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12:14 AM
@GnomeSlice sent
12:31 AM
If anyone else gets Frozen Synapse, I'll gladly take their copy of their hands. :3
(And of course I meant their extra copy, but didn't edit in time.)
We all just assumed you wanted to wring charity out of our cold, dead hands.
@RavenDreamer I can tell that's what @KevinY meant by the look in his eyes
12:50 AM
Welp. Looks like we're going to have a primary then.
Aw... @ArdaXi has a higher average rep / post than me.
@Raven Thanks for the shout-out!
It's cause your creepy face is everywhere. I can't not see it when you post.
12:57 AM
I love how over half of page is just me
Hm. I think I should keep working on my dwarf fortress mod.
@Wipqozn Oh, wow! I don't think I noticed that!!!!!!!!
@Wipqozn I've had days like that. XD
By this time next week I'll have all those genre tags fixed
@RavenDreamer I've been removing genre tags when it's a question about a game
i.e. removing RTS on a SC2 question
12:58 AM
And I'm going back through them and adding, for instance, 'items' tags. :)
that is one thing I really like when someone doing massive changes of one type, I fly through them and grab the tags, flag some questions, and touch up the odd thing or two else
but I miss a lot, since I'm focusing mostly on tags
but then all these posts are on the front page, so then other people see them and fix up other issues
Q: What are some very good fansites for Fifa Manager 11 databases, tactics, formations, etc.?

NoCanDoI want to replay Fifa Manager 11 after a long absence and I'd like to update all the databases with fan-maintained ones. I'm looking for Fansites, where I can primarly download UEFA/EU databases like Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, Scottland. North- and Southamerica, Africa and Asia wou...

are you able to close questions @RavenDreamer?
Because that looks like a shopping rec question to me, off-topic
Yeah, I've been accused of necro-ing old questions before, when what really happens is someone else bumps the question back to the top, and then I just buzz through and take advantage of it to make some housekeeping edits.
@Wipqozn I am able to cast a single close vote, same as everyone else*
*moderators not included
How do you think that's a shopping recommendation?
I thought at 20k+ you had all the mod. tools
@Wipqozn Not instant close.
1:05 AM
That's diamond only
Ah okay. Wasn't sure.
But it's in the same vein as shopping rec. I'm not sure to be honest, but I know there have been discussions in the past about questions like this.
Asking for guides, sites, et cetera
So I can never keep track of what the current policy is
@mana good to see you agree with me
I know before we were talking about closing questions asking for guides, but I never seen the conclusion of that.
I think I'll head off for the night. Toodles all.
Peace man!
Peace indeed, peace indeed
War and Peace Maaaaaaaaan
See ya @Wipqozn
1:13 AM
I think a better reason to close it is that none of the information they're asking for is related to a video game. It's related to a real life game that then relates to a video game.
@Raven Fair enough. The recommendation part of it is problematic though.
Q: Is it possible to pick up a thrown glowstick in Terraria?

David FullertonI'm pretty new to this game and maybe I'm missing something obvious, but is there any way to pick up a glowstick after I throw it (usually accidentally...)?

Someone go approve my disturbing new title for this question:
Q: Total Annihilation question

RCIXI'm considering buying a copy of the RTS classic Total Annihilation, and I was wondering: What do I need to buy to get "the full experience"? Just The Core Contingency, or do I need the game and its two expansions to play?

