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12:04 PM
@Robusto It would be kind of you to edit that for its typo. It obviously needs a tilde.
It needs Tilde Swinton.
Til de end, dude, always til de end.
I see apples and oranges have been confuting people again.
No, not people. Only one orc.
People are fruity vegetables
12:09 PM
I'm not a vegetable. I'm an induhvidual.
@RegDwigнt Strange rhyme scheme you have there, minstrel.
Good enough for orcs confusing things.
So French fries are about to become UNESCO World Heritage.
Move over, Kremlin.
I woodnathunkit
I wouldathunk them was way too specific.
Previous world heritages included French cuisine.
Come to think of it, French fries are not French cuisine?
12:14 PM
French Stewart, perhaps
@RegDwigнt Well, the left half does admittedly have two classic rhymes as rigor demands. But the right has a ponderable three rhymes, and there is no rhyme-link across the caesura between the two halves. Also, you seem to be a beat off twice over, as we have gone from a duple to a triple meter: 2+2 is more traditional, while 3+3 is . . . different.
Oh look a puppy.
@RegDwigнt There are frogs in this chat?
It is being very hard to be keeping up in this chatthing.
12:15 PM
I think the UNESCO are just trolls at this point.
IIRC German bread is World Heritage, too. So basically anything a German puts in an oven, that's Heritage.
Though that's still quite specific. Anything a French puts on a plate is stronger trolling.
@RegDwigнt Is that retroactive?
What do you think a troll would say?
Something Grimm.
Maybe even Nazzi.
Single White Ratfink my butt:
Q: What part of speech is "there", as in "...there could be"

AndyQuestion is in the title. Example: "There could be a chance." Thank you!

12:21 PM
Minaret and Archaeological Remains of Jam was not what I was expecting
People literally can't ask a half-assed one-liner. Sometimes I despair.
Why you say that? Had you complaint?
The kicker being, they wouldn't even need to try and form a sentence if they just entered a single word in a dictionary search box.
They make extra work for themselves, and then fail at it.
Sad all around.
My spidey senses detect a disturbance in the Force. A strange attractor has entered the fray.
It's just a bald Swede.
12:25 PM
Today's Listening | Electro / Dubstep (Mixsets Day 6)
How do you find new stuff every day?
We could definitely use a strange attractor around here to focus the strange in one place, yclept honey-pot.
Q: Name for second mail accounts used only for unimportant websites to avoid being spammed

dendiniAs the title suggests, what is the name or the best way of referring to the second mail accounts many users on the internet open only for unimportant websites in order to avoid being spammed. Disposable mail addresses are another thing, and spam mail accounts is too generic and would conflict wi...

@JohanLarsson I have a lot of older stuff to pick from if I don't have anything newly released.
@tchrist I suggest Susan or August.
This one is from 2012
12:27 PM
@RegDwigнt Why you know passwd?
@RegDwigнt I have seen ones simply called "pleasedonotspam"
OMG, there is an and-and tag.
@MattЭллен I have seen ones simply called "pleasedospam". With same results.
@JasperLoy That’s a synonym for the tag.
And an antonym to .
12:29 PM
We also need a , and a , and a , too.
I don’t think those three compose a valid synset.
Then we also need .
@MattЭллен Rather cocky of you this mornin’, m’lord.
12:30 PM
Have you pray'd to-night, Archbishop Desmond?
@GnomeSlice Nice photo on your website, you look hot.
@JasperLoy ?
M'lord is allowed to be cocky on occasion
@Cerberus We'll be able to create all our future conversations just from that one word!
I think Desmond must be the past of Desmoines.
12:32 PM
@JasperLoy That's because I am hot.
@GnomeSlice Yes, that is what I mean.
@Waffle'sCrazyPeanut is always very quiet.
I guessed correctly that you would remove it.
I can't be so mean to my pal :-)
But, think about it please.
OK, but there is really no harm in pinging.
I know :)
Just a suggestion.
12:44 PM
I have learnt not to be so fearful of everything. Now I often have less fear than people I had more fear than in the past.
Live & learn.
Sometimes I purposely do something I am scared of, and as I do it, I become more courageous.
One for the Dutch speakers amongst us.
Q: How to ask if someone could add an example which improves the explaining of something?

utrechtAim: to ask someone to add an example, which improves the explaining of something In Dutch one could say: Zou u een voorbeeld kunnen toevoegen om het antwoord te kunnen onderbouwen? which means "Could you add an example to ... the answer?" Should one use underpin, substantiate or something else...

