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12:00 AM
@syb0rg the effect is awesome though
@Mat'sMug Yeah, I just need to figure out how to speed it up. I tried a few things before but none of them gave the result I wanted.
Better late than never...
Q: Tired of FizzBuzz yet?

PhrancisThere have been many FizzBuzz questions lately, and here is one more! Granted, it is pretty straightforward to do FizzBuzz with SQL using calculations. So instead, I'm going to do a FizzBuzz which will not only be functional, but demonstrate some of the core functions of SQL in general and MySQL...

I better toss Dagg some votes for being so helpful.
Q: Tired of FizzBuzz yet?

PhrancisThere have been many FizzBuzz questions lately, and here is one more! Granted, it is pretty straightforward to do FizzBuzz with SQL using calculations. So instead, I'm going to do a FizzBuzz which will not only be functional, but demonstrate some of the core functions of SQL in general and MySQL...

@CaptainObvious ...obviously.
12:15 AM
@Mat'sMug is this overkill? lol
@Mat'sMug Well, I sped up the animation, but it still is appearing above all of the text.
@Phrancis just a tiny little bit ;)
I just ran it over 100,000 numbers instead of 100 and exec in 3.5 sec
12:33 AM
My poor little brain is all fizzbuzzed.
Speaking of, when are we going to see your FiM++ fizzbuzz @Mat'sMug? =P
Speaking of, when are we going to see your FiM++ fizzbuzz @Mat'sMug? =P
My fiancé has been calling it "Pony Code"
Speaking of, when are we going to see your FiM++ fizzbuzz @Mat'sMug? =P
Holy chatroom it's active today!
@ckuhn203 when I know that the code works! ;)
@Phrancis You're making me want to make my Brainfuck code more flexible.
Self note: When you write the name of that language, don't misspell "Brain" to "Brian".
12:47 AM
FizzPlop ... sounds dirty...
@ckuhn203 I feel like posting a selfie.. but I'll wait if you're on it. are you?
Not any time soon. Go for it.
I think I've decided that I hate VBA and am now in love with my brackets and semicolons.
1:08 AM
that didn't take too long ;)
It's weird seeing you write in a modern style in vba @Mat'sMug. Every time I go to say "don't do that", I stop and go... Yeah. Vba sucks.
..don't do what?
The one line if statements bother me, but I get it and they're not abusive.
yeah.. I just can't convince myself to go If {condition} Then {newline} Exit Sub {newline} End If
maybe I should
Some of them get a bit long maybe. Maybe it just weirds me out that there's no End If. Seriously, there's nothing wrong with it.
1:14 AM
hey @jt0dd
Do you have your StringFormat code posted anywhere? I'd really like to steal use that.
your meta posts remind me of when I started being active on CR :)
Haha nice
@Mat'sMug He's had 3 in a row, formatted just the way you format yours.
@jt0dd Welcome back btw
1:16 AM
@ckuhn203 of course!
Q: How can I get rid of SELECT...CASE and GOTO in this string formatting helper function?

Mat's MugA while ago I implemented .net's string.Format() method in VB6; it works amazingly well, but I'm sure there has to be a way to make it more efficient. I'll start by listing a simple class called EscapeSequence: Private Type tEscapeSequence EscapeString As String ReplacementString As Str...

You rock cuz. Thanks!
I'd recommend grabbing the long-winded mega-function with GOTO's though
(the object-oriented version does perform better, but requires a truckload of classes!)
I once saw a professor use a goto unnecessarily. I lost a bit of respect for him after that.
@jt0dd my first meta post:
Q: 1000 days in beta: let's make CR t-shirts

Mat's MugAs of 2013-09-05, Area 51 stats for CodeReview are as follows: Days in beta: 960. Questions per day: 19.4. Healthy at 15, need work at 5. Check. Answered Questions: 89%. Healthy at 90%. So we're anywhere between 88.5% and 89.4%: I'd love to see the actual decimals. I'm sure we can bring this m...