Someone already did.
1:20 AM
@LessPopMoreFizz un-edited my "How do I make the most out of my gambling addiction?" question.
That's meeeeeeee
@Mana I noticed. Thanks maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
@RavenDreamer :(
@John you missed the last A in his name.
Happy now @RavenDreamer?
1:21 AM
So when did edit approving go from requiring 2 approvers to requiring one?
@RavenDreamer How about this "Thanks maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana"?
It's never been requiring 2 to my knowledge.
Huh. On SO it always has required 2.
Stack overflow is much bigger, so maybe that's why.
Yeah probably
Awesome. I'm losing my voice for no apparent reason.
1:33 AM
@Wipqozn Well, there goes my vote.
@RavenDreamer He gave me free stuff.
@GnomeSlice Who took your vote from whom?
Wow. I almost don't want to make another edit because my score is at 999.
1:50 AM
@RavenDreamer Nevermind, lol.
Well, night guys.
2:09 AM
@John Never again.
slaps Gnome
@Manaಠдಠ I meant never do any rep-changing things again.
did you see what that originally said]
@Manaಠдಠ No, but I can check.
I don't know what that means
I accidentally adjusted my hand one key to the left.
2:12 AM
@Manaಠдಠ Heh.
man, this Maybeshewill album is still awesome
&skaos Finbw&
So, anyway,
Remember when I said that thing about Gnomeslice's tags and punching them in the groin?
also, how did all the stuff go?
@Manaಠдಠ :/
2:43 AM
So, rather than putting my room back in order, my roommates and I went out to dinner, then I went to look at new computer desks. Unfortunately, we didn't have a car big enough to hold the box for the one I want.
Also, my cell phone died. I only got it 2-3 weeks ago. :/
oh man...:(
Should be under warranty still at least?
@FallenAngelEyes I should have a warranty on it, yes.
that's good
still blows though :(
and sleeptime for me, g'night all
3:01 AM
Q: Why wont an NPC go to his house at night in Terraria?

BigStuuuSo, today the demolitionist appeared, and night has now fallen, but instead of going to the cosy NPC friendly house I had ready for him, he seems to constantly wander between my house and the guide's house (which actually has an empty floor that he could move into anyways). See this picture for ...

4 hours later…
6:48 AM
Q: commandline.txt for GTA 4 doesn't work on Steam

Alex YanI have GTA 4 on Steam and I use commandline.txt but it doesn't work. When I launch it, Rockstar Social Club just pops up asking me to log in and after I click Play or Play Offline, the game starts and commandline.txt doesn't work just as if it's ignored I've tried: Running without Steam (Deskt...

2 hours later…
9:04 AM
@John Yeah, it's 2 only on SO.
we don't have quite has many 10kers
1 hour later…
10:34 AM
Whoa, Raven nominating, we have lots of heavy-hitters in that list
10:54 AM
@Oak Oh wow, awesome.
will be thrown out at the primaries
Still more time, maybe we'll get other nominees
but that wouldn't be as awkward
True dat.
11:11 AM
Q: Primaries should select the top 8 candidates

bad πWhen an election gets more than 10 nominations, primaries are held to select the top candidates. Currently, primaries select the top 10 nominations so that no election will have you choosing among more than 10 candidates, but that can be awkward when you are asked to pick the top 10 candidates......

11:26 AM
nvm, it only made sense on SO where you had to be in the top 30 by reputation
Q: When should we use genre tags?

antony.trupeShould every question about a game include a tag that fits it into one or more genres? Should we only use genre tags for game-rec and family questions? Should we not have any genre tags at all? I removed the roguelike tag from http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/5174/how-can-i-survive-ge...

Considering our policy is changed, we may want to change the accepted answer on that
New users will probably come across that question first if they have questions about when to use it
More recent answers:
A: Underused genre tags

Grace NoteMy stance is more recently like how I go on about platforms. In there, I explain that the tags best helped when there were platform-specific issues, as the tag limit interferes with more prevalent usage. We also have tag wikis and tag sets on stackexchange.com. Now, there's no such thing as a ge...

A: Why does Gaming.SE use tags differently from other SE sites?

Grace NoteThis is mostly an extension of badp's answer, in so much that it highlights our lack of real tagging capability. However, it's a bit too long for comments. I'd also like to point some attention to previous posts on tagging practices, discussing some parts of this issue. In other subject matter, ...

(mostly I want a single question to link to when editing these tag wikis)
I don't think anthony.trupe is around anymore to change the accepted answer, so we should probably just edit the currently accepted one, neh?
Or should we make a new one? I'm not sure what the accepted form is when a user's not around anymore.
11:46 AM
Q: Can I play Terraria on a Mac?

Mark TrappI've been meaning to try out Terraria, but it requires Windows and I only have a Mac. I can use things like Boot Camp or a virtual machine, but is there a way to run it without resorting to running a copy of Windows?

Heading out, later all.
... and so one day, a forgotten beast wonders into the third cavern layer, and wipes out the entire reptile man civilization.
12:04 PM
Q: Can I hook up consoles to a Plasma TV?

