say 1/10 of those find a more interesting question to look at in a real language and realize that Code Review is a freakin' awesome site.
@SimonAndréForsberg That sounds slightly familiar; on PPCG, we had this horrible thing called code trolling, which was basically "post the worst answer you can. Oh, and it doesn't even have to be on-topic." We eventually had to nuke it, but after the whole code trolling thing, our site activity probably more than doubled. And it attracted tons of consistently high quality material contributors, who wouldn't have found our site without it.
@Mat'sMug Oh, shut up! Congratulations!
I would just like to know why it has to be a "serious" language to be of use.
9:39 PM
(Although it's technically 'only' 3942)
You've not explained that @nhgrif.
We need to get the monkey to tweet posts more often
And for the record, I find bf to be a pretty serious educational language.
What use is a brainfuck interpreter written in Java? In C++? In PHP? C#?
9:41 PM
@Phrancis Don't think it was the monkey who created the popularity of the question though. I don't think he even got the Announcer badge for it (which only requires 25 unique IPs to click it)
I guess lolcatz are just that trendy :)
Well the 2nd post had very little views. Could have been alone.
Btw @Simon. You're welcome. I tried. You have inspired me to learn more about it.
@RubberDuck I think @nhgrif's point is that these languages are not meant for production code. They're no 'real' applications written in these languages.
@RubberDuck I can highly recommend using a BF debugger and stepping through the code so that you can see more what exactly it does step-by-step
I understand that. I want to understand why that matters. None of those questions will ever see daylight.
9:44 PM
That is true...
I agree with a caveat - There seem to be plenty of questions that are practice/learning code that will never be used in production...
I plan on it @Simon. I've been reading Godel Escher Bach again to get my head in the right mindset.
Whether it's written in Java or C# or LOLCODE... does it matter that much?
I question the usefulness of a question. It annoys the heck out of me that they get as much attention. And that ^^^
Personally, I don't think so. I think we should judge the question, not the language.
9:45 PM
I agree with that.
And I agree with that @Mat. Fizzbuzz was fun for five minutes.
It's only useful for a complete beginner.
@RubberDuck Godel Escher Bach? What's that?
But can't possibly make a good question. I think hope.
@Mat'sMug Agreed. You'd really have to put a lot of effort into making it a good question
9:48 PM
But I see no reason to exclude the language wholesale. Let someone put that effort in and prove it's worthy.
saw the golfscript mention in a link to the channel transcript. wanted to chime in that you probably won't be seeing any code review questions about github.com/marbelous-lang/marbelous.py any time soon, either :)
Saw that language on PCG yesterday, I thought "what a mind-boggling little piece of..."
Marvelous! Marbelous!
> Finally the - does what you would expect.
I don't know what to expect!!!
9:53 PM
@Mat'sMug would love to hear the end of that sentence :)
@RubberDuck I have to warn you though: If you get started with Brainfuck, your brain will be f*cked! There was a couple of days when I just thought about Brainfuck problems, of how you would do some things...
Like.. a Sudoku solver?
You'd like that book @Simon. It's all about formal systems. Peano Arithmetic & strange loops.
@Mat'sMug Don't remind me about that unsolved problem!
10:01 PM
It is Turing complete, so at least it's solvable.
Dinner time @all. Cya later.
@Mat'sMug the interpreter is the first big python thing I've written from scratch. I know I've made a lot of mistakes, and a lot of un-pythonic things, and missed a lot of opportunity for improvement. I'd love to get advice from some folks here about it eventually :)
Q: Looking for a code and comment on the following classes and the comments I applied (class assignment)

bromanmnpackage assignment1; /** * Returns a GeneralEmployee object * Sets the name, id for the object when called. * It increments the id that is assigned to a new employee object so that each employee gets a unique id * It can be used to compare if another GeneralEmployee object is equal * @autho...

10:17 PM
@Phrancis The difference is that you're not a veteran at a language without first having been a beginner.
So for one, a complete beginner might write a particular snippet of code and post it looking for a review.
And for two, a non-beginner but new-to-the-language might write it getting comfortable with the new language and trying to pick up on the aspects of the language.
Once you've learned one language, you know how to program. All that's left is learning the little tricks and such that make each language different.
I could write all my Swift code in almost identical fashion to how I write my Objective-C code. All of the libraries are identical. It'd just have to change a little syntax. But that'd be missing out on all of the unique-to-Swift language features that are available.
As such, writing a FizzBuzz, or a primes question, or anything on Project Euler, in Swift, allows me to explore the language in a scenario where the problem I'm solving is rather trivial. The result is, I'm going to learn things about the language that I can apply to other actually useful projects written in the language.
I'm with you
So what benefit do you get out of writing LOLCODE? I'm not denying that you can learn things--you can. I just don't see how you can learn something with LOLCODE that you couldn't learn with any other C-based language.
Meanwhile, learning any other C-based language will have added benefits.
Not much... You get a laugh and 4000 views...
But overall I agree, though I feel less strongly about it than you do
Just made a payment on my student loans.
I did that 2 days ago
I hate it... but on the bright side I only have about 2.8K left to pay
10:33 PM
Yay, I managed to setup my Sphinx documentation on Github Pages /o/
@nhgrif I'm not denying that you can learn things--you can. - So does it really matter which language you use to learn things? Sure you can learn the same thing if you use any other language, but you can still learn it from doing some lolcode.
There are other ways to become a better programmer besides writing lolcode too.
Like writing pseudocode.
That'd be off-topic though, right?
@Phrancis I only had 11k total, but I just started paying.
20K here... been paying for about 8 years...
Pseudocode doesn't compile...
Pseudocode is not real code
Neither is LOLCODE as far as I'm concerned.
I mean
"Pseudocode is not real code" is one person's definition of "real code", and I'm not necessarily disagreeing with the distinction made.
10:45 PM
That is your opinion, and you are entitled to your opinion. It may be a crazy language, but it is compilable.
But "LOLCODE is not real code" would probably be part of my definition too.
I'm clearly in the red as far as college fees vs. earnings is concerned. But, nobody works a regular job in music/audio and makes good/any money...
@Phrancis I'm pretty sure the difference in my salary this year and last year is already greater than what I owe in student loans.
That's really good, I'm happy for you
Might be more of a statement about how little I was making before.
10:53 PM
Put it this way... If I was not bilingual, I would make $9/hr. I'm lucky to make 15 because I've been there over 5 years... and speak a foreign language...
@Phrancis Would that foreign language be or ?
The company I work for happens to have customers in Quebec, Canada...
Q: Iterative Flood Fill implementation in C

eejyaI am trying to implement an iterative version of flood fill in C. My implementation is: #include<stdio.h> int m,n; void flood_fill(int [][n],int,int,int); void print_wall(int [][n]); int main(void) { int i,j; scanf("%d%d",&m,&n); int arr[m][n]; for(i=0;i<m;i++) { for(j=0;j<n;j++) { ...


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