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A: How to submit an unsolicited resume?

Mike VanFinding a job you really want is all about the waiting. If you look today and there isn't a job that you want, then wait for it. Linux administrators are in high-demand, so you will eventually see that Junior position show up. Don't get frustrated. While you wait for that perfect job to arrive, ...

@RobertHarvey trying to find it... somewhere in south eastern Wisconsin I saw an area with condos(?) such that each had a hangar and a garage... the development had two sets of buildings on either side of a runway (and then the taxi back to your private hangar). I bet they cost a pretty penny though.
@MichaelT Oh, wow. That's....fancy.
@AshleyNunn Just think of the commutes you could do from there...
@MichaelT Yeah, no kidding.
1:17 AM
Rosamond Skypark (FAA LID: L00) is a residential airpark and public-use airport located three nautical miles (6 km) west of the central business district of Rosamond, in Kern County, California, United States. It is privately owned by the Rosamond Skypark Association. == Facilities and aircraft == Rosamond Skypark covers an area of 100 acres (40 ha) at an elevation of 2,415 feet (736 m) above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 8/26 with an asphalt surface measuring 3,600 by 50 feet (1,097 x 15 m). For the 12-month period ending May 3, 2011, the airport had 15,000 general aviation aircraft...
The houses there have hangars.
1:35 AM
@RobertHarvey Daaaang.
Yeah, it's pretty cool. There's a taxiway that goes behind the houses.
That is so excellent.
@RobertHarvey I found an answer to my not an answer flag question...
A: Why was this 'not an answer' flag declined?

bjb568I think it's right to burninate, the tag very ambiguous. Should I start now?

1:55 AM
@MichaelT Looks like you've confused people :P
@AshleyNunn Actually, its exactly the thing that I was posting about... an answer that well, might have answered some other question, but not this one.
@MichaelT I figured that was the logic there, nice to know I followed that train correctly!
Speaking of trains, I should check out that stuff you linked me yesterday now that I am on my home machine.
If you flag it as NAA, then you agree with my post...
What to start with...
simutrans because you haven't before.
@MichaelT Good idea. :)
Just by looking at it, I think it is a good idea my boyfriend went to bed already because he might not get any more of my time tonight....
Okay, there are all these pak things I can install - should I pick them all? None? some?
Start with a standard / classic one.
Okay. So I can leave the rest of the tickyboxes unticked, and install them later if I want?
Some of the other paks, will tinker with parts of the game that you might want to at first.
IIRC, yes.
2:01 AM
Example: Pak64.Contrast:
> A minimalistic pakset that focuses on massive passenger networks and urban planning. Default maintenance costs are low, and construction costs high. The player should not feel financially constrained to create creative rail solutions, but should take on the challenge of transporting large passenger flows with efficiency.
Okay, cool, I will just go with the stuff it selects for now, and go back later if I want to play with the other bits.
Or Pak64.HO-SCALE:
> This is dedicated to all friends who like to play the "model train" style. The trains and tracks are a little bit bigger, allowing more detailed design. Don't care for money or city growth. Switch the game to public player and build everything for yourself. Combine the objects as you would do it on a model train in your living room.
@MichaelT ooooh interesting
Okay, a little lost, no idea what any of the buttons do.
pokes about
2:07 AM
Ok... downloading current version (my version the system was rather old...)
3:22 AM
hi GM
4:18 AM
generatePermutations = (function() { return function(curr, k, p) {
  if (k == 1)
    return _.map(curr, function(elem) { return [elem] })
  var result = []
  for(var key in curr) {
    var item = curr[key]
    var nextCurr = _.without(curr, item)
    var combos = p(nextCurr, k-1, p)
    for (var comboKey in combos) {
  return result
It's code
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5:27 AM
Hi @all
anybody here
Q: Origin of letter "X" for close Icon

Mr_GreenWho exactly presented the idea that letter "X" should be used for closing/exiting a window or an application? According to Medium.com, The first appearance of [x] in GUI design was likely the Atari TOS, possibly influenced by the Japanese batsu and maru conventions. Thanks to a last minute d...