NeilI'm buying an HDTV for the living room, to watch movies and play on the PS3. Earlier, console gaming on Plasma TVs was a bad idea because of burn-in, refresh rates, and/or display quality for console/computer output. Is this still a problem? Does anyone here play on a Plasma TV, and is the exper...

12:37 PM
Excellent. I've now fixed as well.
What genre should I do next, because that was a quick one.
hello @RonanForman
Hey @wipqozn
My sockpuppet wishes you'd stop with all the retagging.
is fixed
@badp Good idea. I'll add that to my to-do list
plot and spoiler. A lot of questions are tagged as both :/
@RonanForman Well your sock puppet can go make shadow puppets somewhere
is also fixed. I cleaned most of them when I was doing , so there was only one left anyways
12:45 PM
I suppose it's better to do them all at once, it'd make the front page useless for less time.
I started doing this yesterday. I started with , then I did followed by
FPS ended up leading to a meta discussion
1:05 PM
Q: Captcha isn't working

JonnThis is kind of odd. I can't make a post because I can't get past the Human Verification page. There's no captcha appearing but it's expecting one.

Can you guys cool it with the re-tagging? Gaming doesn't have nearly enough activity absorb retagging 25 questions at once, and you guys are starting new rounds before the old ones are cleared off the front page
@MarkTrapp Clearing out the issues with genre tags and games
Where a question game is tagged with the game name and genre
@Wipqozn The front page is now completely useless, you've bumped questions off the front page that normally get the chance to live for several hours because Gaming doesn't have a high question volume
Gaming's been doing fine for a year with the tagging situation; it can survive a little more time to afford only retagging a few questions here and there
@MarkTrapp Is there any way to retag without moving it to the front page? Seems silly we can't fix the issue with tags because of this
1:16 PM
No. That's very much intentional
@Wipqozn Don't do 50-75 all at once. Do 5 or 10 and wait a few hours
The only people ever who have been allowed permission to edit without bumping are CHAOS members: select SE employees
It's crazy that every single question on the front page is a silly tag edit
I would say it's equally crazy we can't retag something without bumping it to the front page. Why isn't it implemented that a retag does not bump it?
Just seems a little strange to me is all.
peer review of edits
1:20 PM
Hey @MarkTrapp are you asking about Terraria so you can play game-on tonight?
if @GnomeSlice starts tagging questions on meta and those questions don't get bumped, how are we going to see that and revert it?
yeah, true :/
If I look at it that way it makes sense
not so much a make sure you did it right situation, but make sure no ones screwing around with the system for laughs
@Wipqozn Raise a meta question about it. You must see that you've just bumped over 50 questions to the front page in your tagging: can you do it in smaller batches so it doesn't kill the site for everyone else?
@Wipqozn We do that anyway, there are tags such as ..
We don't hate fun
1:23 PM
@MarkTrapp I have, and no one in chat seemed to have a problem with it. I started doing this yesterday.
@RonanForman No idea what that is. I just found MacTerraria a few hours ago, and figured it could use a question and answer pair, because I've been itching to play it but haven't because I don't want to use a VM
but let's not have more than a few joke tag perhaps? :P
Basically a group of use are playing terraria from around 6 utc tonight,
@Wipqozn I didn't realize you were doing it all at once and that many.
@GraceNote yeah, I thought you guys did.
I'll cool it with the retagging then
I'll cut it down to 5 or 10 every few hours
I still think we should implement a method to do ghost retagging, although obviously not everyone would be permitted to do so. Otherwise fixing all those tags is going to take a fairly length amount of time.
1:31 PM
Might want to lay low for a while before restarting.
Yeah, I'll wait till tomorrow or monday
My apologies for that then. It was mentioned a few times about how the front page was all me, I guess @GraceNote and @badp just didn't see that. I assumed you did, so when you didn't have any complaints I assumed it was okay
I was held up on Lit and Math yesterday, so, nay, I wasn't noticing that.
Q: Witcher - woman from village sex card (Murky Vaters)

Let_Me_BeI don't seem to be able to get the sex card for woman from the village. What are the prerequisites? I tried to talk with the peasant women both right after entering the chapter and after completing most of the quests, but in both cases it just didn't happen.