1:18 AM
I saw that one
wow so you actually scraped the meta site? :D
Lol, it was a top post
@jt0dd So you know who @rob0t is?
I like the Code Approved one
Ahh, so you didn't read every question on meta then :)
1:21 AM
Noope. I try and look at the big stuff. Browsed a bit
it's great to see some nice activity from newer members, I'm sure SE noticed.
wow, looking back at the 1000 days post...
> Visits per Day: 8,064
SE actually does browse the crap out of Meta
front page:
> 22,237 visitors/day
Dang. Nice numbers
> Questions per day: 19.4
> 30.1
1:24 AM
That's weak, right? 20Qs per day?
we've grown so much in a year!
a site is deemed healthy at 15
Hmm.. cool
I'd venture to say it's better than most beta sites :)
I don't think we could support much more than 20 questions a day currently.
Maybe I'm wrong though.
without growing a zombie population?
we've been ~30 Q/day for quite a while now
1:26 AM
I've been zombie hunting the JS Queue. I'm working on a good one now, asked on the 16th
JavaDeveloper hasn't been helping with that number either.
And keeping the zombies at bay. Holding steady at around 770 or so.
There are 770 Zombs?
@syb0rg but his questions generated answers that generated quite some rep!
I seriously might deign a zombie hunter shirt for SE and submit it via meta..
Graphic Designer ftw
1:27 AM
@Mat'sMug True, but he seriously needs to become a reviewer.
btw, day 1049:
17.8 Q's, 12.8K visitors
I'm generating a JSON structure for a 1MB 100,000+ English word list right now, anyone know a good place for me to share it?
It's in associative format to be referenced very fast. I can't believe one didn't exist anywhere already.. Like.. You can't check whether or not a word exists without this..
@jt0dd you never know, the crazy folks at SE could very well print it and give one to all top users after graduation!
hmm.. GitHub?
774 at the moment @jt0dd
1:31 AM
A data set on GitHub? I guess I could pair it with a few functions
make a web service?
@jt0dd I've seen it before.
@Mat'sMug This guy talks about it, his article is linked all over related SE Qs: ejohn.org/blog/dictionary-lookups-in-javascript
I'm using his solution more or less. If you could see my solution for generating the JSON.. The programming gods would be furious
1:40 AM
hehe.. put it up for review?
Have a look: I'm running this loop with a 50ms delay to keep the page from crashing, but what's more insane is that I'm generating the JSON onto the document body
I might, just for fun.
Since it's a one off script, why not just build up a dictionary and JSON.stringify?
I've been running that page for 30 minutes.. It's still in the A's
I also would do it in something other than a web browser.... :p
@Corbin because it's 100,000+ items
I know xD I was too lazy to run it in Node
1:44 AM
So? You're just using this to generate the JSON, correct?
But yes, with 100,000 items, the page crashes using JSON.Stringify
Then again, I suppose no reason to use twice as much time and 100,000 times the memory.
Yeah, you'd likely have to get into node
Q: Consolidate/Optimize these functions

user2867494I have this code to check a couple conditions before allowing a play button from becoming visible. Is there anything to do to consolidate this code, possibly shrink it down some? var isNodeWebkit = (typeof process == "object"); // check if using node app var downloadURL = 'https://www.microsoft....

Yep. I'll try and see if Node can beast through it.
another thing, @Corbin , is that I haven't worked with writing to files with Node.
@jt0dd Looks like that question ^^^ is calling your name @jt0dd
1:54 AM
Though I was too lazy to have it write back out, so you would just redirect it into a file (i.e. node blah.js > file.json)
Also, I take no responsibility for the quality of that code. No idea what the node norms are. Just went for the first thing that came to mind :p
@Corbin Nice!
Q: Advice needed in refactoring/cleaning up my javascript code

angstdI am fairly new to Javascript. I have written a website that works as designed. However, I have a strong feeling that my code could be heavily refactored. Can anyone see anything, besides line spacing, that I could do to clean up my code? var i1 = document.createElement("img"); var i2 = document...