I asked a question on UX.SE and I am getting a thought that it should be on programmers.SE instead. but I am not sure
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posted on August 14, 2014

There is an ongoing discussion in LtU (there, and there) on whether RAM and other machine models are inherently a better basis to reason about (time and) memory usage than lambda-calculus and functional languages. Guy Blelloch and his colleagues have been doing very important work on this question that seems to have escaped LtU's notice so far. I think it is folklore knowledge, or rather folkl

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1:12 PM
@Oded I explained the same link in my post.
Ah. I should really read things before reacting.
Looks like someone is looking into that odd-ball chat ban
2 hours later…
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@MichaelT I see what you did there..?
@ampt oh?
@RobertHarvey Do a simple reading of the question (ok, that question s a bit long), do a simple reading of the answer. Ask "does it attempt to answer the question." Attempt shouldn't be judged on a "A for effort" scale.
A custom flag is still better for things like this.
@RobertHarvey Probably... and I'll be sure to flag it "Bleh - leave this for Robert to deal with" and we can all be happy? ;-)
Requiring mods to evaluate "Not an Answer" flags within the question's context probably increases the cognitive load by a factor of 10. I did that for awhile, when we became stricter on flags due to the queue review algorithms, but I finally stopped doing it. The logic tree becomes almost incomprehensible.
And in the end, we're still looking for folks who are abusing the answer space to do something other than post an answer (of any kind).
3:05 PM
@RobertHarvey That is true, and I wouldn't have done it for something that took a significant amount of reading.
I am curious about what part of "Sometimes, you can use Eclipse -> Source -> Generate hashCode() and equals()." addresses the question "What issues / pitfalls must be considered when overriding equals and hashCode?". I can identify no suggestion of an issue or pitfall in the answer. Instead it says "here is a tool that will do it sometimes". We are dealing with an entirety of two sentences here - one sentence for the question, one sentence for the answer. It should be possible to point to at least one of the 10 words in the answer and say "this is an issue or pitfall". — MichaelT Aug 11 at 11:03
I do see the refutation:
In the strictest sense; the answer is whatever helps people. For the title given, people from Google were looking for a specific answer -- an answer that received over 100 upvotes. That's a non-trivial number for 'not being an answer', and we make Stack Overflow a worse place by nuking that content because the OP couldn't be bothered to write an accurate title, and no one who complained about those answers could be bothered to edit the title to reflect the question. — George Stocker ♦ yesterday
But I also want to point that those up votes and answers were from the early days of SO (the 100+ up vote answer was from the very early days) when people up voted everything and the Q&A model wasn't as understood as well.
They were forum like answers.
3:07 PM
No flags on the answer you accepted, so far. In a mind-bending twist of irony, any NAA flags on it would be invalid since, by not answering it, he actually answered it.
@RobertHarvey exactly... the people who agree with me (I suspect) are saying "I dare you" to all the people disagreeing with me.
In any case, I've stopped arguing with people about the flag meaning, and merely told people how the mods process these flags. They still argue with me about flag verbiage, but that's not my department.
Its also meta.SO... and people have gotten yelled at for deleting content recently IIRC.
Par for the course.
3:27 PM
Yep... mods fail reading. ;-)
The only question I see here is the last sentence, and the answer is almost certainly "probably not in the way you have in mind." — Robert Harvey 5 mins ago
Q: Does it make sense to license source code snippets by CC-BY(-SA)

zelanixIf I want to put random source code snippets in a publicly accessible git repository, does it make sense to license by CC-BY(-SA)? The main reason that I ask is that I may take code from StackOverflow (modified or not) which I believe is licensed as CC-BY-SA. Sometimes it would be convenient for...

> If I want to put random source code snippets in a publicly accessible git repository, does it make sense to license by CC-BY(-SA)?
First sentence... even matches the title. ;-)
That's not a question, it's a random thought.
I'm reading that Lambda the Ultimate article on the feed. Is it really the position of some FP practitioners that you never have to think about the underlying hardware, even when evaluating performance considerations?
3:29 PM
@RobertHarvey they choose to pretend that it doesn't exist from up in their ivory towers
@RobertHarvey hunting up the old cartoon...
Hmm... can't find that one now...
Someone is wrong on the Internet?
> 55: LISP programmers know the value of everything and the cost of nothing.
3:33 PM
It may not matter. I watch my computer occasionally churn for long partial minutes at a time, and always wonder what it's thinking about that is obviously soooo important.
I don't think anyone knows.
@RobertHarvey they have a different purpose - it's not to write performance critical low level software as a rule, their whole purpose is figuring out how to write the highest level software they can manage that still performs very well
That should be the goal of every software engineer, unless you're working in an especially constrained environment.
so they take the hardware out as a variable and give it no mind - because as a rule they believe the problems associated with low level code aren't worth the benefits
Btw - another perspective on lisp: redditblog.com/2005/12/on-lisp.html
That said, it's always amusing to watch a computer that I've owned for several years slowly die because folks no longer bother with performance optimizations.
3:36 PM
Btw... remember that Twitter is written in Ruby? Nope... hasn't been for awhile... theregister.co.uk/2012/11/08/twitter_epic_traffic_saved_by_java
> Twitter first began stepping away from Ruby in 2008, when the company's Ruby-based message queuing system "hit a wall," in the words of former Twitter developer Alex Payne.

