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6:06 AM
Q: Does Husband's sister has rights on my baby?

user6564Assalaamu alaikum,Allah has blessed me with baby boy,he is of 8 months now,My sister in law use to play with my kid,but sometimes i feel like she is doing too much,My Husband's family mentions as her baby,Sometimes my baby not coming to me when with her,i feel too hurt if my son dont come to me,S...

I was faced with this Q and well it belongs to another site as bleeding fingers mentioned, but I can't vote it for that site, only meta is available. could someone explain what is the process of migrating a post ?
@Bludream there are a few problem with that question
primary being that it's poorly written
and the question is kinda unclear
if the mods at Parenting are willing to accept it (w/ or w/o improvements) it could be put up for migration
only mods can handle migrations
in Parenting, 26 mins ago, by Bleeding Fingers
@Beofett could this question be migrated to Parenting?
6:36 AM
not sure it's really a good candidate for migration. as written, it's rather unclear what it's actually asking.
it could well be trying to get an Islamic perspective slash ruling, but that's based on the title (Does Husband's sister have rights on my baby?) and not on anything in the actual question body itself.
if it's asking for a ruling, it would fit here. if it's just asking "what should I do?" then parenting. without clarifying the question, it doesn't really fit in either.
> Does Husband's sister have rights on my baby?
was the reason i didn't go for the threadbare peer support off-topicness
unclear fits though, but kinda tentative about it
This pretty much sums up what Stack Overflow has become. Simple question, likely poorly-researched and/or already asked, lots of short answers posted in the first couple of minutes, half of which start with "Try". — BoltClock ♦ 13 mins ago
7:21 AM
I just get sad seeing questions so unclear and off topic and poorly written around here, why is it hard to understand the goal of this site??
heh, probably better to ask that in meta
@Bludream there's always gonna be bad questions. that's why downvoting is so important; to get them off the front page so nobody else has to see them.
and closing.
but I also want to consider about the person who asked it
like I say to myself why did she thought it would fit here to ask that
and if we just close and delete it?? what would be our effect on her
I guess she probably will just never come back
that's the Stack Exchange way. it's not for everyone.
closing is fundamental to keeping the Q&A noise-free.
I see, but it just makes me feel sick
for the good of country, let's be harsh , huh?
i understand that, but that's also exactly why we're still attracting low quality questions in the first place.
7:48 AM
I guess so,
2 hours later…
9:45 AM
I deleted my answer to a question after someone told me it doesn't answer the question. I had written it with the assumption that the user asking why or how onions can possibly harm angels? But was he only asking for a hadith and source-identification?
Then, it would've been a duplicate, I think!
10:08 AM
@infatuated although it's marked source identification it isn't asking for the hadith
it's only asking for interpretation
providing the hadith would be good but aint required
10:51 AM
That was also my initial assumption. so the objection was not reasonable.
Should the tag be edited out then? The question is really confusing! It was first closed as duplicate but reopened on the assumption that it was asking for an interpretation.
11:11 AM
@infatuated if you think it's that the tag is inappropriate then go ahead
@infatuated that's the point. when you have to make assumption about the question then that's one of the reason to close it as unclear
it's not that unclear i suppose
and ur answer seemed appropriate. i kinda disagree with sohaib's comment
could be used though
11:48 AM
Aha, thanks!
12:10 PM
@BleedingFingers, ahh, and one question, why aren't using a picture on your profile?? is there any reason? sometimes it's hard to recognize it is you
12:21 PM
@Bludream i'm used to this dp now. i don't want to be spending time finding dp. SE picked one for me
i'm happy. yay! :)
you're weird
1 hour later…
1:32 PM
@Mujahidمجاهد Do you know what صلة refers to here: corpus.quran.com/treebank.jsp?chapter=1&verse=7&token=1 ?
@BleedingFingers I also like my auto-generated avatar
@yasar الذين = اسم موصول
أنعمت = صلة الموصول
I have never heard of those before :) Can you point me to a online tutorial or something?
@tombull89 Hello/(Salam Alaikum?) and Welcome to Islam.SE's main chatroom :)
it's part of Nahu/grammar
@yasar I'll try to find something :)
I did fundamentals of nahw and fundamentals of sarf but I don't know every detail about those yet :)
Nahw is generally easy to understand for me, but sarf is not my best area :D
1:54 PM
@yasar yeah, Nahw is easy, but some find it hard, for example kids in school may call it "torture" تعذيب :P
أجد أنه من السهل
^ I totally google translated that :D
sorry about that, I forgot that when youre keyboard is switched to Arabic the parentheses are the opposite of what they are on the english keyboard
No problem.
I was wondering why you got upset :D
well, if you ever met me and stayed with me long enough, you would find that I randomly laugh throughout the day, so I guess while I am online I can randomly get upset ;D
@yasar I cannot find a good one , only in Arabic, all text. So I have a few Arabic videos that you can look at and Insha'Allah understand since they are visual
2:10 PM
1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvkgVve_ESo