2:10 AM
^^^^ needs a patient reviewer.
And more context for a better title.
I was thinking the same
the 'working code' link does not have images working
I thought that would be useful for a decent title.
but no joy
@syb0rg I'm working on a review for that one
First of all, I'm suggesting that he never think the string "Silverlight" again. Then I'm suggesting a few optimizations and simplifications. Mostly looks good
But man... silverlight...
@rolfl And I guess more title filters won't help.
Has anyone seen WebGL? It makes Silverlight unnecessary.
It's incredible.. We can now build Photoshop and all Adobe-level tools in the browser, believe it or not.
The world is going web. You C and Java guys have about 30 years left in your line of work, so start working with JS.. (Or retire by then)
2:18 AM
Hey @all
@jt0dd that is a sweeping, generalised statement, that people like me have been hearing for 25 years already
@jt0dd I certainly hope that isn't true; even though I could see that happening.
Not going to happen, not everyone has access to the "web" (although they have a computer)
more importantly, why will the web have a browser, and why will it be running javascript?
What if JavaScript gets pushed away and some new language is made that just blows everyone away!
2:23 AM
Screw JavaScript. FiM++ will become the next best thing!
@jt0dd operating systems and web browsers will be written in JS? That will be an interesting day indeed.
@Jamal you soooo beat me to it by a mere split second!
@jt0dd that's pitiful, of course you can do that.... ;-) Have you seen that you can run a complete (modern) OS in javascript? linux.slashdot.org/story/13/11/12/161227/…
Oh @Mat'sMug, don't suppose you got the interpreter up and running!?
haven't tried actually
2:29 AM
Q: Deepest left leaf node in a binary tree

JavaDeveloperGiven a Binary Tree, find the deepest leaf node that is left child of its parent. This question is attributed to GeeksForGeeks. Looking for code-review, optimizations and best practices. public class DeepestLeftLeaf<T> { private TreeNode<T> root; /** * Constructs a binary tree i...

There goes JD...
is it me or it's been about tree structures for quite a while?
Tree structures? yes, I always thought having a treehouse would be interesting too
@rolfl for 25 years? The web was crap until V8
2:49 AM
A: Checking conditions before allowing a play button to become visible

jt0ddOk first of all.. AHHH. Silverlight. Silverlight was a flop. WebGL, on the other hand, is the future of handling anything that anyone ever thought Silverlight might do. If you want to maintain highly supported, future-proof practices, start doing some WebGL research. It's INCREDIBLE. Silverlight...

@jt0dd I go back to before the web, when archie, veronica, bbs, and gopher were hip
The web is fleeting
@rolfl I'm interested, what do you mean?
the web is what, 20 years old? and it is already web 2.0 ....
Things like apps, google glass, and other mediums are going to make browser-based systems obsolete at any moment
Oh, that type of web. I thought you meant the internet was fleeting.
Well, the internet is at risk as well
2:58 AM
@rolfl At risk of being replaced by what? People are addicted to communicating?
in it's current format, well, I suspect that IP6 will throw some curve-balls, but, the internet will become compartamentalized
laws, and cultures are going to fragment and silo some things
@rolfl They already are!
The concept of youtube not playing your video because you are in the wrong country.... that's going to increase
good-bye world-wide web?
3:14 AM
hello yellow brick road
@AlexL thanks for the tiny bit of sarcasm lol.
3:30 AM
@Phrancis It was impressive
I was thinking more but I appreciate you see it that way
Q: Binary search implementation in java

Arun PrakashI'm not getting any output for this program which i wrote. Whats wrong in this program? package com.array.demo; public class BinarySearchh { public static void main(String[] args) { int[] arr = { 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 17, 18, 19 }; int search = 11; int len = arr.length; int low =...