"There's a lot of things that Ruby is great at," Payne said at the time, "but long running processes? Particularly memory intensive ones? Not so much."

Twitter's solution was to migrate some of its Ruby code to a new server stack running on the JVM. Initially, the company's development team avoided stock Java in favor of Scala, an alternative JVM language that combines aspects of object-oriented and functional progra
Good Lord... Ruby to Java?
Well, more Ruby to JVM (Scala)
Oh, that makes more sense.
There's some raw java around... but not much apparently.
3:37 PM
In theory, any decent programming language written on a virtual machine is going to more or less take on the characteristics of the virtual machine.
The thing is more one of "when those lisp-ish languages hit a wall, they hit it hard"
But Reddit's problem seems more of a fundamental design problem than a language problem.
Switching to Python seems like they needed better tools, or simply a shift in thieir thought process.
the JVM is pretty good at this point though
I'd say better than pretty good...
@Ampt Yes, which means that the language you build on it should be pretty good, if it's a halfway decent language.
3:39 PM
Also @RobertHarvey are you sure that it's not the fact that as we increase the average computers computing power, the average performance cost of the software also increases
@RobertHarvey oh yeah, its totally down to the language at that point. I would have a very hard time believing anyone who pointed to the JVM as the performance bottleneck
@MichaelT that JIT compiler. MMMM-MMMMM I love the smell of optimization in the morning.
@Ampt Software written with older tools (if the tools still work) runs dramatically faster, if that's what you mean.
@RobertHarvey yeah, but we want more and more out of the software, and we want it now, leading to shorter and shorter dev times with higher and higher languages
@RobertHarvey I admit I really am curious how many more layers of garbage there is over everything these days... it doesn't much make sense...
Example: logging into Windows 7 takes about eight seconds on my single-core at home. What could the computer possibly be thinking about that takes that much computing time? You're just logging me in, for crissakes.
@RobertHarvey more and more layers of abstraction man. Windows 7 is rightfully expected to do that much more
3:43 PM
It's probably stuff I'm not even using.
probably not!
Remember - it is not enterprise software unless it has at least five levels of indirection. Per layer.
I would have stayed with Windows XP forever, if I thought I could have done it safely.
@RobertHarvey hold on, I've got that tiny violin around here somewhere
3:45 PM
@Oded what if they all point to the same thing? I'll just create an Indirection object that's full of methods that direct you to other methods
@JimmyHoffa that's just crying out for infinite recursion.
ya'll are a curmudgeony bunch this morning
go drink some coffee and come back to the real world
@Oded It's ok! 64-bit .NET is TCO'd! Sometimes....
Morning? Long gone ;)
Meanwhile, I'll wind up getting a new computer, just like I always do every 5 years or so. The old machine will get Linux, because, by God, that still works.
3:47 PM
for when you need your router to look like a Lambo
there's something to be said about linux and them just working on ancient hardware
@RobertHarvey Modern Linux can actually be just as un-performant as windows surprisingly
the new unity desktop on Ubuntu is massive lol
depends on the distro
getting a lite distro will work on a few kB ram and half a meg of disk drive
3:49 PM
Arch ftw!
@ratchetfreak now that may be pushing it :P
how lite are we talking here
@amethystdragon go do something with cars :P
also, what happened last night?
@Ampt Kinda wanna. Was thinking of looking into taking an auto class or two at a tech college
@Ampt My internet shat itself
all 3 megabytes of it? :P
@amethystdragon you don't need classes man. Just open up your hood and start poking at stuff
10 down 5 up
sorry, 1.2 megabytes then
3:52 PM
thats mor elike it
checklist of things you should be able to do: Change your oil, Gap your sparkplugs, Check your transmission fluid, replace your serpentine belt
@amethystdragon heads down thumbs up? I loved that game! Probably better known as teacher-nap-time
maybe rotate your tires as well
@JimmyHoffa No, its a down-up monad
