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1:00 PM
This is one of those rare cases where an Atlas Shrugged quote is appropriate:
“There is no such thing as a lousy job - only lousy men who don't care to do it.”

― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
@Donald.McLean So very true, i used to work for the biggest wedding ring manufacturer in the UK handling millions of pounds of platinum and gold every year and got to keep some too ;)
@skiwi Yes! Finish that bot of yours!
@SimonAndréForsberg If I wouldn't hit strange issues every other day...
@skiwi I promise you, I had nothing to do with your code.
@skiwi Me nei... oh wait... stupid Pull Requests...
Incoming horribly off-topic JS question
1:04 PM
Help! My bot got a mind of its own.
Good morning everyone!
Q: First multi-line Haskell program, extensive use of Maybe type

lightandlightI'm reading through Write Yourself a Scheme after finishing going through Learn You a Haskell. I attempted one of the early exercises: writing a program to get an operator and two numbers and do a computation. It works fine. Things I would like to know: How should I structure a program, in term...

Monking @Marc-Andre
How is everyone ?
doing great
1:11 PM
Q: Python script for making a table

VesnogI have written a Python 2.6.6 script in order to make tables by taking the third column of every text file in a particular subgroup (signal and background in this case[particle physics]). However, I used the exec command too often and I think this code can be written more elegantly. I would appre...

Just fixing an issue for 4 hours already... For rest, doing fine :)
And I think I just fixed it!
ahahah fixing issue for 4 hours ! ahaha it's something I've done numerous time !
@Donald.McLean That's got to be one of the most bullshit quotes I've seen
@Yuushi I agree. Example #1: Cleaning a toilet that has overflown with sewage.
If that doesn't make you at least FEEL like "awwh shit... man this sucks" then I dunno what will
Say when a word/sentence like "veryveryveryveryveryverylongword" gets cut off to "veryveryvery...", how do you call those "..." that replace the remainder of the word then?
1:21 PM
Nevermind, I figured it out
Dead Unicorns!
Q: How is the replacement text in a cutoff sentence called?

skiwiSuppose there is a long sentence like: This London hit show took America by storm, full of charm, humour and delightful songs that make it a perfect theatrical event for the entire family. And you want to cut it off after an arbitrary specified amount of characters like so: This London...

looks like a programming question if you don't read the "How are the ... called that replace the cut off part of the sentence?" part lol
@MarcoAcierno Probably because it's written by a programmer ;)
I think they are called..Dots... — Josh61 49 secs ago
Dayum! We've got a winner here.
1:37 PM
Q: How to generate different random numbers?

KaoI want to generate a list of N different random numbers. I'm doing this in a following way: public static List<int> GetRandomNumbers(int count) { List<int> randomNumbers = new List<int>(); for (int i=0; i<count; i++) { int number; do number = random.Next(); ...

any VB people in here yet?
No, I'm looking for the term for the "...", that's not the question
@skiwi oh i didn't noticed that the question was your lol
well I had it earlier in chat anyway
1:39 PM
@Pimgd - sniped by 1 second... I think that is a record.
I spent a lot of time dicking about trying to think whether it's really the good answer
@rolfl @Pimgd I'm not exactly sure how to explain, but that's not what I mean... I mean that now there's ... inserted, but it could as well be ||| in another language, if you understand it now?
How did I ever survive without git?
But skiwi
You're making a citation
@skiwi an Omission?
1:41 PM
and then snipping part out of it
@skiwi I'm pretty sure you can still call it an ellipsis
that is universally designated by an ellipsis.
A: What is the replacement text in a cutoff sentence called?

Malachian omission Ellipsis (plural ellipses; from the Ancient Greek: ἔλλειψις, élleipsis, "omission" or "falling short") is a series of dots that usually indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning. From the Wiki for El...

@Pimgd I'm not too sure about that... maybe other languages/writings do it differently?
I might also simply have gone too far with generalization.
Such as?
I'd consider any other way of omission from a citation to be WRONG by the way
1:43 PM
Well I plan to use this for the chatbot, and it will actually post the other half of the text as well
Also, if you ask on here, you will get an English answer:
It's just that there is a limit of the maximum number of characters in one post.
well it's not an omission either
@Phrancis monking :)
1:43 PM
Monking @Phrancis .
Q: Is it safe to use not initialized yet instance of Context class to create objects from Android SDK

Leonid SemyonovSorry for my English For instance, to initialize Toast as final field in Activity class using this activity as Context: public class MainActivity extends Activity { private final Toast TOAST_WARNING = Toast.makeText(this, R.string.warning, Toast.LENGTH_LONG); // skip private void...