Zombie taken down
@Phrancis - still there?
selfie draft saved - I'll wait a day or two before posting it :)
good night @all!
3:45 AM
I've looked at it and tried to decide whether I should look again.
then I decided that it was a crazy abuse of a tool that was not designed for the purpose.
The only sensible review for it is: don't use SQL to do FizzBuzz
Yay! Our meta tag query is empty.
Do I need to add some tags to it?
I don't think so. I'm just looking at , and it's small enough to clean up by itself. Are there any other tags we're considering burninating?
Well, I added some anyway, and I can remove them again
Yeah, the three "Database Design Review" are the most problematic ones. The single one with may be okay.
3:59 AM
@rolfl better late than never
@rolfl That is probably wise advice, however I guess I succumbed to peer pressure :)
Oh... my.... I will pray tonight that no one ever uses this: javatophp.com
@rolfl may I steal that?
A: Tired of FizzBuzz yet?

Mat's MugI think your scripts could use a bit more vertical whitespace; maybe it's the uppercasing, but I find this: BEGIN SET SEARCH_PATH = PhrancisFizzBuzz; -- call populate function with input parameters PERFORM fncPopulateFizzBuzz( prmMaxNumber, prmFizz, prmBuzz, prmWoof, prmPing...

> Convert JAVA projects to PHP!
@Mat'sMug I bet it's worth it
4:04 AM
I wonder what @SimonAndréForsberg's sudoku solver looks like in !
@Mat'sMug yes.... and +1
allright TTGTB for real now :)
the fact that java->php conversion is possible is a great testament to the nature of Java
@Mat'sMug Haha yea didn't you say that a while ago? ;) nigth
Unfortunatly, when you read the title of that page, it is JAVA to PHP Converter ... and I don't know many JAVA programs that are worth converting
4:17 AM
Weird... and haven't been burninated automatically. Would the reason be... caching? :P
Q: Rotating Text in Circular Pattern Using JavaFX

John ConnerJust wanted to see what you all thought about my program, I basically have two different classes that I designed to allow for automated wrapping of text in a circular pattern. This is my first bit of useful and reusable code. Let me know what can be improved or added, thanks in advance. Here are...

4:39 AM
Hi @kleinfreund
Hey @Phrancis
@kleinfreund Morning
Hi @AlexL
Oo boy! I have the most votes this week! So special
4:50 AM
Q: Whats the best approach to report exceptions to the caller?

JackI have the following code that return integer values to report type of the raised exception to the caller of the method and eventually user of the application. I suppose it is not the best way to do it. Is there any better approach? int returnVar = myObject.myMethod(); switch(returnVar){ ...

@CaptainObvious pseudo-code?
@CaptainObvious yep
5:30 AM
morning @all
today, put the problems next to me and start coding again to some new stuff, had it with searching for problems :)
@chillworld Hey!
hey @AlexL
gratz for the most votes ;)
Oh ha thanks, looking to get to 600. That should bring in a gold badge! my first
let's see if I can help ;)
@chillworld Oh, I meant 600 votes on questions, for the Electorate badge!
Thanks @santa ;)
5:37 AM
that wasn't santa ;)
voila done ;)
SO is so degrading latest time
:D Thanks
you can't get an answer on real difficult problems
@chillworld They get swept into the abyss of the n00b questions
I think it
have stupid problem with java melody, I created ticket at there site itself (what isn't the correct place but I get there a reaction, for the moment not an answer but they are occupied I gues)
thx alex for voting the SO questions
@chillworld I'll get your cr account on a day where it will help you most!
btw, your website link is genius xD
5:50 AM
Had to put something for getting the badge ;)
now back to work ;)
Q: Sending SMS to mobile number

Govind Singh NagarkotiI am trying to send SMS using Twilio with Scala 2.10 in Playframework 2.2, but this code is looking odd to me, maybe due to lots of conditions. I'm sure it needs some important reviews. val invalidEX = List(21211, 21614, 21608, 30006, 30005, 21604, 21601, 14101) val reachEX = List(21612, 30004)...