@amethystdragon you don't need to take any classes to learn how to do that stuff
@Ampt Done oil and transmission. probably could do the other two with a quick youtube vid or two
oh, get the chilton manual for your car
it's basically how to completely dis-assemble and reassemble your whole car
been making them forever
3:55 PM
it depends on your car
replacing serpentine belt isn't always trivial
nor is replacing spark plugs
@whatsisname had to take off my intake manifold to get to my rear 3
Bah. Serpentine belts are easy. You just need a long bar.
its still good training
@ratchetfreak I still can't get my head to think of nix as anything other than pile-of-software-with-a-bootloader, though they come as a distro the fact that you can immediately customize every detail of it doesn't make the "distro" seem relevant in my eyes. But I know that's just a nostalgic feeling as these days you can't pull much of a distro apart and replace pieces like you used to be able to without the whole thing falling apart...
@RobertHarvey: not for all cars
3:56 PM
@amethystdragon don't forget wiper fluid
some engine bays are diabolically crammed together
its true
That's too bad. The whole point of serpentine belts is to make them easier to replace. And for everything to fail at once when they break.
I can not access the belt on my mazda 6
@RobertHarvey not sure if feature...
3:57 PM
@whatsisname I'm pretty sure people aren't supposed to be able to access anything on a mazda based on my experience... Good cars, but I think the maintenance is meant to be done by robots with little precision robot-fingers...
@RobertHarvey more money to the shops then
some cars you nearly have to remove the engine to get at the spark plugs (allegedly some subarus)
@Oded Ampt meant to say "go drink some beer and come back to the real world" when "morning and coffee" are no longer appropriate.
@Ampt you don't want the engine to keep running but the brakes+steering+alternator to die
@ratchetfreak if your brakes go out when your serpentine belt goes, you got some real problems
3:59 PM
powerbrake I mean
even if you lose the vacuum pump your brakes will still work
if you lose the belt you'll still have electrical power
The only thing that I would consider completely mandatory on the belt would be the water pump
but you'll have to stand on them to get stopping power
got a battery to at least keep you going, and power steering/brakes are a luxury, not a necessity
@Ampt my first reading of that was the mineral...
3:59 PM
and unless your battery is a heap it will be good until your engine overheats if you keep it running
The serpentine group are greenish, brownish, or spotted minerals commonly found in serpentinite rocks. They are used as a source of magnesium and asbestos, and as a decorative stone. The name is thought to come from the greenish color being that of a serpent. The serpentine group describes a group of common rock-forming hydrous magnesium iron phyllosilicate ((Mg, Fe)3Si2O5(OH)4) minerals; they may contain minor amounts of other elements including chromium, manganese, cobalt or nickel. In mineralogy and gemology, serpentine may refer to any of 20 varieties belonging to the serpentine group. Owing...
@MichaelT your auto belt isn't made out of rocks?
believe it or not, automotive engineers have considered these issues
@whatsisname yep. Like I said, only thing on there that would concern me losing is the water pump
@Ampt its morning, and I don't drink coffee... and being without a job means the other option is viable.
4:01 PM
(though no... I'm not a beer in the morning person)
at least there you'll have a reasonable amount of time to pull over and shut the car off
shame. we could have some fun with @DrunkMichaelT at 11AM
@whatsisname true.
my mazda 6 has a seperate belt for the water pump that seized up this winter
being -20 out had its benefits because I just drove it to the shop instead of having to get it towed
if I'm out in the middle of no where in a snow storm and mybelt goes, you better believe I'm gonna try and get out of there
when it would get close to overheating I'd just turn it off for a minute
4:02 PM
@whatsisname that's a smart feature
some car makers are working on eliminating the serpentine belt
and powering all aux systems by electric motors
and having a shaft-driven alternator
using shafts and gears?
well if everything is electric
you don't need a belt
that's probably the best option as it were