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bWz0v58OlM
The second one is the more visual one, it's a channel for various subjects for various grades, the video I linked to is for the fourth grade, I didn't watch all of it but I am hoping because it is for fourth grade its is easy for you
@yasar tell me if you understood them when your done, if you didn't then I'll keep searching
Ok, I get it :)
Do you have more 1-2-3-4-5th grade courses, it is good listening exercise :)
2:28 PM
Here is it's youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcRhvOOOoEzmCNB7_D5K6Cw

But note, that it is divided by subject not grade, and under a subject you can find the level, also note that the level is specified in many of the video titles, but not all of them are specified, and if I am not mistaken it goes up to the ninth grade, so if you don't want to scroll through all of it you can just pick one and listen :)
New question, why is not last word أبابيلاً here?
3:28 PM
sorry for the late reply
@yasar The word is ممنوع من الصرف
3:51 PM
You mean it can never take tanvin?
@yasar yes
Ok, thanks.
if i am, unmistaken
@yasar no problem :)
4:42 PM
These guys have much better stats compared to ours, and they are still in beta.
Movies & TVmovies.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for movie and TV enthusiasts.

Currently in public beta.

A: How come Movies and TV is still in beta?

Robert CartainoThis blog post covers the basic process of evaluating a site for graduation: When will my site graduate? Here's another blog post that's not quite as relevant to this discussion, but it offers another take on the statistics involved: Does this site have a chance of succeeding? But more specif...

That is the first in-depth explanations about why a beta site didn't graduate
tired of this evaluation. ..wana see graduation soon. — Ankit Sharma Dec 29 '13 at 19:34
When this site was one private beta, C.SE was in beta for 1-2 years, and I thought we would take much less time to graduate
Seemingly, we didn't
People were very active in the beginning.
In like our 3rd month, I was thinking that we are about to graduate :D
4:59 PM
@yasar maybe they were looking for forum style Q&A, which they didn't
i think a lot of it was just because the polemicists started coming in force and pretty much scared everyone else off.
not enough people knew enough about how Stack Exchange worked to be able to control it, and even the moderators really couldn't handle it all by themselves.
I think main reason we didn't graduate is the very fact that it is a site about Islam which is a very special religion compared to say Judaism or Christianity. Different sects with fundamental differences, political aspects, a very rich colorful scholarly heritage; these all translate to all sorts of irregularities compared to say a site on a field of natural science or even any other religion.
I think christianty also have sects with fundamental differences & political aspects
They seem to manage it somehow
I don't know much about judaism
and when questions touch up the most fundamental issues, then users are very likely to shy away from considering it, most probably because they don't think they have any opinion to agree or disagree.
but differences among christian sects are much less serious than in Islam when differences have even political implications.
Another example from my personal experience is philosophical questions which seem to be seldom welcome here despite the fact that Islam has a very rich philosophical heritage.
5:15 PM
22 hours ago, by goldPseudo
"on-topic" isn't and shouldn't be just about how relevant it is to Islam; it's about how constructive it can be handled on this site.
hehe, but I wonder by the current trends, if anything can be constructive!
Islam Meta's cool lately :(
Q: Suhrawardi, Illuminationism & Physics