6:09 AM
Q: Are "Rants" valid in an answer?

Ashley MedwayI'm not a big contributor to Code Review, at the moment more of a reader. I came across this post: Checking conditions before allowing a play button to become visible Where the answer contains the following snippet: Ok first of all.. Silverlight Rant. Silverlight was a flop. WebGL, o...

6:29 AM
@chillworld That's exactly my point. Getting answers on SO on difficult problems. Ugh...
Q: CLI references wrong npm version

kleinfreund Installed node.js v0.10.29 with .msi (includes npm v1.4.14) npm install -g npm (updating npm to v1.4.20) npm -v: v1.4.14 (located in c:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules\npm) npm v1.4.20 is located in c:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\npm echo %path: C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA ...

Q: gulp-watch works only on initial run

kleinfreundWhat I do? Run gulp (SCSS files are being processed, I get a CSS file) I change any SCSS file again Expected: CSS file from 1. is updated with the changes from 2. What happens? CSS file from 1. isn't changed Command line output: $ gulp [09:24:28] Using gulpfile c:\Users\User\_dev\git...

@kleinfreund yes indeed, we had it latest over that. Pitty I can't help you with either 2 questions
Oh yeah, @kleinfreund is a front end guy! Heads up, it's likely I'll have a JS question soon
Q: Good performance when predicting future game states

overactorThis question is about my answer to this king-of-the-hill challenge on code golf. In short, the purpose of the challenge is to code a slime that, trough varius possible moves gains control over an 8x8 play area against 3 other slimes. The slimes get their turn one after another. I'll put my full ...

6:53 AM
@Alex I'm not the JS guy you're looking for *hand gesture*
7:09 AM
Q: Base generic DAO optimizations

user1376885I have base abstract GenericDAO class that executes CRUD operations with different kind of objects. Customer and Employee POJO classes are used in specific DAO classes that extends GenericDAO class. From my previous related question I have some unresolved problems: Questions: How to realize im...

dat Ashish guy seems to have gotten his answer ban down...
Monking btw..
lol just saw jamal's fault
btw @kleinfreund you do know that there is two Path environment variables?
Yes, I know.
are they both included in what you copied to the question?
7:21 AM
echo %path%:
C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem‌​;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files\nodejs;C:\Ruby200-x64\bin;C:\python27
try getting there with the control panel
A: Improve coding quality

Alex LWell as soon as you write up some code and get it working, ask for a review on Code Review.SE. That's almost exactly what the site is for! Plenty of people over there would be more than happy to get more rep help you write clean code.

you should be able to search through your computer for "edit the system environment variables"
CR promotion!
On replacing ;C:\Program Files\nodejs with ;%AppData%\npm\node_modules, the npm command is no longer recognized (which it should)
7:23 AM
are we graduating?
Hit Win and typing var is enoug.^^
@chillworld we had been...
lol... so both Paths are In there?
morning @Vogel612
User level path: C:\Ruby200-x64\bin;C:\python27
7:24 AM
System level path: C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common;%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System3‌​2\Wbem;%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files\nodejs
could you try adding %AppData%/npm/node_modules there?
or maybe rather %AppData% ?? :(
I did. I tried adding it to the user and/or system level. I tried it withg NODE_PATH, without ;C:\Program Files\nodejs it's just not recognizing the npm command.-
did you restart the CLI?
Every time.
See? This is driving me insane. :p
It should work by now.
agreed, that's no updating policy...
7:28 AM
I'm now updating ruby/ruby devkit.
Gahh sh.exe": npm: command not found.
With %AppData%\npm\node_modules;C:\Ruby200-x64\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem‌​;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\python27
7:50 AM
Q: Open AL/LWJGL quesitons

Rob NicholasSorry if this is kind of 'Full' of information, I am new to the Open AL API, I have used Open GL and have a good understanding of how the rendering pipeline works and just want to make sure I don't misunderstand the documentation I've read. private File soundsFolder; private File[] soundFolderF...