then a blown fuse will kill everything
then you can also have more flexible layout of systems
4:04 PM
@ratchetfreak thats true now as well
go pull your fusebox and see what still works :P
I'm going to guess a whole lot of nothing
considering a blown fuse is to protect things, not being susceptible to a blown fuse means your car is more likely to start on fire or have other problems
its all trade-offs
and a blown fuse in the middle of the highway?
if your car blows a fuse in the middle of the highway, something bad was happening
I'd rather have my car die in the middle of the highway
than die in the middle of the highway and start on fire
@ratchetfreak that's 100% a threat right now
unless you're running a carb you're using Electronic Fuel Injection
you're likely not using a traditional rotary distributor
a blown fuse is not a fault of the electrical system (crazy shitboxes excluded)
4:07 PM
them electronics don't run themselves
its a fault of whatever is being powered
if you try to roll down your window and a fuse blows
thats because the motor was likely locked up
and had the fuse not been there it could have overheated
and started on fire, or had other problems
TL;DR: if you're worried about fuses blowing in the middle of the highway, you better go get a mid 60s car
which of course will never break down randomly....oh wait
somebody add a car tag to the room
we're taking this place over
go to mechanics.SE to get your grease on
4:13 PM
nuh-uh. We claimed the whiteboard fair and square. Also, is it friday yet?
it is for me (tomorrow is a holiday)
Trivia: In the National Radio Quiet Area cars with spark plugs are prohibited.
gotta drive diesels then
or jet engine
4:18 PM
or not ever go there ever
can you imagine living there?
@Ampt there's a town inside the area...
@MichaelT and I can't imagine living there
consider - no one can wake you up with a cell phone call at 2am.
no one does
it's called silent
heh... heh.... heh...
4:19 PM
Oh, @Ampt your youth is refreshing.
@MichaelT turn your phone off?
I can't wait until you're on call some day...
I mean if being in a dead zone is an excuse for not answering, "My phone was dead" has to work equally, no?
Employer^^, we had a cell phone that was the on call phone - had to keep it with you at all times and keep it charged. One week at a time.
maybe this is why employer^^ is employer^^ and not employer, no?
4:21 PM
My 'favorite' was when one system was having problems with its scripts that ran at 2am... one guy knew how to fix them... I called him at 2am with bright cheery voice "Good Morning Adam, this is your 2am lead list wakeup call that you have scheduled..."
The looks he gave me the next morning were hilarious.
I don't mind the phone - especially if I can do things to make it not go off... like have a script that would validate the data and identify if the load would fail or not... and if it would identify who's fault it was and have them get called...
note that the problem with lead lists was that we had to turn off foreign key constraints because some other team had data that wouldn't load... that would then break our scripts.
I'd have been quite happy if I could have put a validation in before that identified in this would fail a load and then not load (rather than catastrophically break) and have the people who gave us the bad data get a page at 2am to fix their data... not that it had to be fixed then, its just that its when the script ran.
In Zone 1, the β€œground zero” of our instruments, the general philosophy for interference mitigation is a preventative, proactive approach; interference potential is assessed through testing, and equipment is shielded, filtered, etc. as necessary before installation. We require that all installed equipment be RFI mitigated to comply with the limits stated in ITU-R RA.769, assessed with respect to the prime focus point of the GBT at its highest elevation. We additionally attempt to protect this most sensitive zone by limiting motorized traffic to diesel vehicles to avoid strong broadband em
> Certain unintentional radiators in Zone 2, particularly those that have particularly strong emissions, such as microwave ovens, and those that need to be powered on 24/7, such as the network servers, are confined to shielded rooms or shielded enclosures.
You need to put your microwave oven in a faraday cage.
I got sniped.
A: Estimation of space is required to store 275305224 of 5x5 MagicSquares?