Mozibur UllahSuhrawardi ontology of being is based on light. His reception in the Europe was mediated by Corbin who neglected what he had written on Physics - considering them as incidental & perhaps reflective of his earlier interest in the Peripatetic tradition. Its interesting to note that modern physics...

referring to this ? ^^
oh, no! not to any particular example. And I actually concur with the decision to put it on hold.
I was just saying that philosophical questions related to Islam doesn't seem to be very popular here.
it's germany vs. portugal i'm out :P
oh, I despite football! hehe
5:23 PM
@infatuated i enjoy reading them though
I don't like football too
But, it is germany vs. portugal :D
Yeah, I've noticed that, @BleedingFingers :)
look, the poster seems to be just looking for an objective answer based on a initial clue from the Quran.
but the question was closed down simply because it invites different answers.
That I think exemplifies the problem I was talking about. Posts that raise fundamental questions for which they may not be readily available and agreed upon answers are closed down for being unclear or being too opinion based.
But that's maybe because there's been so far no conceivable way of handling them within our current means.
questions need to be asked with answers in mind.
if a question is liable to attract completely different answers based on mutually contradictory perspectives, voting breaks down.
since votes tend to become partisan rather than a measure of usefulness.
onus is on the questioner to make it clear what he's seeking in an answer.
it's not a matter of a question being fundamental or not, it's just a matter of it being unclear.
5:40 PM
Off-topic: Germany 4 - 0 Portugal
why do you think that causes a voting break-down, if votes are cast objectively based on the strength of each opinion? also, a lot of questions about Islam are of such nature.
@infatuated because i've been using this site for coming on two years now, and every time i've seen those sorts of answers on that sort of question, voting has inevitably broken down?
Because Islam in itself is not a very objective phenomena, many verses demand interpretation. a lot hadiths that need to be cross-examined and evaluated against other measures.
then don't ask those questions. ask questions that can actually be answered, not questions which have been argued ad nauseum for centuries without ever reaching an actual answer.
well, even then thats actually a problem of voting culture not asking
well, that's just your speculation that they can or can not ever reach answers, or even whether they have ever been really argued objectively.
5:53 PM
votes are supposed to based on how useful the answer is to the questioner. if people can't even tell how useful an answer is supposed to be based on the content of the question, there's no way to judge how useful it is.
regardless of how fundamentally right it may be or how much one might agree with it.
but really, who says that?
who says what?
that the site should work that way!
mouseover the voting buttons.
Upvote = "This answer is useful". Downvote = "This answer is not useful".
doesn't get more clear than that.
No, I mean who determines which question or answer is really useful or not!
5:56 PM
the voters.
the community.
we've tried the "only vote based on the strength of the answer not whether you agree with it or not" approach for the first year of the site, it did not work.
right, but when we don't even allow any participation by the community by closing down the questions that we deem either as "unclear", or "opinion-based" or etc
and that's often done by the mods.
based on a conclusion that hardly seems to be of any popularity or intellectual/academic worth other than just working on this site.
unclear is unclear. opinion-based is opinion-based. if you disagree with an action that was taken on a question, bring it up on meta.
mods are as much part of this community as anyone else.
mods are also just as capable of making mistakes as anyone else.
the community judges value.
@yasar man seriouly
but I am asking based on which widely/reasonably accepted criteria we label many questions as opinion based. Because, a lot of questions especially in site like this naturally invite a lot of opinions and that as I said is due to the very nature of Islam as a religion.
poor ronaldo
6:03 PM
I mean it's supposed to be a site about islam, then a lot of questions are suppressed that are completely relevant to Islam but some find it opinion-based, which I don't see at all why it is bad.
@BleedingFingers At least he didn't cry. Good for him ;)
@yasar man i guess he's the only good player on the team. you can't expect a match to be won by one good team member. and he aint maradona or pele :P
@goldPseudo @infatuated continue whatever that is yall were discussing
"unclear what you are saying" @BleedingFingers. I recommend deleting your post, hehe!
6:08 PM
@infatuated Bring it to meta!
@goldPseudo no it doesn't. e.g. Skeptics you can expect contradicting and completely opposing answers
But meta has gone cold recently, didn't you say that?
@infatuated It was @BleedingFingers, and I was joking about ""unclear what you are saying" @BleedingFingers. I recommend deleting your post, hehe!"
@infatuated i felt like interrupting you two's discussion
@yasar or meta.chat :P
oh, it was you @yasar! I thought it was bleedingfingers. Yes you did interrupt it @BleedingFingers but you raised a good related point .
6:12 PM
@goldPseudo that the problem with the community, not with the question itself
exactly, that's what I think! I even think that may not be even a problem with the community but the old mods conclusions which I believe is not right.
"may not be even a problem" <- It is the oldest problem of islam.SE.
Q: Why Sectarianism is Ruining Your Site

