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12:00 AM
So you start with like 5 planets
@Mana I enjoy camping.
Some people call it cheating
But some people don't mind it.
I always announce if I'm doing it though.
Like I get how the game works but if I see like a massive enemy fleet coming at my ill-defended outer planet, how do I react? Pull everything off of it? Or send more units in to defend?
@Mana depends on the scenario.
do you have troops?
@Manaಠдಠ flip the fuck out
12:01 AM
@GnomeSlice heh. @John Yeah. I could easily put in enough to defend it if I wanted to.
@Mana come play!
You send ships at player 2's planet closest to player 3 to weaken it so that player 3 attacks it and you sit back and swoop in at the end.
Doesn't Galcon Fusion cost money?
We're playing the flash one.
@Mana Not the demo.
12:02 AM
@John Oh, I was playing against the CPU, 1v1
We're in Phi-2
@John which one are you, again?
Meh, I'll join again.
Alliance, everyone?
@KevinY Allies?
Which colours are everyone again?
12:07 AM
I'm down
I'm the dead one
@KevinY I'm blue
mana is mint
Q: How can I be a better god?

Dave McClellandI just started playing From Dust, and I find it rather clunky to control. While building a bridge as part of the objective, my villagers will randomly start drowning, my village will randomly get hit by a tsunami, lava will pour down the mountaintop, or any number of unfortunate things may happe...

Q: How to see the sky dimension (Sky lands)

WarfaceSince 1.6 early 1.7. Minecraft have now the sky dimension in its script. But is it accessable ? If so how can we play it and is it in SMP too ?

Q: How can I drive my competitors bankrupt?

NickCompeting malls have been opening near my mall and stealing my residents! The first time this happened I didn't really notice the effects and then a couple months later the game informed me that the other mall went out of business and it no longer appeared near my mall. I guess my mall was just t...