GlenH7So let's start with the simple approach to calculate the bare minimum and find additional means to reduce the size required. A 5x5 magic square contains the values from 1 - 25. Said another way, we have 25 potential numbers to store. There are 25 cells within the grid, and 5 rows. 1st approach...

4:31 PM
The naive answer is 275305224 * 5 * 5. And then, whatever compression that Winzip will provide.
@RobertHarvey yeah, like I said. I got sniped.
But I got the total required space down to ~181MB from a starting point of ~6GB
Seems like a reasonable answer to me. There's nothing like a good puzzle to get a programmer's blood going in the morning.
you should also edit the question so that its clear what the hell he's trying to do
@Ampt yeah, my answer is at risk to him changing up the question. OTOH, I just wanted to see how much I could compress it down. I toyed with working on some of the permutations but quickly realized I had actual work to get done today
4:39 PM
o_O why did Community delete this one? programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/210149/…
< This comment removed for reasons of moderation >
It also doesn't show up in the delete history...
Hmm... meta post? or flag for @Oded?
Feeds has been sharing it's tequila with Community
4:42 PM
"Bleh - roomba is being funny. Let Oded deal with this."
@MichaelT meta. We shouldn't always assume Oded or Shog9 have the bandwidth to look into quirks for us. Other SE employees may want to look at it instead.
@Ampt I'm going to use that in the meta post...
@MichaelT Look, I told them that converting all the servers to run off of tequila instead of electricity wasn't the best way to deal with rising electricity costs, but does anyone listen to me?!
@GlenH7 the flag for oded was more of a "if you don't fix the roomba script not deleting old questions, I'm going to start flagging everything with 'Oded should fix this.'"
In that case....
4:44 PM
counts flags
I'm in!
@whatsisname and blasted the heater yeah? Or does that not work on modern cars? That one saved my ass when I had clunkers...
blasting the heater wont work if your water pump is essentially failed
even on old cars I believe
If I turned the heater on it would have just poured frigid air into the cabin
@whatsisname Why would a broken water pump stop the heater from siphoning heat from the engine?
if the water pump is failed, there will be very little coolant circulation
(I know next to nothing of cars)
4:51 PM
and the heater is driven by the engine coolant
@whatsisname I did not know that.
so unless you are pumping the water through, you aren't going to transfer much energy
I just knew somehow it siphoned heat from the engine
that's why it takes awhile for the heater to start working, because the engine gets hot and heats up the coolant
plus, since I believe nearly forever, cars have thermostats that prevent the coolant circulation until the engine is nearly up to temperature, so as to heat it up faster
now, cars like old VW beetles which were air cooled, and other exotic stuff might play by different rules
but those systems haven't changed a whole lot over the years
for most cars
Q: What roomba script went after this question

MichaelT Feeds has been sharing it's tequila with Community More Accurate Random in C [closed] was deleted by Community. (Full size image at http://i.stack.imgur.com/akYIY.png ) I am curious as to what script deleted it. My answer was at +2/-0 and accepted (I lost 35 rep). Those should have ...

4:57 PM
@whatsisname yeah, it would open up, but nothing would flow
you'd be relying exclusively on the heat conductance of the water to transfer heat to and from the radiators
> Marketing said we could not use the term "integer" as users would not understand that term and just do it with string.
I uh what
I suggested that either they define what "integer" means, or defer to the suits. His response:
@RobertHarvey But I am the suit (I have an equity position). Integer is defined - they think we should just fold sum and avg into string. — Blam 3 mins ago
is that the same blam of Bicycles
lol it is
5:04 PM
Do companies really have these conversations?
that is a really rambling question
of course, not out of the ordinary of him
Oh, wait. Silly me. My old boss: "Can you make the background teal and the label border hot pink?"
So not kidding.
@RobertHarvey All the time
A: What roomba script went after this question

OdedNo roomba script here. The OP requested deletion, part of the deletion script deletes negatively scored posts of the OP. Sorry you got caught in that.

So... anyone want to do undelete votes?
5:08 PM
(Is it a good enough question to get undeleted?)
@MichaelT I already put one on there. Not necessarily a great question, but the answers there are worth keeping.
And Bam! take that Community!
@GlenH7 my take on it too... its one of those "I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't have any up votes on it"
i need food
@RobertHarvey - ya. that could have been clearer...
5:13 PM
[throws food at whatsisname]
@oded - I got sniped by that 5x5 question. But I was able to get the total storage down to ~180 MB. link to my answer
Your comment about only needing 5 bits was part of what led me down that path...
:) - bit packing FTW
Hmm... that neither shows up in the recent deletes nor the recent undeletes.
@MichaelT I've never figured out the rules for what shows up and what doesn't. Most things do, but there are stealth deletes that bypass that list.
5:18 PM
Show lots of examples in your documentation. Provide a "quick start" guide, or a cheat card. Have beginner and advanced sections. There's lots of ways to solve this. None of them hinge on the meaning of a single word. See also en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parkinson's_law_of_trivialityRobert Harvey ♦ 3 mins ago
For those who like hip hop, DJ Mustard's album 10 Summers is available for free on Google Play. Lyrics are definitely NSFW and likely offensive.
@MichaelT: By the way, there's a difference between an answer that answers some question, and an answer that clearly is not going to be helpful, no matter what the question is.
@RobertHarvey I feel like I am talking to marketing. "String does not have a clear definition of sum and average" Consider the set ('cat','dog') what would be the average and sum of that set? — Blam 1 min ago
@RobertHarvey I know. And I once again lament the lack of the easy access to the anon-feedback outside of Data.SE to actually see if people are getting what they searched for.
Poking at my flag to get the post... Anon feedback shows a +1/-1 for that answer...
5:33 PM
That's a valid operation in your product? — Robert Harvey ♦ 5 mins ago
@RobertHarvey This is going no where. — Blam 1 min ago
No wonder he has problems with his marketing department.
@RobertHarvey That's why I deleted my comment inviting him to chat.
Does he understand what integer or string mean?
I don't understand why they don't just call them numbers. Whether they're surrounded by quotation marks or not doesn't matter to the customer, so long as it works.
5:50 PM
Oh, so I'm a troll now.
Bah. I have no idea what he's talking about anyway. He keeps bringing up buttons, for some reason.
Time to disengage.
I had just wrote up a long comment that basically led him to recreating clippy for his product
Now who's the troll? :)
How to Tell the Hard From the Impossible