@Pimgd substitution?
also not it...
You're looking for a w-
that's the act OF
1:44 PM
... I guess that'd be it
some form of truncation characters
@CaptainObvious off-topic...?
Problem is that none of the clients of the library would be able to understand what that setting means.
So... @JeroenVannevel has just FGITW'ed me...
A: How to generate different random numbers?

Jeroen VannevelYes, there definitely is. You generate a collection of elements, mash it around and start pulling items out of it. A quick oneliner would be: Enumerable.Range(0,100).OrderBy(x => Guid.NewGuid()).Take(20); This will give you 20 unique random values from the 0 to 100 range. The difference wit...

@Skiwi are you looking for the link that is represented by "...", like a reference?
1:46 PM
pew pew
FGITW? please?
Fastest guy in the world
@Malachi Not sure if I understand what you mean
The orthographic object is called an "ellipsis", as you say; the editorial act is called an elision, excision, truncation, and so on and so forth. What are you asking? — Dan Bron 2 mins ago
the name of the object that represents the portion removed
1:48 PM
=O We're getting downvoted for answering the question
how evil
I see that, but, still net positive.
@Pimgd unfortunately, not everybody is as nice and friendly as CR :(
Boooo english language
The comments I'm getting on the answer seem to be of a too high level of English understanding, but I don't feel comfortable with the English Language Learners either
Hey, don't sweat it
1:50 PM
> The triple-dot punctuation mark is also called a suspension point, points of ellipsis, periods of ellipsis, or colloquially, "dot-dot-dot".[2]
I asked a question about silent letters and got comments that all letters are silent cause written language is not spoken
if you want to make it truly universal, I guess you could call it an omission mark or omission punctuation, but I'd wager that more people would just understand ellipsis
Q: How to make this simple python state machine more pythonic

arcomberIs there a replacement for the global? My goal is to have something really simple with as small an amount of code as possible. The real code is used to parse a text file of nested structures. Below is highly simplified but is the general way that the state machine would work. # python doesn...

I need to downvote a CR answer... I'm at 22,001
It's just twice as hard to define your problem in English because English is ambiguous and you're trying to make absolute statements with it
hahaha you'll never get nice round numbers now! upvotes
1:53 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg No you don't ;)
Oh shi- if we keep going he'll be at 22,222
Nevermind, I'm going to repcap today either way so downvoting anything won't help...
@Yuushi Every job has moments that suck. But an overflowing toilet has to be cleaned up by someone. The quote has more to do with the value of people. Someone who has a white collar job and looks down on people who have blue collar jobs is a useless idiot, because he doesn't understand that the blue collar jobs are important too.
Wtf? I'm getting question down-votes!?
@SimonAndréForsberg FGITW'ed??
1:55 PM
You get -1 for those, we're helping you get your rep in a nice round number, I guess
@Marc-Andre I assume you were the one who downvoted me temporarily?
@SimonAndréForsberg Nope, I'm a positive guy ! And downvoting you will be far more evil since you would have been at 21 999 ;)
@Phrancis fastest gun
@Pimgd Actually, they're -2 for each downvote. And even if I did get some, I'm going to max out either way today so they won't make a difference
Oh. Hmm. Then I don't know.
@SimonAndréForsberg well, in theory, somebody could downvote two questions and upvote one to get you to 22022. Not that I'd know. Nope.
1:57 PM
Here's a new one... I expected a code review question to get on the hot question page and start getting a lot of upvotes...
and it did get 100 views... but nothing got voted on =S
Q: link is one, but on hover shows other, and goes at it

Davidi've this code: <?php $liV = "SELECT * FROM css"; $lid = mysqli_query($connect,$liV) or die("Error: ".mysqli_error($connect)); $li = mysqli_fetch_array($lid); $liID = $li['liID']; $liClass = $li['liClass']; $post = "SELECT * FROM post ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 5"; $post1 = mysqli_query($connect,$...

