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2:47 AM
Hi there - i'd like to actively contribute to this site.
1 hour later…
3:48 AM
Q: Why is the lord Hanuman portrayed as splitting their chest and showing lord Rama?

hims056I have seen many images of the lord Hunuman portrayed as splitting their chest and showing lord Rama. Like this: Taken from Wikipedia What is the story behind this?

4:40 AM
@KapilVyas Good. Have any question? Just ask here with some research.
5:09 AM
@KapilVyas just visit here daily and read the newest question and answers. Star your favorite ones. When you read some, there will be doubts in your mind, ask questions to clarify them. Give answers to others that you know. You can also help in moderating the site, so that we can keep good content on it. :)
Morning all
@TheDictator Morning!
@DroidDev hello
@hims056 @DroidDev i noticed that most posters do not correctly word their questions. i am going to work on a few of those right now. Thanks! Looking to chat with y'all...
Q: What is the full ancestry of Janaka?

Keshav SrinivasanIn the Bala Kanda of the Ramayana, during the wedding of Rama and Sita, both families share their respective family trees. Vashishta presents a long genealogy for Rama's family, the Ikshvaku dynasty, going all the way back to the gods including Surya, Brahma, and ultimately Vishnu. Then Sita's ...

Q: What are the teachings of Mahabharta?

DroidDevThis question arose because other gospels like Ramayana, Gita have specific teachings. They teach you how to live your life with certain principles. On the other hand Mahabharta looks more like a story of war between Kaurvas and Pandvas. I was not able to get the reason for it to be considered as...

Q: What are the steps for a person to take if he/she wants to convert to Hinduism?

Kiran RSWhat are the steps to take if a person wants to convert to Hinduism? Is it possible for anyone to convert to Hinduism?

5:14 AM
@KapilVyas ya sure, go on. :)
Q: What are the teachings of Mahabharta?

DroidDevThis question arose because other gospels like Ramayana, Gita have specific teachings. They teach you how to live your life with certain principles. On the other hand Mahabharta looks more like a story of war between Kaurvas and Pandvas. I was not able to get the reason for it to be considered as...

I posted this question, because it got 10 upvotes in committment phase
and some were very interested in answering it
lols someone voted to close it now
ya :(
no worries +1ed :)
@Mr_Green thank you for your vote of confidence :)
I don't think it is too-broad, because it is specifically asked that "is it considered holy book" and "what are teachings"
@DroidDev I sense it as too broad because each story in Mahabharata teach us different things. For example, the Karna - Indra story where Karna knows that the old beggar is Indra, but still he give his golden armour to him without considering he would be defeated in the war. That is a unique and generous quality of Karna. Like so, there are many things to learn from Mahabharata.
Try to repair your post to make it more better. otherwise leave it as it is :)
5:27 AM
@Mr_Green can you suggest something, like what can I add or remove from post to narrow it down or better if you can then please edit it :)
has anyone seen the close vote question regarding mahabharata?
@TheDictator I posted it, and we are discussing it now
@DroidDev sorry busy :(
@DroidDev buddy, delete it and add it again with more explanation, if possible. It will be closed soon anyhow.
@AwalGarg just to remind you, please approve suggested edit wisely

@hims056 yamloka is not naraka
@Mr_Green sadly, done. Now, I'll work on narrowing it down, if I can. Lets see what happens
5:33 AM
no worries
5:46 AM
@DroidDev your Mahabharat question is too general. Consider narrrowing it down by stating - what are the main carry-on messages or just message from the Mahabharat. Even that is a tricky question - since there is no one single answer
Q: Whether Gayatri mantra is used to worship Sun or Goddess Gayatri?

AksharRoopI've heard that Gayatri mantra is actually used to worship Sun, the mantra was titled as Gayatri mantra because the mantra is formed using Gayatri meter (a vedic meter). Is it true?