I should stop starting my answers with variations of "{number} small comments", they seem to get longer than intended...
8:25 AM
You could put a timer? After 10 minutes, stop adding more.
Might be detrimental to quality, though
@Pimgd it's just.. that guy had everything on separated lines and called null on a to-be-garbage-collected variable..
and shoops I had written a full page review...
oh cool it goes 'pjoing' when I'm mentioned
it always does, we usually call it PING though..
also where the heck is @skiwi??? usually he'd show up more than 2 hours earlier..
lol just find a very funny explication of what a skiwi is :)
@skiwi do you have tatoo's? :p
Monking @all
8:39 AM
monking @Nobody
8:56 AM
off to home, not very well today
cu all
@chillworld cya
@kleinfreund is it just me or is word-break: break-word; the most redundant way to formulate it?
and another gem for the meta-tags
9:48 AM
Someone should write something or the dreaded 1 hour message will appear soon!
What's 1 hour message
Jul 15 at 9:25, by Morwenn
The last message was posted 1 hour ago.
Jul 15 at 9:26, by Nobody
1 hour later…
10:11 AM
hmm... I think I'mma post a question. I can see a problem occuring and rather than adding 25 functions and THEN asking how to remove the duplication, I'll just use the 5 functions I already have and working
@chillworld Hell no.
@Vogel612 Happens when you are behind on the news, etc. and end up reading it for 2 hours on your tablet in the morning
@Vogel This is a usual thing with CSS and naming. For example words are delimited by dashes (e.g. break-word), but there is an exception: nowrap. I consider that a bug.^^
gotta love designers choices and their violations...
@Vogel612, you needed me for something?
10:20 AM
At least I was online before @SimonAndréForsberg
@skiwi no, why??
Heya @skiwi @Simon
just felt kinda alone with only frontend engineer kleinfreund to discuss stuff ;)
Because I saw a ping earlier today :p
10:23 AM
@Vogel612 Yes it was you! :P
@Mat'sMug Probably . I don't want to know.
@skiwi Yeah, today wasn't my earliest day...
Hey @kleinfreund
So many things I should do today...
@rolfl I don't know any programs worth converting to PHP.
I could write the custom log appender today somewhere
Heh, I don't get this:
 * Sets the item to the given value - should not be called directly as the
 * item is managed by the virtualized control.
public final void setItem(T value) { item.set(value); }
You should not call the method, and you cannot override it, why is it public then?
@skiwi Because there is some other package somewhere that needs to call it?
10:29 AM
this seems to need a design choice rethink...
Could be, I solve those things maybe a bit dirty with using reflectio from time to timen
Finally someone steps up to do more than two words. Next we need to have a rule for primes, rules that apply when N appears as a factor OR a digit, repetition of words when a rule applies more than once to a number, etc. At least you have a design that might be extensible enough! — David K 4 hours ago
I think that would be supported by my Brainfu... no wait...
In javafx.scene.control.Cell I found this:
 *                                                                         *
 * Expert API                                                              *
 *                                                                         *
Guess... I am an expert now?
Expert API?
Or is it a typo of Export?
Nope, Expert
 * <p>It is <strong>very important</strong> that subclasses
 * of Cell override the updateItem method properly, as failure to do so will
 * lead to issues such as blank cells or cells with unexpected content
 * appearing within them. Here is an example of how to properly override the
 * updateItem method:
Ah... that is why I had cells randomly appearing yesterday in my tables.
I figured without the documentation that I wasn't properly handling the empty parameter of the override
Ah, it even provides a blueprint of how to override it
Leads me to wonder why they didn't call this method then updateItemInternal, and provided a public updateItem to be modified
10:34 AM
Q: C - Mapping enum to function

PimgdI'm writing code for an embedded device - specifically, a camera. The idea is different camera manufacturers can implement the code so it properly works with their camera. Here, I'm encapsulating the request/response library we're using, because it's complicated to deal with, and we want to use ...

