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6:05 AM
About 8 hours ago a banning sledge hammer was used to remove a user for 30 days in the ELU chat room.
I would like to bring this to the attention of other moderators since the entire conversation I was having with this user has been removed from the transcript.
Kind regards.
6 hours later…
11:45 AM
@skullpatrol, You will want to bring this up in the Tavern. This room is associated with Moderators.SE and is focused on community building. The Tavern is where the moderators and community managers of the entire Stack Exchange network hang out and can help you.
4 hours later…
3:23 PM
1 hour later…
5:00 PM
@Andy actually, The Assembly is probably a more local
5:59 PM
Thank you @Andy and @AJHenderson I appreciate your guidance on this sensitive matter.
@skullpatrol as an aside, I also reviewed the issue in question
I was present during the first flag, so I'll stay out of this ...
Please join in, your input would be welcome :-)
I can't really discuss it, but I did think it merited shortening as long as the problem stops (and I made an attempt to explain the problem more clearly). Channel's like ELU are always a challenge since they already push the bounds of what is acceptable on SE, so it's far easier for someone to wander over the line without realizing it in there.
which actually, probably makes a good Moderator's question
6:09 PM
@AJHenderson Network-wide privileges also applies to ircops and the like, so that might actually be something to ask on the site. "How do I, as an outsider with privileges, judge and handle a situation?"
it needs a little more refining, but I think "how do I deal with moderating a small sub-community that generally toes it much closer to the line than the rest of the community?"
@FEichinger yeah, that's part of why I hang out around chat a lot. I'm a former (I suppose technically still have -o line) IRCop
I deal with conflict everyday in an explosive workplace environment, so I do have some experience in these sort of matters.
the big trick is to guide newer members in where the line is in such sub-communities I think
That's true, an example must be set.
still have to come down hard if someone doesn't learn, but I tend to give someone a bit more benefit of the doubt initially in such cases. Don't need as large of a grit to file off
as much if the sub-community is rough around the edges to begin with
can't have any pointy shards sticking out though
6:13 PM
This internet chat room environment is a challenge.
I've never found it challenging, for me as a person.
What rooms do you frequent?
6:34 PM
@skullpatrol I've never found it particularly challenging either, but then again, I literally grew up with the internet
using Gopher over a BBS when I was 7 or 8 moving on up as the web started
@skullpatrol we had a receptionist once with background in explosive ordnance disposal. Oh, maybe not that kind of explosive?
but it also makes me old fashioned. I actually believe in punctuation and sentances
even if I don't mind leading with a but or starting mid-sentance
and may substitute enter for a period, or run on
@AJHenderson Or misspelling "sentence"
@MonicaCellio where did you work?
@FEichinger I like grammar, not spelling
@AJHenderson It bugs me!
6:37 PM
spelling can diy in a fiar
@AJHenderson a DoD contractor. This wasn't part of the job description, mind, but it was noted when we made the hire.
@MonicaCellio haha
@AJHenderson we did work for the military, but we only made software... hardware was another division.
@FEichinger I guess I should channel katalina harder
@MonicaCellio someone could still send you a bomb though. Have the receptionist shake the packages
6:39 PM
@AJHenderson ... Have you started misspelling her name now, too?
@FEichinger I'm horrible at names. I have to check yours every time I try to ping it too
@AJHenderson I know I'm biased, but ... it's not that complicated.
@AJHenderson the receptionist processed all incoming packages. I never inquired about the details. :-)
The "details" is what I deal with everyday at work.
In a chat room environment so much critically important information is not available
You just have to guess.
7:37 PM
@skullpatrol yes, but it is possible to make relatively educated guesses, particular if users have a history
but it is an imperfect science
7:48 PM
But, the history of the user and the context of the situation are inherently meta sources of information when you are dealing with only typed words on a computer screen.
The sources of information I use in real life are mostly physical.
@skullpatrol yes, that's why it is an imperfect science, errors happen, but that's also why I tend to be cautious and ask questions to feel people out and to give them rope to allow them to hang themselves. If they are going to be a problem, they'll do it sooner rather than later and if it is just a misunderstanding or I misjudged them, 9 times out of 10, they don't keep tying knots
you do get the occasional really good trolls that can toe that line well and keep you guessing though
3 hours later…
11:00 PM
I've never found it challenging, for me as a penguin.
@Seth ^^^ :)
@skullpatrol I don't know the situation here, but it might be best to contact SE privately if you still have concerns. However, it seems like the mod who suspended just didn't know the different culture (which sometimes happens)... but if it seemed offensive to a mod, then it might be offensive to other users that don't know the "norm."
Like I said, I have no idea on what happened, but that's just my $0.02.
@MonicaCellio Sounds like what Alex does at SE (after he finished washing dishes during the podcast)
But, that's a really cool job.
@AnnonomusPenguin oh I guess I missed that. Which podcast?
@MonicaCellio they seem to vote him off every podcast, but I don't know for sure. It's at the beginning and they mention that he's the "ex-producer"
@AnnonomusPenguin oh right. That makes sense.
Abby T. Miller on April 24, 2014

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #57, recorded Friday April 11, 2014 with your hosts Jay Hanlon, David Fullerton, and Joel Spolsky. Today’s podcast is brought to you by the Heartbleed bug.

We have lots to talk about (which makes Joel scared), starting with Community Milestones (after we discuss 2048 strategy, that is)!

Expats is newly in public beta. It’s a site for people that are dealing with the bureaucratic messes involved in living outside your home country. Check out their top-voted questions. Can I lose my US citizenship for accepting employment within a foreign government?  …

They mention it starting at ~2:10
Not what I was looking for, but they reference this joke on almost all podcasts :)
11:19 PM
@AnnonomusPenguin and I hadn't heard "the Heartbleed bug reminds you to change your mother's maiden name as soon as possible" before. :-)
I don't always listen to the podcasts (just read the summaries). Guess this was one of those.
@MonicaCellio they take a long time to listen to, but are very funny.

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