@DroidDev @Mr_Green he is asking what is there in mahabharata that this is consider as a holy book...
Dont he knows abt bhagwat keeta?
@KapilVyas Actually, right now I am working and won't be able to post a narrowed post before weekend. I only posted this because this got much attention in commitment phase both as votes and comments.
@TheDictator I asked is it considered as holy book?
If you go to commitment phase, there was a user who posted a comment on same question there
can u send me the link?
stating: "You are right, my way of saying was we do not read MAHABHARAT as a holy book, yet a HISTORICAL book"
@TheDictator Read the comments in above link
5:55 AM
@DroidDev yah it is... its not a holy book.. but atleast bhagvat geta gyan is the part of it...
@TheDictator and for "Dont he knows abt bhagwat keeta?" I am Hindu and I know many things about many questions asked here. But, I only ask the questions to make an information base and question base for reference of future users.
@DroidDev i was just asking telling that that question is not appropriate.. thats why... dont mis interpreat me...
@TheDictator Ok, no worries :)
Shubh prabhat
@AnkitSharma I really didn't know about that. Sorry.
So I asked the question for the same.
5:59 AM
@AnkitSharma Morning!
Q: What is Yamlokam? How is it different from Naraka?

hims056Before this suggested edit was rejected I had the impression that Yamalokam is Naraka(the hell). And I was told in the chat that Yamlokam is not the hell. So I am really curious. What is Yamlokam? How is it different from Naraka?

@hims056 in short yamlok is like a court and narak is jail.
@AnkitSharma I don't think so.. not sure..
@Shisa Yes. Yama lok is where Yama dev lives. Punishments for sin are offered there. — Awal Garg Jun 20 at 7:21
^ ahh says the same as you did above. I misunderstood it. :)
Aren't you guys starring your favorite questions?
I don't see much starring activity going on here
yeah not much by me though
6:03 AM
@AnkitSharma morning dude
Q: What is Yamlokam? How is it different from Naraka?

hims056Before this suggested edit was rejected I had the impression that Yamalokam is Naraka(the hell). And I was told in the chat that Yamlokam is not the hell. So I am really curious. What is Yamlokam? How is it different from Naraka?

@DroidDev starring looks unnecessary to me. I rarely do this.
@Mr_Green hehehhehe
6:33 AM
what it is called in english "teer maarna" ?
@Mr_Green Bow and aerrow... ? Thats "Dhanush baan" So shooting aerrows
ahh yes
guys ask some questions yaar
6:50 AM
Ahh....you asking me......nnnnnnnnnnn.....busy :p
@StackExchange ahhhh...i was thinking to answer this :(
@AnkitSharma lolz
my rep is moving slowly :(
Mine too...still stuck on 3rd place in rep chart :(
haha no comparison of you with me
If i will not become MOd then i will become Asura muhhahahhahhahahhah
6:59 AM
then I must Incarnate again.. to kill you :P
I will take a boon from Brahma that mr_green can't kill me :p
I will create another account..
heheheh.....i mean my boon will be MR_grenn can't kill me in any incarnation . Update- Even anyone related to mr-green can also not kill me :P
hmmmm :)
7:23 AM
Are we going to accept this kind of question
Q: Did Yama and Shani got contradicted in there way?

Ankit SharmaAs Yama and Shani are brothers and even they have similar work (to judge our karmas). Did they ever got contradicted in their ways? Is there any kind of this event explained in scriptures?

Feel free to express reaction. If its not i will not mind in deleting it but it looked fine to me.
yeah ok I suppose
@Mr_Green and @AnkitSharma i will surely look after ur wishes... :D
7:42 AM
Q: Did Yama and Shani got contradicted in there way?

Ankit SharmaAs Yama and Shani are brothers and even they have similar work (to judge our karmas). Did they ever got contradicted in their ways? Is there any kind of this event explained in scriptures?

8:20 AM
lets see who will cross 1000 rep first
@Mr_Green i reached to 200 only
8:47 AM
yeah try to come first from now.. :)
@Mr_Green Teer maarna...wouldn't that be using a bow and arrow...instead of only bow and arrow which as @TheDictator mentioned is dhanush baan.
@AdityaSomani your comment above is confusing to me.. :)
9:00 AM
@AdityaSomani then whats the name of it?
9:14 AM
Is it really about hinduism
Q: Why is India also called Bharata?