@I @am @so @tired @of @people @mentioning @other @people’s @ephemeral @comments @in @their @answers, @especially @with @all @the @damned @at @signs @and @an @obvious @lack @of @context.
Ooh. I got pinged.
12:46 PM
especially since you can't @ttack someone in an answer or question
@Jasper Loy courage to face your fears is very important in life, in my opinion.
@AndrewLeach That was not a happy accident.
@skullpatrol Yes. I will be much happier today if I always had courage, but often I don't.
You work on that.
A: Using "and" twice for four items

BakabakaI agree with @Kris that it is gramatically correct and unambiguous, but doesn't read very well. How's about using a comma and the word both in the right place? This book treats differential and integral calculus, both single- and multivariable. You could even omit both without losing mean...

But that is just one out of many I seem to see daily.
@AndrewLeach Obviously the tag is wrong. He meant .
Andrew, I begin to fear for the helpfulness of your proposal to banner the Your Answer box. As there is simply no end to human stupidity, I can but fear and nearly expect that they’ll just keep right on doing the thing the banner tells them not to.
12:54 PM
@JasperLoy Hah!!! Yeah... "The quieter you are, the more you're able to hear" :P
beats his chest
@Waffle'sCrazyPeanut How did you do in your exams?
Q: What is the origin of the "towards a new" used in the titles of some research articles?

Phil VollmanExamples: "Towards a new agenda for transforming war economies" "Towards a new agenda for Japanese telecommunications" "Towards a new age in the treatment of multiple myeloma"