It is our job to do the hard and discern the impossible. From the point of view of most working programmers, something is impossible if either it cannot be grown from a simple system or it cannot be estimated. By this definition what is called research is impossible. A large volume of mere work is hard, but not necessarily impossible.

The distinction is not facetious because you may very well be asked to do what is practically impossible, either from a scientific point of view or a software engineering point of view. It then becomes your job to hel
Sounds like my current project.
Q: What is "chat with an expert"?

AntonyA box just comes out of nowhere which says "chat with an expert". It happened once on Stack Overflow and once on Meta. Is this an ad? Isn't Meta supposed to have no ads? Here's the HTML for that weird box: <div id="adviza-box" style="width: 380px; "> <div id="adviza-status"> <...

6:30 PM
@amethystdragon Doesn't seem to do much.
Then again, neither did the original Clippy.
its clippy
so it's perfect?
insert message
annoy users
@Ampt you know you want to get ReSharper... come on... blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2014/04/01/clippy-for-resharper
6:34 PM
I kinda want that.....
It would be entertaining for a day or two.
After that, not so sure.
After that it would probably be just as annoying as normal resharper
it would be a lot nicer if it just read your mind and automatically refactored things rather than even asking...
@enderland That would be a silver bullet... oh... wait a moment...
@enderland I tried resharper once because I wanted it to tell me all of the possible places where I could get a NullReferenceException (not covered by a fence), and it showed me every place where there was an object dereference. Not confidence inspiring.
6:47 PM
@enderland if that was the case, all my class and method names would be swear words
Just picture the next generation of code with mind reading names...
if(πŸ‘½.πŸ‘Ž) { πŸ™.πŸ”₯ } else { πŸ™ˆ.πŸ™‰.πŸ™Š }
I'm gonna stick with being a curmudgeon.
@GlenH7 thats clearly... if(foreignVar.isBad) { burn it with fire; } else { see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil; }
Q: C# Will a properly implemented lazy iterator function never StackOverflow?

Jimmy HoffaI know that as a rule you don't get guarantees of the TCO instruction being generated by the C# compiler (or the JIT), so while you may get TCO, there are no guarantees. Given this recognition of TCO, I'm wondering if lazy iterator functions (using yield return etc) because of their nature as a ...

I wonder...
Debating whether using yield return helps me out at all in my recursive function here, I don't think it does...
6:53 PM
Unemployed thought for the day... "will I need to wear pants today?"
I suspect the re-entrancy isn't utilized to avoid growing the stack even though it could be
(alternatively I may be missing some detail that makes that could be have more conditions than I'm immediately thinking of...)
@MattGiltaji I had a programming exam which was hand written once and I used completely arbitrary names for all my variables (I think I used starcraft references)
@MichaelT ironically, I'm playing with reflection and C# expressions at the moment
@GlenH7 Watcha doing with that stuff? C# MetaProgramming isn't your every day task...
@JimmyHoffa Tearing my hair out? :-)
6:57 PM
I've got a DB with ~12 super wide tables
approx 8 columns of meta info, and ~100 columns of values
Essentially need to pivot the data and push it into a particular format so we can create some charts from the data
@enderland I remember some sort of "bad variable naming guide" floating around the internets. Stuff like "name everything as Lord of the Rings characters...clearly a Legolas (or other elven object) has far-seeing properties
So I used EF to tap the DB; Expressions to get distinct portions of the meta info; and now I'm building a deeply nested foreach construct that ultimately will walk each of the properties of the EF created table object to write out the values
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