Does anyone know of a metric that can indicate how prone code is to bugs... Like a metric to quantify that refactoring actually creates a lower chance on bugs and higher maintainability?
@rolfl I should have thought of that, I even created it myself...
I was not going to point that out.
2:00 PM
@skiwi Yes, there's that complexity number thing
you know?
Cyclomatic Complexity?
that's the one
If I recall correctly, it's based on the different execution paths in a method
@JeroenVannevel Yeah I know
and that should always go down with refactoring, right?
thanks. ok. i'll move it on stackoverflow. ;) — David 1 min ago
2:02 PM
Meh, not necessarily
Poor guy... that won't help.
it's one possible way to measure but it's not a golden rule
There are much more factors in play than that: performance, readability, extensability, etc
If you replace some set of if-statements with an enum and a switch it might go up
There should be a way (in theory at least) though to prove that your refactoring had an useful effect...
Oh boy, lemme fetch that image again
2:02 PM
Well, your refactoring should be done for a reason
if that reason is fulfilled then you had a useful effect
The only valid metric of code quality...
if the reason is "making it more maintainable" then that's subjective so you'll have to define it yourself
if it is "fix a bug" then you can measure it with an extra succeeding unit test
I guess it's always hard to measure subjective ideas with objective facts.
2:05 PM
True, WTFs/minute also depend on reading speed of a programmer
@skiwi - the only reasonably consistent measures of bug probability in code, is a combination of coder-history, and lines of code.
<h5>ვალენსია საკუთარი ოპერაციული სისტემით</h5></div></a></li>
translate: ვალენსია საკუთარი ოპერაციული სისტემით
Gotta love reviewing code that's in a foreign alphabet
or not, then.
> Valencia's own operating system
2:07 PM
Beat me to it
Q: Asynchronous data retrieval and caching

leboloI'm using pseudo-code as my specific logic is quite long and the details are unimportant, so I think I broke a CodeReview rule =\ Please feel free to move this question if need be! I want to periodically run complicated logic that depends on data retrieved from the server*. However, I also wan...

@CaptainObvious He admittedly uses pseudo-code... at least he's honest -.-
Q: Exercise: Equivalent Binary Trees ( Structure & Values )

BulaI am following the golang tour and I have been asked to build a couple of functions to manipulate binary trees. http://tour.golang.org/#72 I would like to know if I could further improve my code (it runs as expected). I'm looking for improvements regarding the algorithm and mainly the use of go...

A: Generate random numbers without repetitions

KaoThanks to Bruno Costa comment, I experienced a moment of epiphany. Note that we want to have different numbers. So, imagine that we can always sort them in ascending order. Then: 1st number = some random value 2nd number = 1st number + some random value 3nd number = 2st number + some random v...

Because why bother taking the easy route
2:22 PM
Think that answer deserves DV?
it's bad advice, yes. I'm sure he'll find that out from the comments
It's probably the worst solution from all answers so far
but at least he's trying to solve it himself
True. Hopefully his epiphany will actually be to realize he should KISS
2:38 PM
can I do a Switch/Case with something in this form (bindingType == typeof(NetTcpBinding) ? (C#)
Looking at the OP's code again, I might be wrong. I assumed the problem was totally different. — Simon André Forsberg 52 secs ago
@JeroenVannevel Your answer solves a different problem
the problem is not about shuffling a list
The range of numbers is much bigger than the N numbers that is wanted
But that's explicitly in my answer
The OP's post does not specify his own situation
So I laid out the differences between the two approaches and when each are applicable
> My approach on the other hand will first generate 100 values and then take a subset from it which you can criticize on its memory impact.
> My approach on the other hand will first generate 100 values and then take a subset from it which you can criticize on its memory impact.

> It also depends on your specific situation: if you have a very large pool of values (1.000.000) and you need 2 random values then your approach will be much better. But when you need 999.999 values from that same pool, my approach will be much better.
Sorry, I should shut up now and grab something to eat
2:42 PM
Q: c# iterate through dynamic levels

paulmezzaI have the below function that works and cycles through 3 possible levels. Is there a way to do the same as the function below but not have to do the multiple foreach statements? And not have to specify the number of levels as it is dynamic. Basically the reponses list can contain multiple Group...