beats head
Does "What's the origin" mean "Where did this first appear"?
Not that there is very much evidence of prior research.
What is the origin of "What is the Origin of...?" ?
12:58 PM
@JasperLoy My exams are always worse! (Hmm... I haven't spoken anything about my exams) o_O
@AndrewLeach that's how I read it
@Waffle'sCrazyPeanut I remember you study in Harvard.
@AndrewLeach It seeks the secret origin of their favorite superhero.
The prequel
@JasperLoy What? Nah... I'm from India (Chennai, to be specific)
1:00 PM
@Waffle'sCrazyPeanut Oh then I must have mixed you up with someone else.
What is the "Harvard" of India?
@skullpatrol Well, I don't think any of the institutes here can near Harvard... But, there are some good institutions - like IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)
@AndrewLeach Actually, its origin probably lies in being the temporal or propositional opposite of those many treatises that in Latin began with De ... ...is.
That is, one looks backwards, the other forwards.
16 will get you 20, lol.
But I’d hardly call that an “origin”.
Although arguably one could find a better From ... or Out of ... correspondent than De ... ...is.
1:08 PM
@Waffle'sCrazyPeanut You mean none of your universities are staffed by overpaid, self-important, pompous academics who have absolutely no interest in teaching and only care to advance their own political careers by publishing as much and as often as possible while stabbing each other in the back for grant money?
@terdon Wow wow, that sounds extreme, lol.
@terdon Awesome... How did you predict that? :P
@skullpatrol Hi
Here comes "he is guilty of this problem".
1:10 PM
@JasperLoy Depressingly accurate. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of good work coming from that type of university but I would not wish it on anyone as a student.
How are you @Ice Girl?
@skullpatrol I'm fine. You?
At least not in the sciences. Big universities look for people who are big names in their field which implies they might be good at doing research but in no way suggests they are good teachers. In fact, they often hate teaching and are really really bad at it.
@terdon: Actually, I should say that it's exactly what's happening here... (take that to extreme) :D
Damn then :)
1:12 PM
Fine thanks @Ice Girl
@skullpatrol :D
Serial-starring, eh? Hmm...
The stars are twinkling ;-)
Indeed. Sometimes they burn out when they run out of fuel
1:16 PM
@terdon: I might start ranting if you excite me with the right amplitude... But well, I can point you to my blog post, where I've already ranted about my education system :D
Heh, I can imagine.
@terdon: wp.me/p3OCmi-6y - Might not be very interesting... (It's a rant! How can that be interesting?) But, that's what's going on in my college...
Would anyone kindly improve text letter
1:28 PM
fincing ??
@AndrewLeach Thanks. I wrote it in a hurry.
And it's one huge sentence.
It has to be printed now.
run-on sentence? really? @AndrewLeach
Why aren’t vice-presidents vice presidents? Why are lieutenant commanders lieutenant commanders and petty officers petty officers, yet major generals aren’t major generals?
1:30 PM
I wanted to make it sound more formal. I would like any ideas on that.
Not necessarily a run-on sentence (although thus is suspect), but just too long.
Formal is matter-of-fact, not fancy words.
Don’t forget to breathe.
@AndrewLeach So, aside from the spelling mistake, you don't see a major problem in it?
@bivoc I agree that the sentence is way too long. Also, you want three day not tree day and Mr X is also a full time employee.
Oh, I got it.
1:35 PM
We are issuing this letter to certify that the person mentioned as Mr. X also a resident of :country: and holder of id no
:###: is currently our designated overseas agent and full-time employee of our company :company:. We have recently requested that he travel to :country: on a three-day business trip, and we kindly ask you to extend him all appropriate assistance and permission.
^^ much better.
I have no idea what the bit after that is attempting to say.
I would still say ... is currently our designated overseas agent and A full-time employee...
Oh yes. Missed that.
Not capitalized of course, just a.
The last bit could be something like : ... all appropriate assistance and permission. We hereby declare that we can fulfill all obligations with respect to financing his voyage or bearing responsibility for any problems that may arise.
But I don't really speak legalese.
1:38 PM
@AndrewLeach I wanted to emphasis on the importance that, the company will take care of any unfortunate incidents that may happen during travel times. Like death, accidents e.t/.c... Embassies want to know who is responsible in events of that nature.
That's good.
copy/pasta :)
@bivoc If you copied my bit, make sure to copy the one I just edited. I had a typo.
@terdon Yeah, I did.
@AndrewLeach Shouldn't there out to be, a comma after the name? as shown here:
1:42 PM
> person mentioned as Mr. john, also a resident
To separate also from the name? Otherwise, also could be confused as part of the name.
Yes; and that means one after "id no X" -- before is -- as well.
@bivoc Personally, I would remove the also. What is it doing there? Also means as well as or in addition to. Having it there implies that Mr X is a resident of foo and also a resident of bar.
@terdon Good point. I removed it.
My version (which is not necessarily better than Adrew's):
This letter is to certify that Mr. X, a resident of :country: and holder of id no
:###:, is currently our designated overseas agent and a full-time employee of our company :company:. We have recently requested that he travel to :country: on a three-day business trip, and we kindly ask you to extend to him all appropriate assistance and permission.
Though I'm not at all sure that permission can be extended. Perhaps we kindly ask you to grant him all appropriate assistance and permission.
@AndrewLeach ?
1:48 PM
Grant is good.
Damnatio ad bestias (Latin for "condemnation to beasts") was a form of capital punishment in which the condemned were maimed on the circus arena or thrown to a cage with wild animals, often lions. It was brought to ancient Rome around the 2nd century BC. In Rome, damnatio ad bestias was used as entertainment and was part of the inaugural games of the Flavian Amphitheatre. From the 1st to 3rd centuries AD, this penalty was mainly applied to the worst criminals, slaves, and early Christians. == History == === Asia === The exact purpose of the early damnatio ad bestias is not known and mig...
There seems to be a vague, or phase of uncertainty between the end of the first sentence and the beginning of the next.
> ..full-time employee of our company :company:. We have recently requested..
I know that's how sentences are written, but they don't connect.
Shouldn't the first sentence end by carrying some information to the next?
1:53 PM
Not necessarily.
Fact A. Fact B. Request.
You don't need
Fact A and Fact B therefore Request.
> ..full-time employee of our company :company:. Thus, we have recently requested..
Just a little tweak, no?
Not necessary.
And actually, the request does not follow directly from his employment.