Do all of these games end up in giant five hour stalemates like this?
@Mana yes
12:09 AM
@Manaಠдಠ Sometimes.
@Wipqozn com play galcon with us!
we're in Phi-2
I went out to mow the lawn after losing a game of fusion before, and when I came back the same game was still going on
@John I don';t own it.
I was gone for like an hour
@Wipqozn Flash.
@Wipqozn you don't have to.
@GnomeSlice That's quite a stalemate.
12:10 AM
Wait what?
follow the link @Wipqozn
I thought you did need to buy it, and gnomeslice already did
do it
You don't have to buy it
just follow the link already!
100% it, everyone.
12:11 AM
I am literally crying with laughter right now.
Well I'm heading to bed shortly, or I would.
Do we know red and gold?
ohg, galcon fusion is the one you pay for
So what are the differences between fusion and regular galcon?
@Wipqozn Flash is the only one you don't pay for
12:12 AM
@KevinY No we don't
@Wipqozn Fusion has more game modes, and more game customization. You can have much bigger maps in fusion
@GnomeSliceツ ah I see.
@KevinY You're totally about to feed me and orange to red.
well I'll save that link then
It's right here
12:14 AM
@John Omnomnom.
@KevinY -_-
@John, @Kev, go on red together
Or he's definitely going to win
Ok. @KevinY?
12:15 AM
@John I think your only hope here is to team up on Yellow or Red with Salmon
@Mana salmon is @KevinY
wait which one's Kevin?
that would explain him being more social
There we go. I love using my bio as storage.
@kevin take those planets back
oh, I can't seem to link my bio
12:17 AM
"I also use this as a form of storage when I'm too lazy to e-mail myself something or write it down:
@GnomeSliceツ thank you :) here, have a star
I want a star too! I was a good boy, right? :P
@John I wish I could give you an anti-star
@DaveMcClelland :(
@John I would give you a star, but it's funnier to not give you one.
12:19 AM
@Wipqozn :(
You should just star it so that the funny quote appears on the left
I don't get what the advantage is of letting a player take your planet using only one ship and then taking it back
@Mana You're taunting other people to waste ships on it.
@John except you would also be down a ship
But...don't you have to lose a ship to take it back, so it evens out?
@Manaಠдಠ In the other games, there's a stalemate counter that starts if no planets are exchanged for a while.
12:21 AM
@Mana You don't take it back if someone commits a large fleet to it
Often, people trade a planet back and forth to keep the timer from running out
@GnomeSliceツ I never realized Galcon was so popular that these "strategies" existed.
@KevinY Many many more exist also.
I read the forum.
@KevinY It's not really a strategy.
The game gets very diplomatic.
12:22 AM
Basically, once the timer gets down to like 4 seconds left before annoihilating everyone, someone gives up a planet, and then takes it back
How do you manage how many ships you send out at once?
@Mana still there?
@Manaಠдಠ Mouse wheel, or number keys.
When I select a planet and then right-click on another it sends like half my planet.
Oh, okay.
@Manaಠдಠ Lol... The default is 50%
It sends exactly half your planet.
Also, right clicking doesn't work in the flash game (?)
That's enough Galcon for a while.
12:25 AM
@Mana peace bro
@Mana you dick.
No votes for you.
we 3 should form an alliance.
@Mana? @GnomeSlice?
Bit late
how about now?
@John Lol, we're about as far away from one another as it gets
@GnomeSlice It can still help though...
12:30 AM
I'm telling you. Allies help.
Okay, so Gnome's Green, John's Blue, and Kevin's Salmon, right?
If Kevin didn't leave.
Okay, I'm tealy green. Alliance formed.
@John I did leave...
12:31 AM
@Manaಠдಠ Mint
@Mana The game calls that one mint.
okay mint
A team is the ONLY way to successfully fight clones.
@John Or large players
@GnomeSlice You're in this alliance right?
@GnomeSlice Not over many games.
12:32 AM
@John Alliance?
Oh, whoops
Jesus @GnomeSlice
shakes head
12:33 AM
lol np
Which accounts were the clones?
white yellow and red
If we hit them both at once in the next game, he should get wrecked.
Yeah, well he keeps changing his colors
12:33 AM
You can't without an account.
Yes you can.
Try typing /purple
Or /green
"You must buy Galcon in order to change color"
Except I'm green
Wait what?
12:34 AM
Yup, you need an account.
That's the message I get.
Where making this shit happen
afk for 4 seconds...
We all get destroyed right off the bat....
This sucks.
This is why I only really play Galcon fusion to chat anymore.
Well, that backfired.
12:38 AM
Red had it in for you
You kept on saying he was empty and I saw only two planets, so I assumed I'd be able to grab a stronger tactical position and eliminate him easily
that was you
Well he WAS empty, but nobody killed him
12:40 AM
So much for this alliance
Eh... I've had enough too.
Sorry guys
No one is chatting
And I'm always dead
Hey cool, check out the main post on galcon.com
Phil Hassey did a charity game or something.
12:56 AM
Hurray, I won a game!
And then I got pathetically annihilated in the next.
Is there a way to see edit history of ninja edits before they start showing up as actual revisions?
Ah bollocks
wanted to buy this: 8faces.com
can't afford it until Friday, they've already sold 3/4 of the copies
1:11 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I raise you
Why don't I get pretty inline video? :(
@DaveMcClelland It's a ssssssecret.
@ArdaXi :(
@DaveMcClelland That was a really big clue.
@ArdaXi Ahh
I can internet, obviously
And with that I leave you.
Good night.
1:14 AM
@ArdaXi You should watch the video before heading to bed
But good night either way
@DaveMcClelland Not as awesome as Tom Waits.
@LessPop_MoreFizz You may be right, but the count is so much better than cookie monster
@DaveMcClelland False.
@LessPop_MoreFizz We probably need a poll to decide this
Poll is unneeded in the face of proof.
1:16 AM
Aren't they calling him like "veggie monster" now or something stupid like that?
And he's actually eating broccoli in that video. Silly hippy sesame street writers
@DaveMcClelland He's omnivorous.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Other than sardine ice cream, it seems
@DaveMcClelland Well yes. Even a monster needs to draw the line somewhere.
Okay, cookie monster just screamed "Cowabunga." That was most excellent
Cartmans NPR interview was pretty amazing too.
1:24 AM
Oh dear
Just that picture makes my day
"Definitely Caucasian."
@LessPop_MoreFizz I just heard that, this is pretty fantastic
That video is considerably NSFW, by the way
@DaveMcClelland ... what.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's about right
I like pie, but I don't like NSFW videos.
Bye bye now!
1:34 AM
Hi guys ...
@CRoss Hiya
Hi @CRoss!
anyone know how to resolve Code: 80154002 on Windows Live?
1:44 AM
Not me, sorry.
actually trying to play a PC game and MS is fighting me every inch of the way
Unless you have exactly the right version of everything, that will happen.
Q: Is battlefield 3 likely to be released on steam?