@Malachi only strings, enums and ints I think
@JeroenVannevel Yes, but your approach could never reproduce the OP's range and distributions.
@JeroenVannevel so if I did something like (bindingType == typeof(NetTcpBinding).ToString() I could make it happen you think?
@rolfl I don't know what his range is, it wasn't specified. It could be from 0..10 or int.min..int.max. Which is why I specified in what situations his solution would be better
Am I missing some part where he did specify it?
Java 8 got me again...
2:49 PM
Yes, he specified:
number = random.Next();
@Malachi yeah, but note that that will return the text representation being System.ServiceModel.NetTcpBinding. It will give you a false positive if you have another type with the same namespace hierarchy in a different assembly
but that's a very unlikely usecase
the switch would be switch(typeof(NetTcpBinding).ToString()) case "System.ServiceModel.NetTcpBinding":
> Random.Next generates a random number whose value ranges from zero to less than Int32.MaxValue.
^^^ that is the range.
well booger
You're right, it doesn't follow his initial scenario
He seemed okay with the answer though so I assume there was a possibility for some leeway on it
There's still an application for my answer left though
if he needs 32 million values from the 0-int.max range, then my answer will probably be more effective
I'll use a bit more memory but his original solution would use more time to complete
@JeroenVannevel You think you can store and manage 32million GUID's as well as ints?
32 million bytes = 32000 KB = 32 MB
I don't quite see the problem
2:56 PM
That will be putting pressure on the GUID sequence generator, on memory, and on the skewness of the results, given that GUIDs are not random.
If anyone's interested... enjoy
Q: Grouping a List having an unequal key and key extractor

skiwiI want to group elements in a list of commits (class LegacyCommit) such that all commits to the same user belong in its own map. Here is the code to first obtain the nonDistinctCommits Map<Boolean, List<LegacyCommit>> partitionedCommits = pushEvent.getCommits().stream() .collect(Collectors....

@Pimgd That's 32 million ints (4 bytes), plus 32 million GUIDs, at 16 bytes each, so that's 20 bytes per value, times 32 million, which is more than half a gig.
Controversial C# question, I see!
that's not counting that the GUID's are an object, with other overheads too (probably close to 16 bytes or so).
2:58 PM
then the objects need to be aligned on 8-byte boundaries.....
Sounds like you need to use arrays instead
oh well, I have to go catch my bus
@Malachi maybe you could consider making a Dictionary<Type,Action> to simulate a switch. Otherwise you might also go with a if/else if chain
@TopinFrassi check out the WcfBindingProvider.Provide portion of this question codereview.stackexchange.com/q/13317/18427 I have switched gears and am working on another unanswered question at the moment
Mind if I check that on my lunch break? :P
@rolfl You're right, the memory overhead would be huge. But the execution overhead of the other scenario is also pretty potentially: just now it took me 52 seconds to find that one random value between 0 and int.max
But I agree that for large numbers, my solution isn't good enough
Not without a solid supercomputer
3:07 PM
@TopinFrassi it's a zombie, it isn't going anywhere
I have been taking shots at this zombie though
A: Custom Authentication Attribute

MalachiThere is something wrong with this Method that makes it a bit confusing. protected override bool AuthorizeCore(HttpContextBase httpContext) { if(httpContext.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated) { if(string.IsNullOrEmpty(Roles)) { return true; } else ...

Random value algorithms intrigue me - how does a computer/program decide randomly, makes little logical sense
It isn't really random
A computer doesn't know what random is, I can't tell much (I'd love if someone explained it though) but it's all about the seed which is used from DateTime.Now.Milliseconds or something like that
@Phrancis ????
3:10 PM
Oh @Malachi you missed that one... hold on
@Phrancis Pretty much all generators are "pseudorandom"
it's actually a relatively involved topic though...Knuth covers it in quite a lot of detail
That OP may Come Back to CR if we should them a little attention they were on SO like 3 hours ago
@Malachi the monkey cleaned it up, but some new-ish user got all butt-hurt last night on this meme
(in the comments)
Q: Basic value comparisons

Vladimir PutinSo, I made a value comparison "programming language" similar to a previous one I made, except this one is based soley on value comparisons. # Basic value comparison from operator import * # Main compare class class Compare(object): def __init__(self): self.OpError = "OpError: Inval...

3:16 PM
@Yuushi Actually, no. All generators ARE pseudorandom. True randomness comes from chaos theory, which is not algorithmic.
@Donald.McLean I was more thinking of things like atmospheric surveys or nuclear decay
that are sometimes sampled for "true" randomness
but yeah, anything standard library type generator is absolutely going to be pseudorandom
I should get back to cleaning up this old VB.Net site. ugh! LOL it is so much fun (Seriously I like writing code)
@Yuushi Yes, and also lava lamps (true story). But the randomness does not come from anything computable or algorithmic, but from some physical, chaos affected phenomenon outside the computer.
You could probably build a robot to endlessly roll dice. That would be random.
3:19 PM
Another Revival, I love bringing Zombies back from the dead!
I think I read the other day that one of the oldest generation schemes was dreamt up by Von Neumann
@Donald.McLean Made me think of the xkcd with the random number 4 being decided by a rolled die
and it's really, really crap
which made me feel slightly better that even someone like von Neumann can come up with something so wrong at least once :P
Q: OSX file "tags" reading in GO

DanielI'm investigating go for use in our internal network / office project managment system, and need a way to check and edit the color tags that you can set in Finder on files or folders (Extended attributes, xattrs). This is my first ever go code, is this a reasonable way to go about it, and is the...