I do have an idea for a meta suggestion though then. Granting certain members temporary ghost re-tagging powers for massive tagging projects, like the genre and games issue I was trying to fix.
Or has something like that been discussed between the SE team and shut down?
It's been shut down quite many times
1:43 PM
@GraceNote I won't bother suggesting it then.
Well I suppose I can't clean up those tags as quickly as I thought :(
2:00 PM
Did you create an account yet @Gnomeslice?
@Wipqozn Uh... no, I don't have steam on this machine
Also, I love you.
I love me too
Ha! Notch is checking Twitter 7 minutes before he's getting married!
@ArdaXi is also awesome for suggesting this awesome game
@RonanForman +10 internets to notch
@Wipqozn What game?
2:02 PM
7 minutes ago
@RonanForman Frozen Synapse
@ThomasMcDonald Oooohh!
So he's already started the wedding
fancy fellow
7 minutes until official wedding time. Just enough time to check twitter!
although to be fair he probably only did it so his legions of fanboys can jump on him
@Wipqozn Yeah it's cool, I bought it for him
2:03 PM
@Wipqozn I DID.
@ThomasMcDonald most likely
@GnomeSliceツ It keeps happening
@RonanForman What's your username ?
I told you about those games bro!
2:03 PM
I'll send you a challange
@Wipqozn nanor
@GnomeSliceツ l o l reminds me of this
but I'm really crap at it
@Wipqozn Never.
2:05 PM
I only started playing yesterday anyways
@Mana Go away.
Hey @man
Sorry @Wipqozn but I agree with Mark.
46 secs ago, by GnomeSlice ツ
@Mana Go away.
@Manaಠдಠ I've already stopped
No worries
2:07 PM
okay cool.
@Wipqozn I hate you.
I thought gracenote and badp knew how I was doing it, but apparently they didn't. So when they didn't complain, I assumed it was fine
in your defense badp did basically say "go ahead"
48 mins ago, by badp
if @GnomeSlice starts tagging questions on meta and those questions don't get bumped, how are we going to see that and revert it?
@badp You think you're so clever.
2:10 PM
I didn't get that...
@RonanForman I retagged a question with
@GnomeSliceツ I didn't think I was being clever, I thought I was being ಠ_ಠ
@GnomeSliceツ why?
@badp ಥ_ಥ
@RonanForman Because it seemed apt.
damn you frozen synapse!
2:11 PM
@Manaಠдಠ Yes, yes he did l o l
I was going to bring that up, but I didn't want to drag him into it when he obviously misunderstood the volume
@Manaಠдಠ You aren't seeing me being too hot right now, in my defense
also in your defense I shouldn't be acting all high and mighty about it since I was basically laughing it off yesterday
2:12 PM
The game store I go to where I was going to ask about hanging up posters of Gaming.SE and stuff
50 mins ago, by Ronan Forman
@Wipqozn We do that anyway, there are tags such as ..
@badp you're so hot
They're... they're going out of business ;_;
@Manaಠдಠ YEs, you were. This is what I mean, no one really seemed to...care
@GnomeSliceツ I never noticed that...
2:13 PM
@RonanForman notceid?
The guy can't actually say it "officially" because he's not allowed to technically but we've been going there every weekend for the past 4 years
I'm... I'm so upset
Don't worry though, I only cried a little bit.
@FallenAngelEyes arrrrrrrgh :(
They're this 3 store chain and the people who work there are actually gamers
And just...
This is awful
Sorry to hear that @FallenAngelEyes
2:14 PM
@FallenAngelEyes :o
Also, you posted that before I posted the first one
They can't compete with the big chains anymore and digital distribution seems to have affected their sales and...
I'm so upset, guys :(
@FallenAngelEyes ಥ_ಥ
@GnomeSlice I hardly think a look of disapproval is appropriate in this case, crying or not. Might I suggest ";_;" instead?
2:17 PM
@GnomeSliceツ That's even worse, now it's like your mocking her.
The guys who worked there were awesome and gave great recommendations and really knew what they were talking about and just... Dammit. :(
I'm sorry if seems overly emo, but I like supporting smaller stores with my money, especially gaming stores, and they were the only one in my city. :(
@FallenAngelEyes I know how you feel.
So we bought one last game there today ;_;
They probably won't be there by the time I get back from Gamescom.