I should also read the documentation after finding an SO answer.
I hope such a question is allowed here because I'm feeling it's a really easy question that should belong on SO
Q: C - Mapping enum to function

PimgdI'm writing code for an embedded device - specifically, a camera. The idea is different camera manufacturers can implement the code so it properly works with their camera. Here, I'm encapsulating the request/response library we're using, because it's complicated to deal with, and we want to use ...

oh yeah, I forgot, capt posts the questions
@Pimgd I think it's a good question, lots of background as well.
Doesn't mean that it would be invalid on SO though
10:38 AM
Yeah, but on SO I think I would get "No, such a thing is not possible without doing either of the things you mentioned" and then I'm like "okay... " and I have the feeling the scope of this site will lead to more varied answers "no, but what you could do..."
I just hope the code is of real high quality (still need to read it thoroughly), when it is going to end up in real devices ultimately.
this reminds me of how you can abuse java enums...
I wish it was java, I'd just use HashMap
chillworld had that zk-mapping question a while back.
Hey, amon is back! (but not in chat)
10:39 AM
@Pimgd then you still have the mem-footprint problem..
at least for the RAM. It's easier to have static mappings in ROM.
That code definitely needs Java, for enum mappings.
@Pimgd: C and C++? Can't you decide for one?
It's compiled as C++ for now. But I'm writing it C style because it will be C later on. But since I'm testing on Win32 I have to compile as C++, cause the win32 adapter for the library we're using is in C++... and it's in source, not a binary.
Oh @Pimgd, just now I notice it is your code :P
Does ANSI C mean that you cannot use any of the std::array, std::vector, etc., etc. classes?
The C standard library is the standard library for the C programming language, as specified in the ANSI C standard. It was developed at the same time as the C POSIX library, which is a superset of it. Since ANSI C was adopted by the International Organization for Standardization, the C standard library is also called the ISO C library. The C standard library provides macros, type definitions, and functions for tasks like string handling, mathematical computations, input/output processing, memory allocation and several other operating system services. == Application programming interface == ��3...
10:44 AM
I would so want to provide proper commit messages, etc. at work, but since I need to use VPN and no issue tracker at the moment the commits happen like every few days with "New working build.", it makes me a bit sad.
certain things yes, certain things no
I don't know if std::array and std::vector are included in that
std vector is c++
that's not gonna work in c
@jt0dd Ever heard of Google Web Toolkit (GWT) ?
Should I just remove the C++ tag? It could be complicating the question too much
@skiwi I tend to forget to make a commit after I have made changes, so I often do not remember what I actually have changed.
Q: Selenium java: errorRecovery

ApjuhI have the following code to select an image using Selenium, only now i have added an errorRecovery and my question is if there is a better way to wright the code in the catch. public static void selectHeader() { try { WebDriverWait wait = new WebDriverWait(driver, 20); w...

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Hmmh, I just removed the C++ tag since people will just get confused otherwise
time for lunch =D
@SimonAndréForsberg You can always look back at your changes and see what you have changed... Though it makes only sense if the commit messages are actually being looked into, and that is just not going to happen with how SVN is set up at work.
A: Selenium java: errorRecovery

skiwiJudging by the overall structure it looks quite good, I would change a few things though with respect to formatting: Your public static void selectHeader() { line seems to be off, might've been due to putting the code here, you should remove 4 blanks. Take as example this line: wait.until(Expe...

dat insta-answer.....
@Vogel612 Later your question will be eaten, if not by others...
which question of mine?
@skiwi Yes I know, there is always git diff. I tend to not care enough about the commit messages as I'm mostly using it just for myself.
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@Vogel612 The one you just posted

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