@Donald.McLean Wouldn't the results of that be entirely based on the laws of physics?
3:27 PM
yaaaay the wisdom teeht are out, I got 1200 mg Ibuprophene in my blood circuit and my tounge is unusable....
Good thing you can type!
and my main-class for the munchkin project is not found...
@Vogel612 Munchkin?! Like board card game?
@rolfl could happen that I am not making much sense
@skiwi yep, my tcg
Munchkin is awesome
3:28 PM
moar pings pl0x btw..
.@skiwi got the apocalypse version!
@Vogel612 Here, have another ping
boo ya
quick question, what happened to that "why do my interfaces not make sense when i don't use them right"-question?
I saw rolfl answer it, but...
@SimonAndréForsberg Yes, but the laws of physics include chaos theory. Even if the initial circumstances are reproduced with extreme precision, the results are still not guaranteed to be the same for each roll.
Q: Is it a good practice to have static final field DUMMY in interfaces used as listeners?

Leonid SemyonovSorry for my English. Often I have to write classes implementing listener interfaces with empty methods bodies. For example: MyOnClickListener .java public interface MyOnClickListener { void onClick(); } and MyDummyOnClickListener .java public class MyDummyOnClickListener implements ...

yes that one..
oh it's on hold..
3:31 PM
@skiwi I like Munchkin, there can never be conflicts about the rules :D
I think I pissed off @Simon by answering that question before I thought to close it... ;-(
@Morwenn *cough*
@rolfl well let's say I was mildly surprised...
"If there is a conflict, the owner of the game is right."
Good luck to implement that, though.
@Morwenn Pretty much that
What can I say, I'm only human ;0 (for a monkey).
3:34 PM
@Morwenn well,If there's a conflict you can grab the rulebook. Actually almost all possible situations are described there...
@Donald.McLean So you're saying that rolling a die is true randomness?
but It might get funny when you promise the "owner" to wash his car and he's living on a different continent.
@Vogel612 But the rulebook explicitly states that the owner is right in case of unsolved conflict. That's like the ultimate rule.
@rolfl Well let's say that I was a bit surprised to see you answering that one...
@SimonAndréForsberg assuming a perfect die, and an imperfect robot
3:35 PM
What if the robot is perfect as well (if there can be such a thing)
@rolfl Even an imperfect die is random enough that a human wouldn't be able to detect the bias.
^^^ that's disingenuous for a solution to a truly random generator....
Q: Cutting stock recursion

Abdoelrhman Mohamedthis problem is identical to the one here but i'm using different strategy and i'd like to have it reviewd /* * File: StockCutting.cpp * ---------------------- * Name: abdulrhman eaita * This code minimize the needed stock for a diffrent length requests * */ #include <iostream> #include...