A runningMindSanatana Dharma originated in India. India also has another name: "Bharata". The term ArshaBharata culture is commonly used for pointing out the Sanatana Dharma in South India. How did the nation get this name?

And how??
Not going to close it but want to understand how its relevant here
this is stated in Srimad bhagvatam
as mentioned by jabahar
so it is on topic.. IMO
That's the answer
I am talking for question.
@Mr_Green i hope i can......but still on 3rd place.
I have also seen about India getting name "Bharat" in Mahabharat (t.v serial)
To me its more like Indian history question rather then Hinduism
@AnkitSharma Indian History and Hinduism have quite a lot in common, Bharat is called Hindustan also remember. :P
9:20 AM
hmm seems fine to me.. yeah it seems bit off but it is mentioned in the Hindu religion docs.
Also, @Mr_Green The act of using a bow and arrow would be called "teer maarna"
teer = bow
maara = shooting
my bad
teer = arrow
shooting an arrow using a bow = teer maarna
Actually, I thought to ask the same Bharata question. but the guy asked in more correct way.
OMG, I was going to ask a duplicate question. this was posted 3 days back :/
Our question are now 155...so duplicates are going to be come more.
Of course. Dupes are good man
Site gets traffic
More questions, more dupes
It's all good ^_^
We can flag em all! :D
9:31 AM
Looks like a sentence from pokemon
catch em all
Those were the days man :'(
I didn't watch pokemon
I saw a good bit
I watch DBZ!! ROCKS!!
And played Ruby
Not an avid fan of either..
9:31 AM
Now things are still good now we have shows like breaking bad an dgame of thrones
Q: Why did saints used to do Yagna?

Mr_GreenIn many epic stories, sages always do yagnas. What is the reason behind it? I am assuming there might be a universal reason such as "for the good of the realm". But does someone know the exact reason?

But I'm all caught up with all the good stuff man
^ still no answer
@Mr_Green ahhhh...DBZ was good in start but then it became too much.
I don't know.. I liked all three seasons of it
9:33 AM
I think we need more original answers and lesser CTRL+C CTRL+V answers
Like a direct pickup
Should not be encouraged.
I know y'all posted this.
Q: The copy-paste issue, Hinduism version

senshintl;dr Please stop posting answers that are just copied out of Wikipedia or some random blog. If you see these things and they don't cite a source, flag (either "very low quality" or "other" and specify that the post is plagiarized) and downvote. Even if they do cite a source, consider downvoting....

But we need to do a better job at this. Like stuff taken from good links, decent amount of research put in.
@Mr_Green 3.....i think it have more. And too many films too.
I watched only few movies related to DBZ
My profile pic is of Super sayan 2 :D
I never got into DBZ :/
do you mean 3 season as Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT?
I only watched Dragon Ball Z. Dragon ball was too kidish and GT not yet because My DBZ is not complete. Left it in middle.
9:36 AM
Those are some big seasons dude...lol
My fav is Naruto
Still want to complete it.
It takes years to complete Anime shows man
That's why I never got into them. Once in, you never get out...they're just too long...
Even in India they never got telecast full
Q: Why do Dragon Ball Z telecasts always stop mid-season in India?

Ankit SharmaDragon Ball Z was telecasting on Cartoon Network India from many years. Previously it stopped telecasting it in the middle of season 1. Then it disappeared for years and then repeated telecast till the middle of Freza saga and and then same happened till cell saga. And up-to the last run it stops...