Otherwise every employee would be going.
Makes sense.
If you want, though as Andrew points out it is really not necessary, you could add something like "Therefore, in light of our recent request for him to travel to :country:..."
1:59 PM
Bear in mind that it may be read by someone whose first language is not English. It should be kept as simple as possible.
True. Mind you, these bureaucrat types all speak legalese anyway.
2:33 PM
@AndrewLeach I cry to exist in this horrible world. What is this "to?"
I don't like "therefore, in light of".
A therefore is a "because of X". But an in light of is a "because of Y".
is "Gypsy" an offensive, disrespectful or inappropriate word to use when referring to romani people in Romania?
So either you're missing an and, or you should drop one of them. Or just reword it all.
@user8153 to is a particle. But "I cry to exist"?
@Alex any word at all can be used in an offensive and disrespectful manner.
2:39 PM
oh no, not the Gypsies again
But there's George, he'll tell you better.
well... it's just that i've used it a few times and i didn't think there was anything wrong with it at the time
i didn't use it to insult anyone
generally speaking Alex, no it's not offensive or inappropriate. at least not in the same sense a word like nigger would be considered offensive in America or other western places.
i see
2:41 PM
Well, the Romanians say nigger and don't mean it in a disrespectful or offensive way.
it is not technically the correct term for the Romani people, but it is not offensive
And euphemisms treadmills never lead anywhere anyway.
yeah Reg, but for example, every Romanian and their mother and brother say "ţigan" all the time to refer to them.
whereas you'd have a hard time finding someone in America who is willing to say "nigger" in public
that's the comparison I was making.
@GeorgePompidou except for half the population.
But yeah I know what you mean.
I read JSB's stuff so I'm up to date.
hehe, I guess. people are careful about that word these days. even the racist ones.
oh, good ^.^
well, my perspective is from a very multiracial city, so I suppose that's why I don't hear much public racism.
2:45 PM
Anyway. I can use any word at all to mean "dirty stinking motherfucker that should rot in hell", and I can use that exact same word to mean "my fellow countryman with whom I like to drink and chill and who's cooler than myself in more ways than there are ways". It's not the word that matters, it's how I use it.
No word at all means anything in and of itself. It's just a placeholder for a thought.
I figured out how to type ţ on my workstation.
and ş
no you didn't!
@RegDwigнt I could not agree with you more. you should tell that to all Americans.
I figured out how to type ы.
I figured out how to type
2:48 PM
You mistyped "how to lie".
did I?
You did. That's why it is a lie.
everyone in the environments in which I grew up in the US is so infinitely fucking over-sensitive and concerned about the most particular things they pick out in language, and they're so self-satisfied with being sensitive about those things that they ignore real offensive language.
@RegDwigнt you'll never be able to prove it.
@MattЭллен I just did. That was not never.
2:49 PM
@GeorgePompidou I'm offended at your use of the word "self-satisfied" to describe Americans.
@RegDwigнt I just undid what you did.
damn, I've offended another person.
feels self-satisfied
@RegDwigнt hmm, yes, fair point. However, the therefore is "because of the stuff I said up to now" while in light of is "in light of the stuff I will talk about now". Still, you're quite right it is repetitive.
@GeorgePompidou blame Canada.
2:50 PM
sings the song from South Park
The other day I saw a nice documentary about Ireland. I never realized just how much they did not like the English.
poor Canada. they literally did nothing. ever. they're just our harmless comically large hat.
I mean, they couldn't even pick a side in the WWII. They were neutral.
@GeorgePompidou you're their harmful, morbidly obese trousers
yep. giant fat rolls.
2:52 PM
@GeorgePompidou Considering the track record of their southern neighbors doing "nothing" as you called it is a definite improvement.
is everyone being defensive of Canada now?
Nope. I am talking about the Irish in point of fact.
nah, just poking fun at the US :D
I do that all the time and people yell at me for it!
I guess just tchrist
I see him as like twelve angry people.
So anyway, in one city, they were, um, whatchacall it, re-staging some battle? In proper costumes and all?
2:53 PM
oh, right, yeah. Well he wasn't listening...
"Today I invaded 4 countries, financed wars on 7 more, changes my laws to give my goverment sweeping powers of surveillance and helped spread nuclear weapons in the middle east. What did you do?" "Umm... nothing."
Sounds pretty damn good to me.
So anyway, some people naturally played the Nazis, and the reporter asked them how it felt, and they went "Why, it's no problem at all. And at any rate better than having to play a Brit".
Just means they fit that role better.
2:55 PM
And then they drove around the town in tanks and as if to prove the point, absolutely everyone booed at the English and absolutely everyone applauded the Germans.
@terdon we're making money, man. that's what it's all about, getting stacked. we are loaded rednecks and you are broke rednecks.
@RegDwigнt Why would it feel like anything in particular to play the Nazis? Did they have to re-enact the gas chambers or something?
But they weren't applauding in any assholish "HURRR IMA NAZI look there's NAZIS coming DERP" kind of way. But rather in a cutesy "hey look someone's coming who's not English" kind of way.
It was really quite funny and sweet.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Because Nazis are internationally demonised
2:56 PM
What ever did you do to those poor people, Matt?
saw Reg talking like that and now thinks it's cool
hurr durrr!
@MattЭллен Yeah. But... it's a reenactment? Like, someone has to play the bad guy.
@RegDwigнt personally? I was a tourist a couple of times.
Feb 18 '11 at 16:16, by RegDwight
"Opera 99.5%, Webkit 98%, FireFox 71% (oh dear), IE hurr IMA BROWSARRRR".
But Cromwell was a right bastard
2:57 PM
Feb 18 '11 at 16:16, by RegDwight
user image
@MattЭллен Nazi's what are internationally demonized?
@GeorgePompidou Ha! True enough, though calling Canada broke is kind of ridiculous.
@GeorgePompidou are
@MattЭллен I best liked how at the end they had a Churchill congratulate the troops in an inpenetrable Irish accent.
2:59 PM
how could one, in general, penetrate an Irish accent?
Remember that there was not a single actual German or Brit around for the occasion. Just some village in the middle of nowhere.
@terdon Yeah. Also redneck. Most of us are urban. We have rednecks but it's not an accurate characterization of Canada.
@GeorgePompidou Your comical stereotyping is inaccurate, sir!
@RegDwigнt what are those percentages?
Which contrasted rather nicely with another Irish village they visited where 60% of the population were Brazilians.
nah, it's accurate.
100% trust me.
I'm a statisticisticisian

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