Daniel PowellI heard a few rumors due to Steam's restrictions for game developers that BF3 will probably not be available on steam, does anyone know if this is true and what exactly would these restrictions be

@John sigh I have an up to date Windows 7 machine, and I just downloaded the Live client last night
@CRoss "Up to date" isn't always the right version. :P
1:49 AM
@John don't get me started
@CRoss I spend literally years battling the Starforce protection driver. I never could play Blitzkrieg 2. :(
@John :-(
Reminds me of my persistent problems with Star Lancer
not protection, just the game always died during a certain cutscene ...
@CRoss That was the symptom of Starforce also. For some reason, the protection would make it crash at the intro (but after the credits).
@GnomeSlice (hint: that's not the usual link)
What should I do about this question?
Q: jQuery validate plugin won't hide error <div> after displaying it

heliosI've searched and read (not just on SO) but can't seem to find a solution for this issue. Basically, what is happening is that the jQuery validate plugin is (according to documentation) supposed to hide the errorContainer that is set in its configuration. Unfortunately, it's not hiding it, it's j...

It hinges on "Go look at my webpage", but the link is dead.
2:09 AM
Is YOUR child using satanic internet lingo? Watch out for LOL (Lord of Lies), OMG (Onward, Murder God) and BRB (Baal Requires Blood).
@LessPop_MoreFizz Onward, Murder God :-D
And on that note, I'm off for the evening. Later all
Baal Requires Blood
OMG this is brilliant LOL
Whoa.... On another note: night guys!
2:28 AM
Q: Gaming Promotional Grant - Round 3 Game Selection Thread

Brett White ΨIn an attempt to keep this place's awesomeosity increasing exponentially (science words!) we're going to try to get the Gaming Promotional Grant going weekly. Yes, weekly. If you have no idea of what I'm yammering about, please follow the link. From what I heard from Grace Note, the previous rou...

Does this count as , or does this wait until all people have mailed in?
Wait until it's all mailed in.
And probably for the week it involves to be done too.
OK, but this needs to be pinned/featured:
Q: Gaming Promotional Grant - Round 4 Game Selection Thread, for 8/30/11

Brett White ΨIf you unfamiliar with the cavalcade of fun that is The Gaming Promotional Grant, please follow the link. Voting for the current round ends today, so please check out this post if you wish to get in on that batch of games. Now, to keep the grant going weekly, I present to you...Round 4! I'll be ...

3:01 AM
Q: Help identifying '90s educational PC game?

AnonymousI know there were a lot of math-themed games in the '90s, but somewhere in the early-mid '90s, circa 1994 (or maybe '95 or '96?) an educational math game was made for Windows, similar to Math Blaster. In this game, the player controlled a teenager who would ascend the levels of a mansion or cast...

Q: What are some more Wii games like Zelda: Twilight princess?

Lawrence JohnstonI'm looking for Wii adventure games similar to Zelda: Twilight Princess to play together with my SO. Some desired traits: Sophisticated (enjoyable) story line. Good balance of puzzles to dexterity challenges (weighted somewhat toward puzzles). Stylized violence (light on the blood and gore). W...

3:25 AM
So at this point, with only 9 candidates left, voting in the primaries is just for show, right?
@bwarner Kind of. It also gives other candidates the option of withdrawing if they don't like how things are shaping up.
4:04 AM
Q: How can I tell if people are selling stuff to me?

Anna LearI have a low tolerance for repetitive dialog. This means that when I'm manning the store front, I mash every key that might possibly speed up the text and "get on with it". This turns out to be bad for business: I don't always notice when someone comes in to sell me something rather than buy it....

4:33 AM
I think the outnumbered question is Duplicate
5:20 AM
Q: What can I do with all these items I pick up?

AubergineI haven't been playing Yakuza 3 for too long, and already I have come across a wide variety of completely unrelated and seemingly useless items. There are of course items with very clear use, such as weapons and health increasing items, but also: A coral reef, a broken watch, a multi-purpose thu...

6:17 AM
Q: Gun-bros game save corruption

Lawrence LeungI have been playing Gun Bros on Android and yesterday the game froze (I could still switch out back to desktop and back, but I got the same game freeze image). I rebooted my phone, went back into the game and as I selected a stage to start a new game, the app bounced and it brought me back to th...

@bwarner Who withdrew from Primaries? :o
The Stanley Parable demonstrates that nothing is much more frightening then something
7:29 AM
to Gamescom \o/
Q: How can I move massive buildings in-game in Minecraft?

HadjioIs there some way to move a massive building from underwater to above water in Minecraft? I suspect the answer is pistons, but how would I push the building more than one block? And would the water blocks covering the building stay on top of if after the building is out of water? How would I stop...