@SimonAndréForsberg At a certain point, the precision of the robot would start introducing bias, and at some point the bias would be detectable.
@Morwenn then there simply will not be any unresolved conflicts.
3:37 PM
@rolfl The thing about pseudo random sequences is that they are almost immediately obvious with the right math.
Of course, I am just surprised that you suggested a mechanical solution to a random problem..... and then suggested that any imperfections would be 'good enough' anyway,
@Donald.McLean I love how you say "At a certain point" and "with the right math"
Why can't I get this to work?!
Code includes Collector<Pair<LegacyCommit, String>, ?, Map<Pair<LegacyCommit, String>, List<LegacyCommit>>> ...
@Vogel612 And that's how Munchkin avoided the unextricable problems of wording.
Why do I feel like I am being antagonistic to everyone?
3:39 PM
the problem is to get from LegacyCommit.getCommitter() to LegacyUser?
@rolfl because your parents are home??
Probably.... last night was ..... interesting.
@Vogel612 No, initially the problem is to get from String back to a LegacyUser, which is in the regular way, not possible
@rolfl It's going to depend on how the roll is executed. Throwing two dice across a craps table is going to introduce enough chaos that even a perfect robot would be hard pressed to create measurable bias.
3:40 PM
@rolfl Are you being antagonistic to yourself?
No, I mean yes, I mean, I don't know.
@skiwi couldn't you have some LegacyUserProvider.fromUserName(String) method??
@Vogel612 It could return the wrong user I'm afraid in some edge cases
And has a O(n) lookup time
@rolfl you sound like a woman ...
@skiwi well... can't you grab the contributors of the repo you are watching?
@Vogel612 Today, that's a compliment, at least it is not that I sound like a baby girl.
(and that's not to say that baby girls don't sound OK).
3:42 PM
Writing out the type variables explicitely usually helps debugging... so that's what I'm doing here
@Vogel612 I can, and O(n) probably isn't that big, but it doesn't feel right
Thanks .
@skiwi I doubt that you can actually do it in any different way...
especially if the LegacyCommit stores strings and not Users
Great, I messed up my < > somewhere in <Pair<LegacyCommit, String>, ?, Map<Pair<LegacyCommit, String>, List<LegacyCommit>>, Map<LegacyUser, List<LegacyCommit>>>
@skiwi it looks good from here....
After reading twice it looks good here as well
3:46 PM
So many brackets @skiwi
now imagine using such a structure in Java6, without diamond operator.
illegal start of type

illegal start of expression

';' expected

';' expected

not a statement

';' expected

not a statement

illegal start of type

illegal start of expression

illegal start of expression

illegal start of expression

bad operand types for binary operator '<'
  first type:  Map<LegacyUser,List<LegacyCommit>>
  second type: Pair

bad operand types for binary operator '<'
  first type:  Map<LegacyUser,List<LegacyCommit>>
  second type: LegacyUser
(Alt-Enter shows hints)
Yeah well, I'm screwed
@skiwi Missing one after the first String?
Just based on the class name Pair.
@Pops always pops in on random moments!
I actually saw Munchkin earlier and starred it, but didn't feel like I had anything to contribute there.
3:48 PM
aww no news then?
No it seems correct, because it's Pair<LegacyCommit, String>
btw. how was your operation with hangout afterwards?
Maybe Netbeans cannot handle my awesomeness.
well it's <A, ?, B, C,D>
Oh, I saw a bracket after LegacyCommit that didn't exist. I blame the line break.
3:49 PM
A = Pair<LegacyCommit, String>
If I did it all correctly, I shouldn't even be needing the type witnesses
@skiwi Mu
? = ?,
B = Map<Pair< , >, List<>>
and C = Map<LeacyUser, List<LegacyCommit>>
@Pops well currently the munchkin isn't even in the mood to start :(
@Vogel612 How so? What is this project exactly? I'm a fairly big fan of Munchkin.
@Pops well it's a small github project of mine that I started about the day before yesterday...
it was planned as submission to the CR TCG-Challenge
but swing is killing me, and it won't even start right now.
3:53 PM
@Vogel612 Link?
I believe I almost got it... first lunch though
Sorry, I meant link to the challenge.
gimme a sec.
A: Code-Challenge #2

Simon André Forsberg2-player card fighting game This is not about playing cards as in "Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades". This is a game where 2-players (or more if you are really enthusiastic) can play/use cards or spells to do some effect against themselves or their opponent(s). Minimum requirement: Two pla...

Ah, an older one.
3:56 PM
hmm,.. there's also the one by skiwi, Simon, bazola and a few others..
Q: Script to fix audio level

Gummi FI need to fix and maintain the master volume in PulseAudio (so that I don't blow up my speakers). E.g. call gfaaudio -v 25 to fix volume at 25%. Is there a cleaner way to get this done? gfaaudio: #!/bin/bash usage="Usage: `basename $0` [-v VOL] " if [ "$1" = "-h" ] || [ "$1" = "--help" ]; the...

Q: Nginx setting .conf files appropriately

CONtextI use Nginx as a server, and I currently use this for configuration of each my sites. Basically, I have multiple files like this located in /etc/nginx/conf.d/ #example.conf server { listen 80; server_name www.my-site.com my-site.com; root /var/www/html/m...

they even got their own room and a SE-derived Q&A "foruM"
btw... coinfig files, on or off?
it's kinda like a bashscript only run on startup,but...
One more reason to hate SO.
Because it's not a VB.Net question and people need to understand that they are not the same thing. Comments are not the place for this discussion. Take it up on Meta. — ckuhn203 1 min ago
wait did..

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