AarthiThis morning I spent a solid two hours clearing out a whole mess of flags, comments, and suspending users for inflammatory and nonconstructive remarks. Four days after ashes999 posted his plea for tolerance, this is just getting worse: we are seeing intolerant and outright rude and incendiary co...

the fundamental question is if we separated question out and made it very specific in sect X, does that mean that it won't garner partisan voting based on disagreements
we can't bar voting on those questions
what if a person with zero or minimum knowledge of sects came in and asked a question, which could garner a wide array of different answers. would it be right to close it down?
provided OP has actually done some initial-research which is evident in the question
i actually see both unclear and opinion-based with the same lens. the same beast.
where opinion-based is the subset of unclear
that is if you keep the on-topic bullets in front and compare the question with them then it's unclear
doesn't match
@infatuated doesn't have anything to do with new and old. there are mod who have served for 4+ years.
Q: Troggy's beefy arm of moderation needs a break

TroggyThe smell of smoldering thatched roof cottages lingers in the distance. A ♦ seems to be newly absent from those old dragon scales. As part of the 2014 SuperUser moderator election coming to a close, I will be stepping down from my role as a moderator. Due to changing personal schedules, my fre...

Q: Does torture work well as an interrogation technique?

David ThornleyWikipedia's Effectiveness of torture for interrogation says, Torture has been used throughout history for the purpose of obtaining information in interrogation. Some arguments say that it is an effective way of making someone divulge vital information whilst others say it is [violent, horrifi...

Q: Does Husband's sister has rights on my baby?

user6564Assalaamu alaikum,Allah has blessed me with baby boy,he is of 8 months now,My sister in law use to play with my kid,but sometimes i feel like she is doing too much,My Husband's family mentions as her baby,Sometimes my baby not coming to me when with her,i feel too hurt if my son dont come to me,S...

@goldPseudo anything we could do about this? ^
in Parenting, 7 hours ago, by Beofett
If the part about Islamic Law were removed (and possibly made into a separate question for your site?), and then details about how, specifically, the family members are interfering with the OP's role as a mother, then it would be a good candidate for migration.
OP seems passive, plus i kinda like the question. want to see how it would be answered there
6:52 PM
@BleedingFingers yeah, but a problem with the community becomes a problem with the site, because that's the community we need to work with.
we tried to start out more "Skeptics" like, and that just didn't work with the community we actually have.
@BleedingFingers yeah, but when it involves splitting the question like that, not really a "migration" issue so much as "OP should focus the current question on the Islamic perspective, and ask a whole new question over there"
if OP is passive, i'm not inclined to do anything but leave it closed; we could work it into something that fits on the site, but I'm not sure if that's what the OP actually wants at all.
7:18 PM
Q: Are link-only answers acceptable here?

Bleeding FingersShould we accept answers which only provide third-party link and the author claims it to contain the answers?

7:30 PM
That might work if you're dealing with reasonable people. — Robert Harvey Jul 3 '12 at 17:46

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