^ yeah it always stopped after frieza's fight.. and then repeated the same telecast.. as if we are kids who will watch it again and again. I used to watch it again though :)
@Mr_Green @AnkitSharma Are you both from India? Where?
Delhi :D
9:45 AM
lol@remove :P
Last time it ended on kid buu intro episode but after that my interest got ended.
hehe. I do that always :)
you should watch DB GT
I see. I don't care much myself. But I completely understand your side of the notion as well...
Last time it ended on kid buu intro episode but after that my interest got ended.
9:46 AM
not better than DBZ but still rocks
9:56 AM
@AdityaSomani i am also from delhi but currently in banglore.
@Mr_Green very suspicious removal ..hhmmmmm
yeah but nothing imp behind it.. :)
I was thinking to ask about "manthan"
like this: "why manthan was performed?"
@Mr_Green too me dragon ball is over......because there power level thing always bothers me and there story is not consistent. I mean naruto from start knows where they are going BUt DB never have a stable story.
I didn't watch naruto.. so can't compare them. but I do like DBZ most in cartoons. just like tom and jerry :)
Watch it then
Best anime ever
asked a loose question.. working to make it better
10:05 AM
@Mr_Green i can answer the first part but second....ahhhh......long list( contradicts also)
ONly know few
@AnkitSharma why it was performed?
Becuase devta lost their immortality
They need amrit
how they lost immortality?
Danva doesn't need it because there guru can resurrect them after death but devta tricked them in participation because devta are very less to participate
@Mr_Green that's i don't remember at the moment
ohh I see
Sumudra or Samudra?
10:10 AM
Q: Why Sumudra Manthan was performed?

Mr_GreenThere was a mention of "Samudra Manthan" in Hindu mythology. Why it was performed? And please also mention the items which come out of Manthan with small explanation to each.

^ my question sounds like write a composition for 15 Marks :P
for SSC syllabus
Preparing an answer
me too..
Sagar Manthan?
10:18 AM
Yeah, didn't notice the question. Lol
ohh I thought you are saying "samudra manthan" as "Sagar manthan"
I don't know much about it
In Hinduism, Samudra manthan or Churning of the Ocean of Milk is one of the most famous periods in the Puranas. The story appears in the Bhagavata Purana, the Mahabharata and the Vishnu Purana. In literal terms, this tale is an allegorical description of what transpires during a kundalini awakening process. Kundalini is a latent energy that lays dormant in the spine. Upon awakening, it rises in a sensation akin to a slithering snake, up the spinal column (Meru-danda, represented by Mount Meru in the story). *Samudra manthanam — Manthanam is the Sanskrit equivalent of Manthan mean...
wiki does answer splendidly
I should have checked it before
Lol. That's what I was wondering too. It's a pretty well documented topic.
There's a beautiful statue of it on the Bangkok airport.
I hope answers are not from wiki
Ahh...non wiki answer. Then i am opting out :p
Well. Lol
10:27 AM
Busy in work, can't search scripture wordings
Work as in office?
Lol. I'm in the gym after work. Haha
so u poking me :(
I was at work earlier reee...
But SE at work is a lot of fun...loll
10:31 AM
Now on maasage chair. Hahaha
Now I'm poking you :P
Where in Delhi are you from dude?
Rohini ya Dwarka?
10:47 AM
@AnkitSharma post it. if you already prepared it.
@Mr.Alien Hi
@Mr_Green not prepared
ask some good question.
@Mr.Alien hi....where were you. Did scientist kidnapped you. I am hearing too much from area 51 ;)
hehe, broadband was down
just got it fixed
aint sure how much this will last :P
need a secondary backup connection now
10:50 AM
@AdityaSomani near shastri nagar
11:02 AM
@Mr.Alien lolz you got the point.
we realized that after creating that FB page and sharing the post on meta.
If they are accurate to make public beta after a week then we are just one day away.

But as per my experience SE is quite slow in there work.
I don't think they will turn this to public until monday
@Mr.Alien i am not even sure for monday too.
we should make some noise on Hinduism.SE
11:08 AM
On pets.se they took too much time for public beta
Q: Are we missing anything to end the Private Beta?

James JenkinsWe are about a week into Private Beta, and seem to be doing great. Is there anything in particular we need to focus on addressing to get ready for public Beta?

