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12:16 AM
@fredsbend now that's a busy chat room :). We almost have 24/7 convos in there thanks to a healthy number of folks from the other side of the planet being regulars
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2:25 AM
Q: Tag synonym: bible-interpretation -> exegesis

curiousdanniiThe bible-interpretation tag continues to get used a lot. I retag it to exegesis when I see it, but I think it should be made a formal synonym. (Also, I think I'll edit the exegesis wiki - saying it's the "critical interpretation" makes it sound too academic, or possibly limited to source or hig...

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4:12 AM
New blog post! Awakening Ways
well that was fun
wife's phone was just stolen. Thankfully non-violently
but still had to run through all my lockout protocols
@AJHenderson Did someone just pluck it off a table and run away or something like that?
I almost feel bad for the thief, he just got himself caught on video stealing a worthless phone that has been locked out, has a locate ping and further lock down ping sitting on it if he makes the mistake of connecting to wifi, the phone has been IEMA disabled so it can't be activated and it has a bad power connector so it can't even be reliably charged
asked if they could make a phone call with some story, then just walked away with it
@AJHenderson Bahaha. It pays (better) to not steal a phone from a tech-savvy person. :P
yeah, they are basically screwed 7 different ways to Sunday
and it even kind of works out well for me because the phone was stolen in working condition, which means I can file an insurance claim
where as had it finished dying, I would have been out of luck
and I have another old phone I can move her to
so I will actually make money on her phone getting stolen
4:23 AM
@AJHenderson Ha, that's funny.
hmm, actually, I guess I won't make money. $500 deductible exceeds the value of the phone
but still, not really a substantial loss
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10:44 AM
@El'endiaStarman I like it! I think it's reasonably clear from context, but if you'd like to improve your style just a teensy bit more with respect to clarity, you might consider including the adjective 'Spiritual' in the second sentence of your 'Staying Awake/Falling Back Asleep' paragraph.
11:40 AM
@bruisedreed I actually didn't look over that post nearly as much as usual, which might explain that. :P Anyway, I think your suggestion is a good one, and I've included it. :)
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1:53 PM
Q: Have one million Christians been persecuted to death or exile in Iraq by jihadis?

CincinnatusOn the Breitbart News Network is the claim In a region where Christians predate Muslims by centuries, over one million Christians have been killed or have had to flee because of jihadi persecution, while America is basically standing by and watching. Is it true that one million Christians h...

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4:44 PM
> Jewish identity is matrilinial. Jewish tribal lineage is patrilinial.

If Jesus had no biological father, then he could not be from the tribe of Judah, as the Messiah will be. From a Jewish perspective, the irony is that being born of a virgin would not prove that one was the Messiah. On the contrary it would **invalidate** one as a messianic candidate.
My mind is blown by this documentary on the Star of Bethlehem, idk how true it is but the book of Revelations might be based on what happened in space at 3 bc.
I'm only halfway through. In the video, what John saw in the Book of Revelations was the loop of Jupiter (the king planet) around Regulas (the king star) three times, at the feet of the Leo (Lion of Judah) constellation. The constellation of Virgo (Virgin Mary) was clothed in the sun and had the moon under her feet.
My mind is blown. I don't know how real this is, I probably need to watch it a second time or so but I am just speechless right now. Consider the following scripture:
Revelation 12:1
@Zoe It's pretty incredible, yeah.
@El'endiaStarman I just cannot believe it, it's amazing!
5:23 PM
Do you think it's possible to use space math to calculate when Christ would return based on the signs given in the Bible?
5:34 PM
@Zoe My first question about this is whether John and those living in his time and place recognized the constellations of "the Lion", "the Virgin", et al. I don't suppose we have proof of this?
@MattGutting We do not know if they rrecognied it. But whatever they said, matches with the space math done in the video. They could very well have seen actual images because God would have known they would not understand constellations. But whatever God showed, which John wrote, matches in this day and age with our technology. It's a surprising coincidence
@Zoe No. If not even Jesus knows when He's coming back, then there's no way that humans will be able to deduce it by any means.
@El'endiaStarman AH that's right.
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7:43 PM
@El'endiaStarman I'm reading the post - nice blog by the way! - and I do think that you're not wrong in your discussion of the cycle between "Awakened" and "un-Awakened". To quote Screwtape, "Have you never heard of the Law of Undulation?" life.biblechurch.org/slifejom/warfare-publications/…
@MattGutting Well, there is certainly a cycle between how Awake you are, but not between Awake and Asleep.
An Awakened person is one who has a personal relationship with God. An Asleep person would be one that does not have such a relationship. If someone's relationship fades gradually, they are not (yet) Asleep.
7:55 PM
@El'endiaStarman Point; but if one's relationship starts fading, isn't it all the easier to be lured into doing something that destroys or puts an insupportable burden on the relationship? It's possible, I think, that what starts as a "simple" fading can end in the death of the relationship - the falling "Asleep" again.
@MattGutting Can, yes. But once you've completely fallen away, you won't be brought back.
The "Law of Undulation" is more of a cycle between Awake and Dozing, or even Awake and Sleepy.
@El'endiaStarman See, I disagree; I think you can destroy the relationship, and you can be brought back. This is along the lines of "mortal sin" and its forgiveness.
8:16 PM
@TRiG Is that an accurate depiction of Jewish thought. That is interesting.
9:36 PM
@MattGutting Well, destroy it how?
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11:36 PM
Hello, @AJHenderson How do you see this question? Any suggestions of writing?

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