2:20 PM
@Wipqozn Your turn
@RonanForman sounds good. I'll just finish this level in braid
@Manaಠдಠ Hah.
Anyways yeah, major Angry Birds hate-jerkfest over at r/gaming today. Wheee~
@Manaಠдಠ I dislike angry birds.
2:22 PM
@Manaಠдಠ Angry birds IS overrated.
It's fun. But not amazing.
I agree, but it did show people that gaming on mobile platforms could actually work.
Hello Nintendo Gameboy.
@GnomeSlice It's a shitty flash game which is a copy of other shitty flash games
@GnomeSliceツ I thought it was a different game than it was
@Wipqozn Marketable though.
2:23 PM
I finally played it and was like "Oh, it's like that Castle game on Kongregate"
Seriously. He just copied other games, and now he thinks he's the king of gaming
@FallenAngelEyes Crush the Castle?
@FallenAngelEyes exactly
Actually, it's even worse than Angry Birds.
@GnomeSlice I meant phoooones
2:24 PM
@GnomeSliceツ Yeah
@FallenAngelEyes Pretty bad.
wth! #2's decided to start shooting when i clearly told him to not engage!
My big problem with Angry birds is that it's so unbelievably floaty it feels like pure luck when you complete a level.
@GnomeSliceツ Yeah I've played it once, I used 1 bird and killed all the pigs, yet got one star...
@RonanForman You have to break as much stuff as you can too.
But that's not what I'm talking about.
2:25 PM
If it helps, it doesn't bother me :P
I don't play for the highscore, but the aiming is so imprecise you basically just keep retrying until you accidentally win.
If you guys want a good flash game, play 'Knightfall 2.'
In other news...
Mirror's Edge in real life.
And at the end there's Bloc Party. Kind of.
2:31 PM
@Manaಠдಠ Oh I see
Wait, that's bash party
@Ronan Is that you????
@ronan your turn
ChrisF won't be too happy about that...
Waugh, I'm so bummed about this
Even a Minecraft cake won't make me feel better :(
2:33 PM
What about real cake?
No, it's @Unicron1337's brother
I have no real cake :(
@FallenAngelEyes It might if you try to eat it all at once.
@FallenAngelEyes That doesn't look appetizing at all.
Get your b/f to buy you some. Use the power of sad g/f!
2:34 PM
@Wipqozn lmao
It's like that episode of seinfeld, where george gets the wedding delayed by crying like a little girl
It is a convincing power. I may or may not have used it in the past to buy more games. <_<
wow l o l
So you're a pro
@FallenAngelEyes This may help a little, anyway.
So happy Q_Q
"But... but... I reeeeeally want to eviscerate my enemies. Can we pleeeease get the new Mortal Kombat? T_T"
2:36 PM
@GnomeSliceツ This would probably help me
"Burning Sensation" ....ಠ_ಠ
@Manaಠдಠ Just listen to it you twat.
I am.
@RonanForman I like how I took your shotgun out from the other side of the map :P
@Wipqozn Who killed your #1?
2:37 PM
@Wipqozn I don't think Ronan's too happy about that one.
@ronan no one?
It was my #1
oh snap, but he might be killed
top right
@Wipqozn "A wild FAE appears! She uses SAD G/F! It's SUPER EFFECTIVE!" You lost €60
2:38 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Heh.
top bottom left
Tamed bf takes €60 of damage
so we're 1 for 1
It's weird, it's one of those games i like even though i'm bad at it
@RonanForman Galcon fusion for me.
2:45 PM
@Wipqozn No, I have 2 left
@RonanForman yeah, 2 to 1
ah gg @RonanForman
didn't realize we wer eon the last turn
yeah, me neither
Feel like another @RonanForman ?
maybe in a bit
@badp While I was in town today I picked up a few flyers from some of the stores here that offer prepaid sim cards (many of the small grocery stores offer them because of the immigrants population) to check stuff out for you but they were all offers from June 1st to Aug 31st :/
2:49 PM
well I'll send you a challange with me turn, so you can do it whenever
even a month from now!
Apparently summer's a big slump in prepaid sales cuz everyone goes on vacation so they do lots of offers then
@FallenAngelEyes It's okay. Thank you so much for the effort :D
@Ivo pointed me towards T-Mobile, so if nothing changes I might just follow his advice.
No prob. :) Hope you find a good solution that won't break your wallet!
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