@Mr_Green burst crackers? celebrate diwali?
@AnkitSharma may be cuz of less traffic or less questions
Ghee k diye jalao
@Mr.Alien that time SE people were busy in some summit. Site was good in perfomance that time
Angan me nacho
why image doesn't work for me :(
ERROR: Image extenstion not found
11:13 AM
@AnkitSharma aahhhh
I abandoned SO.. :)
not visiting it as often as I was before
the quality of questions is degrading there
let me know if we want to create a blog, I've a server
sounds good
we will base that on wordpress so multiple users can access
I'll start a post on meta to see if anyones interested and to discuss more over this
create it now itself.. it will help to grow traffic.
11:18 AM
Blog in private beta is not so soon?
@Mr.Alien o/
@AnkitSharma blog will certainly take time to develop
for community bulletins
I will recomend to wait till public beta
have u visited our unoficial page on FB/
@AnkitSharma hello
11:19 AM
@TheDictator hello
I mean anyone can join and comment, but they wont be able to do so when its in Beta
where were you?
@TheDictator hello
@Mr_Green HELLO
@Mr_Green now i am showing in FB page?
11:20 AM
what about the domain guys?
I have decodingweb.com
so I can create sub like
or if you guys have a cool one than let me know
hinduism.github.com.. is it occupied? checking..
please check
hehe.. why wordpress then?
not occupied

There isn't a GitHub Page here.
11:22 AM
github because we can collaborate together on it
no need to say the owner to do a update
yea but then it will be public
yeah true. any disadvantage of that?
we don't have any content of privacy level. so I think its ok
It would be better to stay limited at start so that pros can share precise data
@AnkitSharma I am not able to check likes on FB. I forgot which page I had visited.
ohh ok.
11:25 AM
@Mr_Green why?
I mean i can see it over movie and tv fb page
I don't hang much on FB.. it is complex to me
FB sucks
Q: Blog for Hinduism

Mr. AlienNow am aware that we are still running on private beta but I would like to start a blog so that we can explain some of the posts in brief which may be too broad for this website. For example, we can write some of the briefs like About Hinduism History Origin Information on Gods (Kinda Almanac)...

@Mr_Green can you make me a co-owner of fb page. Because i use Fb daily, so can help you.
ok sure
@Mr.Alien not a blggy person but will love to read them
11:29 AM
@AnkitSharma I would like to see an almanac over hinduism gods
which I would like to integrate in that blog
hmmm...souds good.
@AnkitSharma you mail id? it is asking here
can i remove it now?
and my plugin caught your id
11:31 AM
@Mr.Alien lolz... :D
and where is the blog link?
badass ^^
Haaaaa haaaa....
11:32 AM
@AnkitSharma you became public from private
@Mr_Green is it you real name?
whats your real name?
11:33 AM
@Mr.Alien you are an evil alien
Can you remove it now
ayyo rama chinnaswamy muthu swamy venu gopal ayyer?
something like that :)
@Mr_Green you can trash out the img
I dont get why we created 2 rooms for trashing
1 message moved to Recycle
Trash can is a private room
but recycle is not.
Anyways i am owner of all 3 ;)
11:35 AM
@Mr.Alien only recycle is an official trash page..
@TheDictator so we should've renamed the room name rather than multipliying rooms
1 message moved from Recycle
1 message moved from Recycle
@Mr.Alien yah we can do that
lol we already duplicated now no reason to rename again, let the old one get freezed
@AnkitSharma did you join as admin to our FB page?
11:38 AM
@Mr_Green mobile net sucks
Only able to read your name only ;)
ok check it later. np
@Mr.Alien decodingweb.com your site?
ahh footer has your name
We have jasoos here
Hulk becoming batman ;)
where are others? menon, droiddev, senshin
@TheDictator @Mr.Alien @Mr_Green I will say, we should ping mods to delete trash can
11:41 AM
nah let it be
it will freeze out anyways
taken :P
11:58 AM
what's cooking today?
am i late for the party?
btw, I just wrote an answer
A: Why Samudra Manthan was performed?

Vineet MenonAs goes with any Hindu mythology, the culprit of the entire mayhem was Lord Indra. Once upon a time Indra who was riding his elephant came across Durvasa Rishi, who gifted him a garland of flower. Indra, who absent mindedly instead of keeping the garland himself, put it on the elephant. Since t...

and I loved the effort.. it brought back so much good and cosy memories..
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