8:16 AM
@CruelCow TCO (feel free to flag next time)
8:46 AM
It's nice to know the exact scores Facebook assigns your friends: thekeesh.com/2011/08/…
9:02 AM
and ofc I forgot I was spending next week at Cambridge uni. whoops.
@ThomasMcDonald What are you doing there?
@fredley A summer school thingy
be something to put on my uni application in the autumn
Which college are you going to? Or is it at a lab?
9:08 AM
St. Johns, I believe. I'll just check
Big place!
Anyway, I can go in and pick up my AS results in 50 minutes so I best have something to eat first
Not as pretty as Queens' though :)
Q: What does the squirt do that stays in Bastion?

Jeff MercadoSo I started playing Bastion and so far have the first 3 cores, but there's something that's bugging me. After getting the first core and returning back to Bastion (and getting the Squirt Lure), a squirt stays at Bastion and seems to do... nothing. When it initially appeared, it seemed to like ...

btw, italics, can't you move stuff to the Android Hell yourself?
looks at @ThomasMcDonald
9:13 AM
@badp er, why?
oh I see no I don't
@fredley You go there?
@ThomasMcDonald Went, graduated in August
You looking to apply?
I'm actually looking to apply to Oxford, but that's very dependent on how I've done this year
9:17 AM
Also looking at Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter & York
What subject?
maths & cs
S'what I did!
Started out doing Maths and switch to CompSci
@ThomasMcDonald how about now?
@badp Not really, I must be missing something obvious I guess
9:20 AM
Only had one coffee so far, give me a break
only one coffee? UNACCEPTABLE
@ThomasMcDonald That's been going for a few years, and yes, it's excellent
plus the fact that The Guardian keep referring to it in their liveblog.
9:22 AM
> 10.06am: Just to keep you updated on the picture situation, 45 photos have come through from the photograph agencies so far, of which a grand total of four are of boys – but unfortunately the Guardian doesn't have rights to use any of those ones. So I've had to put up a picture of three smiling girls (above) – but, come on, at least they aren't jumping.
anyway, @badp, you going to clarify at all?
Hi there
16 hours ago, by Mana ಠдಠ
Or @badp could throw them all into Android Hell.
16 hours ago, by Grace Note
Yeah, this looks exactly like the kind of thing @badp would send to Android Hell.
I haven't seen that, where was I 16 hours ago?
@ThomasMcDonald Then again... sexyalevels.tumblr.com/post/9073241169/…
9:24 AM
I wasn't around
It was robot-spam-o-clock
Yeah, I wasn't about either. I got in from work and went out last night
Also all those robots seem sad
Yeah, I didn't get chance to check the transcript when I got in either
also /inbox is a great route.
meeh, OS X update
9:31 AM
also, my laptop has started artifacting, and it goes out of warranty next week. ±_±
Hurry then!
and I have no chance to take it back
I have to have a look later tonight
> Estimated Expiration Date: 25 August 2011
Oh come on. You lame angel.
9:51 AM
Q: My dog keeps catching on fire, what should I do?

fredley My dogs keep walking through fires and dying. Is there a mod that makes them try and avoid it, or put themselves out (by heading for water) when they're on fire? I've lost countless dogs like this.

Q: Can I move my European WoW account to a US server?

CassandrexxI have a paid European WoW account, but would like to play with friends on a US server. This site claims that it's possible by editing a line in the realm list file, but that didn't work for me. Other sites claim that it's impossible. Is there a way to switch between EU and US servers with a sing...

Q: Bastion opens on wrong monitor, what should I do?

OakWhen playing Bastion (demo), the game opens full-screen on a monitor which isn't my primary monitor, unlike any other game. What should I do?

Dark angel is no moar.
10:13 AM
Dammit @fredley! Another question gets added to my poster list...
@RonanForman Haha, can askers get a free copy?
Q: Tag synonym request: [dual-screen] -> [multiple-monitors]

Oakdual-screen (3 questions) can be said to be a private example of multiple-monitors (8 questions), so I suggest making the former a synonym for the latter.

@Lazers You're so slow, lazers.
They're just print-outs, so yes.
I actually need to make a poster list...
10:34 AM
groan 9 posters to make... yay.
Linus Torvalds is joking about calling version 3.1.1 of the Linux kernel "Linux For Workgroups" Hilarious! #LinuxCon
I can't wait for Linux 95, personally.
@RonanForman Is there a list of ones you've made so far?
I haven't actually made them, I'm still designing.
I must say "Why make cheese if milk is already food?" is one of my favorites.
10:51 AM
There are some other funny ones, but I can work out how to illustrate them.

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